Top 10 Stevia Brands in India 2024

With such a wide variety of the best stevia brands in India widely available, it isn’t just basic for you to get them without jumping a hole in the pocket. Regardless, when the brands are offering colossal courses of action one should not capriciously purchase anything. In light of everything, it is about your prosperity that we are examining here. Zeroing in on everything critical with respect to picking the right stevia for yourself.

As a consistently expanding number of people are getting more familiar with the criticalness of eating healthy, more alternatives have been looked for sugar. White refined sugar when taken ordinarily, can cause real prosperity concerns which have prepared for stevia. India, explicitly, is starting late transforming into the focal point of various stevia brands. Picking the right one, consequently, transforms into a huge task for people when there is from a genuine perspective.

Besides, not many may know anyway stevia has a spot with a social event of ensured, ordinary, without calorie sugar substitute and is an exceptional choice for engaging heftiness. Furthermore, stevia’s taste has a more drawn out term and starting when stood out from that of sugar, and a huge amount of its concentrates even have an upsetting like postponed flavor impression with high core interests.

Thus, when you purchase stevia, scrutinize the fixing name clung to it. It gives you an idea of what the thing contains and what you will eat up. The best stevia brands in India referred to underneath are a part of our top picks that taste incredible just as are moreover marvelous substitutes to refined sugar.

Best Stevia Brands in India

The best stevia brands in India are not, now in fewer numbers. The option is abundant and thus, people imagine that it’s perplexing to purchase anyone. In any case, we perceive how noteworthy it is for you to get clarity in order to use the right thing. Besides, subsequently, we have made this once-over of the best stevia brands in India so you can insinuate it and make your decision moreover. Stay tuned and read to fulfill your inspiration for superseding sugar in your life.

1. Zevic

Zevic 100% Sugar Free Natural Stevia Powder | Zero Calories | Vegan | Keto & Diabetic Friendly - 300g
2,399 Reviews

The Zevic stevia is considered as one of the best stevia brands in India. On the off chance that you have a sweet tooth, rather than going immediately, get Zevic which is eco-sweet and contains totally characteristic fixings. The Zevic stevia without any calories, can be added to drinks and furthermore be utilized for heating just as cooking. Zevic Stevia is accessible in Stevia leaves, Stevia Sachets, Stevia Powder, and Stevia tablets. This top-notch item is reasonable for a wide range of employment.

Additionally, Zevic stevia is heat stable and is practically equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar. This stevia brand does exclude sucralose, dextrose, lactose, maltodextrin, or aspartame. Whenever you are enticed to utilize sugar to any of your food things, utilize Zevic stevia as a more advantageous other option. It is catching the Indian market with its excellent nature of items and can be trusted for quality.

2. Organic India

Organic India Natural Sweetener Stevia 25N Sachets 75g Powder(Pack of 3)
902 Reviews

This stevia is extricated from the leaves of plant species stevia rebaudiana. One of the key advantages of this stevia is that it can be utilized in its regular state. Regardless of whether you need some pleasantness to your chilly beverage, yogurt, pickles, or cake, Organic India being an organic brand will give the best result. What’s surprisingly better is the way that the pleasantness of this stevia can be felt for quite a while. The brand guarantees that the Stevia offered is of the most extreme quality and is gotten from a normally sweet spice. It has no side effects and can be effectively utilized in refreshments and dinners.

One sachet is practically equal to including two teaspoons of sugar. However, what should be remembered is that Organic India stevia should be put away at a dry and cool spot and ought to be shielded from direct daylight. This is an incredible product for individuals who are attempting to manage their diabetes.

