Top 10 Tea Brands in India 2023

Love for food and beverages in India is just unique. India is the second-biggest tea producer on the planet. The neighborhood tea industry in India has a market worth of more than Rs 12000 crores. Assam alone offers over 50% to add up to tea production in India. The nearby and marked tea industry has incredible market esteem, and just Assam had over half a commitment to the absolute creation of tea. Assam and Darjeeling are the centers of tea in India that produce the best tea with an astonishing smell. As there are numerous tea brands accessible on the lookout, it is difficult to pick the correct brand.

We Indians love tea, and it is our No.1 refreshment by a wide margin. A few people may incline toward it in the first part of the day while others may like it with snacks in the evening. In any case, one thing is without a doubt that it is a vital piece of our lifestyle. In this way, with regards to purchasing tea, cash isn’t an issue, and it is demonstrated from the report that Indians devour the most noteworthy measure of tea in a year, compared to the world. Along these lines, the market is so colossal, and it has brought about relentless rivalry among the best tea brands to sell you their products.

All these brands have been reviewed in detail, so go ahead, investigate and track down the ideal tea for your home. Without burning through anything else of your time, here we go!

Tea Bags Vs Loose Leaf Tea – What’s Ideal for You?

Tea bags generally contain tea dust and small cut pieces of tea leaves that are ideal for quick embellishments and self-serve stations. While loose leaf tea contains whole tea leaves that expand in water to their truest form and shape.

Tea bags come in convenient packaging that serves well for individual servings and has quicker brewing cycles. Loose leaf tea, on the other hand, comes with high-quality leaves that offer a richer taste, aroma, and flavor.

Best Tea Brands You Must Try

1. Tata Tea

The absolute first on our rundown of the best tea brands are Tata Tea. Possessed by the Tata Group, Tata Tea, the top tea-selling brand in India, with its invigorating taste and premium quality. It is well known among the Indian crowd, so there isn’t a lot that can turn out badly with it. The Tea is gotten from the valleys of Assam. It comprises 85% Assam CTC and 15% gently rolled long leaves, so you can get the full lavishness of their smell and taste.

After each taste, it will leave you yearning for more. Tata Tea Limited is India’s ideal and most generally burned-through tea brand and is the world’s second-biggest producer and wholesaler of tea. Tata Tea has dispatched a social mission named ‘Jaago Re’ to stir the flavors against defilement. Tata Tea has auxiliaries in Australia, Great Britain, United States, Czech Republic, and India.

Our top picks from Tata Tea:

2. Brooke Bond

Brooke Bond is the top choice among the top tea brands in India by any principles. Brooke Bond Red Label has been a market chief for over a century. Since 1869, Brooke Bond has brought to you the ideal tasting tea experience with the best-picked leaves. In 1903, Brooke Bond dispatched Red Label, one of India’s most favored tea today. Brooke Bond Red Label attempted to make one of India’s most loved refreshments ‘chai.’ Brooke Bond Red Label tea is a mix of CTC tea with the best quality leaves, handled in the exceptional Brooke Bond Tea Excellence Center.

Brooke Bond 3 Roses tea is tried by proficient tea testers, reviewed, and completely mixed in Brooke Bond’s exceptional Tea Excellence Center giving it the ideal taste, shading, flavor, and compelling fragrance. Brooke Bond 3 Roses is one of the biggest selling tea brands in the State of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. At the point when the historical backdrop of tea is recorded, 1966 will be a commended section. For around there, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea was conceived, with a guarantee to encourage greatness in each cup. The brew is brilliant orange, has a rich taste and an elevating smell.

Our top picks from Brooke Bond:

3. Lipton

Lipton is possessed by Hindustan Lever Limited in India. Lipton was initially a British brand. The brand is named after its originator Thomas Lipton who established the organization in the year 1890. With individuals across the globe turning out to be more wellbeing cognizant, the interest in green tea has gone up manifolds in the new years. Thus, Lipton presented a green tea variation that turned into a moment hit among the green tea darlings. This green tea is experimentally demonstrated to improve obesity, cardiovascular wellbeing, gut wellbeing, in general memory, diminish the danger of malignant growth, and the sky is the limit from there.

