10 Best Rice Cookers in India 2024: Perfect Rice, Everytime!

Rice is the staple food at almost every corner in the country. The main distinction is that a few segments of society expend more than others. Electric Rice cookers have for quite some time been one of the apparatuses that family units wouldn’t miss on having. It just adds comfort to each home. In any case, it is anything but a mystery that picking among the best rice cookers in India to purchase, is no accommodation, the inverse. You have to explore all the accessible audits on the web and peruse through 100s of rice cooker models in the market and read on all the data that would get you out. We are here to simply disentangle that cycle.

A few people prepare rice at home, utilizing their pressure cookers too. Let us note the glaring contrasts between a pressure cooker and a rice cooker. A pressure cooker is an adaptable machine that empowers you to prepare different food things other than solely preparing rice. Naturally, the rice cooker is an expert at this function. There are odds of your favorite Basmati Rice overheating or getting burnt in a pressure cooker since it doesn’t turn off naturally. The pressure cooker relies upon the accessibility of water inside the apparatus.

On the off chance that the water evaporates, and you overlook to turn off the oven, the rice can consume that extra bit of pressure. A rice cooker is a programmed apparatus that automatically controls the over-cooking of rice. A few of them resort to the warming mode to keep the rice hot, instead. The pressure cooker, on the other hand, needs a gas or a induction stove to work while the rice cooker is a complete electrical kitchen apparatus.

We have recorded the 10 best rice cookers in India in the initial segment. In the subsequent part, we have summed up all the valuable data and surveys you’ll require. We guarantee you that in the wake of perusing this full article you’ll be in a decent situation to pick the rice cooker that best matches your requirements.

Different types of Rice Cookers in India

Electric Rice Cookers in India have evolved. They add more value to the table, other than its ability to only cook rice. Let’s look into the variations available in the market and decide on the type that will suit you best.

Keep warm cookers

Not every person has their food legitimately from the cooker. Such individuals may require cookers that lessen the warmth when the cooking is finished and keep the rice warm for a particular period.

On/Off Cookers

As the name recommends, these rice cookers switch off the second the cooking is finished. There is no light to demonstrate the on or off position. Rather, you have a flip switch that changes position contingent upon the phases of cooking.

Electronic Cookers & Keep warm Cookers

Such cookers are more costly than the normal ones available widely across India. These rice cookers contain a sensor that empowers the food to stay warm for a limit of 12 hours. Enormous families or individuals who expend more rice can pick this rice cooker.

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Top 10 Rice Cookers in India for 2021

1. Panasonic 1.8 Liter Rice Cooker Combo

Panasonic SR-W18GH Automatic Warmer Cooker Combo Pack (4.4 Liters, Gold)
1,167 Reviews
Panasonic SR-W18GH Automatic Warmer Cooker Combo Pack (4.4 Liters, Gold)
  • Comes with 2 dish separator pan, steaming basket and idli stand
  • Automatic cooking
  • 5hrs keep warm function
  • Anodized aluminium pan
  • Raw capacity - 1.8 L, Total Volume-4.4 Litre

The Panasonic SR-WA18GH rice cooker is solid and guarantees durable usefulness. This white Panasonic rice cooker, made out of plastic, is an extraordinary blend of looks and utility. Structured with Japanese innovation, this cooker holds the nutritive estimation of food and expends 660W of intensity, hence ending up being vitality effective.

Appreciate setting up an assortment of rice dishes like biryani and pulao for your family instantly utilizing this rice cooker. Flexible and Convenient-to-Use This Panasonic Combo rice cooker can be utilized to cook different nourishments like steamed fish, vegetables, and momos. It is outfitted with a Convenient Bridge Handle, an in-built regulator, letting you effectively control the temperature of the rice cooker as indicated by your cooking inclination.

You can utilize less oil while cooking in this Panasonic 660w rice cooker, making it a sound cooking alternative for your family. The upper compartments of the cooker are straightforward, guaranteeing acceptable permeability while the food is being cooked. The Panasonic 1.8 liter rice cooker likewise keeps your food warm for a considerable length of time after it has been readied – making this a prominent mention in our list of the best rice cookers in India. In addition, you can undoubtedly perfect and keep up this electric rice cooker.

2. Prestige 1.5 Liter Delight Electric Rice Cooker

The Prestige rice cooker is a keen one as it permits you to set up an assortment of rice dishes including porridges and stews. Steaming idlis is likewise simple. The 1.5-liter limit guarantees that you can get ready satisfactory rice for the whole family. You have various controls for cooking and warming as the apparatus changes to the ‘Keep Warm’ mode in the wake of cooking. The extra cooking container is stackable whereby it permits uniform conveyance of rice. The firmly fit cover forestalls the departure of warmth.