3. Steviocal

Stevi0cal Stevia Sweetener Powder | 100% Sugar Free Natural | Zero Calorie for Weight Management, Diet, Diabetic Friendly | 200 gm Jar - Pack of One (1 x 200gm)
1,629 Reviews
Stevi0cal Stevia Sweetener Powder | 100% Sugar Free Natural | Zero Calorie for Weight Management, Diet, Diabetic Friendly | 200 gm Jar - Pack of One (1 x 200gm)
  • Natural Stevia Sweetener : StevI0cal ' Naturally Sweet ' is made from Leaf Extract of Stevia Plant - 'Natures Sweetest Gift to Mankind'
  • Zero Calories : Stevi0cal has No Calories, No Sugar, which makes it attractive to dieters for weight management
  • Great Taste - Stevi0cal is made from the purest, sweetest & best tasting part of Stevia Leaf Extract making taste just like sugar without any after taste
  • Natural Sugar Substitute - Stevi0cal 'Naturally Sweet' which is almost 10 times sweetener than sugar can be used where you would normally use sugar for all desserts & table top applications, hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee, lassi, lime water , breakfast cereals.'A Healthier lifestyle never tasted so sweet !'
  • Ingredients - Purest and Highest Quality of Stevia Leaf Extract :Reb - A and Erythritol. It does not contain any artificial sweeteners and chemicals like Aspartame, Sucralose and Lactose. Gluten Free , Sugar Free, Zero Glycemic Index makes Stevi0cal an ideal sweetener for Diabetics.We complement your efforts in being healthy by providing the Best Tasting , Zero Calorie Stevia at your favorite marketplaces.

With the predominance of diabetes, the significance of stevia brands, particularly Steviocal, has expanded like never before previously. Steviocal is viewed as extraordinary compared to other stevia brands and can be claimed as one of the best stevia brands in India since it is a characteristic sugar that is produced using rebaudiana leaves, which thus ends up being ideal for the treatment of diabetes.

This stevia can be utilized to plan diabetic-accommodating plans, while additionally fulfilling the sweet tooth. Being totally regular and zero in calories, Steviocal leaves no harmful effects. Furthermore, it contains definitely no starches, fat, cholesterol, or sugar. Other than its advantages in diabetes, Steviocal is additionally known for aiding in the treatment of different infirmities, like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, stomach related issues, acid reflux, and skin maladies. In this way, substitute your sugar consumption with Steviocal and experience an adjustment in your way of life to improve things.

4. Sugar Free Green

Sugar Free Green 100% Natural Made from Stevia - Pack of 2 (200gm x 2), Pouch
241 Reviews
Sugar Free Green 100% Natural Made from Stevia - Pack of 2 (200gm x 2), Pouch
  • Sweetener made from 100% Natural Stevia leaves
  • Sweet, just like Sugar, but with no calories from Sugar
  • Safe for the entire family to consume, including kids
  • 1 measured spoon equals 1 tsp Sugar in Sweetness. SugarFree Green can be used for a wide variety of preparations such as hot & cold beverages, sweets, desserts, cakes etc.
  • With SugarFree Green, you can binge guilt-free on your favourite sweet treats, without having to worry about any extra Sugar-calories

The vast majority of us need to maintain a strategic distance from sugar admission. Furthermore, subsequently, we continually look for the brands that will assist us with disposing of our old propensities. Sugar Free Green stevia is 100% characteristic and contains 100 pellets that are an incredible substitute for refining sugar, jaggery, and honey. These pellets are high on nourishment and extraordinary to taste.

They comprise positively no calories or sugars. Truth be told, they forestall and decrease heftiness, and control cholesterol. Sugar Free pellets are reasonable for kids as well. Throughout the long term, Sugar Free stevia has ended up being an extraordinary substitution of sugar for diabetic and sweet-adoring individuals. The individuals who are wellbeing and wellness cognizant will probably discover Sugar Free green stevia very advantageous since it assists with controlling calorie admission. Finally, this stevia leaves no ill effects at all, except if dominated and past the prompted portion.

5. MagicLeaf

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In the rundown of the best stevia brands in India, MagicLeaf consistently beats out all competitors. This stevia assists with controlling glucose levels and furthermore brings down hypertension. Indeed, best of all, it gives assistance to help in weight reduction. MagicLeaf even assists with forestalling tooth rot. Everything that is required to be done is that it should be put away in a cool dry spot, away from direct daylight.

If you are looking for quality stevia for your green tea and espresso in the hope to decrease your sugar consumption and determined to have the prediabetic condition, then leave with or without your concerns and go for MagicLeaf stevia. The flavor of this stevia is much the same as sugar, however less the calories that come.

6. So Sweet Stevia

So Sweet Stevia 500 Tablet Sugar Free Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener For Diabetes Control - (Pack of 05)
2,555 Reviews
So Sweet Stevia 500 Tablet Sugar Free Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener For Diabetes Control - (Pack of 05)
  • 100% Natural Stevia Tablet - These tablets are made from a herb called Stevia Rebaudiana, they do not contain any chemicals like aspartame or Sucralose, they are suitable for all ages. Can be cooked boiled & baked up to 240 C.
  • Sugar Substitute – A substitute to sugar, our stevia tablets have no side effects and are the best for KETO diets, diabetics, and weight watchers.
  • CHEMICAL FREE: - Stevia tablets are made from zero chemicals and hence zero side effects.
  • Simple to Use – These tablets are packed in such a manner that they can be carried anywhere and used in any hot or cold beverages
  • Save up to 400 calories a day by Substituting sugar with stevia.

