Top 10 Tyre Brands in India 2023

Overlooking your exhausted vehicle tyre resembles running a long-distance race in your office shoes and you’re basically not going far. In any case, since you’re at last considering supplanting them, you have the right to think about the best tyre brands. Picking the best tyre for your vehicle or bike is very not normal for purchasing engine oil or motor coolant. There is plenty of varieties in a solitary brand, and you need to understand what sort of a buyer you are.

Your needs are straight that you need a tyre that will be grippy in the rainstorm and smooth around the sharp corners. On the off chance that it can accommodate your spending plan also, you’ll cheerfully take it home. The lone thing you need to affirm is that whether the tyre you pick is from the right brand. You may not realize that the tyre market is colossal in India. Every year, the number of tyres that are made in India is around 15 crore units, including tyres for cruisers, bikes, traveler vehicles, three-wheelers, light business vehicles, trucks, and transports.

Here we drill down the most mainstream and the best tyre organizations in India.

Best Tyre Brands in India

Tyres are basic for improving the exhibition and security of your vehicle. They guarantee a smooth and agreeable drive. The correct tyres increment mileage, lessen contact and offer a fair and solid hold while driving. Consequently, choosing the best tyre for your vehicle is pretty much as significant as understanding the determinations of the motor or its general exhibition.

You might need to supplant tyres because of mileage. The ideal existence of each tyre is somewhere close to 50,000 to 70,000 kilometers. Getting another arrangement of tyres depends on a few components like size, grasp, quality, brand, and some more. Utilizing harmed tyres after their life can prompt hazardous circumstances and accidents, bringing about mishaps. Hence, it is fundamental to supplant vehicle tyres at customary spans.

To help you out we have created a rundown of the best tyre brands that merit your cash and the Indian streets.

1. MRF

MRF tyres were set up in the year 1946 as an inflatable producer and have since proceeded to get one of the best tyre brands in India. The organization is settled in Chennai with assembling plants in 9 different areas. The organization has been perceived with the esteemed JD Power Award multiple times, which is a record in itself. All the assembling units are furnished with A-list offices.

They additionally have groups of specialists in different business sections other than assembling the class nature of tyres. MRF has a presence globally in the hustling and go-karting industry. It additionally has a few different auxiliaries, for example, Funskool, MRF dashing, and it even has a cricket practicing facility in Chennai called the MRF Pace Foundation.

MRF is a tyre brand that you likely right away perceive and will effortlessly discover on the lookout. The explanation for this is its tremendous prevalence and sheer creation volume. MRF is gladly India’s biggest tyre maker and the one in particular that serves in excess of 20 vehicle classes. Aside from vehicles and bicycles, MRF makes tyres for ranch apparatus, OTR vehicles, LCV and SCV, Pickup, 3-Wheeler, etc.

Our top picks from MRF:

2. Bridgestone

Bridgestone has the standing of the world’s biggest tyre maker. The tyre business was framed in 1988 when an American organization Firestone converged with the Japanese Bridgestone. Both these organizations were autonomously into tyre production for quite a while. The organization is known for spearheading rayon string tyres that turned into another industry benchmark.

On the off chance that you own an SUV, Bridgestone would be one of the top decisions on the lookout. It’s exceptionally prestigious for the nature of tyres it produces for massive vehicles. The items don’t have a wide scope of market contributions yet it’s solidly situated in the OE and reseller’s exchange areas. Among the best tyre brands in India, Bridgestone is to make its mark.

Bridgestone has its business set up in excess of 150 nations and R&D offices in 26 nations. In India, the organization has tyre creation offices in Indore and Pune. Internationally, it utilizes in excess of 1,42,000 individuals. The organization’s deals generally come from tyres (83%) and Diversified Products (17%). Its piece of the pie in the Americas is 48%, Japan 19%, and the remainder of the world contributes the leftover rate.

Our top picks from Bridgestone:

3. JK Tyres

Coming in at number 3 in our rundown of the best tyre brands in India, JK Tyres is the main organization that was set up the route back in the year 1974. The organization produces tyres for bikes, four-wheelers, and so forth. It has producing units situated in Mysore, Benmore, Kankroli, Haridwar, and Chennai. The organization likewise has separate innovative work units that work on imaginative innovation that assist the organization with diminishing creation cost.