Preparing your food in this appliance, regarded as one of the best rice cookers in India, in its disguised vessel under high temperature does the stunt in guaranteeing that no flavors, nutrients, and supplements are lost in the cooking cycle.

Assuming warm, sodden, and flavorful rice is the thing that you love with your suppers, at that point you are going to adore the Prestige Delight rice cooker. It accompanies an excellent Close Fit Stainless Steel Lid which guarantees that the kinds of your food are held inside the cooking vessel. It additionally has Cool Touch Handles which makes it simple to haul around.

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker

Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker with Single pot, 1 litres. (White) | Toughened Glass Lid | 400 Watts | Aluminium Cooking Pot | Measuring Cup| Spatula | Energy Efficient Cooking
1,960 Reviews
Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker with Single pot, 1 litres. (White) | Toughened Glass Lid | 400 Watts | Aluminium Cooking Pot | Measuring Cup| Spatula | Energy Efficient Cooking
  • Strong and sturdy product. Power Requirement:220
  • Suitable for 3 to 4 persons
  • Stainless steel cool touch handle
  • Keeps warm up to 5 Hours. Warm and cook indicator
  • Preserves nutrients with it's slow cooking process

This is a solid brand and you don’t need to stress over the nature of unwavering quality. The rice cooker has a general limit of 1 liter and it adequate for a little family. Aside from the subtleties recorded over, this rice cooker accompanies a treated steel top and handles that stay cool even subsequent to cooking the rice.

In the bundle, you get a spatula just as an estimating cup also. The guarantee offered here is 1 year which is sufficient to cover and shield you from assembling surrenders too.

Pigeon Electric Rice Cooker is intended to give you complete adaptability and solace in preparing your food. We have an energizing scope of electric rice cookers that cooks your whole menu and customary outfitted with cool-touch handles, tempered steel top, aluminum pots, and steam vents to cook your preferred rice dishes and with the ” Auto-off ” include your food will be warm for 4 – 5 hours.

4. Bajaj 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

Bajaj RCX 1.8 DLX Rice Cooker, 1.8 Litre , White
6,578 Reviews
Bajaj RCX 1.8 DLX Rice Cooker, 1.8 Litre , White
  • 1.8-Litre capacity; 1Kg raw rice cooking capacity
  • The Cooking Bowl is Aluminum with anodized finish
  • Automatic cooking. Keep Warm : No
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 700 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts

Need to stay away from the problem of cooking rice in a cooker? At that point, purchase this Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Liter Rice Cooker, regarded as one of the best rice cookers in India, available at online marketplaces. With this machine, you should simply put the perfect measure of rice and water, and it will deal with the rest. That basic. It accompanies a tempered steel top bearing steam vents. Other than the astounding use of the item, the trendy outside makes it only adequate.

Utilizing the Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Liter Rice Cooker can assist you with sparing time, saving up on cooking gas, and having ample kitchen space for other items & appliances. It lets you plan rice effectively for a little serving, without investing a lot of energy. So you can relish your taste buds with dazzlingly prepared suppers consistently. This rice cooker guarantees a sensibly huge limit of 1.8 liters. It is planned with a separable force rope framework that permits you to eliminate the force line when it isn’t being used or in the event that you wish to put the cooker on the feasting table.

The Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Liter Rice Cooker is completely sheltered and marked ‘safe’ to use at home without any hazardous warnings. Since it requires extremely less force, utilizing this apparatus doesn’t influence your power bills. Its durable handles on either side make it simple to haul this rice cooker around. This non-leave cooker with auto shut off guarantees your rice doesn’t get overcooked. It has a cooking marker that makes it simple to modify settings. When you become accustomed to cooking with this stylish cooker, you needn’t bother with such an ideal opportunity to prepare delectable suppers.

5. KENT 5-Liter Electric Rice Cooker

KENT 16014 5L Rice Cooker, Grey, White
  • Kent Electric Rice Cooker comes with a one touch operation that helps you prepare your favourite dishes with ease
  • The 'keep warm' function of Kent Electric Rice Cooker helps you keep food warm for a longer duration of time. It also eliminates the hassle of reheating food before eating.
  • The innovative device not only makes cooking hassle-free but is also easy to clean and store making it the ultimate kitchen appliance
  • Capacity: 5 liters
  • 1 Year Warranty

With the KENT Electric Rice Cooker 5-Liter, cook flawless rice, steamed vegetables, and soups with the assistance of KENT Electric Rice Cooker, an inventive apparatus that makes cooking simple and helpful. One-Touch Automatic Cooking KENT Electric Rice Cooker accompanies a one-contact activity that encourages you to set up your preferred dishes easily.

