10 Best Pressure Cookers in India 2024: The Perfect Kitchen Partner

The most widely recognized apparatus you find in each Indian Kitchen is the Pressure cooker. What makes the pressure cooker such a searched after thing in the home? Pressure cookers are a significant aspect of any Indian family unit. It’s frequently enjoyed a staple in the kitchen and each home will in general have it. It’s everything down to the multi-ease of use and the wealth of highlights that the pressure cooker gives. Truly simple to use for and such great outcomes, who wouldn’t discover a pressure cooker deserving of notice. We have backed out your desolation in this issue by choosing the best pressure cooker in India that will serve your kitchen for 8-10 years.

A pressure cooker will in general cook quite quickly and productively and that is the thing that works for it. It’s an incredible eco-friendly piece when contrasted with the other cooking utensils. The pressure cooker comes in various hill and types, making it ideal to cook lentils, basmati rice, or even veggies. There are your aluminum ones, which have stood the trial of time, at that point, there are treated steel types and the cutting edge hard anodized pressure cookers which are making raves nowadays.

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Top 10 Pressure Cookers in India

Globally-acclaimed ones to Indian-origin brands, build-quality to hazard-free functionality – how would all these pointers sum up to present you the best Pressure cooker in India? Let’s get to the list to find out!

1. Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker

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Hawkins is an Indian Company, situated in Mumbai and makes pressure cookers and cookware. They market their items with the brand names varying by the likes of Hawkins, Contura, Hevibase, Big Boy, Futura, and Ventura. In the event that you are searching for a pressure cooker that utilizes less water to set up your supper, by safeguarding the nutritious estimation of the food then Hawkins Futura’s hard-anodized aluminum cooker is the among the best Pressure Cooker in India that you can find.

This cooker is planned with a wide opening and structured with a bent body which makes mixing simple, it accompanies dark hard-anodized aluminum and highlighting with food-grade treated steel. The strong dark completion given by 60 microns causes the pressure cooker to retain heat quicker by making it more vitality effective.

2. Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

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This cooker, made from top-notch high-grade aluminum, is accessible in a scope of sizes from 2 liters to 20 liters. It has a fantastic grasp in view of the nearness of agreeable handles. It deals with the gas ovens however isn’t acceptance viable. This pressure cooker offers a serious extent of security due to the metallic wellbeing plug and the gasket discharge framework.

Outfitted with security estimates, for example, a metallic wellbeing plug that delivers the abundance pressure when it ascends past the protected level and a gasket discharge framework, the Prestige Popular aluminum pressure cooker is worked to furnish you with simple and safe cooking experience.

This pressure cooker is richly structured and adds a pleasant touch to your kitchen and feasting space. It is viable with gas ovens and its 2-liter limit is ideal for preparing up dinners for little families or working unhitched males.

3. Lifelong Outer Lid Pressure Cooker

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This Lifelong Pressure cooker is ideal for your cooking needs. The body and cover are produced using Aluminum. Remain cool solid Bakelite handles give additional grasp and solace, making it ideal for ordinary use. The base consistently remains level, never swells, making this compatible with both gas and induction stoves.

Ergonomically planned, made through food-grade virgin aluminum that stays splendid, doesn’t pit or erode, is anything but difficult to clean and very sterile. Exactness Weight Valve a security highlight to deliver pressure over 1 kg/cm2, which makes the cooking safe and efficient for you.

The Bakelite Handles offers the ideal answer for protection needs, helping the handles to remain cool. With an additional hold and solace, these durable handles are ideal for your standard use. To guarantee the primary degree of wellbeing, Lifelong Inner Pressure Cooker accompanies a metal exactness weight valve, covered with steel for solidness, and makes your cooking safe and efficient.

4. Pigeon by Stovekraft Inox Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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The Pigeon Special tempered steel INOX Pressure Cooker brings to you the magnificence and stun of hardened steel with unparalleled strength and unequaled style. It has a Steel sandwich base that covers the whole pressure cooker base for proficient warmth dissemination. You can prepare your food quicker on a wide range of warmth sources and this flexible Pressure cooker gives you the most extreme utility.

Change to a more advantageous method of cooking with Pigeon’s Inox Pressure Cooker, an innovation that is sheltered, sturdy, and a superior method to save supplements and nutrients in your food. Made with a one of a kind 3-layer framework, the high evaluation treated steel layer guarantees food stays sheltered and flavourful – making this an outstanding variant as the Best Pressure Cooker in India. The second layer of aluminum guarantees, in any event, warming, and the third layer gives acceptance similarity. Prepared to prepare flavorful food in minutes whether it is on the gas or enlistment.

