Top 10 Socks Brands in India 2023

One fundamental piece of any outfit is the socks. Without a pair from the best socks brands in India, you won’t have the option to go anyplace as wearing your shoes without the socks can prompt a foul smell. Numerous individuals don’t care for long socks for women & men as they can be entirely awkward. The majority of individuals today lean toward purchasing lower leg socks. Before you begin paying special mind to the lower leg socks, guarantee that you buy cotton socks or socks that are made of cotton and polyester.

At the point when the glow in the climate chooses to set in, everything we can consider is getting a correct pair of socks for us. That is by all accounts not the only time we depend on them, however. They are a necessary piece of our everyday lives too. With regards to design decisions, socks are either the absolute first or absolute last apparel thing that rings a bell. A few appreciate wearing exceptional and designed socks that can make an exemplary suit stand apart from the group, while others wear plain socks to work or exercise center and appreciate the basic and practical plans.

With regards to caring for the feet, the socks hold a significant part in giving them the most extreme solace in a savvy way. There are different sock brands on the planet that accompany their remarkable highlights and solace levels. They add solace to your legs as well as give your shoes a one-of-a-kind style. Whatever the event, we have curated a rundown of the best socks brands in India that is easily available with just a click.

Best Socks Brands in India

The dressing is workmanship. Especially with regards to formal wear, flawlessness is of most extreme significance. Some clothing is unavoidable and makes wearing of the other clothing total. They leave a deficient inclination just as looks. One such thing is the socks we were on our legs. Wearing a shoe without the socks gives it an inadequate and disorderly look. Socks, as an extra, is commonly considered as an exhausting garment. Nevertheless, picking the right pair of socks for men & women should withstand a whole day of abuse just as work to shield your feet from smelling while at the same time indicating an unpretentious sensation of style.

Furthermore, sadly, not a ton of men give it a ton of consideration. In any case, as the nation’s style game is refining step by step, design lovers are presently discarding their old, exhausting socks for more idiosyncratic, whimsical, and ballistic sets. To help you in creating this buy, we have recorded probably the smash hit socks brands so you can pick the best for yourself. To summarize it we, therefore, give you a rundown of few brands that are really a stealer and have been known for their nature of serving users with a correct pair.

We have summed the reviews of a couple of incomprehensibly different arrangements of socks brands that can work for basically any occasion. Thus, in the event that you also are okay with going a little insane in the sock business, we have included prints, patterns, and quirky pieces. That as well, are within your budget. Let us view the 10 best socks brands in India in light of the fact that these brands are absolutely in style at this moment.

1. Adidas

Adidas is a popular sports brand and a donning design brand that has been offering its types of assistance over the world for more than 70 years. The Adidas logo is quite a conspicuous image, and it looks extraordinary on shoes, clothing, and socks. Locate the exemplary three stripes on your socks and feel the abrupt increase in certainty when participating in games or easygoing exercises. The most widely recognized pack size for their socks is the pack of 3, and it would generally have three distinct shadings. They are delicate and pad-like while you are grinding away. The socks for men & women both, are light in weight.

A large portion of the lower leg socks from Adidas are intended for both genders; notwithstanding, you can look at a portion of the committed tones as well. The brand offers you level weave lower leg socks, and this component upgrades the solace by a few degrees. In the event that you are searching for premium active apparel lower leg socks, at that point, Adidas can be one of the best socks brands in India. The styles of Adidas get very imaginative socks styles and sure they are the most ideal decision made ever.

Our top picks from Adidas:

2. Jockey

Jockey is a brand that offers top quality wearables. You can catch the best of socks from this brand. The brand adds design to the feet. Trust its solidarity of shadings and examples since it’s going to make your shoes look better with them. Jockey is an acclaimed brand for underwear and vest and we are certain that you would have attempted at any rate one article of clothing from the brand. On the off chance that you like the quality of Jockey, at that point picking the lower leg socks from this brand is a good choice.

There is plenty of choices accessible in Jockey, and the socks are made of 100% cotton. The cotton configuration improves the sponginess just as solace. Also, the socks for women from Jockey are exceptionally flexible, and they hold their flexibility. You can wash these socks in the washing machine easily. Apart from quality and comfort, the socks from jockey won’t hurt your pocket.