It is contributing around 22% of the edges of tyre trades in our country. JK Tyre has its central command in India in Delhi. JK Tyre and Industries Ltd is the main tyre maker in India and among the best 25 producers around the world. JK Tyre has a worldwide presence in 100 nations across six mainlands, sponsored by creation uphold from 12 plants – 9 in India and 3 in Mexico.

At present, the limit across the entirety of its plants is around 35 million tyres for each year. In April 2016, JK Tyre gained Cavendish India Limited from Birla Tyres. JK Tyre offers tyres for the whole scope of traveler and business vehicles, beginning from a 3 kg bike tyre to a 3.5 ton OTR tyre. Upheld by 4000 vendors and 500 individual brand shops, JK Tyre is by all accounts in absolute control.

Our top picks from JK Tyres:

4. Apollo

Apollo contends vigorously in the OE area, being extraordinary compared to other best tyre brands for unique fitment tyres. The brand gives an extreme rivalry to MRF as far as deals and has been quickly acquiring prevalence in India. The tyre brand was set up in 1972 and has a presence in excess of 100 nations. Apollo tyres are trusted for their sturdiness and radials.

Apollo’s essential business sectors are bike and four-wheelers. The brand centers around financially feasible tyres that serve the requirements of the buyer’s financial budget. It has perhaps the greatest business networks in India taking into account around 5000 outlets. India holds a 69% portion of Apollo’s worldwide market.

This organization is again another colossal monster regarding fabricating tyres and has a worldwide presence on account of its quality item. The brand is settled at Gurgaon and has a labor force of around 15000 or more workers. Today, it has a significant portion of the tyre dissemination surprisingly both in India and in Europe.

Our top picks from Apollo:


Cavi Electtrici e Affini Torino or CEAT is a standout amongst other tyre brands with its base camp in Mumbai. The brand started in Italy and has a presence in 130 nations and R&D offices in 26 nations, yet India is probably the biggest market. The organization delivers almost 800 tons of tyres in India and serves traveler vehicles to auto-carts.

CEAT is probably the most ideal alternative on the lookout in case you’re searching for a trusted and famous brand. The tyres are known for their practical costs and extraordinary perseverance. CEAT has four creation units in India and has arisen as one of the top OE tyre makers. The brand was set up in the year 1958 and has since seen a great deal of progress. The organization has had the option to develop its standing as one of the world’s best makers of light and hefty vehicle parts and tyres.

The gathering has reliably exhibited the supported responsibility of workers to give its clients first-rate items and administrations. With a yearly turnover of around 3500 crores, CEAT produces more than 15 million tyres every year and offers the broadest scope of tyres to all sections, and makes A-list radials for substantial trucks and transports.

Our top picks from CEAT:

6. Goodyear

Goodyear is outstanding amongst other best tyre brands that are contending to be the biggest tyre maker on the planet. You’ll figure the tyre brand’s notable logo from NASCAR circuits because of its nearby relationship with tyres for hustling vehicles. In India, Goodyear has become well known because of its elite tyres for four-wheelers. The organization has homegrown assembling offices and was set up in India in 1960.

Despite the fact that it’s a greater amount of an American wonder, Goodyear actually has a critical presence in the country. The brand is known for its extraordinary mileage sturdiness which has been demonstrated by a few customer reviews. It utilizes around 64,000 individuals and makes its items in 47 offices in 21 nations around the planet. Its innovation centers in Akron, Ohio, and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg strive to create cutting-edge products and administrations that set the innovation and execution standard for the business.

In 2009, Goodyear and NASA developed a ‘spring tyre’ for the moon. The organization has more than 90 years of the essence in India with two plants in Ballabgarh and Aurangabad. Goodyear’s winged-foot brand name was motivated by a newel-post statuette of the Roman god Mercury in the home of Goodyear author Frank Seiberling. Seiberling felt Mercury epitomized large numbers of the qualities for which Goodyear items were known.

Our top picks from Goodyear:

7. Michelin

Michelin is the first French rival which is probably the most seasoned maker of tyres on the planet with starting points tracing all the way back to 1889. The brand is known for making the most mechanically progressed tyres with its solid interests in R&D. Michelin is amazingly well known for two things; toughness and eco-friendly tyre innovation.

The brand takes into account traveler vehicles and bikes. In India, the organization works with unique transport tyres and bike tyres. Michelin is among India’s biggest organizations of tyre merchants of top-of-the-line bike tyres in India. Michelin is a worldwide pioneer in tyre fabricating and is settled at Clermont-Ferrand in France.

