10 Best Gaming Laptops under 80000 INR in India (2021)

With more and more A+ gaming titles like Battlefield, Call of Duty and a ton of others – getting popular among the Indian young populace, more laptop brands have come up with staggering beasts. We have shortlisted the top 10 best gaming laptops under 80000 INR in India for 2021. Compare and analyze the specifications on […]


10 Best Laptops under 65000 INR in India (2021)

Whether you are out in the market in search of the best laptop under 65000 or 70000, you are sure to encounter n-number of options from the best laptop brands. We are here to make the task simpler by selecting the best from the lot and simplify your search. Hope this article turns out insightful […]


10 Best Laptops under 80000 in India (2021)

Laptops, nowadays,range in differing purposes and for differing users. You may be having a notion for searching for the best gaming laptops or the best business laptops in 2021. Yet, the best laptop brands in India will have 20 more options to add to your agony and confusion as to which one you should settle for. […]


10 Best Laptops under 70000 INR in India (2021)

A budget-cap of ₹70000 for a laptop may be considered only justified in India, at least in 2021. With loads of models coming to the forefront, the race of being the best laptop under 70000 has just been intensified, and more & more brands have come up with staggering machines to offer its customers greatness. […]


10 Best Gaming Laptops under 60000 INR in India (2021)

2021 has seen a huge spike amongst gamers in India, taking a keen interest in the A+ gaming titles. Accordingly, the sale of gaming accessories and equipment in the country has also seen an immense rise. The best gaming laptop under 60000 bracket in India is also a talking point in India, nowadays. So let’s […]


10 Best Laptops under 60000 (2021) in India

Laptops have become a part and parcel of every Indian individual. The hunt for the best laptop under 60000 INR in India gets into a tricky situation as there are loads of options to choose from. Dedicated graphics, 8GB RAM, Full-HD display – the demands are endless. So which one should choose from? We have […]

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