Top 10 Skateboard Brands in India 2023

In this furious and dreary timetable, it is trying for us to discover a movement that would fill in as a reason for amusement and would help us de-stress ourselves. Adhering to a fixed action or exercise system is exceptionally troublesome, and we regularly need inspiration. Accordingly, picking a movement like skating is fun when you have the best skateboard brands in India under your feet.

Skateboard is a kind of athletic gear utilized basically for the action of skating. The most well-known thing is the deck for the size which relates somewhere in the range of 7 and 8. At the outset, the grown-up will search for a full-size board, or marginally more extensive than that. These skateboards are accessible in various shapes and sizes these days, which is an alleviation for all skaters.

Best Skateboard Brands in India

Picking the correct material for the board, matters a great deal, as it chooses the solidness of the item. Subsequently, without burning through much time, we would straightforwardly dive into the rundown of the 10 best skateboard in India that are accessible on the lookout.

1. Strauss

Strauss encourages you to build up a comprehensive methodology toward a sound, adjusted psyche, and body. Strauss focuses on the fact that wellness is an energy and certainty manufacturer. Communicating energy through wellness is an incredible method to feel invigorated and occupied with the world. Strauss is undeniably one of the best skateboard brands in India.

Strauss presents to you quality skateboards. The Strauss Skateboards offers quality parts matched for certain extraordinary quality eye-getting illustrations. No normal item, fitted with best inline carbon metal rollers for a smooth and continuous skating. On the off chance that you are a tenderfoot and contemplating buying a skateboard, at that point you can’t turn out badly with these tough skateboards.

The 31 inches in length and the wide deck is covered with upscale designs, a firm wooden base to give a protected balance, and 5 inches wide trucks which are made of strong steel. These are equitably weighted skateboards which makes skating a great movement and gives you a smooth ride. This skateboard accompanies a masterful realism that gives it a novel and sharp look.

Our top picks from Strauss:

2. Oxelo

On the off chance that you are hoping to attempt a few stunts in coasting through skating, at that point this brand is particularly for you. It is intended for tenderfoot skaters which accompanies premium highlights and generally speaking great nature of the board. As quality is better than others, the cost of this skateboard is somewhat higher when contrasted with others.

It is outstanding amongst other best skateboard brands in India. It comes in extremely engaging designs, aluminum trucks, 85A PU bushing, and some more. This brand’s skateboard accompanies a 2-year guarantee. Extraordinarily made for youthful skaters for attempting some cool stunts. This Oxelo is an in-house brand of Decathlon and fabricates the best quality skateboards.

The ABEC 5 course with 54 mm width and wheels/truck elastic made of polyurethane (92A) hardness will make the skateboard solid and tough for smooth and successful riding. The 7-employ wooden paste overlay board with about half Canadian maple aluminum trucks will give brilliant strength and upgrade its life span. The most extreme burden-bearing limit of this board is 90 – 100 kg. ideal to use for individuals with transitional age gathering of 7 – 18 years.

Our top picks from Oxelo:

3. Nivia

Nivia skateboards are known for their dependable quality and lightweight. They are agreeable for pro and for a beginner as well. Nivia skateboards are a decent blend of valuable highlights with an upscale appearance. They are one of the main brands in athletic gear in India. Their item will never baffle you as far as quality. The wheel of their skateboards is made with polyurethane, which is reasonable for better skating.

These skateboards come in beat up color. It has excellent metal rollers for a smooth ride. Its wood development, ideal size, shape, and configuration will make it a standout amongst other skateboard brands around. The counter slipping layer will assist with holding the feet appropriately. The sturdy wheel, rapid bearing, screw, and nut will make it solid and tough.

The aesthetic and notorious designs on the skateboard will establish a decent connection while you ride on it. The deck is lightweight and smooth that permits you to ride on effectively and its special and smart skate deck configuration will give a decent vibe under the feet. It is a flexible customary road board that is able for tenderfoots for learning and rehearsing the skating. It gives legitimate equilibrium on any smooth surfaces like wood, tiles, marble flooring, and so on.