Our top picks from Jockey:

3. Nike

Nike is an American global partnership that is occupied with the turn of events and the creation of jackets, slippers, and tracksuits. The brand is motivation and assembles a more profound network with positive social change the world over. It’s an exceptionally settled brand on the grounds that their socks are made of unadulterated cotton and the texture is skin amicable. There is comfort and the brand additionally gives a wide reach that is profoundly practical and reasonable for all. Straightforwardness, strong, and useful plans are a portion of the qualities of Nike socks.

As an overall perceived sports brand, Nike can improve and give manageability through the two of its items and its statement of purpose. For the entirety of your recreational requirements, Nike socks will have you arranged, and you will stay on-pattern too. Perhaps one of the best socks brands in India, Nike makes lower leg length socks that are exceptionally agreeable to wear. For the sort of brand it is, the expense of its socks for women & men are profoundly practical and moderate.

Our top picks from Nike:

4. Peter England

Peter England is a British worldwide clothing and footwear retailer brand. The brand ensures that your feet are very much minded with a couple of delicate and comfortable socks for men. Regardless of whether you are searching for ordinary wear, plain ones for office, or a thick style, the brand offers all the plans in their assortment. Likewise, when you wish to make a reasonable buy, they have numerous alternatives in combos. You can select those too when you wish to have more at less cost.

These cotton rich socks are one among the best from Peter England, to oblige your outfit on all occasions. With ultimate comfort, these pair of socks can be easily washed even in machines. Apart from their comfortable cotton socks, Peter England offers a great collection of shirts, accessories, and winter wear.

Our top picks from Peter England:

5. Puma

Puma is one of the main sports brands in creating and promoting sandals, sweatshirts, sweaters, and clothing. The brand offers sport propelled way of life items. It gets quick plans in the game’s world. Puma socks are profoundly practical. Keep your feet dry by wearing this brand as they are made of cotton that keeps the skin at help throughout the day. Style your socks with easygoing or astounding shoes and you are good to go for the entire day. Let Puma speak to your style stories astutely.

One of the best socks brands in India, Puma obliges the need of both men and women and makes socks that fit in for all leg sizes. The material with which Puma brand socks are made is delicate and cordial to users’ skin. For the great brand it is, Puma brand socks are profoundly financially savvy. Intended to extend an energetic and easygoing allure, Puma’s most recent assortment of socks vows to shape exercises more chic. Appreciate the brand’s remarkable scope of stylish candy neons, bound capris, and large knapsacks.

Our top picks from Puma:

6. Levi’s

Levi’s is a standard plan brand outstanding for its quality and style. Levi’s socks join both present-day and praiseworthy plans. Much equivalent to Levi’s jeans, and wallets, their socks are moreover remarkable among other selling socks brands in the Indian market. They have both misrepresented and mainstream plans in their extent of socks. Levi’s socks prop up really long and come in different shadings joined with engaging plans like ankle length, full socks, low leg. It is one of the most known and renowned brands on the planet.

The socks are cotton made with comfortably cushioned ankle to keep your feet going throughout the day without sweat and any discomfort. Levi’s is an American brand set up by Levi Strauss in the year 1853 basically for gathering Jeans and developing itself as a ‘brand’. From the most punctual beginning stage when Levi’s started making and selling its things, paying little mind to weighty competition from its opponents who sold their things at lower costs, Levis didn’t settle down to cut down the quality and cost of their things.

Our top picks from Levi’s:

7. Soxytoes

On the off chance that too many tones on the double is your thing, try harder in a crazy pair from Soxytoes. Harvest your pants directly at the lower leg and parade the pair. These socks for men & women are produced using quality cotton fiber that is very agreeable on your skin and permits it to inhale openly. The socks are delicate to pad your feet well. These socks are well sewed and woven for long toughness. These have been hand-sewed circle to circle to give additional solace. The socks are weaved with fine terry circles for cushioning and simple air circulation.

Ordinarily, the heels and toe regions are where typical socks will mileage. In these socks, these territories are strengthened with twofold polyamide for strength. These socks will accommodate your feet serenely and cozily. Spandex which is a truly stretchable and strong material has been utilized in these socks to ensure they don’t lose shape without any problem. These are low profile socks. They look in vogue and are anything but difficult to slip on. The socks are intended to cover the forms of your feet. These socks are wonderful to keep your feet warm and shield them from cold.

