How to Draw Cherry Blossoms Easily

How to Draw Cherry Blossoms. The cherry blossom is one of nature’s most elegant and beautiful flowers. Covering the trees, these pretty pink blooms make for a sight to behold.

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They are closely associated with Japan and are considered the country’s iconic symbol.

Because of their beauty, they can also be found in many works of art, and many want to learn how to draw cherry blossoms.

If you count yourself among those people, you should read this guide! With our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw cherry blossoms in just 8 steps, you’ll be creating these gorgeous blooms in no time!

How to Draw Cherry Blossoms

Step 1

To start with this cherry blossom drawing guide, let’s start with the outline of the flower.

The flower has five petals, and each has a square shape. Each also has a slight indentation in the middle of the outline so that you can draw those.

The reference image will be of great help to you in drawing that first flower!

Step 2

We will add internal details to the flow for this part of your cherry blossom design.

To do this, you can add wavy lines along the inner perimeter of the flower. That’s all there is to this step; you’re good to go!

Step 3

You did a great job drawing the first flower by following the first two steps of this cherry blossom drawing guide!

Now that you’ve learned that, everything you learned and did in the previous steps can be repeated for this part of our cherry blossom drawing guide.

Just draw another flower similar to the one you drew; this time, it’s slightly behind the first one.

Step 4

You’ll add another flower to the arrangement in this fourth step of your cherry blossom design.

Again, you can repeat the steps from the first two parts of this guide and add a third flower underneath the other two.

We will only draw these three in this tutorial, but feel free to draw more if you want!

Cherry trees are covered with many blossoms, so that you could draw many more for this design.

Step 5

In this part of our cherry blossom drawing guide, we will add some details in the center of the flowers.

To do this, draw a rough circle shape in the center of each flower you drew in the previous steps.

Once you’ve added the circles, you’re ready for the final details in the remaining steps!

Step 6

The details you add to this part of your cherry blossom drawing will be simple but effective!

All you have to do for this step is add a few lines in the petals toward each flower’s center.

These lines add texture and detail to these petals and make these flowers look even better!

Step 7

We’ll be adding some beautiful colors to your drawing very soon, but first, we need to add a few more things to this cherry blossom drawing guide.

Finally, you can attach some leaves around the flowers.

These leaves are pretty close to the buds, and some are on thin stalks, as you can see in the reference image.

Before proceeding, be sure to add any additional details you want! Maybe bees buzz around the flowers, or you could fill the page with cherry blossoms!

Step 8

In this final phase of your cherry blossom drawing, express yourself with some fantastic colors to top it all off!

Cherry blossoms are known for their beautiful pink color, and we chose that color for our sample image.

You can also use any other color you like for a more stylistic approach, but even if you keep it more realistic, there are ways to switch things up.

Cherry blossoms have an excellent subletting color scheme, so a soft medium like watercolor paints would be great! However, this is just one of many mediums you can use, and whatever you choose will look amazing!

Your Cherry Blossom Drawing is Finished!

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