Nivia Snake/Wave Board (31x8 inch, Red Black)
33 Reviews
Nivia Snake/Wave Board (31x8 inch, Red Black)
  • Size: 31" X 8"
  • Flash durable PU Wheel 80*24
  • ABEC-5 carbon steel  bearing
  • Alu chassis
  • Accessory: 3 allan spanners, 3 roadblocks

4. Jaspo

Jaspo skateboards are the extremely minimized road board that comes in dynamic shading plans and 70’s retro styling that makes these skateboards an incredible blend of fun and exercise. They are very much worked to give a protected, agreeable and appropriate riding for any degree of riders. It is convenient and permits you to captivate everyone without any problem.

These skateboards are made with polypropylene material and come in completely amassed in which you can essentially open the case and use it straightforwardly. The ideal size with sharp turns and little surface zone, it let you get around the spot and never disrupts the general flow and fits appropriately in your backpacks.

The most extreme burden capacity of these skateboards is 60 kgs. The overly delicate bushings (85A), 22X6 inch new pp deck, ABEC – 7 rapid headings, high pliable jolts, high bounce back PU wheels (60X45) with hostile to slide surface will make it solid and sturdy. Jaspo is an Indian brand that manages in-sport items. They are outstanding amongst other best skateboard brands in India. The skateboards from Jaspo are light in weight and made with fiber decks for expanded solidness.

Our top picks from Jaspo:

5. Iris

Iris skateboards accompany various sorts of shadings and HD printed designs that look appealing and urge the client to work on skating. It has a solid base plate with suspension stunners that give wellbeing and security to the skater while skating and furthermore upgrade its long life. It comes in size a medium size deck with the most extreme weight-bearing limit of 85 kg.

The durable deck is built with non-bendable and strong polypropylene that endures longer and it adds security and solace to the riding experience. The bright light-up wheels will appeal to one’s consideration and look marvelous. The LED lights come in various tones. The 4 casters are comprised of safe PU for enduring use.

The huge and delicate rapid metal rollers will uphold the skateboard and make it move easily on various road surfaces. Despite the fact that there is no requirement for batteries except for the rubbing sparkles in the move. The boards come in completely prepared to ride and ideal to use for both beginners and pros.

Our top picks from Iris:

6. Klapp

The Klapp skateboards are ideal to use for youngsters, who need to master skating. The PVC wheels with a delicate metal roller of the skateboard will permit the user to have a protected, agreeable, and secure riding on any road surfaces. The greatest weight-bearing limit of this skateboard is 110 kg and made with a fiber material that gives a consistent base to its dependable execution.

It accompanies a medium size of the board. The slip safe sunken deck will assist you with adjusting the board and move serenely absent a lot of exertion. The brand is one of the best skateboard brands in India for amateurs and furthermore accessible in numerous tones. They accompany appealing and vivid 3D designs on the board.

Klapp Skateboard, Colour May be Vary (Small)
920 Reviews
Klapp Skateboard, Colour May be Vary (Small)
  • Available in multiple colour
  • Attarctive & Colorfu 3D Graphics On The Board
  • Excellent & Smooth finish
  • High quality ball-bearings for a smooth ride
  • Ideal For Unisex

7. Razor

The Razor skateboards are ideal for riders with a smaller position or who need to accomplish more deceives due to their more limited wheelbase. It highlights slanted 360-degree caster trucks, a rotating deck, and 66mm high-grade urethane wheels with ABEC-5 course. The compact skateboards are a modified version of the regular skateboards, with a shorter wheelbase ideal for riders with a narrower stance.

Inclined caster trucks and pivoting deck provide a snowboard-like carving ability. The boards are lightweight and the unique design allows acceleration and turning without pushing. The concave deck is for increased foot control making this one of the best skateboard brands in India. Its turning deck pushes the rider ahead effectively.

The skateboard has been made with the most extraordinary precision and attempted by bunch Razor themselves prior to releasing the thing on the lookout. The suspension bars are flexibly padded, offering that extra security, and making the wave board basically rugged.

Our top picks from Razor:

8. Prokick

Prokick sports is an Indian E-trade organization with a broad scope of athletic equipment and a one-stop answer for all your games require. They are one of the main brands for athletic gear. They have a wide scope of skateboards in an entirely reasonable reach with great quality. They esteem their client with 100% veritable parts utilized in skateboards.

