Top 10 Best Pencil Brands in India 2023

Regardless of whether you are an expert or an understudy, a quality pencil from one of the best pencil brands is something you will be searching for in your work. Understudies particularly discover them extremely valuable as they commit errors and the equivalent can be effectively eradicated and composed once more. For drawing and picture-making likewise, pencils are significant.

Picking the best pencil for writing in India isn’t a cakewalk as the vast majority think. Ask a pencil expert and you’ll get told how choosing one with terrible wood and graphite quality results in unending dissatisfaction. Yet, for what reason does it make a difference that I suggest the best pencil brands in India? This is on the grounds that you merit the best and absolutely it. So here we are with an itemized survey to assist you with picking the best pencils in India.

So without ado, we should make a plunge and survey the 10 best pencil brands in India. We trust that our rundown will assist you in picking the correct one.

Best Pencil Brands in India

An unassuming pencil is everyone’s first-historically speaking fixed. We all can’t envision how our youth would have turned out without a pencil. These pencil brands are the best driving in the Indian business sectors. Every one of these brands is guaranteeing quality and execution. Their pencils are more useful to the understudies, painters, and heads. There are a number of points of interest while utilizing a pencil. We can eradicate our slip-ups effectively by utilizing the eraser. This is likewise prudent than a pen. On the off chance that you are searching for a decent brand, look at our rundown.

1. Apsara

Apsara is a brand of Hindustan Pencils Limited. With an interesting plan and a rich appearance, Apsara pencils are most popular for the agreeable grasp. With a 0.5 mm lead size, they are best for specialized composition. Propped with all the necessary highlights, this settles on the top decision in the list of the best pencil brands. So it’s undeniable why I trust Apsara Absolute is a boss pencil of all. Each worth-added pack contains a sharpener and scale alongside 20 pencils. It effectively keeps going a couple of months before you run out.

A lot of it has stayed unaltered after numerous years put something aside for the designs. Apsara pencils have a resilient people’s endorsement since it’s produced using excellent wood via cautiously holding it with a graphite center. Quite a bit of its style stays immaculate as a similar exemplary look is persisted. Perhaps it looks somewhat glossier than it did previously. Apsara has an assortment of choices.

Our top picks from Apsara:

2. Camlin

Excellent pencils accessible on the lookout, their primary fascination is the center of the pencil which is made of the center reinforced recipe. The lead makes them extreme and sturdier and they are not effectively brittle from inside. Accessible in appealing shading they are hexagonal or triangular fit as a fiddle.

For a smooth composing experience, Camlin pencils come in the glossy silk smooth completion. A bunch of 10 pencils accompanies an eraser and sharpener. It gives dark and clear marks while composing and is super smooth. They are considered as youngsters’ safe pencils. The glasslike lead for smear impressions with easy sharpening and break safe super-fortified lead, writing with Camlin is fun.

Our top picks from Camlin:

3. Nataraj

An exceptionally famous name from Hindustan Pencils Limited, Nataraj is a commonly recognized name in India in the portion of the pencil. Made with incredible itemizing and exactness, they are strong pencils with a strong lead base and smooth and beautiful covering on the top. Nataraj pencils likewise guaranteed incredible completion for superior hold and agreeable regular composition and different purposes. It gives better hold and solace to compose. They are smooth and accessible in a wide scope of shadings. The nature of the graphite center and wood makes it perhaps one of the best pencil brands in India.

The dark and red trim has remained equivalent to what it did numerous years back. Natraj has held its exemplary USP of dependable execution which is gotten from its high hardness lead. Besides, it arrives in a bunch of 50 pieces at an absolute bottom rate, making it worth each rupee. It has been in the Indian market for quite a long time and keeps on being worshiped by present-day ages as well. Nataraj pencils are entirely made of non-harmful material so it’s nothing to stress in the possession of youngsters with a propensity for biting things.

Our top picks from Nataraj:

4. Faber Castell

Faber Castell dominates in all sorts of writing material items. These are planned with SV-reinforced lead to limit the breakage and for a smooth writing experience. Faber Castell is considered one of the world’s biggest and most established makers of composing instruments. It is situated in Stein, Germany. Dark lead pencils, wooden pencils, and colored pencils are created by this organization. This organization was established in 1761 by bureau producer Kaspar Faber. Their items are accessible at a moderate cost. Faber Castell was considered as world-class pencils since they’d generally seem enchanting to eyes.