The most well-known product is the Lipton Yellow Label Tea in the Indian market. Its administrative centers are in Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S.A. Lipton Yellow Label was previously the most grounded competitor for the highest situation in India’s tea market. The brand exists in India for longer than a century and is a reminder of the thriving tea exchange of the British domain. Lipton Yellow Label is supported by knowing tea consumers. It is one of the best tea brands in India and sells at costs marginally higher than other well-known tea brands.

Our top picks from Lipton:

4. Tetley

Tetley is outstanding amongst other tea brands in India. A beverage producer established in 1837 in Yorkshire, England, and is one of the biggest tea businesses in the United Kingdom and Canada. It is a completely claimed auxiliary of Tata Global Beverages. The brand was founded by Edward Tetley and his siblings Joseph. Since its initiation in late 1837, they zeroed in on conveying quality items. The business has an overall presence, selling underneath more than 60 assembling organizations and working in around 40 nations.

The Tata bunch obtained the brand in 2000. After its procurement, the brand prospers all around whether as far as quality or taste. Tetley is at present the second biggest tea brand internationally. The organization is a pioneer in presenting the main drawstring teabags in the Indian market. Tetley tea is a mix of fine, youthful long tea leaves and buds and offers a stunning, smooth taste with a sweet smell. Also, it is an incredible method to keep hydrated with zero-calorie consumption and is an extraordinary decision as a pre-exercise and post-exercise drink.

Our top picks from Tetley:

5. Twinings

Twinings is one of the most established tea organizations on the planet and has a mind-blowing legacy, with 10 ages of the Twinings family in charge. Twinings has gotten one of the world’s most cherished tea organizations over its 300-year history since they learn constantly, testing and concocting. The brand master blenders have been continually consummating their art and have long stretches of joined insight and unmatched aptitude. The brand thoughtfulness regarding subtleties that matter, from sourcing and determination to mixing. That is the way you get the ideal cup of tea.

Assam offers solid, fulfilling tea that is known for its malt and wealthy in flavor. Twining tea is exceptionally mixed to impeccable the equilibrium of taste, flavor, and smell. Every tea is a mix of various beginning teas that make an interesting encounter, and the brand has confidence in a little cup of tea that gives a snapshot of unwinding. The brand additionally secures their laborers sound the world and improves their salaries as they offer rural preparation to the ranchers to help them overhaul their creation.

Our top picks from Twinings:

6. Amazon Brand – Vedaka

Vedaka offers quality tea from the in-house brand of Amazon and it is very brilliant at its low selling cost. Very much like the wide range of teas, this one is additionally a black tea as free leaves. It comes in a powdered structure, which you can add to bubbling water and begin drinking. Vedaka Premium tea presents to you a fine mix of top-notch tea leaves sourced from Assam, Dooars, and Nilgiris. This reviving mix is a blend of rich flavors from a portion of India’s best tea-developing areas and will cause you to feel invigorated with each taste. Vedaka green tea is produced using hand-picked quality tea leaves.

The fine tea mix gives a new taste and tempting fragrance for a solid beginning to your day. It is a rich wellspring of regular cancer prevention agents and contains zero calories when burned without milk or sugar. Vedaka green tea helps keep your body hydrated and supplements a functioning way of life. An ideal congruity of flavors with newness to unwind and revive your day. Vedaka Gold is produced using excellent leaves completely mixed utilizing best-in-class innovation, to give you a rich and smooth taste to begin your morning right. Appreciate the rich kind of tea leaves combined with a rich smell to lift your daily tea-drinking experience.

Our top picks from Amazon Brand – Vedaka:

7. Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri Tea Group, notable for its exceptional tea, is having a presence in the tea business since 1892. Today, Wagh Bakri claims and works, under its umbrella, one of the main bundled tea organizations in India with a turnover of over Rs 1500 crore. Also, with more than 40 million kilos of tea circulation. The gathering of tea is the main step in tea fares and retail shoppers everywhere in the world. With colossal variations, Wagh Bakri tea lovers are throughout the planet, which has made Wagh Bakri rise as a genuinely worldwide brand.

