9 Clever Ways To Elevate Your Barn Wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of having a barn wedding, you’re not alone. The rustic charm of an old-fashioned barn is a popular choice for brides looking to have an intimate and memorable celebration with their closest family and friends.

However, if you’re worried that your special day won’t be as unique as it could be by simply throwing it in a barn, don’t worry. From flower arrangements for your bridesmaids to inviting guests, there are plenty of ways to elevate your event from simply rustic into something truly spectacular.

With these clever ways, your barn wedding will be the talk of the town as you prepare for it:

Top Clever Ways to Elevate Your Barn Wedding

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1. Up-Cycled Decor

The up-cycled decor is a great way to incorporate your love of history and old barns into the wedding. Choose a color scheme that’s vintage but not too traditional. You don’t want the barn to look like it was built in the 1950s or 60s. Instead, you want it to have an authentic appearance that reflects its age while remaining modern and fresh.

Use old furniture as centerpieces or place settings. Repurpose doors into decorative accents like chandeliers, benches, or seats for guests at dinner tables or photo booths. Barn wood can make beautiful cocktail tables, bars, and dance floors so you can use it.

2. Create A Dramatic Ceremony Space

Create a dramatic ceremony space by using curtains or drapes to separate the space from the rest of the barn. Use a chandelier as your ceremony’s focal point. Also, have a dramatic backdrop such as a mural or painted wall behind the altar to create an impactful first impression when guests enter your ceremony space.

Choose bold colors for your wedding decor and accessories that stand out against neutral surroundings as most barns have in their interiors. Red carpeting is popular at barn weddings because it can be found in many styles at affordable prices online or at home improvement stores.

3. Use A Lounge Area For Guests

One of the best ways to elevate your barn wedding is by using it as a lounge area for guests. Guests can take a break from dancing and mingle with other guests in the barn. You don’t have to spend much money decorating the barn; the place’s natural beauty speaks for itself. A lounge area is one of the exciting barn wedding ideas.

If you don’t have enough space in your barn, consider adding a second room that you can use as a lounge area. That’ll make sure everyone has space when they need it during what might be an otherwise crowded reception. You could also use it as a waiting area instead of just letting people wait outside where there’s no shade or sitting-down options.

4. Preserve Fresh Food And Drinks

If you’re having a barn wedding, remember that the food and drinks must be fresh. You don’t want your guests to run out of energy in the middle of the party. To avoid this, ensure the food is served in an easy-to-eat way, so there’s no fancy plating or presentation that requires cutlery.

Also, if you have a bar at your event, ensure it’s not too hard for guests to get their drinks. You don’t want them fumbling with straws while trying to enjoy themselves.

5. Throw Pillows And Blankets For The Wedding Party

Throw pillows and blankets are great ways to add color and personality to your wedding decor. They can be used in the ceremony space, or they can be placed around the reception area as a way to give guests a cozy place to relax.

If you’re planning on using throw pillows or blankets in your barn wedding, make sure that whatever material you choose is washable. No one wants to sit on something that can’t be cleaned easily.

Additionally, be sure that the color scheme of your wedding ties into any throw pillows or blankets you’re considering to buy. If it doesn’t match up with anything else in your design plan, then it may not work out well for you in this particular case scenario.

6. String Lights To Set The Mood

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, string lights are the way to go. Tie them up along the beams and rafters, or place them around the dance floor. They’re also great for illuminating your venue, so use them to highlight any decor you may have set up for your wedding theme.

String lights can also highlight specific areas of your venue that you’d like guests to notice when they arrive at the party. For example, if there’s a ceremony space in your barn, have some string lights so that it looks extra special during photos.

7. Use Candles

Candles are the perfect way to set the mood for a barn wedding. First, try decorating your tables with candles. You can also decorate other areas of your barn where people will be seated like on top of the bar or in little nooks throughout the venue.

Furthermore, if you want to take things up another notch, start thinking about how else you could incorporate candles into your wedding day aesthetics or atmosphere. Consider lighting up all the candles on one side of a room, so it looks like some glowing wall separates those guests from everyone else.

8. Make Use Of Draped Ceilings

Draping the ceiling with fabric is a great way to add dimension and texture to your barn wedding. You can hang fabric from floor to ceiling or in sections and tiers. To ensure that the fabric is secure, use metal clips and rope to twine at least twice as long as you need so that you have plenty of slack when it comes time to tie off later.

Hanging your drapes also means they’ll match your color scheme exactly. Make sure that whatever material you’re using doesn’t catch fire easily. It’s also vital that you don’t use any plastic when securing your drapes; instead, opt for something like twine made from natural fibers like jute or hemp because those materials won’t melt under intense heat either.

9. Flowers Hanging From The Ceiling

It’s a known fact that flowers make everything better. They’re a natural way to add color and life to any space, making them perfect for barn weddings. Hanging them from the ceiling is an easy way to elevate your wedding style without having to break the bank on decor pieces or hire someone else to do it for you.

Use petals instead of complete flowers. They’ll last longer, plus they’ll be easier on your guests if they accidentally brush up against one another while dancing. Also, try single-stemmed peonies in white and pink tones—they’re beautiful and cost less than bouquets.


While there’s no right or wrong way to do things, it’s important to remember that every wedding is a special event, and there are many ways to make yours memorable with friends and family. Opting for a barn wedding is one great way to make your wedding memorable.


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