11 Items You Should Sell Immediately In Hogwarts Legacy

Throughout their trip in Hogwarts Legacy, players will collect numerous artefacts, some of which can be rather expensive when sold.

The wizarding world has its own currency that is unique to wizardkind. In Hogwarts Legacy, gold is used for a variety of trades, including the purchase of clothing, potions, ingredients, and other products and requirements. Gold is the currency in Hogwarts Legacy, and it’s in the player’s best interest to always have a decent supply of it on hand, as they never know when they’ll need to spend it to upgrade their equipment.

Players can gain gold by progressing through the exploratory game and fighting foes. They can also choose to sell their stuff. Items will abound in Hogwarts Legacy, particularly in chests and enemy loot. Players should sell some items right away because their use is only found in the gold they can be sold for, ensuring that the player has more than adequate stacks of gold.

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