At the point when it was first made accessible, the three-sided holds were fairly mind-blowing since it required less exertion and practically no strain to polish off long papers with steady and lovely penmanship. Furthermore, no, it wasn’t a misleading impact. Faber Castell’s pencils are watchmen of the thousand years. Each request carries you with ten pieces in each pack. In contrast to customary hexagonal pencils, they display a three-sided hold for an ergonomic feel. Additionally in each pack, Faber Castell offers a metal sharpener and eraser.

Our top picks from Faber Castell:

5. Doms

From the most recent decade, Doms pencils appear to have accumulated a clique following. A basic plan advancement prompted a goliath jump in solace and style. Doms pencils are as yet a famous decision and it’s definitely not clear why it keeps on supplanting antiquated pencils. It decreases weariness and agony in the possession of individuals who broadly utilize one for composing. Also, the pencils graphite center is able to do too dull strokes. It’s pretty brain-blowing to see content composed with Doms pencils.

To polish off in style, Doms’ pencils are dispatched in containers that last some time. Doms pencil got the attention of the vast majority in the later long periods of the thousand years and it keeps on being made to date with reliable quality and line murkiness. Doms pencils should be used to get neat writings composed on paper. It’s bundled in a PET punch so it’s without a doubt an exceptional pencil and one of the best pencil brands.

Our top picks from Doms:

6. Pentonic

It’s continually testing to discover break-safe pencils since youngsters consistently figure out how to break things and pencils don’t have a potential for success. Along these lines, Pentonic thought of an exceptional pencil that isn’t just handy for regular use yet additionally break-safe. It endures harsh taking care of and is alright for youngsters with biting inclinations since it’s made of non-poisonous materials. The dark reflexive get done with gold trim is outwardly engaging and is the primary thing individuals notice when unpacked.

Pentonic is the thing that an excellent pencil should be. Each container contains 50 excellent pencils. Pentonic has remained its course, consistently accumulating warmth from innumerable users. Pentonic pencils are strongly made and have a high-caliber and even center which delivers additional dim strokes on any surface. Thus, in the event that you’d ask for something similar, obviously, without misgivings, this is the one.

Pentonic Extra Dark Graphite Pencil Tumbler Pack | HB2 Lead, Triangular Shape & Smooth Sharpening | Lightweight with Comfortable Grip | Pack of 50 Pencils
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Pentonic Extra Dark Graphite Pencil Tumbler Pack | HB2 Lead, Triangular Shape & Smooth Sharpening | Lightweight with Comfortable Grip | Pack of 50 Pencils
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES : Pentonic Extra Dark Attractive Graphite Pencils Tumbler Pack, Colour : Brown, Grade: HB2, Shape: Triangular, 50 Pieces Pencils.
  • BREAK-RESISTANT LEAD & EASY TO SHARPEN : This Pentonic HB2 Leads Do Not Easily Break & The Sharpened Leads Do Not Separate In The Wood Casting. They Sharpen Quickly & Don’T Break. Upon Sharpening It, The Sketching Pencil Is Smooth & Clean, Free Of Any Splintering. The Pencils Write Great, Sharpen Smoothly & Easily, And The Lead Holds Up.
  • VERSATILE FOR BOTH WRITING & DRAWING : Pentonic Pencil Provides Smooth Consistent Strokes Across The Page With The Lead, No Need To Press Hard To Show It Up. The Graphite Works Well For Writing & Drawing, Good For School & Office. Remarkably, Pencils Are Perfect No Extra Lead Dust On Your Palm And More Comfortable To Your Hand.
  • PRE-SHARPENED, BROWN WOOD & UNIQUE DESIGN : Pre-Sharpened Means Time Saver. Made From Sustainably Harvested Wood, Pencils Are Sturdy Enough For Students Or Adults To Use & The Points Do Hold Up Well Under Pressure. Also The Designs On The Pencils Are Solid And Look Pretty Good To Make Our Brown Wood Pencils Aesthetically Perfect.
  • FOR GIFTS & USE : The Pencils Come In A Convenient Box & Tumbler, Making It Easy To Store & Transport Them Wherever You Go. This Pencil Perfect For Artists, Students, Or Durable Set Of Pencils That Will Last For A Long Time.The Tumbler Pack Pencils Are Perfect Gifts For Teachers Or School-Aged Children Or Teens, Especially For Children, Friends, Office Mate Or Family.