The Group appreciates an undisputed market presence in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chhattisgarh, Western Uttar Pradesh, and Goa and has as of late forayed in to Punjab and Karnataka. Throughout the long term, an enduring relationship of affection and trust has been created between Wagh Bakri and its reliable buyers. Wagh Bakri premium leaf tea is handpicked from the best tea cultivates and mixed by tea specialists. Wagh Bakri premium leaf tea guarantees a solid taste, rich tone, and an animating fragrance. A one of a kind mix of seven genuine Indian spices and rich premium tea leaves.

Our top picks from Wagh Bakri:

8. Society Tea

Society is an incredibly mainstream brand of tea dispatched by the Mumbai-based firm, Hasmukhrai, and Co. The most mainstream is Society CTC solid tea, known for its flavor and shading. A few variations of teas and tea-based mixtures are accessible as a powder and tea-sacks from Society. Society Tea was set up 75 years prior. They are the key tea producers in India since 1933, and today, Society Tea is known for its steady taste and wealth of value. Society is equivalent to a fragrant smell and is referred to broadly just as universally for it. Society has a creative publicizing effort and solid circulation organization.

Squashed, wound, and twisted every tea leaf is painstakingly picked to make and blend of stunning smell and taste. The CTC cycle guarantees that the Society tea offers the ideal mixture of rich tone and solid flavor giving every client a cuppa to appreciate. Invigorated with flavors that are demonstrated to have magnificent cancer prevention properties and incredible, strong flavor, Society Masala Tea is intended to be. Brew yourself a cup or two of this mixture, and feel your difficulties, stresses, and second thoughts, simply dissolve away. The scent of new cardamoms drifting from a steaming hot cup of tea nothing to beat the desi Elaichi tea.

Our top picks from Society Tea:

9. Marvel Tea

Marvel Tea is one of the top tea brands, and it is accessible in various variations and flavors. The brand was set up in 1994 by Jain Brothers, and Marvel Group is perhaps the most regarded organization today in India. The brand checks the nature of tea routinely and brings the tea from the best tea nurseries of Assam and Darjeeling. The brand utilizes a completely programmed bundling measure where the leaves are immaculate. The tea assists with topping off your energy by diminishing mental and actual pressure and stress as it is wealthy in cancer prevention agents. They have more than 3000 merchants the country over. Today the brand is among the main 10 driving tea producers in India.

The organization inspects almost 800 cups daily in their lab to benefit as much as possible from the item quality. The tea from this brand is approved by famous tea analyzers before hitting the market, this tea is proposed to give the tea consumers an encounter that stirs their spirits to new energies. The particular taste and sparkling fragrance of Marvel Green tea put it aside from the customary tea. It contains a rich amount of enemies of oxidants that keep your wellbeing prepared for some deadly sicknesses and help you in shedding pounds. Marvel Tea brings to you the best green tea in India, with its recognized taste and a sparkling smell that a green tea darling can’t simply stand up to.

Our top picks from Marvel Tea:

10. Chaayos

The tea packs from Chaayos have cell reinforcement properties, calming properties, and advances solid absorption with extra advantages. These can likewise be claimed as natural immunity boosters. Made from 100% regular tea, natural fixings with commonly added flavor, Chaayos is among the new age best tea brands in India. Only the best quality tea leaves from Darjeeling are utilized to give these a sweet and unadulterated sweet-smelling taste. While painstakingly chose and sun-dried fixings and spices give it a unique extraordinary flavor.  Fixings with superior grade and wonderful equilibrium have medical advantages as well as taste incredible. These mixes are loaded up with flower petals which with their smell adjusts flavor and gives an astounding cup.

The item arrives in an eco-accommodating pack with the external layer made of reused paper. Furthermore, it arrives in a helpful pack size for a problem-free stockpiling with a sealed zip lock to support the tea’s smell and flavor for quite a while. The green teas from Chaayos are reviving the creation of 22 Himalayan Herbs, mixed with care to item an ideal purifying to the body with advantages of Arjun Bark, Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi, and Brahmi all stuffed in one delicious cup. It is not simply a chai patti, but an entire range of taste, immaculateness, wellness, and wellbeing.

