Top 10 Underwear Brands in India 2024

The year 1846 saw the conceptualization of the world’s first since forever clothing called underwear. Before long enough there were variations of this style accessible in each alcove and corner. The correct texture and cut can cause you to feel liquid and agreeable throughout the day. The best underwear brands in India are utilizing the most recent innovations for additional progression. These incorporate grasping thinning hallucinations and expanded inclusion in your standard clothing.

During the acquisition of marked clothing, you ought to consider some reality like effortlessness, texture, style, shading, plan, and numerous different things. One generally picks any underwear dependent on the non-abrasiveness and sturdiness of clothing texture, the quality, and a prestigious brand that is known. In the event that you are looking for comfortable and well-fitted underwear, at that point you should explore a few focuses prior to buying it. Agreeable clothing is the fundamental prerequisite of your style and plays the most significant role.

We have recorded some marked underwear reasonable for your financial plan. Investigate the fun and coquettish side of this fundamental piece with our rundown of the 10 best innerwear brands in India.

Best Underwear Brands in India

We have enrolled in the top 10 best innerwear brands in India remembering the design and comfort for both cognizant ladies and men. These brands have presented different sorts of innerwear that hold all the essential and different variations and options for underwear to suit your need and comfort. Also, in numerous textures like prints, solids, and lace with various inclinations.

1. Calvin Klein

Situated in the United States of America, Calvin Klein is an extravagance style house set up in 1968. The brand adjusts to strong and reformist plans and joins them with stylish plans. It is viewed as one of the best underwear brands in India. Notwithstanding, high design patterns, quality, and usefulness make the reach deserving of its worth. CK clothing mirrors a youthful and metropolitan vibe. These innerwears come in various examples and styles. This is a famous brand that is produced using excellent texture.

Because of its durable and excellent material, it increases a decent standing among Indian clients. The whole items have been planned with a wide versatile and adaptability. It is a popular brand yet over the top expensive as compared to other brands. This marked organization gives stylish clothing that is strong and appropriate versatile capacity. Calvin Klein comes in strong shades just as a printed design. This organization fabricates briefs, trunks, boy shorts, and boxers.

Our top picks from Calvin Klein:

2. Jockey

Set up in 1876, Jockey is a prominent innerwear brand in India. Solace is the center pitch of this brand. Picking one from Jockey can cause you to look and to feel confident. These are created with delicate and stretchy textures and imbued with snappy drying innovation. Because of its wonderful plan and agreeable element, customers are picking this as their favorite brand. It accompanies different assortments and offers. The underwears from this brand are amazing with thin fit jeans.

This brand has profoundly serious costs for quality unparalleled items. To an ever-increasing extent, it gives unequaled solace and toughness among all other accessible clothing on the lookout. Jockey has a colossal circulation network in India from lead stores to little sellers; Jockey has covered the whole gang. In a review, it has discovered that from the normal man to popular youth, they limit them to lean toward this brand prior to whatever else. Jockey is currently being the most required and coordinated design embellishments for attractive fit folks.

Our top picks from Jockey:

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3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is the most believed brand selling in India. Magnificent quality and right texture conditions assume a basic job. The quality texture is an ideal decision by picking this brand. The item is presently accessible in various plans and style designs. Along these lines, Indian customers are seeing this brand and getting settled wellness. Different value ranges are accessible, which never bargain the quality. It is a design notable image and the Tommy Hilfiger banner on material makes it triple in esteem.

A long chain of wholesalers and client base make this brand on the highest point of accomplishment. They have their own assembling unit in India and the brand is considered to be one of the best underwear brands in India. Apart from premium quality underwears, they are renowned for offering a wide range of other clothing products like jackets, trousers, jumpers, shoes, and anything you wish to look good.

Our top picks from Tommy Hilfiger:

4. Marks and Spencer

Set up in 1884, Marks and Spencer is a significant British retailer of clothing, adornments, homeware, and food items. The brand’s quality is a class separated. From extravagance wedding sets to vintage-roused printed ones, Marks and Spencer clothing are high on solace and worth. These offer additional help blended in with rich styles. Marks and Spencer are a global brand and the organization presented by Reliance. With various tones and prints, underwear for women is so recognizable than others. Right flexible and long solid conditions are predominant in this brand.

Because of its agreeable texture condition, it is accessible in various tones. They are delicate and helpful at lower costs. Dependable smooth and cotton fit is the best component you can find in the brand. They have retail locations in numerous metro urban areas and now even in 2 level urban communities.

Our top picks from Marks and Spencer:

5. Playboy

Beginning in America, Playboy is a men’s way of life and amusement magazine. It later wandered into creating different buyer products also. The brand is perceived as a wickedly perky one. Enjoy a reprieve from your unremarkable innerwear and decide on something spunky from Playboy’s clothing range. Smooth plans, breathable textures, alluring tones, and prints make this assortment powerful. Playboy is a must mention in our rundown of the best underwear brands in India.