The ‘keep warm’ capacity of KENT Electric Rice Cooker encourages you to keep food warm for a more drawn out span of time. It additionally wipes out the problem of warming food before eating. The inventive gadget makes cooking bother free as well as simple to clean and store making it a definitive kitchen machine.

A solid competitor in the rundown of the best rice cookers in India, this apparatus from KENT, has an inventive cook and serves plan. The hold handle makes it simple to convey the gadget anyplace you need it. High Caliber and Non-stick Cooking Pot – it accompanies a high caliber and non-stick aluminum internal pot the uniformly disseminates warmth to prepare delectable food without fail.

6. Havells Xpress Cook 1.8 Liter Rice Cooker

Havells GHCRCCZK070 1.8 liter Rice Cooker, Black
  • Wattage: 700 Watts | Capacity: 1.8 L
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Warranty: 2 Year Product Warranty And 5 Year Heating Element Warranty
  • Included Components: 1 Piece

The 6th inclusion in our list of the best Rice Cookers in India is this gem from Havells, which accompanies a heap of usefulness. The ‘Keep-warm’ work is exceptionally planned that keeps rice warm and cushioned for a more drawn out length. It flaunts a glass-top, straightforward hardened glass for simple checking while the cooker is operational.

It houses a 1-mm thick inward bowl body that is made of intense Stainless steel with an extra 1-mm thicker internal bowl which guarantees in any event, cooking of rice. The water level pointer permits the clients to see the water-to-rice proportion and remain guaranteed that your rice will be cooked flawlessly.

7. Preethi 1.8-Litre Double Pan Rice Cooker

Preethi RC 320 A18 1800 ml Double Pan Rice Cooker, White, 1.8 Liters
408 Reviews
Preethi RC 320 A18 1800 ml Double Pan Rice Cooker, White, 1.8 Liters
  • Fast, Easy And Healthy Cooking
  • Overlapped Heating Coil
  • All Round Protection
  • Auto Warmers.Capacity: 2.2 Litre.Warranty: 1 Year On Product And 3 Years Warranty For Heating Coil.Power: 1600 Watts, Operating Voltage: 230 Volts.Includes: Rice Cooker
  • Electro Static Painting Technology Gives Us Anti Rust Coating And Makes The Rice Cooker Look New Even After Years Of Operation

Preethi Rice Cookers can cook wide scope of Foods beginning from Palav, Biryani, Halwa, and Payasam to Gravies like Sambhar, Rasam, and so on. It guarantees steady cooking execution prompting the fantastic nature of food saving all the fundamental supplements making your food scrumptious and sound.

Cast Heater’s lead patching focuses are secured with an artistic seal and RTV 80 silicon stick Hence there is no liquefying of leads, rusting or dampness arrangement, and making more secure for quite a long time of activity.

It is an overly quick, simple, and helpful resort to a solid cooking practice. It is sponsored by basic highlights like Thermostat cut off, Double security, and houses an Overlapped warming loop and an Anodized aluminum skillet.

8. Borosil 2.8-Litre Rice Cooker

Borosil Pronto Deluxe 2.8L Rice Cooker, White
  • Keep Warm Function
  • Cook and Keep Warm Function
  • Cooking plate , measuring cup and Serving spatula included
  • Automatic thermal cut off for over heat protection
  • Easy to clean, Inner pot with non stick coating

You request the best for yourself, so the broadly cherished brand in India, Borosil, have thought of the ideal choice for you. Acclaimed for high caliber and execution, this brand empties its experience into making perfectly planned kitchen apparatuses. Exceptionally planned to remember your requirements, the Electric Cooker from Borosil, makes whatever you’re doing easier, more brilliant, and better.

It has a ‘Keep-Warm’ Function, a ‘Cook and Keep-Warm Function’, and is upheld by a 2.8Liter limit and a strong Stainless Steel body. The crate accompanies a cooking plate, estimating cup, and serving spatula. It is likewise a non-leave covered machine with a programmed warm cut-off for over-warming and over-cooking.