This stevia arrives in a tablet structure and is 100% water solvent. This is a completely vegetarian product and contains positively no calories or carbs. For the individuals who are wellbeing cognizant and into wellness, this an extraordinary decision. What’s far better about this stevia is the way that it has no additional flavors, synthetics, or added substances. Furthermore, far superior, there are zero glycaemic files.

Regardless of whether it is your espresso, yogurt, natural product plate of mixed greens, oat, or your favorite tea brand, improve everything with the assistance of So Sweet Stevia. Besides, this is one of the not many stevia items that break down effectively with no inordinate mixing, crunching, or warming. Thus, keep yourself well by putting resources into So Sweet.

7. Sweetherb

Sweetherb Stevia, Zero Calorie, Natural, Herbal Sugarfree Liquid - 15 ml (Combo of 2)
271 Reviews
Sweetherb Stevia, Zero Calorie, Natural, Herbal Sugarfree Liquid - 15 ml (Combo of 2)
  • ZERO Calorie
  • All Natural Sweetner
  • No side effects
  • Purest Form of Stevia
  • Doesn't change blood sugar, works well for Diabetics

Sweetherb is without a doubt outstanding among the best stevia brands in India. Sweetherb is produced using the most flawless type of stevia leaf concentrate and consequently, is the most beneficial, characteristic substitute of sugar, and without any calorie. Other than holding one’s glucose under wraps, Sweetherb likewise comprises a few supplements that help generally speaking wellbeing.

Regardless of whether you need to add a couple of drops to your cake, baked goods, protein shakes, tea, or green coffee, this stevia is sure to work out positively and include a trace of pleasantness you need. All that is required is for you to press one to two drops of Sweetherb stevia and the outcome is probably going to be near what a teaspoon of sugar conveys. Thus, put in your request for the best stevia drops now.

8. Bliss of Earth

Bliss of Earth 99.8% REB-A Purity Stevia Powder for Diabetic, Natural & Sugarfree, Zero Calorie Keto Sweetener, 3X200GM…
120 Reviews
Bliss of Earth 99.8% REB-A Purity Stevia Powder for Diabetic, Natural & Sugarfree, Zero Calorie Keto Sweetener, 3X200GM…
  • HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO SUGAR WITH HIGHEST PURITY: Bliss of Earth Stevia Powder is 99.8% pure & can sweeten your day without harming your health. You can use it to sweeten your drink & desserts without adding that Extra Calorie to your meals. What's more because it's highly concentrated, 1 jar should last you up to 2+ months.
  • INTENSE SWEET TASTE & EASY TO USE: Our Stevia powder is pure natural alternate to sugar and is extremely sweet. It’s 120 x sweeter than sugar in sweetness charts but in actual Use you’ll find it just 12 times sweeter than most artificial sweeteners. You will only need as little as 1/12 Tsp to add flavor to your tea, coffe or juice and 1-2 tsp for baking.
  • BEST TASTING STEVIA IN THE MARKET: Bliss of Earth Stevia Powder contains 99.8% Reb-A, the highest among other stevia powder available in Market. Reb-A (Rebaudioside A) is what fuels sweetness in Stevia without being bitter in taste.
  • NO CHEMICALS ONLY NATURE: Our stevia powder is 100% natural and does not contains any harmful artificial preservatives such as aspartame, acesulfame or sucralose which can still be found in other artificial sweeteners.
  • GOOD FOR OVERALL HEALTH: Our stevia powder protects the health and does not make you put on weight as it does not contain any calories or carbohydrates. It Protects the health of your skin and bones and has a positive impact on your brain functions.

Your chase for the best stevia powder in India finishes here. Bliss of Earth accompanies the most elevated level of immaculateness, as much as 99.8%. You can utilize this stevia powder for improving your beverage and sweets without adding any amount of sugar to your dinners. What’s better about this stevia is the way that it is profoundly focused, and hence, a solitary jug is probably going to keep going for over 2 months.