5. Borosil Presto Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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Presenting Borosil Stainless Steel Induction Friendly Pressure cookers for making your regular cooking quick and simple. Its SS 304 food-grade hardened steel body is ideal for pressure cooking dal/rice or vegetables on Gas ovens and Induction top too. The novel three-layer exemplified base assimilates and holds heat consequently sparing fuel while cooking.

With Borosil Pressure Cookers the most tedious dishes should be possible effortlessly. The pressure bolted security top doesn’t open until pressure is delivered. A security valve under the handle guarantees that the steam is avoided securely downwards. The case base won’t come out even with rehashed utilization. Inside fitting top shields the gasket from getting scoured, cut, or scratched every time the cooker is opened/shut.

6. Butterfly Curve Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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Treated steel cooker with an aluminum warm base, this contribution from Butterfly is viewed as outstanding amongst other Pressure Cookers in India. Compatible with Induction Cooktops, the exceptional bent shape gives additional room at the base of the body empowers better mixing of food. It is supported by 5 years of maker’s guarantee.

The handle accompanies a novel locking system for a uni-directional pivot. This cooker includes an uncommonly defined elastic gasket to improve its life span. The gasket discharge framework is a brilliant security include. This fantastic cooker, arguable the best pressure cooker in India for many of its users, spares time as well as fuel as it requires some investment for cooking your preferred dishes. The thicker base makes it conceivable to endure high pressure. The strip evidence acceptance viable base is another feature of this pressure cooker.

7. Impex Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Impex Induction-base aluminum pressure cooker is multi-top viable. Accordingly, it tends to be utilized on standard gas, acceptance, halogen, electric, and artistic cooktops. The base of the cooker stays level without protruding or getting sunken. This ergonomic pressure cooker keeps up its glimmer without eroding which means that its toughness.

The cooker is anything but difficult to perfect and easy to keep up. Get ready healthy and nutritious suppers for your caring loved ones. The cooker is produced using virgin aluminum material. It is known for its strength and solidness. It is additionally very much made which is light in weight and durable. This impressive pressure cooker can be your optimal kitchen utensil to set up an assortment of dishes.

The pressure cooker has a productive enlistment base which makes it flexible cookware. It can likewise be utilized on numerous cooktops, for example, gas, electric, earthenware, and halogen oven for better accommodation.

8. Familia Induction Base Aluminium Family Pressure Cooker

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Cooking is made lovable when enjoyed along with family members. This vision translated into reality with the line of the best Pressure Cooker in India from Familia has an array of other kitchen appliances that are solid in nature. The Family Cooker Combo Series, an Economy Compo of Induction base Aluminum pressure cooker 3,5,7, and 10 Liters, likewise, their combo with Dual Cooker top in less expense for your kitchen.

But these appliances don’t simply need you to take a gander at them, they need you to feel and experience them at your home. Since food consistently improves everything and just on the off chance that you required reminding. Causing food to become easement when you utilize the right kitchen machines, on the grounds that each food recounts to a story.

9. Nandi Super Cooker Combo

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This gem of an offering from Nandi, the line of amazing Pressure Cookers is made of virgin Aluminium. The Pack of 3 outer lid cookers comes with capacity of the cookers – 5L, 3L, and 2L. There is a common lid for 3L and 2L cookers. A strong contender for the Best Pressure Cooker in India comes with a stylish bakelite handle with twin screw fitting, These are dishwasher-safe, and feature in silver color with an aluminum body. It is also backed by 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty.

10. Surya Action Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

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Surya Action Handy Pressure Cooker – a lifesaver of a pressure cooker, is an ideal option for everyday use. It comes with a Virgin Aluminium body, and an Anti-bulging base. It also houses a heat-proof handle and a Gasket-Release system. Some notable features to be mentioned are its Food-Grade Gasket and Precision Weight Valve – that make this a notable mention as the best Pressure Cooker in India available in the market.


You don’t buy pressure cookers consistently. When you get them, you anticipate that they should keep going long. In this manner, toughness is a crucial angle. The hard anodized and treated steel pressure cookers are strong machines. They don’t lose the sparkle and are produced using consumption safe materials.

Indians utilize plenty of acidic substances and salt in their cooking. Your cooker ought to be with the end goal that the materials utilized in the production ought not to respond to these acids. Aluminum pressure cookers are helpless in such manner as they react to different acidic fixings. The tempered steel and anodized pressure cookers are better in such a manner.

We hope that this roundup of the best Pressure Cookers in India has been insightful for you and would help you choose the best bet for your own kitchen.

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