9. Brayden Rizo Electric Rice Cooker

Brayden Rizo 500 Watts Electric Rice Cooker (Crimson Red, 1.5 Litre)
862 Reviews
Brayden Rizo 500 Watts Electric Rice Cooker (Crimson Red, 1.5 Litre)
  • FLICK TO COOK : Brayden Rizo electric rice cooker can cook Fluffy tender rice can be cooked in just the flick of a switch. Keep warm is a bounty.
  • BIG FAMILY IS FUN : Jumbo cooking bowl suit perfect for a big family. Rizo electric cooker comes with Durable Anodised Aluminium Pan to Cook & Keep Warm your favourite food.
  • AUTOMATIC COOKING : Here is an advantage of Busy bee's out there! Auto shut off feature, cuts the power once soft puffy rice is ready saving it from over cooking.
  • STICK NO MORE : Move over sticky bowl. Anodised aluminium coated pan is resilient & can withstand years of continued heat which proves to be the best electric cooker.
  • SAFETY : The cook button works only when the inner cooking pot with sufficient quantity of content is placed inside the cooker

Fun soul in you merits the peculiar remainder in what you own in your new-age home. Move over dark and dark. Be brave. Get stylish. Brayden – Young, Imaginative, and Contemporary range is conceived out of enthusiasm to challenge the norm. Energizing will be the excursion when the cutting edge you and the cool Brayden bonds together. We should toss the weariness and proceed onward being out of control.

Cushioned delicate rice can be cooked simply by the flick of a switch. Keep warm is an abundance. Industrious workers like you need a programmed cooker. Auto shut off highlights cuts the force once delicate puffy rice is prepared. A bigger 1.5-liter cooking bowl improves cooking with 500W force. Strong Anodised Aluminum Pan to Cook and Keep Warm of Oatmeal, soups, stew, quinoa, pasta, and even steamed veggies.

White, Brown, Yellow, Short, or Long grain rice is a simple arrangement. Make even oats, Soups, Stew, Quinoa, Pasta-food that you’ll adore in this magnificent appliance that finds its way into our list of the best rice cookers in India.

10. SOWBAGHYA Annam Plus 1.8 L Rice Cooker

SOWBAGHYA 1.8L Rice Cooker with Inner Pot, White | Digital Rice Cooker | with Steam & Rinse Basket | Stainless Steel | One-touch Operation and Keep Warm Function
147 Reviews
SOWBAGHYA 1.8L Rice Cooker with Inner Pot, White | Digital Rice Cooker | with Steam & Rinse Basket | Stainless Steel | One-touch Operation and Keep Warm Function
  • Convenient cool touch handles make it easy to carry the coker.Comes with high quality stainless steel lid. The lid is provided with a steam vent to allow the steam to escape.
  • The control switch lever helps in automatic cooking i.e., after the rice is cooked. It automatically shifts to "keep warm" mode. It also housed 2 indicators - Cook and warm.
  • Easycook Rice Cooker comes with an auto cut-off function that turns off the cooker after a certain time of inactivity thereby ensuring the user's safety.
  • Transparent toughened glass lid, easy pour cool touch handle,Non-slippery sturdy feet suit your needs and saves space for your kitchen.
  • Stainless steel lid with Steam vent - Close fit lid prevents lathering and overflowing of rice,long power cord to assist in easy manoeuvring.

The Sowbaghya Annam Plus Electric Rice Cooker helps you in planning nutritious and delectable dinners inside a shorter range of time when contrasted with the customary gas ovens which expect you to go through hours together in cooking.

Sowbaghya Presenting an energizing scope of electric rice cookers that cook rice as well as a whole menu. Cook porridge, soup, stew, pulao, idlis, bubble vegetables in an advantageous and bother freeway. The Cool touch handles of this cooker offer comfort of taking care of the vessel easily while cooking. The electric cooker accompanies an Anodized Aluminum cooking container and can be utilized for cooking rice and other cooking purposes.

This white rice cooker lets you complete your other significant errands, while the rice is being cooked, without agonizing over the rice getting overcooked. It includes a lightweight anodized aluminum cooking compartment that is chip-safe and strong. Sowbaghya Annam Plus Electric Rice Cooker has a tough twofold divider solid body that shields the cooker from gouges and harms in this way improving the life of the cooker.


Some models of rice cookers are not exceptionally compelling with regards to cooking brown rice. But, our picks as the best rice cookers in India make certain to stun you. They are anything but difficult to use when contrasted with some microwaves also. There are no odds of spillage of excess water or flooding of the cooked rice in these wonderful machines. These rice cookers cook rice consummately without overcooking or half-cooking it.

So, go ahead and bring home a life-saver! Happy Rice, Happy Life!

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