Fuller figured Russell Crowe wears flannelette shirt for TV appearance

Suited and booted: Russell was a little more elegantly dressed two days earlier in an interview with Jimmy Fallon

Settling in to speak about his new film The Water Diviner, which premiered in Sydney last December, Russell quickly changed tact and began opening up about the antics that go on behind the scenes of a movie.

A host of comments flooded Twitter shortly afterwards with one viewer saying: ‘Hoodies should be banned’, while another remarked: ‘Nice to see Russell wore his good tracksuit Sunday Night.’

On a more successful occasion meanwhile, the proud Rabbitohs owner pocketed £100 (AU$195) while filming his infamous ‘are you not entertained?’ moment on the set of Gladiator.

Tad underdressed: He famously raised eyebrows when he appeared on Australia’s Sunday Night in his tracksuit pants last year

‘I obsessively got involved in a competition throwing oranges from a fourth story roof into a basket that was about 60 metres away,’ he said of a bet he with some crew members.

Dressed down: Instead of wearing a suit like the host himself, 51-year-old Russell opted for a flannelette shirt and trainers

Instead of wearing a suit or perhaps a tidy sweater like the majority of male guests tend to do, the New Zealand-born actor was his normal no frills self.

He arrived on set of the show in jeans and an unbuttoned flannelette shirt, and clearly opting for comfort, completed his look with a pair of trainers.

He said the film’s assistant director bet that he couldn’t throw his sword into the emperor’s box three times in a row and impressively he did, betwinner| even after the weapon was replaced by a rubber one on the third attempt.

Winner: On a more successful occasion he pocketed £100 while filming his infamous ‘are you not entertained?’ moment on the set of Gladiator