Top 10 Vest Brands in India 2023

Vests are an essential element of Indian attires – also known to be undershirts or baniyans. They serve as shapewears, a support under shirts or t-shirts, for all the good reasons. Much of them serve as a source for masculinity in men – many-a-time a fashion statement for many. But how do you settle on which vest to opt for. What should be the deciding factors? Should it be the comfort quotient or should you just go about with the fit and look. Here we are with the best vest brands in India with the best models & options that you can buy in 2023.

Let’s take a look at which of the brands fit into our list.

Best Vest Brands in India

1. Jockey

Be it innerwear for men, ladies or children, Jockey has aced the specialty of creating too agreeable inners that stay unparalleled – be it regarding cost or quality. They have been pioneers with regards to retailing of innerwear and the best vest brands in India – the manner in which it ought to be done – with apparatuses and bundling that praise the classification.

Page Industries Limited in Bangalore is the elite licensee of Jockey International Inc. (USA) for production, conveyance and promoting of the brand in India. Racer has consistently been the main top pick of sports sweethearts. The two people who are the rec center monstrosity, reverentially follow the Jockey design. Furthermore, this has made a solid connection between the Indian purchaser and the brand. Racer offers astounding neck types and examples for the chic youthful age of the nation.

Our Top Picks from Jockey:

2. Hanes

Set up in North Carolina, the USA in 1901, Hanes is a world chief in attire. Hanes has a long history of development. Positioned 512 on the Fortune 1000 rundown, Hanes has roughly 53,300 workers in excess of 25 nations and invests heavily in its solid standing for moral strategic approaches. In 2005, Hanes brought its rich legacy of extraordinary fitting style and solace to India. All Hanes items accompany the extraordinary Hanes Guarantee. So feel free to encounter the solace the world does.

They are exceptionally an old global brand and that is reason enough for us to confide in them with quality and solace. From innerwear to outerwear, every one of their items is all around planned and able for regular wear – for men, ladies, and children. Despite the fact that in India they are yet to dispatch their elite online store, the brand has a functioning on the web presence through different commercial center online players like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, AJIO, and so forth

Hanes brands, one of the best vest brands in India – a premium attire line are into the promoting of an assortment of Innerwear and Outerwear. The Hanes item incorporates undershirts, clothing and bras, undies, and bodywear for Women.

Our Top Picks from Hanes:

3. Lux Cozi

One of the most seasoned and the best vest brands in India, Lux Innerwear is settled in Kolkata however has a fortunate all-India presence. Lux Cozi is practically inseparable from men’s banians and the brand has been effectively roping in Bollywood famous people for its different TVCs. Their most recent Bollywood entertainer to advance the brand is Varun Dhawan.

Lux has consistently been a major part in the market for the best vest for men in India. The items are accessible for both the sexes, and individuals depend on this brand because of the daintiness it gives to the wearer. It is the texture of these items which permit the wearer to have it on their body throughout the day, without feeling awkward.

Lux innerwear brand gives creative and agreeable items, likewise continually growing its business in India. The best and the best Baniyan from Lux are cozi, exemplary mexx, Gen X Men and venus with best cotton textures.

Our Top Picks from Lux Cozi:

4. Rupa

The main player this year, considered by numerous individuals as one among the best vest brands in India, it is the top pick of the everyday person of the nation, the notable brand Rupa. This brand has made its dependability among the common laborers of the nation, which has permitted it to get the top put on the rundown. The motivation behind why individuals like this brand is a direct result of its quality that comes at sensible costs. The numerous sizes give reasonable alternatives to the clients and work for quite a while with a gentle wash.

One of the biggest knitwear brands in India, Rupa offers innerwear for men as well as the brand has a noteworthy scope of easygoing wear too. With 10 sub-brands, it offers inward and easygoing wear for men, ladies, and children. From bermudas to loungewear, shorts, stockings, capris, shirts, and so forth they have everything!

Their scope of men’s vest has procured enormous support from its clients attributable to their flawless quality and incentive for cash. The assortment incorporates – fundamental banian, round neck vest, round neck sleeves, and exercise center vest.

Our Top Picks from Rupa:

5. VIP

The credit to bring men’s innerwear out of the storage room goes to VIP. They set the precedent for different brands to follow with their solid macho TVCs. Their publicizing effort highlighting Dara Singh is still recollected by numerous where the line – majboot aisa, Dara Singh jaisa appropriately embodied the notable highlights of the brand.

Today, VIP has extended its item classification to bring to the table men’s innerwear as well as loungewear, thermals, socks, and tissues. Celebrity apparel is a main Indian organization in the assembling and showcasing of innerwear. The most mainstream and notable brands of VIP are Frenchie, VIP Innerwear, Frenchie, and Flex Vest, Made from single rib texture for best solace.