The tyre producer has a presence in 170 nations and utilizes around 114,100 representatives internationally. It works with 70 creation offices overall which produce around 18 crore tyres every year. In India, it has one creation site in the southern city of Chennai with more than 900 representatives. The French tyre producer additionally claims BFGoodrich, Tigar, and Uniroyal tyre brands.

Our top picks from Michelin:

8. Continental

German-made Continental is a standout amongst other tyre brands with regards to extravagance vehicles like BMW and Mercedes. In case you’re on the lookout for some upstreet tyre shopping, Continental will be difficult to pass up. The organization doesn’t have a rambling presence in India yet flaunts some incredible cost to quality items on the lookout.

Additionally, the brand is known for its top-quality tyres that aren’t madly evaluated. The organization is good to go to extend balance in India with late enormous speculations. The tyres are most popular for a foothold and ride comfort. Attributable to the sort of market it serves, the standing for Continental tyres as far as a throughout the season tyre has expanded immensely.

The German tyre monster was set up in 1871 and is right now settled at Hanover. The organization enlisted Rs 144 crores in deals in 2017 and utilizes in excess of 2,35,000 representatives in more than 60 nations. Around the world, Continental tyres are accessible across 12 nations, with 13 plants, and central command in three areas, Hanover, Petaling Jaya, and Fort Mill.

Our top picks from Continental:

9. Yokohama

Yokohama offers an incredible setup of tyres worked for execution and utilizing the most amazing aspect innovation. Despite the fact that tyres fabricated by Yokohama are valued high on the table, the productivity and ideal execution agreed by these tyres urge the clients to opt for Yokohama. Set up in 1917 in Japan, Yokohama has been spearheading the tyre planning and assembling business for over a century.

Their tyres are trusted for execution, sturdiness, and dependability. As of now, there are two extra assembling units claimed by Yokohama in the USA, one each in Mississippi and Virginia. The Yokohama-made tyres are administering the traveler vehicles section. Alongside this, their tyres are additionally trusted to make the rider’s excursion smoother and better. This is particularly valid for light trucks, trucks, and transports.

Out of the private and business section, Yokohama tyres are additionally utilized in execution furor motorsports. Planned explicitly for Indian streets, Yokohama tyres are fabricated utilizing a remarkable development that offers one-of-a-kind solace to the driver and travelers. The profundity of the scores protection and even wear and prompts noteworthy commotion decrease while driving. The tyres are intended to break at high paces and convey superior on wet streets with grooves that can handle hydroplaning.

Our top picks from Yokohama:

10. Metro

Metro tyres are spearheading the bike and three-wheeler tyre fabricating industry. As of now, Metro plans and production tyres for MTB bikes, motorbikes, BMX bikes, three-wheelers, and City bikes. Aside from this, Metro auto tubes are likewise present on the lookout. A piece of the Metro Group, Metro tyres was set up in India in 1968. Aside from this, Metro tyres have acquired global acknowledgment in the bike tyre producing portion.

Their tyres are totally smooth and solid for a wide range of bike driving encounters. Be it motocross, city drive, or off-road driving, Metro has consistently adapted to the situation and aided the pilots of the vehicles to appreciate a protected and smooth ride. To additional upgrade their tyre fabricating experience, Metro has tied up with Germany-based Continental AG to patch up the assembling cycle and endeavor the neglected capability of improving the bike tyre production.

With this association, Metro is hoping to enter the European and the American market. Metro may have begun as a provincial tyre producer but is among the best tyre brands in India. All things considered, with consistent advancement and R&D, they have arrived at the stage to start organizations with global tyre makers like Continental AG. This lone shows their proficiency and capacity to address the cutting edge prerequisites of the clients with regards to bicycles and bikes.

Our top picks from Metro:


Step into the market with a piece of the attractive information on the best tyre brands and convenient rules on the most proficient method to keep up your tyres. It can’t be focused on enough that tyres add to your general street security and not just your ride comfort. Settle on the best choice while purchasing a reasonable tyre with your recently acquired tyre abilities. All these brands are attempted and tried and offer a 3 to 5-year guarantee, killing any problem you may need to experience during these years. Ensure you cautiously comprehend the highlights and execution of the vehicle tyre for an ideal driving encounter.

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