10 Best Pedestal Fans in India 2024: Breeze from a Height!

In Indian summers, here and there a ceiling fan isn’t sufficient to give the necessary cooling and a decent, rather the best pedestal fan in India can help you in the present circumstance. A pedestal fan likewise proves to be useful in the event that you are searching for a more compact alternative when contrasted with a ceiling fan.

You may have introduced the best air conditioner or the best air cooler in your room or house, yet in the event that it comes up short on a legitimate ventilation framework, the cooling probably won’t be pretty much as compelling as you might want it to be. A fair degree of air circulation is important to convey the truly necessary unwinding and solace. The ventilation, so required, is exclusively accomplished by having windows in each room and the best pedestal fan in India introduced at key situations in your family.

The line-up of the top pedestal fans and tower fans surveyed underneath is quite adaptable as it contains models that can offer both quality and toughness. Likewise, the pedestal fans on the article ensure an astounding incentive for your cash notwithstanding the entire count of highlights they take into account. To assist you with choosing which pedestal fan to purchase, we have recorded the 10 best pedestal fans in India.

Top 10 Pedestal Fan in India

1. Usha

This brand can ensure your ideal solace with its streamlined blades. Its resettable circuit to auto secures the engine comes in as a gift during warm over-burden while the interesting turn plan assists with a simple slant instrument. You can take your pick from either its metal or plastic variations, the two of which can fill in as an alluring new expansion to your living space.

The Usha pedestal fans include Intelligent comfort wind methods of ordinary, regular, and rest with the goal that you continue to feel blustery consistently. The Usha pedestal fans are with around 55 to 65 Watts engine with 100% copper windings that guarantee proficient execution. They include a richly planned switch box, that permits you to change the fan speed. They further include a streamlined sharp blade plan and offers between 1200 to 3000 RPM.

Usha pedestal fans accompany a warm over-burden defender that keeps the fan from overheating and shields it from voltage vacillations. Further, they come with a delicate touch head shifting plan for simple change and a coordinated engine for giving a uniform twitch free wavering. The efficiently proposed blades help in conveying a predominant air conveyance. Usha offers among the best pedestal fan in India for their clients.

Our top picks from Usha:

2. Havells

The mainstream pedestal fan brand of Havells includes excessively in vogue plans which never neglects to amuse clients with their boss air conveyance. Customizable wavering element causes us in getting a charge out of cool wind stream our accurate way of decision. These tough pedestal fans accompany a steady mount base and castor wheels which helps in its simple transportability starting with one room then onto the next. They are outfitted with a warm over-burden defender that shields the engine from shortcircuits and over-burdening, making them among the best pedestal fan in India.

Some other of its one of a kind highlights which merit unique notice are twitch-free wavering, far off controlled activity, customizable height, LED contact board, and some more. With a chic appearance coupled up with a prevailing exhibition, the Havells fans will be the best partner all through the muggiest summers. Working at a stunning rate, these fans would help in a flash cooling the room while the prevailing air conveyance will keep your space well-prepared for unwinding.

The fans also accompany an uncommon and suffering paint finish, which sets its polish as well as also turns it simpler for the client to keep up and save. The fans are outfitted with around 100 Watts engine that can convey ground-breaking execution even at low voltages. They offer a maximum velocity between 1400 and 2800 RPM that will assist you with rapidly chilling off. They highlight three efficiently planned blades that guarantee ideal air conveyance across the room.

Our top picks from Havells:

3. Russell Hobbs

The fundamental purpose for such an ascent in the interest of a tower fan is the extraordinary highlights a pinnacle fan offers. Russell Hobbs has a heritage in assembling tower fans with these one of a kind highlights and quality. This tower fan comes planned so that it devours just 50 Watts power. The whole item is made of top-notch quality ABS material.

An outstanding aspect regarding this tower fan is that it comes fused with a 12-hour clock that can help you to switch off the fan naturally. One more significant component that comes consolidated into this item is the controller that accompanies 3 variable speed control. This tower fan accompanies completely practical LED lights and high-caliber and exact temperature show feature.

This fan with 3-speed level and 3 wind modes, has a 100% copper engine for longer life. The compact, smooth, and alluring plan for high air conveyance wire to the auto-ensure engine during warm over-burdening, is probably the best tower fan in India. The tubular radiating blower helps the fan sport a space-saving plan. The body is not difficult to clean with only one wipe and accompanies removable channels for hassle-free maintenance.

