Which is the Best Table Fan in India? Top 10 options in 2024

It is difficult to bear the scorching summer heat in India. Ceiling fans fail to cool up the room and here the table fan plays a big role by focusing on you and blowing away the hot and warm air surrounding you. Needless to say, a table fan is the most crucial utility product that can make your summer pleasing, and that too at a super affordable deal unlike an AC. Getting home the best table fan in India will give you no more sleepless nights and keep the entire room temperature well balanced.

However, going forward with that one best table fan out of an array of products is overwhelming. To put an end to your confusion, we after analyzing all the specifications, functioning, durability, build, and real-time user reviews have gathered together the best table fans that will actually give you the comfort and peace to beat summer in style.

Top 10 Table Fan in India

1. Usha Table Fan

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This table fan from Usha is the best table fan in India when it comes to a decent purchase with a wide range of color options to choose from. The highlighting part about this table fan is its engine overheat security, which gives it a long life. Designed with high development, the fan has an expansive base, that keeps it tough. Additionally, due to its streamlined sharp edges, there is better air conveyance. This comes with a 100% copper engine, making it pass the test of time. The heat protection feature act as an additional shield to protect the engine from wearing off.

The RPM is 1280 which falls inside the adequate scope of 1200 to 1300 RPM, helping your engine to function comfortably without taking the speed load. The sharp edges are made of polypropylene, making the fan lighter and less noisy. The powder covered fan grill with 120 ribs makes it shading sturdy.

2. Havells Table Fan

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This can prove to be the best table fan in India if you are restricted with space. This table fan from Havells ought to be ideal for its moderately littler impression. The fan doesn’t look a regular table fan and is accompanied by a double tone to complete the process of making it look a lot of alluring for its size. Its little size additionally implies that you have a choice to mount this fan on a divider other than setting it on a table.

A spinning barbecue has been incorporated to spread the air to cover a bigger region and it can be accomplished by 3-speed activities permitting you to pick the ideal setting depending on the climate. The makers have incorporated various measures to guarantee your wellbeing and its fan runs at 1350 RPM while devouring around 38 watts of intensity. A standard guarantee of 2 years is offered by Havells.

3. Bajaj Table Fan

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This table fan from Bajaj comes with its keen highlights and great execution. This table fan is furnished with an amazing engine for better and improved air conveyance. Also, the ergonomically structured three edges make the wind current all the more remarkable. This one upgrades the feel of your room as well as its 50 Watt power utilization makes it the best vitality effective model that spares a great deal for your pocket. As a more advantageous component, this table fan accompanies two-speed settings that you can change in like manner.

The full copper motor with a power consumption of 50 Watt makes operation noise-free. With a 1320 RPM, the speed is adequate to beat the scorching heat. The quality and performance are unmatched. Besides, the cost is likewise entirely sensible that anybody can bear the cost of it without any problem.

4. Orient Table Fan

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This Orient table fan accompanies a five-leaf SAN sharp edge fan that guarantees more extensive air conveyance at homes. The fan has a one of a kind smoothed out body with an edge plan that guarantees better air conveyance with less clamor. The exquisite and smooth structure of the fan effectively coordinates one’s advanced home style, consequently giving a superior look to their homes. The solid and vigorous engine of the fan guarantees the fan’s unwavering quality over an extensive stretch of time.

The engine works at an evaluated speed of 1300 RPM and guarantees an air conveyance of 95 cubic meters for each minute with 85 Watts of moderate force utilization. This table fan is a cutting edge, profoundly adjustable table fan, which helps in expanding the effectiveness of the air throughput. This can be your perfect choice if you are looking for the best table fan in India in terms of durability and expansive engine life.

5. Crompton Table Fan

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The Crompton table fan is a reduced and versatile table fan and is anything but difficult to utilize. It has an ideal air dissemination framework that offers an incredible cooling experience. With regards to plan, the fan incorporates great quality and strong plastic body development that makes it solid and dependable. There is additionally a tough base that doesn’t shake and is steady on the table or work area or even on the floor. The fan incorporates three efficiently structured cutting edges to offer upgraded cooling execution.

With the incredible engine of 50 Watt and pivoting velocity of 1300 RPM, you will doubtlessly get stunning and quick cooling, without stressing over high force utilization. This table fan has 4-speed settings for your benefit so you can without much of a stretch set the speed likewise. This can be the best table fan bet for you, if you are looking for a high-performing and vitality effective table fan at a pocket-accommodating value, this table fan is the ideal decision.

