Top 10 Weighing Machine Brands in India 2023

In the event that you are intending to get slimmer and fitter, one of the primary things that you need an extraordinary weighing machine from one of the best weighing machine brands, so you can monitor your body weight, continuously. There are different activities that you can test, to lose those additional calories. And keeping in mind that there are the normal weight scales that can approximate your present weight, you might be amazed to realize that these scales simply show a readout of your present weight.

Basically, you couldn’t say whether your exercises have been that effective or not which is the reason you need to look at probably the best weighing machine, to get a precise image of your body and likewise, your wellbeing. Keeping a constant check on your body weight is one of the significant things that should be maintained if you are wellbeing and wellness cognizant. What’s more, in the event that you are overweight, it is a lot vital to screen your weight at standard spans. Since without knowing how much weight you are lessening through your eating regimen or exercise, you are simply burning through your significant time and effort.

For any health-conscious individual, checking weight week by week or month to month is extraordinary practice. That is the reason the digital weighing machines are an incredible apparatus for you. These days electronic digital weighing machines are exceptionally well known to get the precise estimations of your body weight. These are essentially not quite the same as the old weighing machines and gives the right estimations in decimals. Be that as it may, picking the correct one from the best weighing machine brands requires much more contemplations. We suggest you go through our list of the 10 best weighing machine brands.

Best Weighing Machine Brands in India

1. HealthSense

HealthSense is an incredible decision if you are hoping to purchase a profoundly dependable, tough, and simple to keep up weighing machine. The astonishing plan, lightweight development, and unequaled precision are the three significant explanations behind including the HealthSense in our rundown of the best weighing machine brands. HealthSense is stacked with one-of-a-kind and helpful highlights that make this one of the greatest appraised.

The HealthSense accompanies a 1-year guarantee that implies the machine will serve you for quite a long time with no significant presentation issue. Likewise, the machines show the room temperature. Give your hands a shot, and you won’t be disillusioned with the presentation. The novel and dependable weighing sensors utilized in the scales make it quite possibly the most solid entertainers in the value range. Along these lines, in the event that you are searching for execution and are not very quick to bargain with quality and convenience.

Our top picks from HealthSense:

2. Dr. Trust

Highlighted with unrivaled precision and simple availability, Dr. Trust’s digital weighing machines are the best pick in our pursuit list. The plan of the machines has a smooth completion that is particularly intended to add effortlessness to your wellbeing. Moreover, they are made with very much constructed 6 mm safety glass with an astonishing dim completion. They give definite outcomes right away as they depend on unique Accu-measure sensor innovation. The advanced presentation accompanies a blue LED backdrop illumination and a simple to-peruse LCD show.

These have an implicit temperature sensor too that records and shows the room temperature at whatever point you need. It can match 180 kg weight with the assistance of high exactness strain measure sensors. In addition, there is an over-burden sign in them that cautions you on the off chance that you put the overabundance load. These machines are fueled by a 500 mah battery. The corners are totally smooth and round to put off any setback during utilization.

Our top picks from Dr. Trust:

3. Hoffen

Hoffen presents a 20 mm thin and smooth weighing machine that comprises a 28 x 28 cm glass stage. The upper surface of glass gives this scale an exceptional look. It has an enormous LCD show for better permeability with a dim dark backdrop illumination and white textual style for simple perusing. The scale has programmed On and Off with Sense On innovation. There is a G sensor for high precision in your estimation. Being light-weighted and slender, you can undoubtedly move it starting with one spot then onto the next.

It’s totally easy-to-use weighing machine that educates you concerning your body weight, room temperature with exact outcomes. The greatest burden limit of this scale is 180 kg, which is sufficient to follow the bodyweight of the entire family. The base is made with legitimate wellbeing estimation as it is slide verification and smooth to dodge slips and mischief. There is no compelling reason to charge this as it requires a AAA battery for activity. Hoffen is perhaps the most dependable and among the best weighing machine brands in India.

Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale (HO-18-Black) with Two Years Warranty
60,019 Reviews
Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale (HO-18-Black) with Two Years Warranty
  • High precision strain gauge sensor system
  • Tempered Glass 280 x 280 mm
  • Capacity 2.3 -180 Kg
  • Note: Kindly use the product on flat hard surface

4. Omron

Omron, a mainstream brand, has set up individual weight machines that can be utilized by anybody without any problem. The smooth and tough wellbeing glass works out in a good way at any spot. They very well may be advantageously conveyed starting with one spot then onto the next without any problem. The brand is an ideal combination of wellbeing and style. The fabricated nature of the machines is very acceptable and can withstand any sorts of scratches. Indeed, even the vibe of the products is very chic and popular.

Additionally, they are light in weight so you can undoubtedly convey it starting with one spot then onto the next. Outfitted with 4-sensor innovation for high accuracy, makes this one of the best weighing machine brands in India. On the off chance that you are a wellbeing cognizant individual, the Omron advanced weighing machines are the best purchase. Track your ordinary exercise with them and feel propelled as they provide precise data on weight reduction.

Our top picks from Omron:

5. Healthgenie

Screen your wellbeing and get exact estimations from the subsequent best pick, and that is Healthgenie. Among the best weighing machine brands, these are pocket-friendly with remarkable highlights. The plan of the machines is extremely appealing and is made with excellent ABS material. You will get an ideal foot space as the stage space is sufficient. These digital weighing machines have an auto On and Off highlight and depend on the advance on innovation. Subsequent to setting your feet on the stage, these will mirror your weight in a second.

The LCD show will help you read the outcomes plainly on the scale. They accompany two removable AAA batteries. There is a low battery pointer in them that keeps you updated about the battery level. With a maximum limit of 150 kg anti-skid stage and smooth edges for better security, this brand will never disappoint you. The main perusing ought to be disregarded for additional more precise perusing. The organization additionally gives a year warranty on assembling absconds.

Our top picks from Healthgenie:

6. Hesley

Hesley weighing machines are a fantastic entertainer for the purchasers who are hoping to put their cash in a weighing machine that performs well and is tough enough to have at home. The ideal plan and grippy base settle on it an ideal decision for the them who are after the astonishing execution. The lightweight development of these weighing machines is the key motivation behind why you should search for the Hesley. Moreover, you ought not to stress over its lightweight and minimal plan, the scales can without much of a stretch be utilized to quantify the load up to 180 kg.

Thus, regardless of whether you are after execution or limit, the Hesley machines won’t baffle you. The splendid red presentation settles on it a commendable decision for the clients. On the off chance that you are having a financial plan of around 1500 and need to put your cash in an item that totally legitimizes its cost and is stacked with splendid convenience includes, the Hesley weighing machines will be a commendable thing to consider. Attempt it and you will not need to stress over the exhibition or exactness.

Our top picks from Hesley:

7. Venus

These weighing machines created by Venus aren’t just light-weighted yet in addition accompany an awesome and snazzy look. They are constantly liked by present-day individuals. The machines accompany an exquisite presentation that can gauge from 5 kg to 180 kg. They fabricate the item additionally give 3 months guarantee from the date of production. The safety glass that is appended alongside the machines is very extreme and strong and scratch-safe simultaneously.

The method of working them is very straightforward, and it tends to be finished by even a layman. They have G-sensor to give highly precise outcomes. The progression of innovation will let the scales show the exact outcomes on its enormous LCD show. With different highlights like high exactness strain measure sensor framework, 6 mm thick safety glass, 100 gm graduation, auto on and off, overload sign, auto-zero, and low battery sign, this is among the best weighing machine brands.

Our top picks from Venus:

8. Hness

This one from our rundown is from Hness and it is an advanced weighing machine. This one is made of hardened glass. It is straightforward with a simple yet smart look. This weighing machine accompanies amazing sensor innovation to give exact outcomes. There is a programmed on and off include which is helpful and is battery saving. The LCD show enlightens and is extremely simple to use. The most extreme limit that it can hold is 180 kgs. It has markers for battery and over-burden. It likewise has a temperature marker. The plan comes fit as a fiddle.

This Hness weighing machine looks rich and accompanies dull dim backdrop illumination include. The maker has consolidated G sensors on this one for more prominent exactness. One of the eminent highlights of this weighing machine is that it is lightweight and the whole scale is thin. From one of the best weighing machine brands, this one is also budget-friendly.