Russell Hobbs RTF 4800 Tower Fan With Remote 48 Inch (Black)
232 Reviews
Russell Hobbs RTF 4800 Tower Fan With Remote 48 Inch (Black)
  • 50 Watt ( Lower Power Consumption), 230v, 50Hz
  • 12 Hours Timer, ABS Housing; Three Speed with Remote Control
  • 3 Fan Mode (Normal, Natural , Sleep)
  • Full Function LED with Temperature Display
  • Mounting Type: Free Standing

4. Orient

Orient has just transformed into a famous name among Indian family units with its energy effective pedestal fans which ensure an overly agreeable air conveyance. A portion of its top of the line models is outfitted with the progressive CTX Technology which ensures longer, smoother, and more dependable activity.

The concentric winding eliminates awkwardness in electrical motion to diminish engine commotion and by large vibrations. You can likewise pick the stand fans having far off the distance to change the wind stream without getting up from your seat. The Orient Electric pedestal fans are basic but an exemplary one that can be an appropriate need. It has got all the highlights including a fair speed, noise-free, and accompanies enormous inclusion region.

The sharp blades are long while the RPM speed is ideal. The fan stands tall and the flexible height highlight is truly useful at places. They are incredibly light in weight with a solid body. Contrasted with the details, the influence utilization is around 90 Watts. Orient fans are considered among the best pedestal fan in India.

Our top picks from Orient:

5. Bajaj

Be it your office or home, this mainstream brand of pedestal fans can have your back consistently. Its full copper engine climbs up the toughness and guarantees powerful execution which can leave you feeling cool and windy even as the Celsius takes a take-off. Notwithstanding enjoying some real success regarding the proficiency, the Bajaj pedestal fans don’t cause an uproar with its activity so you can make the most of your serene night’s rest or watch your best TV shows.

These are solid items from Bajaj which are accessible effectively on the lookout. Discussing the highlights of the fan, they accompany superior acrylic sharp blades which are combined with a solid engine. The fans likewise accompany a far off that allows you to change the speed, bearing, and even the clock.

In the event that you are searching for a fan that is going to keep going for quite a long time then you can undoubtedly pick one from this brand, as they are among the best pedestal fan in India. The fans have a scope of around 450 mm and have a working force of between 55 and 85 Watts. You can set up a clock in the fans or you can even control the fan from a distance.

Our top picks from Bajaj:

6. Croma

This Croma slim tower fan offers a 60-degree swaying and space-saving plan that fits flawlessly into any home stylistic theme. The wind stream of this high-tower fan is 9 m3/hour and accompanies a 3-speed setting, and blade-free plan to convey the most extreme air conveyance and great territory inclusion. It conveys a high volume of air dissemination while keeping up negligible commotion yield. It accompanies a separable base and is easy to collect.

This minimized, sleek, and compact tower fan devours 45 Watts power. This fan gives you the greatest investment funds on energy with the least force utilization. The Croma tower fan highlights 60-degree swaying. It implies this fan can move to and fro in a consistent movement at 60 degrees. The swaying capacity takes into account air to stream around your space. The conservative and light-weight configuration makes it simple to convey anyplace and flawlessly to fit in any corner, making it among the best tower fan in India.

The fan attracts air from around the unit and powers it through the bladeless external zone. It protected to use around kids and pets. It accompanies a 100% top-notch copper engine. The copper metal assists with diminishing energy misfortunes while producing less heat, so your fan will last more. It accompanies a 3 hours clock. It implies the fan will consequently turn off following 3 hours of the time period when the clock is chosen.

CROMA 45 Watts Air Tower Fan with Copper Motor, 2 Years Warranty (CRAF0028, Black & White)
575 Reviews
CROMA 45 Watts Air Tower Fan with Copper Motor, 2 Years Warranty (CRAF0028, Black & White)
  • This tower fan has 3 speed choice and 3 hours of timer programmed
  • 60 degree oscillation for effective air circulator; RPM - 1200
  • 100% copper motor for longer life which comes with 45 watts, voltage ac: 220 - 240 v
  • Compact & Lightweight for portability; Blade-free design ensuring safety; Warranty - 2 years from the date of Purchase
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount

7. V-Guard

Trendsetting innovation helps the V-Guard pedestal fans to rope in the most extreme proficiency while keeping you feeling great on those sweltering summer evenings. You can undoubtedly set it to your favored stature by changing the plastic or metal stand. The speed and swaying can likewise be changed by your inclination. Its complex sharp blades can support you from stressing over odds of erosion while the uncommonly planned cutting edges ensure uniform air conveyance with each and every scope.