Our top picks from Chaayos:

All The Types of Tea You Must Know About

Green Tea

Green tea is a kind of tea produced using the camellia Sinensis plant. Green teas regularly brew up a light green or yellow tone, and will in general have a lighter body and milder taste. They contain about half as much caffeine as black tea. Popular green teas incorporate Gunpowder, Jasmine, and Moroccan Mint. Green tea is essentially delivered in China and Japan. Japanese green teas are steamed not long after collection to stop oxidation. They will in general have a somewhat appetizing, maritime quality, and blend up a light emerald green.

Chinese green teas are normally container terminated after gather to stop the oxidation cycle. These teas will in general be milder than Japanese green teas, and mix up a delicate brilliant shading, with a light body and a smooth flavor. Green tea is collected and afterward quickly either steamed or container terminated to stop the oxidation cycle. Stopping oxidation not long after reaping is the thing that gives green tea leaves their radiant green tone and their light, vegetal taste. The tea leaves are then folded or squeezed into their last shape and dried.

Black Tea

Numerous individuals new to the universe of tea are generally acquainted with black tea. Mainstream breakfast mixes like English breakfast and Irish breakfast are different instances where black tea is enjoyed. Black teas will in general be moderately high in caffeine, with about half as much caffeine as some espresso. They mix up a dull, coppery shading, and typically have a more grounded, more vigorous flavor than different sorts of tea. Black tea is principally created in China and India.

Other best-in-class tea-creating nations that fare black tea incorporate Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, and Kenya. As a rule, Indian black teas will in general be more grounded and more strong and are regularly utilized in generous breakfast mixes. Chinese black teas will in general be lighter and mellower and are typically devoured all alone without the expansion of milk or sugar. They frequently contain somewhat less caffeine than Indian black teas. To deliver black tea, tea leaves are reaped, shriveled, and afterward softly squashed. The tea leaves are then completely oxidized, which turns them into a tarnish dark tone.

White Tea

White tea is fragile, negligibly handled tea that is exceptionally appreciated. White tea has a light body and a gentle flavor with a fresh, clean complexion. White tea will in general be low in caffeine, with some silver tip teas that might be marginally higher in caffeine. Well-known white teas incorporate Bashan Silver Tip and White Peony.

White tea is essentially created in China, especially in the Fujian territory, where it has a rich history. Some claim to fame white tea is additionally created in districts like Nepal, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. White tea is negligibly prepared before being dried and bundled. Some white tea is gathered from the absolute first tips and buds of the tea plant before they open to shape full leaves. Other white teas are reaped after the leaves spread out and develop. In the two cases, white teas experience insignificant measures of oxidation.

Oolong Tea

Oolong is an incompletely oxidized tea, setting it someplace in the middle of black and green teas as far as oxidation. Oolong teas can go from around 10-80% oxidation and can mix up anyplace from a light yellow to a rich golden cup of tea. Numerous oolongs can be re-implanted commonly, with unpretentious contrasts and subtleties of flavor in each progressive cup.

Oolong teas are fundamentally delivered in China and Taiwan. In China, oolong-delivering areas incorporate the Wuyi Mountains and Anxi, both in Fujian territory, and the Guangdong region. In Taiwan, a little island off of terrain China is renowned for its quality oolongs, including the exceptionally pursued Milk Oolong. Numerous kinds of oolong teas are developed from exceptional varietals of the tea plant developed for a long time to confer remarkable flavors to the tea. Oolong teas are collected, shriveled, and afterward go through fractional oxidation. Contingent upon the kind of oolong, they might be oxidized for just a brief timeframe or may go through more careful oxidation nearly to the level of a black tea. Some oolong teas are then formed by hand into little, firmly moved balls before being dried and bundled.

Purple Tea

Purple tea is generally a newer sort of tea and has just been monetarily accessible for a couple of years. The tea is created from an uncommon purple-leaved tea plant discovered filling wild in the Assam district of India. Today, purple teas are fundamentally created in Kenya, Africa. They have a light body and smooth flavor and are amazingly low in caffeine and high in cell reinforcements and anthocyanins. After their underlying revelation, these extraordinary tea plants were subsequently taken to Kenya, where the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya attempted to make a cultivar that would be ideal for business tea creation.

