10 Most Uncommon Builds In Elden Ring

These are the greatest unusual builds to try in Elden Ring, ranging from the Vampiric Knight to the Bubble Mage.

Elden Ring, a Souls-like journey from FromSoftware, was launched to much acclaim in early 2022. Despite the passage of months, the community remains as strong as ever and is always on the lookout for new builds to spice up the gameplay. In a standard AAA title, experimentation would rapidly dry out, but Hidetaka Miyazaki’s creation has an exhaustive array of armour, talismans, weapons, stats, and more that bring a distinct build to the table each time.

Elden Ring is a classic Soulslike, i.e., incredibly punishing, hence one should always be cautious while selecting a build. Those who are just starting out may profit from simple magic or warrior builds. However, there are some unusual possibilities for people who desire to renew their gameplay experience after the third or even eleventh session.

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