9. Lifetrons

It is safe to say that you are searching for a compact machine to investigate your fundamental bodyweight. On the off chance that indeed, Lifetrons smart body composition digital weighing machine can be the ideal analyzer for you to purchase. There are heaps of elements like weight, BMI, muscle fat, bulk, hydration, BMR, skeletal bulk, metabolic age, instinctive fat, and more that can be estimated with this one-of-a-kind weighing machine.

This advanced weighing machine from Lifetrons is coordinated with Google Fit that can assist you with computing your calories and steps. It is included and created with simple to deal with applications that make you empower to set, screen, and track your exercise plan, diet plan and you can likewise get feast warnings from this gadget. This well-being estimating unit is designed with an application that can compute your Total Daily Energy Expenditure and show you the advancement report to accomplish your wellbeing objectives.

The double recurrence BIA innovation of this model gives dependable and precise outcomes about your proactive tasks. This computerized scale is made with a high exactness sensor. It additionally has Auto-alignment and Auto-advance On and Off to save battery power. This model from Lifetrons can be associated with Bluetooth 4.0 with your keen gadgets and is one of the best weighing machine brands if you are looking for an all-in-one solution.

Lifetrons Smart Bluetooth Digital Smart Fitness Body Fat Composition Analyzer BMI Weight Machine For Human Electronic Weighing Scale Analyzer Sync with Mobile App | BMI and Fat Analysis | batteries and...
989 Reviews
Lifetrons Smart Bluetooth Digital Smart Fitness Body Fat Composition Analyzer BMI Weight Machine For Human Electronic Weighing Scale Analyzer Sync with Mobile App | BMI and Fat Analysis | batteries and...
  • 🟡Made For INDIA: Lifetrons is registered Indian Brand aiming to bring quality innovative products. This product is idealised & conceptualised for Indians & manufactured by exclusive overseas partners. All data remains in India unlike other Scale Apps. We offer innovative solutions for the health benefits of the end user of this product
  • 🟡Advanced BIA technology. Automatic Step-ON/OFF for better battery life & Low battery indicator (Duracell AAA batteries included). High Speed mobile connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0. Built with 4 precision sensors & 4 high sensitive electrodes for accuracy
  • 🟡Multifunctional Smart app for complete family - Easy to Use Lifetrons Health App works with Android Version 8.0 and above/iOS allows multiple members in one login. Dietitian/Coaches/Experts, please refer to our Lifetrons Care Business App for your Business expansion
  • 🟡Advanced BIA technology. Automatic Step-ON/OFF for better battery life & Low battery indicator (AAA batteries included). High Speed mobile connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0. Built with 4 precision sensors & 4 high sensitive electrodes for accuracy
  • 🟡1 Year Warranty for Manufacturing defects for home use. Supports up-to 180 Kgs. Contact Lifetrons Customer Care for all your queries.

10. Nova

Nova computerized weighing machine is uncommonly intended for individual use. It is included with 4 high exactness sensors and gives precision in weight up to 180 kg. It comprises an easy-to-understand interface with an Ultra-thin plan and anti-slide fiber top. The top cover is made of non-elusive plastic for better assurance. The scale has a thickness of pretty much 29 mm. This weighing scale highlights step-on innovation, which turns on when you put your feet on the stage. For exact outcomes, place the scale on a level strong surface as opposed to the covered or lopsided surface.

It is fitting to align the scale first for exact outcomes. It stops consequently whenever you are finished with your body weight estimation. It is incorporated with 2 AAA battery that is non-battery-powered. The life expectancy of a 3V Lithium battery is brilliant, yet once it passes on, you need to supplant it. The scale shows bring about 3 unique units. You can set the unit according to your accommodation from kilogram, stone, or pound. All things considered, it is a strong weighing machine with one year guarantee from the maker.

Nova BGS-1243 Ultra Lite Digital Weighing Scale  (White)
14 Reviews
Nova BGS-1243 Ultra Lite Digital Weighing Scale  (White)
  • Personal with digital display
  • Material: Plastic
  • Maximum Weighing Capacity: 150 kg


Having a weighing machine at home can be valuable. These machines help you monitor your weight, which is significant when you’re attempting to acquire or get more fit. Also, monitoring your weight is a decent propensity to have. The best weighing machines additionally help you track your weight record (BMI), muscle versus fat ratio, bone weight and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A portion of the components you need to remember while choosing which weighing machine to go for incorporate the sort, limit, and cost.

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