Top 10 Watch Brands in India 2023

Watches are those pieces of decoration that add a rich edge to the look. A style announcement for all, watches are a weighty way to deal with and ensure that you are dressed the best. From a legitimate show to an accommodating gathering, adorning a watch on various functions makes your look overly snazzy. However, when you wish to buy a wristwatch, now and again finding one of the best watch brands in India transforms into an issue.

As we all in all acknowledge time keeps things under control for no one and thusly, it is fundamental to screen the time. Watches from the best brands are one of the most esteemed resources ever. In right now, a stamped watch isn’t just used for time yet furthermore makes a style clarification and are consistently used to finish an outfit. Taking everything into account, nothing can look as rich and classy as an excess watch brand that applauds your outfit.

Since there are different checked and lavishness watches brands that are available in the Indian market, including indigenous and notable overall brands. To make your task easier, we have portrayed 10 of the best and most notable watches brands available in India. These are the watches denotes that are commonly notable in India and have been favored by people, things being what they are. You can pick your main watch from this brand that makes yourself additionally charming and sharp.

From a direct straightforward watch to the one with all the latest developments, there are a variety of decisions to investigate. Regardless of the way that there are innumerable contraptions available in the market that gives a specific time anyway watch has still not lost its centrality. A watch is something people need to place assets into is really regarded so a ton. Destroyed for choices with such an incredible add up to proposal by the various excess watch association’s we have a handpicked list for you. Thusly, here’s first rate of top watch brands in India.

Top 10 Watch Brands in India

A watch talks considerably more about a persons’ character and taste. A watch supplements your outfit and adds a fantastic attempt to please character and looks you stand separated among the gathering. Regardless, simply the right kind of watches will make you look more stylish and updated. Regardless, it has never been a straightforward task to pick the right kind of watch that obliges your character.

With so a wide scope of watch brands keeping watch and each having its remarkable features it is difficult to pick anyone. From lavishness watch brands to those looked after watch brands, we have amassed the 10 best watch brands in India that are the best pick for all.

1. Titan

Titan is presumably one of the best watch brands in India that come at the top of the priority list. This is the most cherished, generally trusted, and noticeable watch brand in India. The brand Titan was framed in the year 1984 during the coordinated effort of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and the Tata gathering. Titan as an indigenous watch producer isn’t just the main watch brands in India yet additionally the fifth-biggest watchmaker on the planet.

The best part about Titan watches is they have a different value range. From the most costly ones to the moderate ones, they have everything. Titan is a watchmaker that plans to make open, utilitarian, and attractive watches that won’t burn up all available resources. The brand is inseparable from looks for over 30 years. Titan has looks for men, ladies, and children. You likewise have a lot of decisions dependent on watch development, dial tone. tie tone, and tie material.

Our top picks from Titan:

2. Casio

Casio is a Japanese electronic brand which has stretched out its hands to various organizations. One such business is fabricating watches which has made it one of the most searched after brands on the planet. Settled in Tokyo, Japan, Casio Enticer Black Dial Men’s Watch is perhaps the best pick of the period. The dark dial goes consummately with the silver band making a staggering watch for men.

Established in the year, 1946, Casio has an extraordinary way of planning and an assortment of watch models with a wide scope of costs which makes it one of the most well-known and most cherished brands among the Indian public. Casio’s watches are very pocket-accommodating and reasonable. Watches of this brand are known for their close to zero-imperfection and are solid and subsequently, very famous in India.

G-stun, Pro-Trek, Enticer Series, Edifice Series, and Youth Series are a portion of their notable assortments in India.

Our top picks from Casio:

3. Timex

Proceeding in the rundown of best watch brands in India, Timex is another driving watchmaker brand that deserves a mention. Timex is an American watch brand framed in the year 1854 and has since been notable as a truly outstanding and famous watch brand. In view of its superior quality, elegant plans, dependability, solidness, and reasonable value range, it is a famous brand in the Indian watch portion. Timex offers costly to cheap top-notch extravagance watches from simple to computerized consequently nearly anybody can manage the cost of it.

The Timex undertaking Analog-Digital is a portion of the mark men’s watches that are explicitly intended for men, all things considered and adored by the individuals. The brand brags about the richest designing of the Italian and German plans. From design darlings to wellness specialists, Timex gives the best assortment of looks for all. The freshest assortment Timex Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch is a mark men’s watch that is explicitly intended for men, everything being equal. The watchband is produced using genuine leather which gives an easygoing appearance to your entire look.

Our top picks from Timex:

4. Fossil

Fossil is a name that has an enormous scope of looks for men as per each event and outfit.This American watch brand has a scope of originator watches going from exemplary style to in vogue and sports. The brand represents making high-caliber and premium items that protect the best of the past while refreshing it for the present buyer. The extraordinary style and bit of authority think about its watches. Fossil has the absolute best and genuine mixes of beautiful watches that will suit for both men and women.