The V-Guard fans are furnished with an incredible engine and offer between 1350 and 2100 RPM. They accompany efficiently planned blades and offers a compass zone of about 400 mm, guaranteeing legitimate air dissemination. They include a 45 cm base that guarantees they are steady and don’t fall. They accompany silicon steel cover in the engine that guarantees ideal force utilization.

The V-Guard fans are stacked for certain stunning highlights and a smooth plan. Working at 3 particular paces, these fans are adequately helpful to be used in your home anyplace. They also accompany a mechanized wavering framework; subsequently, every edge of your room would get a uniform measure of air. For the highlights and quality V-Guard is among the best pedestal fan in India.

Our top picks from V-Guard:

8. Crompton

The versatile pedestal enthusiasts of Crompton can assist you with getting a charge out of an impact of cool air particularly in those spots which a typical wind current can’t get to. Its customizable stature includes further amounts to its benefit while the wavering development clears the way for more extensive inclusion to meet your particular cooling needs.

his efficiently planned pedestal fan brand includes an ergonomic handle that helps in flipping between different speed levels. You can likewise continue with its far off controlled fans for practicing more noteworthy flexibility with the equivalent. We like the general construction of the fans and the air insight. In spite of the fact that the base is by all accounts somewhat substantial, there might be a little explanation behind it. It is so to give the fan a legitimate equilibrium at high velocity.

The speed is between 1200 and 3200 RPM and is very acceptable. Additionally, the low force utilization is appealing too. The Crompton fan substantially more dependable to use in bigger rooms, making Crompton among the best pedestal fan in India. Despite the fact that the sharp blades are comprised of plastic, they are truly sturdy and have an extraordinary air conveyance limit.

Our top picks from Crompton:

9. Honeywell

Honeywell is a widely acclaimed organization with regards to wellbeing items. They are the greatest brand with regards to home advances. The Honeywell comfort control tower fan is presumably the most financial plan inviting tower fan in the Indian market. It has the most modern arrangements for a tower fan and it is minimized.

Inside a couple of long stretches of utilization, the room will feel windy. On the off chance that you are accustomed to snoozing some murmuring commotion, at that point, this item probably won’t stress you much. All things considered, it is solid and doesn’t have any moving parts like blades.

Subsequently, it is protected around kids. Indeed, even the ergonomics are at the highest point of the fan which is effectively open. In any case, we felt that a distance would have been pleasant in light of the fact that you would prefer not to go after the corner to change the settings. With top-notch quality and extreme efficiency, this is among the best tower fan in India.

Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan, Slim Design, Powerful Cooling, 1 Pack
6,380 Reviews
Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan, Slim Design, Powerful Cooling, 1 Pack
  • Electronic controls with led display
  • 3 Speeds & Oscillation; For the HY 025 fans the sound level spec at high fan speed setting is 52 dB (+2 dB tolerance)
  • 1, 2, 4 & 8 Hour Auto Off Timer
  • Recessed carry handle; Product Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.81 x 11.81 x 38.39 inch
  • Easy to Use push button controls

10. Luminous

This pedestal fan brand can convey a new impact of cool air on each side of the stay with its huge estimated body and straightforward yet productive engine. The Thermal Overload Protection (TOP) highlight comes in as a lifeline in the instances of voltage variances. Its alluring plan can undoubtedly mix in with your home or office stylistic layout while the streamlined blades offer better air conveyance even in low voltage situations.

The non-destructive materials which go into the development of its body and blades amount to its solidness while the electrolytic evaluation copper grindings wire amounts to its energy investment funds details. The fans have an outwardly engaging, body that improves the vibe of your room.

They have an amazing engine that gives incomparable execution and devours less power output. The efficiently planned sharp blades give a more extensive wind stream. The tough metal body gives dependable strength. Among the best pedestal fan in India, Luminous is a popular name that offers top-quality products.

Our top picks from Luminous:


The climate in India can get outrageous on occasion in the greater part of the spots. Hence, an alleviating ventilation framework is a lot of pivotal. It offers the truly necessary serenity at home. A platform fan can prove to be useful now and again. In any case, picking one can be a genuine tuff assignment to do. There are sure boundaries that you need to think about, for example, fan modes, show, clock, edge clear, material, removable flame broil, controllers, and so on.

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