The third-biggest maker of business tea after China and India, Kenya presently leads as the biggest maker of purple tea. The purple teas come from the Tumoi Tea Garden in the Nandi Hills of Kenya. Purple tea is typically created in a way like oolong teas. The leaves are gathered, withered, and go through incomplete oxidation before being molded and dried. At the point when blended, purple tea mixes up a light ruddy purple, because of the interesting shade of its leaves.

Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea is a matured, mostly aged tea that is like black tea in character. Pu-erh teas brew up an inky earthy colored dark tone and have a full body with a rich, gritty, and profoundly fulfilling taste. Pu-erh teas are genuinely high in caffeine, containing about a similar sum as black tea. Pu-erh started in the city of Pu-erh in the Yunnan area of China and is still basically delivered in a similar district today. Be that as it may, different regions including Hunan and Guangdong territories likewise created comparative matured teas. Pu-erh is at first handled in a manner like green tea. Leaves are gathered, steamed, or dish terminated to end oxidation and afterward formed and dried. After the leaves dry, they at that point go through an aging cycle. Sheng Pu-erh is delivered utilizing a conventional technique, where tea leaves are matured utilizing a more drawn out and more progressive cycle. Shou Pu-erh is created utilizing a cutting-edge, sped-up aging technique. The two kinds of Pu-erh are frequently matured for quite a while, as the rich and gritty kinds of the tea regularly improve over the long run. The Pu-erh teas we drink are matured for around three years.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is a specific sort of homegrown tea produced using a plant local to South Africa. These teas are now and then additionally alluded to as red tea or red shrub tea, and are normally caffeine-free. Rooibos has a full body like that of a black tea, which makes it a decent choice for individuals who appreciate black tea, however, are hoping to keep away from caffeine. It has charming normal pleasantness and is tasty when taken all alone or with a sprinkle of milk. Rooibos can likewise be blended in with different fixings to make seasoned mixes like Earl Gray Rooibos and Rooibos Chai.

Matcha Tea

Matcha is a kind of powdered green tea mainstream in Japan. It tends to be burned-through on its own when raced with water, and can likewise be added to lattes, smoothies, and heated products. Matcha has a smooth, rich flavor with notes of umami and simply a trace of harshness. In the twelfth century, Chinese priests brought both Buddhism and matcha to Japan. The ritualized utilization of matcha by Japanese priests developed rapidly, and by the fifteenth century, its fame had spread to Japan’s high societies. Over hundreds of years, a complicated tea service encompassing matcha was created.

Today, matcha is fundamentally connected with Japan and has a rich history and social importance inside the country. Matcha is delivered from extraordinary tea plants that are concealed in any event three weeks before collection. The concealing cycle expands the chlorophyll in the plants, which gives them a profound emerald green tone. It additionally expands the caffeine and l-theanine present in the tea and adds to the novel umami kind of the tea. The leaves are steamed following harvest to stop the oxidation cycle. At the point when the leaves are formed and dried like a normal green tea, these leaves are stone-ground into an extremely fine powder.

Flavored Tea

Any of the kinds of tea you can find or think of can be seasoned with an assortment of flavors, spices, organic products, and flower extracts. These extra fixings expand on a tea base to make special flavor mixes and tea mixes. Flavors added to tea can fluctuate from flower to sweet, hot to smoky, and everything in the middle.

Herbal Tea

Even though we casually call natural teas ‘tea’, they’re not identified with genuine teas produced using the Camellia Sinensis plant. All things considered, natural teas are made out of a mix of various spices and flavors. When all is said in done, homegrown teas contain no caffeine. There is a wide range of sorts of homegrown teas, including both single-fixing teas like Peppermint and Chamomile, just as innovative mixes like Lavender and much more. Homegrown teas are additionally in some cases called natural implantations.

Well-known natural tea fixings incorporate peppermint, chamomile, hibiscus, ginger, lavender, and then some. Homegrown mixes frequently have restorative properties, and relying upon the mix can be utilized to get everything from sore throats to upset stomachs and many health fixes.


Tea can vary in its form, origin, aroma, and taste. But, concentrating on the best tea brands in India as mentioned above can uplift your tea sessions drastically. Go through the upselling features and choose wisely to make a purchase decision that won’t disappoint you. Till then, happy brewing, happy shopping!


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