Top 10 Walnut Brands in India 2024

These wrinkled, brain-shaped nuts are walnuts that are one of the most nutritious dry fruits that is available in the market today. In an era where being healthy is the main need, walnuts can ideally offer you the healthy life you are wishing for. Out of so many different brands available, not all are authentic and natural. Picking one of the best walnet in India is an overwhelming task in itself. This article will help you choose the best walnut brands that you should opt for to ensure the pack is loaded with all the nutrients.

Walnuts can add a lot of good things in your body to maintain your wellbeing. Being rich in proteins, fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, walnut is capable of providing numerous health benefits. Highlighting one being to reduce the risks of cancer. To keep it easy for you to make your buying decision right and to make sure you don’t go wrong, we have gone through the complete details, ingredients, the entire process from picking walnuts to packing and feedbacks from buyers.

Best Quality Walnut Brands in India

1. Happilo

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Happilo is one of the best walnut brands in India and the most famous brand when you take a gander at the best dry organic products. The items from the brand guarantee to give high fiber content, high protein, and positively no trans fat substance. Happilo is a brand that has some expertise in a wide assortment of dry fruits, nuts, berries, and dates. The product blend comes in with the improved effectiveness regarding absorption, insusceptibility, and emotional well-being. Probably the most ideal alternative for guaranteed cardiovascular framework wellbeing, it offers you a superior presentation.

With high proteins, dietary fiber it assures gluten-free, non-GMO, zero trans fat, and zero cholesterol products that are low in calorie and sodium, making it ideal for weight watchers. High in antioxidants, Happilo walnuts ease back the maturing cycle and fend infections off by diminishing the danger for coronary illness, malignant growth, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stoutness.

2. Tulsi

Tulsi California Walnut Kernels Premium 200g | Light Colored Halves | Large Size | Rich in Omega-3 | Akhrot Giri | Delightful Snack | Without Shell | Brain Food | Crunchy Nuts | Rich in Dietary Fiber
  • 100% Natural and high quality walnut sourced from California USA.
  • Amazing taste, soft in chewing.
  • Rich in beneficial nutrients.
  • Rich source of antioxidants and healthy fats.
  • Storage information- Keep it cool and dry place.

Tulsi has been one of the noticeable and most famous alternatives among the best dry natural product brands in India. The vacuum-pressed pressing offered by the brand is one more tremendous in addition to point that protects truly new and from tainting. The organization is ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP ensured. That ought to be perhaps the best factor that makes it one of the favored choices ever. The brand creates profoundly without cholesterol items and offers you admittance to a 100% natural quality.

Tulsi walnuts are the crunchy and nutty taste of walnuts that can complement the flavor of any delicacy and amps up the wellbeing remainder. Furthermore, a phenomenal wellspring of a few nutrients and minerals. Walnuts can be regularly eaten all alone as a bite or added to servings of mixed greens, pasta, oats, or soups. Walnuts are wealthy in protein that may reinforce the insusceptible framework and backing nerve wellbeing. Keeping walnuts in their shells in a cool, dim, and dry spot can improve their timeframe of realistic usability.

3. Nutraj

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Nutraj, being one of the best walnut company in India represents quality and responsibility. The wide scope of nuts and dried organic products are loaded up with the integrity of nature. The assortment of gourmet nourishments are normally sourced, maneuvered carefully, and capably stuffed in inventive made sure about impermeable bundles. Enjoy your taste buds with the sound and healthy nourishing dried foods grown from the ground. These walnuts from Nutraj are plant-based and absolutely vegan. It doesn’t contain any GMO. There is zero trans-fat and is cholesterol-free making it an exceptionally nutritious nut to chomp on.

These contain Omega-3 unsaturated fats which are fundamental fats that have various advantages for wellbeing. They can include a hearty, fruity, and somewhat tart flavor and delicate surface to your morning meals. You can likewise go solo eating on these scrumptious and crunchy walnuts being irreproachable realizing their medical advantages. They have potential cell reinforcement powers.

4. Naturoz

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Walnuts from Naturoz represent the premium quality walnuts sourced from California that are delectable enhancement and subsequently can be effortlessly remembered for anybody’s eating routine. These incorporate copper, folic corrosive, phosphorus, manganese, and vitamin E. They are delicate in biting and stunning in taste. These walnuts are savored by youngsters and adults the same. They can be regularly eaten all alone as a bite, they can likewise be added to servings. Naturoz is a top-notch brand for nuts and dry fruits.

Naturoz presents to you the best and the most nutritious everyday portion with the taste and wellbeing together in a solitary pack in the best of pressing. Nutroz put stock in serving the best items to customers and subsequently we make a trip over the world to secure the best walnut giri and dry organic products. The items are prepared and stuffed in FSSC: 22000 and HACCP confirmed plant: the best among sanitation appraisals and affirmed by FSSAI.