The smooth, durable and trendy plans of this brand are recognizable and a central purpose behind its ubiquity. Fossil Q Wearables, Dean and Decker are probably the best assortments of this brand. The perfect assortment of these extravagance watches offers the absolute most astounding plans, styles and highlights. The Fossil smartwatches are one of the most extraordinary and all around worked watches that track your versatile’s regular functions. The wallets are equally incredible.

Our top picks from Fossil:

5. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is the brand known for its reasonable and exemplary watches in the Indian watch market. In the event that you are searching for something cool and exemplary, at that point Daniel Klein watches can be your closest companion that has a wide scope of best class watches for each event and clothing. The watches are accessible in a verity of plans from metallic to leather lash, Analog to Digital watches.

Daniel Klein watches are very sleek and praise each outfit you wear. Daniel Klein watches makes you stand apart of the group and makes the head-turner diva of the late evening making it a standout amongst other watch brands for ladies. The wonderful metallic plans are especially created for a current age. The simple accessibility of the watches of this brand online makes this brand famous among the Indian purchasers. Being one of the best watch brands in India, the brand offers watches for your formal and easygoing look.

Our top picks from Daniel Klein:

6. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American style clothing brand that makes popular embellishments for the people. Starting from sweaters to jackets and accessories, Tommy Hilfiger represents its head class manufacture quality and premium look, and a similar vibe you get in their watches when you wear them on your hands. The Tommy Hilfiger Brands conveys a tremendous scope of looks for different events and the brands have a watch for each one’s temperament.

Tommy Hilfiger is a notable brand in the design business and is one of the best watch brands in India. They are known for their exquisite and tasteful plans and feels very great when you are wearing them. From striking, lively tones to unobtrusive, metallic completion, there’s a wide reach for everybody. The most moving design explanation, everything being equal, Tommy Hilfiger watches are an embodiment of class and style. Established in the year 1985, Tommy currently has over 1400+ detached retail locations in 90 nations.

Our top picks from Tommy Hilfiger:

7. Swatch

Swatch is a Swiss brand established by Nicholas Hayek in the year 1983. It incorporates a shifted assortment of watches from tempered steel, plastic, and aluminum to elastic and manufactured texture. It arrives in an assortment of value range and is recorded as extraordinary compared to other watch brands in view of the quality it offers at reasonable costs. Swatch is famous for vivid watches and rich metal looks for people.

This is an extravagance watch brand with different assortments for each sort of wearer. The watches are durable, agreeable and simultaneously tasteful. Their watches are fun, particular, powerful and notorious, and it bodes well that Swatch would take off in a generally beginning business sector like India.

Our top picks from Swatch:

8. Fastrack

Fastrack is another significant name in watch brands.. Fastrack is a brand that remains as a cherished memory to us. A sub-brand of Titan presented in the year 2008, Fastrack is one of the quickest developing easygoing watch brands in India that caused a buzz among youth when it was dispatched. Regardless of whether it is a child, ladies or a man everybody just loves the watches of these brand.

Fastrack has a wide scope of easygoing watches, sport astounding plans with a reasonable value range for each event. Fastrack is likewise known for its evergreen yet crisp showing up assortment. Alongside Fastrack has likewise presented numerous fitness groups for the serious more youthful age to track and screen their day by day exercises and schedules. From moderate watches to smart and reviving plans, Fastrack has become a prevalent brand.

Our top picks from Fastrack:

9. Giordano

Giordano is another watch brand that becomes possibly the most important factor with its cutting edge progressed configuration watches. The brand accompanies a wide scope of watches with an up-to-date to an exemplary plan in a variety of shading decisions with various tones, dial, and shapes. Giordano is a Hong Kong-based global retailer that is offering marvelous watches in quartz, programmed and hand-driven developments. On the off chance that you love to wear present day and in vogue watches, at that point Giordano’s watches are an extraordinary decision for you that has the correct mix of class and smooth.

The brand is well known for it’s fancy and exquisite looks. Giordano watches are a magnificent blend of class and smooth. Considered one of the best watch brands in India, Giordano has more than 3000 outlets in 40 nations worldwide. With the watch brand, you get the opportunity to browse a plenty of styles and plans. Giordano watch assortment will leave you spoilt of decision with an assortment of choices for advanced, simple, and chronograph styles.

Our top picks from Giordano:

10. Maxima

Maxima is another brand celebrated for its moderate scope of watches in India making it extraordinary compared to other Indian watch brands. They have a one of a kind assortment of formal looks for the people. Maxima likewise offers several assortment so it is considered as a decent gifting alternative as well. It is very well known due to its cost and plan and is clearly extraordinary compared to other watch brands in India.

The brand is famous for high item norms and reasonable estimating. Maxima watches are accessible in all aspects of the nation. Maxima watch assortment offers something for everyone.

Our top picks from Maxima:


Watches are an integral part of a man’s attire and personality. More than its functionality, it speaks of one’s style statement. We hope that this rundown of the best watch brands in India was insightful for you and will help you ease your purchase decision. Do let us know in the comments section below, which one do you find best.

Till then, Happy Shopping!


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