Top 10 Games to Play on MPL

Gaming has become an inevitable part of life during the Covid-19 phase. With multiple variants being detected worldwide and the third wave of Coronavirus suspected to have already begun, the work from home culture and study from the home schedule is expected to continue for another couple of months. Thus, many gaming websites have come up with unique games online to keep individuals refreshed while they devote a major portion of the day to their work. Playing those is a great relaxation, and it rejuvenates you for your next seating, whether you are studying or working.

So, why not take breaks in between your working hours? Why not utilize the study breaks in relaxing your brains before the next period?

Mobile Premier League (MPL) has introduced a myriad of games belonging to different categories to let you enjoy your breaks to ensure you get what you are looking for. From card games to cue sports to fantasy options, you get everything right on one single platform. The app has acquired a significant reputation in the gaming industry, making multiple gaming alternatives available for people.

Recently, The Times of India reported a collaboration between MPL and Play Magnus Group for launching MPL Indian Chess Tour, carrying a $100,000 prize pot for participants. This came following the platform’s rising popularity due to the user-friendly navigation, options, and interface that it offers to gamers. After all, the folks looking for relaxation after work would hardly like to face any complication in searching for a game. The easier it is to reach the required gaming option, the better it is.

On MPL, you get many gaming alternatives, including some which might not be available on other platforms.

Best Games to Play on MPL

1. Fantasy Cricket

The first on the list of most popular MPL games is fantasy cricket. The gamers are free to choose their favorite team for the upcoming real matches. Depending on their performances on the field, the gamers earn points. They need to be aware of the point system discussed in detail on the website itself. You can go through the explanation before beginning your game.

2. 8 Ball Pool

The pool games on MPL are available in multiple forms, but the most widely played is 8 ball poolThis is a game with two sets of balls – stripes and solids. Every ball on the table is numbered from 1-7 and 9-15, with the 8th ball being black. The players are expected to pocket the designated balls in the pocket, followed by the ball numbered 8. Along with these 15 balls, there is a cue ball used to strike other balls.

3. Carrom

If you are a gang of four, plan a virtual game night and organize a carrom game this weekend on MPL. An online code generated as soon as you select the “Play with Friends” option will let you share the code with the friends you want to play with. You can play the carrom game with the 9 white and 9 black pieces, a queen, and a striker. If you think the virtual version won’t be that interesting, you need to try this.

4. Speed Chess

MPL’s Speed Chess game is one of the best options to choose to ensure gamers get a chance to enhance their cognitive skills. If you want to pace up your logical thinking ability, which you think is draining while working from home, speed chess is the game to be opted for. After all, chess is a brain game, and it will only do good to the human brain. If you are new to chess, MPL’s guidelines will help you to begin with the game and practice to record a win very soon.

5. Ludo

Four players, four colored houses, four tokens for each house, and a dice constitute the ludo game. This has been one of the most cherished childhood games ever. However, the virtual version promises everything that the physical one did, if not something more. Connect with your friends or siblings and play together.

6. Fruit Chop

Are you good at chopping fruits? Even if you are not, MPL gives you a chance to chop varieties of fruits to win the game. If you miss out on chopping any fruit thrice, you miss a win. Try it. It’s fun.

7. Bubble Shooter

The players in this game need to form groups of three or more bubbles of the same color. They need to ensure they keep the playing area clear. The more bubbles a player shoots at one go, the higher points they score. The player wins if there are no bubbles left in the playing area.

8. Build Up

It is a 3-D puzzle game where the players have to stack 3D blocks on top of each other. The arrangement should be such that the tower height does not reach higher than the specified limit. This puzzle game tests the vision and reaction time of the players.

9. Sudoku

If you are fond of solving number puzzles and miss playing Sudoku puzzles published in the newspapers, you can register on MPL. The site has Sudoku of all levels available for players. You not only play it but can also keep track of the time taken to solve it.

10. WCC2

World Cricket Championship 2 or WCC2 is yet another version of virtual cricket for sports lovers. It is a mobile cricket game where the controls work to decide the shots players want to take. The gamers can customize the team and also design banners to cheer the team. Unlike fantasy cricket real-time games, this virtual cricket option has vast, exciting features drawing more players every day.

No matter which game you choose to play or an expert player, MPL is the best platform to start with. It offers proper guidelines on the website to help gamers understand the game well. MPL keeps itself open to both beginners and pros. Even if you are a novice, the instructions will help you know the tricks to practice and win.


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