Best Sites to Visit in Dar Es Salaam For An Adventurous Vacation

Tanzania is mostly visited by tourists who want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or visit the island of Zanzibar, both of which are seldom included in their itineraries. However, people are unaware of what they are missing because Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest metropolis. The city is known for its seafood as well as its music.

The city is also known as the “City of Peace”, and when you visit this city, be sure to visit and explore the following places. Many visitors visiting Tanzania miss the main city entirely because of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Northern Circuit of African Wildlife, and the island of Zanzibar. Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s main metropolis and commercial center, as well as one of the busiest ports in East Africa.

Dar es Salaam means “shelter of calm” in the native Arabic language, which was more suitable for the city’s previous position as a quiet fishing hamlet than the current bustling metropolis of over 3 million people.  With so much to offer to the tourists, you should visit here for once. So, without any doubt, book air mauritius reservations online and save up to 45% off on every flight. Pack your bags, make your checklist and explore some of the best Tanzania tourist attractions,

National Museum and House of Culture

Initially opened in 1940 as a memorial to King George V, this National Museum and Home of Culture offers its visitors a tour through Tanzania’s astonishing past. The museum displays important fossils of ancient human ancestors that were discovered in Olduvai Gorge by Dr. It was discovered from the excavations of Leakey. Visitors can learn about the tribal heritage as well as the impact of the slave trade and the colonial period of this country.

Kariakoo Market

One of Dar es Salaam’s busiest and most fascinating markets is the local Kariyaku market. This is the place to go if you’re looking for the best deals in town or want to see the genuine Tanzanian retail scene. If you’re out shopping, make sure you haggle for the best deal.

Old Boma

Old Boma is the oldest permanent building in Dar es Salaam, having been constructed between 1866 and 1867 by Majid bin Said, the former Sultan of Zanzibar. It was built to house the Sultan’s guests, whose palace was located nearby. Wood carved from Zanzibar and coral walls are two of the interior’s standout elements.

Azania Lutheran Church

The Azania Lutheran Church, built by German missionaries in Tanzania, stands in front of Dar es Salaam’s port and is an iconic structure. The cathedral is centrally located and gives easy access to the city’s major tourist attractions. As soon as you enter the church, someone will most likely approach you and begin leading you without your asking. If that’s okay with you, just let me show you around, and they may ask for money from you at the end.

Cocoa Beach on the Weekends

Cocoa Beach, also known as Oyster Bay, is a stretch of beach located on the Massani Peninsula in Dar es Salaam. Oyster Bay is another name for the beach. If you enjoy parties, you may attend one of the many beach parties that are held here on a regular basis. You might even be able to see live music on the beach if you’re lucky. Cocoa Beach is one of the best places to go if you want to enjoy the nightlife, as there are several nightclubs in the area.

Bongoyo Island

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Dar es Salaam is to swim in the beautiful warm tropical Indian Ocean – but not just in Dar es Salaam itself – there are few places that don’t get much better (and cleaner). Bongoyo Island is a tiny island off the coast of Dar that is perfect for a day of beach relaxing, snorkeling, and eating fresh fried fish and chips.


I would define Dar es Salaam’s South Beach region as solitude, calm, and quiet. You may stay in one of the numerous hotels or rent your own private thatched hut for the day. The rhythmic lapping of the waves and the whispering palm palms in the air make a day at South Beach in Dar es Salaam one of the most relaxing things to do in Dar es Salaam.

Tingatinga Art Center

Tanzania has a long history of being known for its art throughout Africa (even on the streets of Dar). One of my favorite styles of Tanzanian art is the contemporary Tingatinga movement. The style is marked by highly brilliant oil colors and comical creative characters, and it originated with Edward Said Tingatinga. The Tingatinga Center is a kaleidoscope of color and creativity. You are free to look around and purchase everything you see.


This location has a lot of mementos to take home with you. Visit the workshops besides the booths if you’re interested in craftsmanship. Many sculptures may be found here. The monument is said to be located in the heart of Dar es Salaam. Book a trip and make a Tanzania tour package with Airlines Map to explore these thrilling places for adventure.


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