Indeed, being a choice to sugar and jaggery, this stevia is amazingly sweet, substantially more than different items and subsequently, you won’t need in excess of a pinch or two to add to any dinner. The Bliss of Earth Stevia brand has an enormous attributable to its special yet engaging taste, which doesn’t leave an unpleasant lingering flavor. Also, furthermore, Bliss of Earth doesn’t make you put on weight as it has definitely no substance of starches or calories.

It even ensures the strength of your bones and skin and leaves a positive effect on your cerebrum capacities. What’s sure to amaze you is the way that Bliss of Earth stevia even comes as dry leaves. With only a modest bunch of leaves, the ideal pleasantness can be gained.

9. Nutriorg

Nutriorg Organic Stevia Leaf Powder, Sugar-Free Natural Sweetener, Traditional Method Made, Helps in Weight Loss
148 Reviews
Nutriorg Organic Stevia Leaf Powder, Sugar-Free Natural Sweetener, Traditional Method Made, Helps in Weight Loss
  • Nutriorg Organic Stevia Leaf Powder is a great replacement of Sugar. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar.
  • The Nutriorg Stevia Leaf Powder helps keep blood pressure in check.
  • It acts as a great dietary supplement.
  • Relieves and protects from respiratory infections.
  • Stevia helps maintain oral, skin and bone health.

Rattan Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd offers Nutriorg Stevia Powder. The brand is a pioneer maker of wellbeing items and spotlights on giving the best worth items. Nutriorg Stevia comes as dry leaf powder. In the event that you are searching for stevia leaf powder, this is the correct item to settle on. It is totally natural stevia and comes in a common structure. Since the item is characteristic, it is very safe for utilization.

Nutriorg being one of the best stevia brands in India offers a wide scope of natural, non-GMO, and zero-glycemic items. Nutriorg is an all-common compound free of sugar. The brand is eco-accommodating and picks maintainable reaping strategies. Nutriorg is without gluten, has zero calories and zero sugars.

10. Gaia Lite

Gaia Lite Stevia Natural Sweetener, 100 Tablets (Pack of 3)- Natural Sugarfree Sweetener Perfect for Diabetes Management and Weight Loss| Quick Dissolve and a Healthy Substitute for Sugar|Made with 100%...
129 Reviews
Gaia Lite Stevia Natural Sweetener, 100 Tablets (Pack of 3)- Natural Sugarfree Sweetener Perfect for Diabetes Management and Weight Loss| Quick Dissolve and a Healthy Substitute for Sugar|Made with 100%...
  • Zero Calories and No Carbohydrates: Say goodbye to unnecessary calories and carbs without sacrificing the sweetness. Gaia Lite Stevia provides a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Antimicrobial Properties: Not only does Gaia Lite Stevia add sweetness to your dishes, but it also possesses antimicrobial properties. Keep your food fresh and free from harmful bacteria.
  • Fat-Free: Looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Gaia Lite Stevia is the perfect addition to your diet as it is completely fat-free. Enjoy the sweetness without worrying about unnecessary fats.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar: Unlike traditional sweeteners, Gaia Lite Stevia actually helps lower blood sugar levels. It's an ideal choice for individuals looking to manage their sugar intake.
  • The Best and Healthiest Alternative to Sugar: Gaia Lite Stevia is the ultimate alternative to sugar, providing the same level of sweetness without the negative health effects. Take a step towards a healthier you.

Gaia Lite stevia is a brand that offers Stevia both as powder and tablets. The item contains tablets and can be added effectively to food and drinks. This is again a characteristic sugar and an extraordinary option in contrast to refined sugar. Gaia stevia is totally perfect for use and encourages you to remain fit normally. Use it for your refreshments or sweet dishes, the final product is sure to dazzle you.

100% natural low-calorie sugar substitute that has no side effects. Stevia is otherwise called meethi tulsi as it is acquired from normal spices. It doesn’t contain true sugar making it the best for health. Add not more than one or two tablets to your coffee, masalas for curries, or anything to enhance taste without compromising on your health..


With each passing day, there are tons of studies that have been emphasizing the ill-effects of sugar and its consumption. Thus, we have shortlisted 10 of the best stevia brands in India that can benefit you immensely and head your lifestyle towards a healthier tomorrow. Choose wisely amongst any of the 10 mentioned brands and get your health right on track!

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