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5. Go Organic

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Go Organic light broken walnut kernels thought about the lord of dry fruits, have been devoured for a great many years for their huge swath of medical advantages. To fulfill the epicurean of walnuts, each pack of them is handpicked and gotten from the little known plantations and handled in ISO guaranteed to prepare manufacturing plant to guarantee the highest caliber standards. All Go Organic nuts and dry organic products are cleanly stuffed in an office satisfying sanitation guidelines. This pack containing 500 gm is vacuum stuffed, crispy, and fresh from Kashmir.

With high protein, dietary fiber, no gluten, no GMO, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, Go Organic is considered one of the best walnut brands in India. 100% natural nuts that are good for an active lifestyle and perfect for snacking.

6. Amazon Brand – Vedaka

Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Inshell Walnuts | 500g Pack | Delightful Snack | Premium Akhrot
3,070 Reviews
Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Inshell Walnuts | 500g Pack | Delightful Snack | Premium Akhrot
  • Natural and high quality walnut, Rich source of antioxidants and healthy fats.
  • Vacuum packed to retain product freshness
  • Allergy caution: contains tree nuts
  • Good source of omega-3 fats.

Inshell walnuts and dry organic products can undoubtedly be fused into your ordinary eating routine. With a new and crunchy taste, Vedaka Premium in-shell walnuts keep up a steady great lasting through the year. Vedaka Premium in-shell walnuts go through thorough and tough research center tests and are stuffed in a coordinated office fulfilling worldwide sanitation guidelines.

No counterfeit hues and additives.

With consistency in quality over the year, these are pressed in a coordinated nuts and dried organic products unit and may contain intermittent hints of different nuts and dried natural products.

7. Carnival

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Carnival brings to you the choicest determination of dry organic products, nuts, and dates, that is 100% authentic. This excellent hand-picked walnut coming in a 250 gm pack arrives in an exceptionally modern pack remembering all the sterile precautionary measures while pressing. These walnuts originate from the USA. After the appearance of these nuts at the preparing unit, they are bundled conveniently as for all compliances and clean conditions. These walnuts are vacuum stuffed and afterward positioned in a paper box, that aide in holding the newness of the nuts.

8. Wonderland Foods

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These walnuts from Wonderland Foods are the best wellspring of sustenance and a wellbeing tidbit that never gets old. Explores demonstrated that devouring walnuts on ordinary premises may assist you with diminishing pressure and age development as it is found to comprise Vitamin-E and Anti-oxidants. These contain various neuro-defensive mixes, including nutrient E, Vitamin B, folate, melatonin, omega-3 fats, and cell reinforcements. Adding walnuts to your eating routine may assist you with keeping up your optimal load after some time.

High-quality, crispy and fresh walnuts, are considered “cerebrum food” because of its significant levels of omega-3 comes in a 1 kg pack. Wonderland foods is a deserving mention in our list of best akhrot brands in India.

9. Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall

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These walnuts from Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall comes without shell and are fit to be appreciated in your cooking or right out of your hands. They are most regular fixings found in heating add a nutty mash to your bread, frozen yogurt, and biscuits. They are the best authentic and natural walnuts. Indian walnuts are known for their one of a kind taste and flavor. Besting the class of ‘Super Foods’, today walnuts are an aspect of the normal eating routine of millions as a prepared to eat a bite or fixing in various gourmets.

Walnuts are the most established tree food known to man. This one-quarter cup of walnuts, can offer gives in excess of 100% of every day suggested estimation of plant-based omega-3 fats, alongside high measures of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin.

10. Urban Platter

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The natural walnuts from Urban Platter can be wealthy in proteins and yet tasty. The brand guarantees you an improved and guaranteed quality regarding newness. Urban Platter sources these walnuts from a district that is well known for walnuts. Urban Platter trusts in building up an individual association with what you eat. That is actually what it accomplishes with its varied assortment of best dry products of the soil delights. You can approach too for all intents and purposes all that you are taking a gander at with regards to the dry organic products.

These walnuts are rich in Omega-3 unsaturated fats, dietary filaments, and cancer prevention agents and at the same time, they can immaculate to add a wonderful smash to sweets and shakes. They come with a lot of medical advantages like alleviates Stress and improves memory. Urban Platter is a decent brand to go for.


The benefits of walnuts can make days go by if begun to be listed. We have covered a few while listing the best walnut brands in India that can deliver you results. We hope that this article have been insightful for you to make your purchase decision easier and would serve you with the desired results. Headstart toward a healthier lifestyle and boost your immunity.


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