6. Luminous Table Fan

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This table fan from Mojo Plus table from the brand Luminous offers you the most extreme solace and unwinding during summers by giving the cool wind all around the room. Its stylish structure adds an incredible appeal to upgrade the general look of your room. Also, with regards to the wind stream, this table fan offers a remarkable execution. This one accompanies three sharp edges alongside the scope of 400 mm that proficiently creates a cool wind to give you the sentiment of solace. The flexible three-speed settings permit you to work the fan on the ideal and advantageous speed level.

With an engaging look along with a ground-breaking engine speed of  1350 RPM, the execution of this fan is exceptional. With a power consumption of 55 Watt, the fan is energy efficient. The fan is having a decent construction quality with minimized levels of noise for a peaceful sleep. With great user ratings and reviews, this table fan is a decent one to get home.

7. V Guard Table Fan

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This model of the table fan from V-Guard goes ahead to secure a well-deserved spot for the best table fans for its top-notch execution. Incredible highlights with extraordinary utilities are what this table fan gloats about. Highlighting a conservative and convenient plan, the fan can undoubtedly be utilized anyplace, regardless of whether in your home, office, or any little shops. The model incorporates an incredible engine of 55 Watt that conveys solid wind current. Furthermore, best of all, it devours exceptionally less power, so you don’t have to stress over the high power bills.

This table fan accompanies efficiently planned cutting edges that give effective and free wind current with no obstruction. Thus, you will get the best cooling with no commotion. With a speed of 1350 RPM, this fan gives natural air to each alcove and corner of the room. It has three customizable speed settings that let you modify the speed as per your comfort. The speed catches are strategically placed at the base of the fan for simple use. Additionally, it accompanies a wavering capacity and has a turning barbecue for uniform air conveyance.

8. Maharaja Whiteline Table Fan

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This specific product offering from Maharaja has demonstrated to be very mainstream among the clients, because of its boss list of capabilities and current plan language. It has its external body painted in dark and white that are non-meddling hues and ought to go with a wide range of styles in your room. Moreover, you can have confidence that the air conveyance will be made over the contrary corner of the room.  This table fan from Maharaja expends only 55 Watts of intensity which is superior to other comparative results of this size.

The base of the fan is sufficiently enormous to enough adjust the fan and it likewise incorporates a small bunch of catches to control the fan speeds, and so forth. Maharaja offers a standard guarantee of 2 years with this item for your significant serenity. Overall, this table fan from Maharaja will get your job done well.

9. Enamic Table Fan

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This fan from Enamic has a rapid 3-speed control button according to your prerequisite and it requires less force utilization. This fan is profoundly cutting-edge and prized for their more extended working life and alluring structure. Offered fans are planned and created by following top-notch designing rules.  It comprises of a ground-breaking engine usually intended for Indian climatic conditions. Extraordinary evaluation of plastic material structured sharp edges are present to create high air yield with 225 mm clear and 2800 RPM speed.

It has a novel base plan and beautiful style and composite bundling that gives you the comfort of simple gathering. This can be the best table fan in India for you if you are on a budget restriction and looking for something that will yield you great performance as well as be easy on the pockets.

10. Piesome Rechargeable Table Fan

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The Piesome table fan is 9 inches in tallness. Presumably, the significant distinction that you will take note as compared to conventional table fans is that it very well may be run on battery, AC and DC, and during power fails, it can be charged using Solar Panelboards moreover. It has an expansive base that makes the fan stand impeccably, even on an unpleasant surface. The fan can be mounted on the divider also. You will likewise get the chance to experience the breeze of the fan’ and the brilliance of the light, with the 2-speed control modes: low and high.

Aside from that, you will likewise get an accusing link along of the bundle, and on the off chance that you lose the link, you can likewise change the fan with some other USB link. Presently that just makes it such a great amount of help to stuff the fan in your pack and move around. This can be the best table fan in India if you are looking for something that is portable.


Table Fans, as much as they might sound outdated, are still very much functional and common amongst Indian households for all the good reasons. Choosing amongst the right brands and settling on the appropriate models might turn out to be a daunting task. So, we hope that this list of the top 10 best table fans in India was insightful for you and would ease your shopping decision.

Choose wisely, and shop informatively, the best table fan for your home is now just a click away!


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