They are delicate, structure fitting with low profile empowering you to effectively move around your home with no impediments. Redesign your basics in sudden tones, prints, and styles that are ideal for regular use. You can browse an assortment of vivid and lively examples with Soxytoes. This is one of the best socks brands in India if you want to pick something quirky and bold.

Our top picks from Soxytoes:

8. NavySport

Huge numbers of us search for solidness just as moderateness when we are purchasing socks. On the off chance that your contemplations resound with our own, you can look at the contributions from NavySport. It is extraordinary compared to other selling brands on the lookout. The versatility of the socks are exceptionally tough, and the socks from NavySport are made of brushed cotton. The toe and the heel are fortified. There is additional padding accessible in the heel zone. Since the socks are made of premium cotton, they are additionally spongy.

Each pair of NavySport socks is made from the most noteworthy evaluation brushed cotton sourced from the best of class turning plants in India. A tough elastane delivered from imported elastic is utilized to guarantee a solid hold and withstand ordinary mileage. The socks completed in an alluring arrangement of shadings. Moreover, it is prescribed to be avoided as extraordinary warmth, fire, and destructive fluids to dodge any type of harm. Experience comfort with these socks from NavySport. These socks will give you the certainty to be prepared consistently.

Our top picks from NavySport:

9. The Moja Club

Regardless of whether you like to wear them on shirts, jeans, or overcoats, intense examples are overwhelming the world. Socks aren’t resistant from the pattern fever, and all things considered, vivid socks add a special punch to any outfit, from dressy suits to easygoing pants. The intense and bright socks from The Moja Club are developed to look great and worked to last. The top-notch development gives these socks additional sturdiness and adaptability during wear. As far as you might be concerned, this implies a couple of socks extraordinary for all-day wear, regardless of what you’re doing.

Remaining on your feet working, on formal occasions, in any event, relaxing around the house, the socks are incredible for any event. The socks give you perpetual solace and fit perfectly. Fortunately, the socks for men & women have the most agreeable quality. Produced using extravagance brushed cotton, these socks are overly delicate and lightweight, permitting your feet to inhale and remain cool during arduous movement. The dainty flexible edging around the opening guarantees the sock lays level against your feet and keeps them from sliding down. Keep your socks putting their best self forward for quite a long time to come.

The Moja Club socks can be washed by machine or by hand. The Moja Club can be one of the best socks brands in India for printed and patterned socks and for all the Corona, Carlsberg, and Bira, fans in the house, to put on lager mugs on a couple of socks.

Our top picks from The Moja Club:

10. Dynamocks

For the perfect skin feel with wonderful stretch and Dynamocks has their savvy collection of socks. With the ideal sprinkle of shading and plan the Dynamocks way, these are the best socks for your office, or when you need a touch more work of art and a wise look. Is it accurate to say that you are that vagabond individual if you are spotted wearing the socks from Dynamocks. The person who fantasizes about venturing to the far corners of the planet and on the off chance that indeed, at that point this is the pair for you.

A world guide, these socks have hints of a wayfarer on it. They are excessively simple to combine with your formals, casuals and to take away at any setting. All the socks are made with accuracy and are painstakingly made so you get an excellent item and appreciate wearing it. They are made out of comfortable and very breathable texture that cozily accommodates your feet. Make balance by blending with light-toned footwear or stick to dim hued footwear for visual equilibrium. The no-slip cuff offers prevalent hold throughout the day.

These socks are reinforced to give you toughness without the additional mass with seamless toe conclusion that keeps your feet from any bacterial accommodation. The Dynamocks socks are designed to accommodate your feet easily the entire day. The socks are meant for both genders and are ideal for a wide range of shoes and your generally trendy and promising regular go-to socks.

Our top picks from Dynamocks:


Socks for men & women are not a necessity just for winters, but also for an activewear set just when you step out of your homes. In many a cases, wearing good quality socks just at home, care for your damaged and weared-off feet without any extra medication. So, to choose from the best socks brands in India should be a well-researched decision. We hope that this rundown shall be detrimental in your purchase decision. Till then, Happy Shopping!


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