Our Top Picks from VIP:

6. Macroman

Macroman Men’s Clothing image is important for the Rupa organization, offering more solace, incredible plan and solidness. Other mainstream brands of Rupa knitwear are warm wear, Softline, FL 7 Series, Thermocot and Euro Inners.

A brand from Rupa and Co., Macroman-M Series has an energetic and lively atmosphere around it. Kapoor Khandaan fellow Ranbir Kapoor is the face for the brand. Directed towards Gen Y male, Macroman-M Series offers a scope of inners, outers, uppers, brings down, sports/relaxation and warm wear.

Intended to serve the youthful buyer of India, Macroman is about style and design. The brand use the most recent innovation and gives select plans to the clients. Various tones, happy with fitting, and stylish appearance, these are a couple of the characteristics of this brand.

Our Top Picks from Macroman:

7. Dollar BigBoss

Dollar Industries offers a wide scope of premium items from men’s innerwear, vest, brief and trunk. Bigboss scope of Dollar vest is a significant brand for the best vests for men in India, Available in lively shades and differentiation. With Akshay Kumar being the brand diplomat, Dollar well characterizes a big motivator for it through its different print promotions and TVCs.

Dollar Industries drives the race as one of the best vest brands in India and what’s more, they have a solid presence in UAE and Middle East also.

The organization is home to 14 brands which incorporate assortment for men, ladies and children too. From innerwear to tights, thermal wear and sports clothing, they have everything!

They have an uncommon assortment for the adolescent that has been planned remembering the style feel.

Our Top Picks from Dollar:

8. Dicxy Scott

Dixcy Scott is a marked innerwear for men, offering way of life brands to all the portions in the hosiery market. The Royal Vest for men is produced using brushed cotton and planned with most extreme solace and strength. With Salman Khan supporting this innerwear brand, would it be a good idea for it to amaze us to see its scope the nation over?

They have a powerful organization of 850+ wholesalers and the brand has a functioning on the web presence also. One of the best vest brands in India, oblige various arrangements of target crowds with their sub-brands – Basics, Royale and Uno. From vests to shirts, trunks, shorts, capris, thermals, hoodies, tracks, briefs and fighters, they have a wide reach to look over.

Experience unparalleled solace and fit with Dixcy Scott Vests. Created from 100% brushed cotton texture, and fueled by the most recent plan innovation, each piece from Dixcy Scott is downright flawless. Intricately chose cotton texture for preeminent delicateness and solace. The cotton is light and breathable, keeping you sans sweat and agreeable throughout the day.

The single-ribbed texture gives a cozy molded body fit so you can approach your day no sweat. The level lock nylon creases decrease bothering around the middle locale guaranteeing most extreme solace and simplicity of development.

Our Top Picks from Dixcy Scott:

9. Amul Macho

Amul Macho clothing brand is known for agreeable and quality clothing and furthermore one of the main style brands in the clothing class in India.The organization has various branches across India and Saif Ali Khan is the brand diplomat of Amul Macho. Chote Nawab Saif Ali Khan was the face for this brand and the extremely interesting line – Yeh toh bada toing hain is as yet scratched in our recollections for the basic truth that still nobody has had the option to decode what it implies.

Yet, at that point the brand merits a notice in the rundown essentially on the grounds that it has a wide reach the nation over and they have a pretty comprehensive scope of men’s innerwear to offer – from vest to clothing to trunks also. Macho Mens Cotton Vest from the place of Amul Macho “Bade Aaram Se”. Its Quality: Made from 100% premium brushed cotton.

A genuine man doesn’t have to state a lot. He lets his macho do all the talking. Produced using the best of cottons, the macho assortment is class separated. It’s adaptable and its novel dampness the executives property keeps the texture microorganisms and tingle free. The broad reach accompanies a prevalent completion and a fit that lives and inhales ‘Bade Aaram Se’.

Our Top Picks from Amul Macho:

10. GenX

GENX Men’s Pack of 3 Multicolor Gym Vests – Crafted from 100% Premium Combed Cotton to give you all day comfort. GENX is well known for its best quality and fit as our products are made from world’s best in class machineries & technique. From powerlifting to bodybuilding, yoga to jogging, and gym to beach this fashionable apparel fits your versatile lifestyle. Feel comfortable with your physique anywhere while this Genx Vest, one of the best vest brands in India is on.

Our Top Picks from GenX:


From a humble innerwear, a men’s vest has gone through a change making it a style basic. Where a great deal numerous men actually incline toward their vests in white, we are certain the advancements on paper and shadings is before long going to get their extravagant and it wouldn’t be excessively well before we see men shading coordinating their shirts with their vests.

The vest brands in India offer an incredible assortment of items for the two ladies and men, everything being equal. In 2023, the top picks of individuals have changed a piece. While the large players are accompanying new things, some new players have likewise picked up prominence.


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