7. Goodwill Tech

Recycled items are the new song of devotion and Goodwill Tech pencils have been in front of the change with papers supplanting the wood external creation it being 100% eco-accommodating. An unobtrusive message is embedded in each pack of Goodwill Tech pencils. Whenever read intently, you’ll know it’s a reminder to pick reused items to try not to stifle nature. It makes a magnificent corporate blessing thought or can be an extraordinary expansion to your writing material assortment.

Consider the possibility that your next arrangement of pencils came from old reused papers. Indeed, that is actually the situation with Goodwill Tech. In what may seem like the following degree of advancement, Goodwill Tech utilized 100% upcycled papers to supplant customary wood encasement of pencils, so no backwoods were hurt in its making.

Our top picks from Goodwill Tech:

8. Staedtler

Staedtler needs no presentation as it’s now mainstream in India. Each millennial has utilized one eventually as expected, and acclaims are what it merits in Shakespearean style. It’s such a delight to compose with Staedtler pencils that you can generally fail to remember there’s paper underneath the graphite. The lead moves like butter creating perfect and dull line strokes afterward. Staedtler has consistently procured stacks of gestures of recognition for making pencils that oppose breakage, produce additional dull lines, and are appealingly valued.

Notwithstanding each get, you get a sharpener and an eraser complimentary. Staedtler pencils are created with fondness and have consistently been a joy to utilize in light of the fact that it gave an incredible vibe in hands. Be it ergonomic grasp or additional dim lines that it’s prepared to do, Staedtler is a go-to decision. Being one of the best pencil brands, Staedtler is a must-try.

Our top picks from Staedtler:

9. Captogreen

Captogreen pencils are really unique since it’s 100% biodegradable and acclimatizes into nature once disposed of. Made out of reused paper, it feels tough contrasted with wood-encased pencils. It makes an amazing present for somebody who thinks about the climate. Eco-accommodating is an interesting issue that most producers are reluctant to contact for the dread of losing food too costly and complex assembling strategies, however not Captogreen. They are early-adopters of progress by spearheading stand-out reused plantable seed pencils.

A disposed of Captogreen pencil won’t wind up as another extraordinary plastic garbage in the environment. All things being equal, a little advancement in plan changes the Captogreen pencil into a seed that sprouts in 7-10 days. Its motivation starts with assisting youthful personalities with interpreting thoughts and once done, it acclimatizes into nature. At a reasonable rate, you get a reusable bunch of 20 wonderful extra-dim 2B pencils. Captogreen can be considered one of the best pencil brands for the innovation and thought it brought about.

No products found.

10. Greenr

As the need becomes stronger for utilizing reused items, more brands are joining the conflict to show backing, and Greenr is among them. On the off chance that you peer inside the pack, you’ll discover five pencils made totally out of reused paper. A great many people are muddled when defied with a pack of Greenr paper pencils since its graphite center is reinforced with paper rather than wood. It’s amazing how Greenr has hardened its leader pencils with just moved paper since it works splendidly.

Greenr pencils are bundled in a reused container with a Thomas Fuller statement. From recycled paper pencils to plantable seed pencils, Greenr has covered every aspect to protect nature. One of the best pencil brands, Greenr is sure to make the world a better place to be in. Greenr reused paper pencils are a consequence of the green unrest since it’s made totally out of reused paper moved around the center to improve its solidarity. It feels as tough as wood-based pencils and no uncertainty an extraordinary expansion to individuals’ writing material.

Our top picks from Greenr:


Pencils are extraordinary compared to other fit composition and drawing instruments utilized across various territories. The fundamental advantage of utilizing a pencil is the way that it can be eradicated effectively and re-composed. Pencils are the tools that form the base of several diagrams, scripts and masterpieces. Keep creating, keep scribbling and keep shopping!


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