Playboy serves a huge number of individuals around the globe with items and administrations that move intense style, modern living, and certain magnificence. Like the first way of life brand, they have curated complexity, craftsmanship, music, and culture for very nearly seventy years. They believe to stay basic idea pioneers and a stage for voices—the rising, the candid, and the unbelievable.

Our top picks from Playboy:

6. Amante

Regardless of whether you are searching for the perfect underwear to coordinate your shapewear or something that praises your outfits, you make certain to discover one at Amante that suits your necessity. From solids to prints and bands, underwear in net, lace, cotton, and manufactured stretches, they have everything. Snatch anything you need from hot underwear to regular underwear at a solitary spot. Amante is giving you that open door by turning into your one-stop objective for unmentionables.

Begun in the year 2007, Amante currently works in different stores all over India. This underwear brand in India expects to satisfy ladies for the duration of the day. The super-stylish underwear brand offers styles that allow you all-day comfort alongside a marvelous fit. The India underwear brand offers underwear in different styles reasonable from day by day wear to the nightwear groups.

Our top picks from Amante:

7. United Colors of Benetton

In the event that you are searching for top-notch marks, the United Colors of Benetton is a worldwide brand. For both men and women, it is the best option when they need excellent underwear, sweaters, and clothing. This organization is selling a top-notch brand yet with various assortments consistently. They are strong and simple to wash choices. They are accessible in various shapes and versatile broadness to accommodate your body.

UCB plays with colors and unpredictable prints. Each season they have another assortment of various shading palettes and individuals are eager to get the new styles. They have great deals again on the grounds that they are not exorbitant just as they have incredible looks. Quality with fittings is the viable attributes and significant purpose behind such prevalence of this brand among Indian people. This brand delivers new things and restricted versions that make it the most common and fit clothing among others making it one of the best underwear brands in India.

Our top picks from United Colors of Benetton:

8. Enamor

It is an excellent brand dispatched in 2003 under the cooperation of Barbara of Paris. It has come a long way winning the hearts of all ladies in the middle. They make clothing, which suits the Indian body necessities. In addition, it is the first of a sort organization that has dispatched underwear dependent on body shapes and multi sizes. Underwear should be a mix of solace and style. Furthermore, Enamor ensures you defeat the two universes. From bikini briefs to hipsters, from boy shorts to lace detailings, this brand has gotten relentless.

One brand that has figured out how to be a hot top pick among the individuals from the more style concerned minds, Enamor has made considerable progress. While flawless fitting and unrivaled solace is the thing that the brand guarantees and is known for, what really makes it stand separated is the way that it offers the absolute most bewildering texture bands, weavings, and other such embellishments that help make a far more prominent incentive for its item when contrasted with its peers.

Our top picks from Enamor:

9. Van Heusen

Van Heusen is a part of Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle, and is one of the best underwear brands in India developing market clothing organizations and an excellent way of life major part in the retail area. In the wake of solidifying its market initiative with its own brands, it presented head worldwide names, empowering Indian purchasers to purchase the loftiest worldwide fashion wear and extras inside the nation. Moderation gets exchanged for raised practical advantages and rich style with the Platinum underwear adding a contemporary turn to the line are sharp cuts and flawless plan with Pima cotton texture for prevalent solace.

Roused by the regular man, the classic underwear keeps to a laidback effortlessness with cleaned up lines and clean wraps up. The moderate plan embodies manliness with a hint of style. Rethink high style with Signature underwear that dares to appear as something else and particularly you that consolidates style and premium feel for an ideal mix. Intended for the man moving, the Active underwear is created with configuration benefits for the relentless and dynamic work for the person who endeavors to keep steady over his game.

Our top picks from Van Heusen:

10. Bwitch

It is a luxury designer brand of underwear that comes at a sensible cost. It has a wide scope that is best for Indian ladies. In the event that you are hoping to purchase in vogue underwear and need to feel provocative, you can go for trim ones, sheer underwear, super low midsection swimming outfits, microfiber underwear, and weaved straps. They additionally fabricate bizarre print also. It has a cool assortment of clothing for all flawless ladies out there to coordinate their inclinations and states of mind.

They comprehend the requirements of the ladies and thus make great quality stuff for each event. Bwitch is the brand you should opt for if you are looking for something that provides extreme comfort, has a tasteful style and pattern, comes in fun colors and will build up a great sense of inner feelings.

Our top picks from Bwitch:


Undergarments have always been an essential element of millennials’ attire. There was a time when underwear was only considered to be just a necessity. Today, they are treated as something that strikes a perfect chord between comfort level and style statement. The brands from which one buys these undergarments have also become utterly detrimental in the modern scenario. We hope that our list of the best underwear brands in India will be insightful for you and help you in making your purchase decision a lot simpler. Happy surfing! Happy shopping!


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