The skateboards from Prokick are absolutely stylish and amazing. These accompany an anti-slip plan and stun resistance. The Cruiser skateboard offers quality segments matched for certain incredible quality eye-getting illustrations. No normal item, fitted with best inline carbon metal rollers for a smooth and continuous skating.

Effectively you can easily store them in a school bag and carry them along easily. The trendy four-wheeled skateboards are shock resistant and enhanced with a PP deck. The unadulterated tone on the surface is extraordinary and alluring.

Our top picks from Prokick:

9. Swagtron

The 24 volts Li-Fe battery is sufficient to continue for 10 hours on a solitary charge. Swagtron’s intention is to improve all that which is about versatility. With a wide scope of skateboards, they anticipate making each involvement in our items a good time for every one of our customers. The electric skateboard is comprised of maple wood and premium hold tape. The 7-employ maple wood makes it strong but adaptable and the holding tape assists with keeping feet firm and adjusted.

It expands security by allowing you to screen its state. The remote LED controller is an advantage, it encourages you to control increasing speed and halting. It helps in journey control and shows battery status. The wheels are made of polyurethane material. It is planned in such a manner that it assimilates stun and gives a smooth ride. Clearly, one of the best skateboard brands in India when it comes to electric skateboards.

Swagtron 66242-2 Swag Board NG-1 Motorized Electric Skateboard (Black)
42 Reviews
Swagtron 66242-2 Swag Board NG-1 Motorized Electric Skateboard (Black)
  • Upgraded board - the swagboard's upgraded board features more advanced hardware and is the most durable swagboard yet
  • Battery management system - the swagboard contains an advanced battery management system for greater energy efficiency
  • 24v li-on fe battery - allows the boosted board to go up to 11 mph and up to 10 miles on a single charge
  • Wireless led remote - controls speed, braking, and cruise control and shows speed and battery status
  • Maple wood deck and premium grip tape - allows riders to have more traction while riding this motorized skateboard

10. Euphoric

The Euphoric skateboard is with 360 degree turning lights, a component that saves you while riding in haziness. Much equivalent to Nivia and Straus, this skateboard has creative delineations on its board which make it engaging. It can endure up to 80kgs weight. Euphoric has a back twofold break plan that monitors you from incidents.

The counter slip indented stage gives better improvement responses while doing stunts. The skateboard is made of the first-class polymer, making it a lightweight thing. In like manner, Euphoric has an uncommon steel suspension bar structure that licenses you to ploy through the impediments without any problem. Moreover, the ABS board makes the skateboard a suffering thing that can be benefitted at a more affordable rate.

That is the idea of ABS material. The wheels of Euphoric skateboard are made of Polyurethane, the best and generally sought after material for skating wheels, as it gives the wheels a fair hold. It moreover has trucks made of no-nonsense metal, another inspiration driving why we state Euphoric skateboard is a solid thing and clearly considering the brand one of the best Indian skateboard brands.

EUPHORIC INC (100% satisfation for product) Waveboard with 360 Degree Rotating Lights on Wheels and Anti Slip Concave Platform for Adults and Kids - Multicolour
  • â›· Great exercise and fun for all ages * Single frame, Torsion bar, PU wheel with Glowing LED Light
  • â›· Inclined 360 degree rotating castor trucks made from heavy duty metal.
  • â›· Sturdy material allows maxi weight at 80 kg. It's suitable for kids older than 6 years old. Great toy to improve the balance, endurance and flexibility of children and adults.
  • â›· Features high-quality ABS board material for higher resistance over long-time use.
  • â›· Polymer plastic with unique steel torsion bar design allows acceleration and turning without pushing with its twisting motion


Skating is a functioning game that has various medical advantages and keeps you fit and fine. Skating consumes calories and is an incredible lower body practice that chips away at your calves, glutes, and thigh muscles, just as keeps your heart sound. It likewise positively affects your emotional wellness and lifts your state of mind. It lowly affects your joints and in this manner forestalls joint and muscle torment. Choose wisely adn use the best!

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