Top 10 Online Education Platform In India

Online education platforms have grown rapidly in the past few years, taking up a large portion of the system on the internet. It has connected many students and teachers sitting far away and provided quality education. You can avail Unacademy coupon code through Cashaly to save more on various courses.

Online education has changed the way students learn as they get access to quality content that they can easily understand. Teachers have also changed the way they used to explain different concepts. With a practical approach, students can now easily grasp difficult concepts with a proper breakdown.

As it provides such a quality education, people search for the best online platform for the respective subjects they acquire. You can find many such platforms where you can get coaching and guidance for your subject. However, we have curated the best online education platforms for you.

You can achieve your goals with the help of the best education platform. Here you get the best advice from teachers, and you can easily clear your doubts. With online forums, you can also take help from fellow students and help them in the same way.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the top 10 online education platforms in India.

List of Top Online Education Platform in India

To cut down on your research, we have a complete list of the top online education platforms where you can find the best teachers and courses. These platforms come with different features that let you access courses and book online classes. Let us go through these platforms to understand how they work and what they provide.

1. Unacademy

Unacademy is one of the best online learning platforms for you to prepare for government exams or attend online classes for school exams. At Unacademy, they provide a structured syllabus to help you set proper goals and achieve them accordingly. You book and attend daily live classes to keep your learning in progress. It is easy on Unacademy to ask questions and clear your doubts in class or in the forum. To check your progress, they also provide tests and practise questions.

On the side where Unacademy is one of the best sources for education, people might feel classes are priced a little higher. However, you can make it affordable with Unacademy discount coupons through Cashaly.

2. Edureka

Edureka is a cyber hub for all IT courses, with various teachers and fields for you to find your best fit. They have categorised every topic of interest in different sections to make your search more interactive. In the cyberworld, there are many things to achieve, and it is growing rapidly. Hence, this area of education has a lot of potential for those who seek to become programmers, DevOps specialists, and the list goes on.

They provide live classes through which students can grab more information and clear their doubts easily. Edureka also provides offers to help students easily buy courses at affordable prices.

3. Udemy

Udemy is the most popular platform that provides various courses in different areas. Its diversity makes it unique, as they provide subtitles in several languages to help students understand easily. From designing to music, you can choose from a huge variety of courses with different teachers that suit your subject or topic. With reviews mentioned on every course, it is easy to comprehend which course to choose.

Its drawback is that they don’t provide live classes and only provide on-demand videos. However, they have forums where students can help each other if they are stuck on a concept. They provide projects and assignments to make sure you are learning the right way at each step. Get certified Online courses with Udemy coupons through Cashaly.

4. Coursera

Coursera is a platform for people interested in computer science and technology. They have a variety of fields and courses associated with them to provide the latest education regarding the latest technologies and keep up with the basics too. They also provide Google certification courses to upgrade your skills and knowledge.

Coursera also provides master’s degrees in several courses from top universities. You can easily find all the details about these degrees and apply for them. They guide you and suggest the best courses for you that match your skills.

5. Skillshare

Skillshare is a platform where you can find courses covering everything from creativity to lifestyle, as well as the technology sector. Here, you get classes from experts that not only provide education but also share their experiences and what they learned from them.

It is one of the best platforms for education, as you get free and paid classes. You can easily choose the course that best suits your requirements and take online classes for it.

6. Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah is the most affordable and convenient platform for students to study and grow in their careers. From school classes to government exam preparation, they provide the best education. To make it more comfortable for you, they also have a mobile app for students to not miss any class.

They provide mock tests and ask questions to clarify each doubt. The teachers on Physics Wallah make every concept light and understandable with their precise explanations. They follow a structured approach for students to keep up with the syllabus.

7. Tutorialspoint

TutorialsPoint is a popular online learning platform that provides online courses on various subjects. With a huge variety of courses, they also provide e-books that help students revise with a good amount of material provided.

You can find courses related to development, lifestyle, business, and many more. On TutorialsPoint, you can either take only courses or courses combined with e-books. However, e-books are also available separately that students can buy according to their needs.

8. Preply

Preply, being an educational platform, has a unique feature that adds an advantage to students’ online education. On Preply, you can easily choose the type of courses in your language that you understand. Now you no longer have to try to understand English or take advantage of subtitles, as you have online access to courses in your languages.

With Preply, you can take classes for IELTS and TOEFL exams easily in your native language. They make all these courses more convenient and accessible with the best tutors across the world.

9. GeeksforGeeks

GeeksforGeeks is a one-stop solution for tech people to learn, practise, and prepare for interviews. This platform provides them with a variety of subjects on technology that they can learn and provides practise questions to apply what they have learned throughout the course.

With technology-related subjects, they also provide courses to prepare for various exams. They don’t give you any chance to miss any concept, as they have a huge number of questions for you to solve and practise on each topic.

10. DataCamp

DataCamp provides courses to develop your data and AI skills. With 410+ courses, you can find a specific course to upgrade your knowledge and skills in that field. Not limited to courses, they provide practise questions for you and tests to check your knowledge.

To practise coding, you no longer need to install anything on your PC; just run the code in your browser through DataCamp. You get a certificate for successfully completing the course.


In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 online education platforms in India. All these platforms are the best and possess different unique features. As per the students requirements and budget, they can compare the prices of courses available on these platforms and choose the best. All the teachers teaching on these platforms are best in their own way and teach to their best ability.

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