10 Best OLED TVs in India 2024: Specifications, Price & Models

The best OLED TVs in India are the titans of the present Indian TV showcase. With distinctive, consistent with life hues, phenomenal differentiation, and brilliance control, with profound blacks to bite the dust for, is there any good reason why you wouldn’t need an OLED TV? On account of the hidden OLED (natural LED) board innovation, the best OLED TVs from Sony, Panasonic, and LG offer splendidly realistic picture quality, regardless of whether you’re paying to some degree more for the benefit than with LED or QLED sets.

OLED is extremely popular nowadays, with any semblance of Xiaomi, Vizio, and Sharp giving it a shot, even as Hisense trench the innovation inside and out. Another 48-inch size for 2021, as well, is set to make OLED increasingly available, convenient, and moderate than any time in recent memory. 4K TV is the ideal decision for individuals who like to love to watch films in a more clear and better-characterized picture lucidity. Televisions with 4K definition have multiple times more goal than Full HD model which makes them ideal for spilling motion pictures and messing around.

LED vs OLED – What’s about this ‘O’?

A light-emitting diode is the development of LED. These are little strong state gadgets that make light with the development of electrons through a semiconductor. LED TVs are basically LCD TVs with an improved differentiation proportion that gives the vital backlighting rather than CCFLs (Cold Cathode fluorescent light) found in more established LCD models. OLED (natural light-emitting diode) then again utilizes a natural substance that shines with an electric flow.

This progressive material lessens the thickness and weight of the TV. That is the reason OLED TVs gloat of an ultra-dainty, smooth structure and furthermore extraordinary shading multiplication with singular pixels that mood killer for genuine blacks. The greatest preferred position an OLED TV brings to the table is its capacity to convey profound, dull blacks – one of the key components to deliver uncommon picture quality. More profound blacks make progressively sensible pictures with higher differences and dynamic, life-like hues.

Samsung’s premium QLED (with the Q signifying Quantum spot material) includes a refreshed light innovation with a more splendid greyscale and shading and furthermore improves the High Dynamic Range (HDR). It has snapped the ‘photo quality’ battle to OLED TVs.

Things to consider for the best OLED TVs in India

Size of the TV

4K OLED TVs come in various sizes from 55 creeps to 75 inches. For better film understanding, you can go for a greater size yet they are costly. On the off chance that you need a bit financial plan benevolent alternative, at that point, 55 inches model is additionally sufficient.

Operating System

The working framework is an interface that allows you to cooperate or work the TV easily. With this alternative, you can do substantially more than simply watching channels. You can download applications like Netflix, Prime, Youtube, Facebook, and others for web video gushing. There are a few distinct kinds of working frameworks however Android OS is by a long shot the most ideal alternative.

Sound System of the TV

You may purchase a top of the line item however a shrewd TV neglects to convey if the acoustics are poor. Give unique consideration to the sound experience the TV offers. A large portion of the sets is agreeable with Dolby Audio however a couple of accompanying additional highlights, for example, clear audio+ and inherent home theater. Regardless of whether the sound showcase isn’t sufficient, the shrewd TVs must be perfect with the greater part of the outer soundbars and preferences. You can consider purchasing an extra soundbar in the event that you need the best understanding.


With numerous network choices, you can associate the TV with a PC, speakers, home theater, web, and gaming console. HDMI, VGA, USB are a portion of the basic availability choices. Make a point to pick a model that accompanies at any rate 2 or 3 ports.

Top 10 OLED TVs in India for 2021

The Best 55-inch Models –

1. Sony 55-inch A9 OLED TV (KD-55A9G)

Sony Bravia 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV KD-55A9G (Black) (2019 Model)
8 Reviews
Sony Bravia 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV KD-55A9G (Black) (2019 Model)
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) | Refresh Rate: 100 hertz
  • Connectivity: 4 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 3 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Sound : 60 Watts Output | Acoustic surface Audio+ technology
  • Smart TV Features: built-in Wi-Fi | Android TV | voice search | Google play store | Chromecast | notify Bravia | Netflix | content bar | amazon prime video | YouTube | Hotstar and MX player
  • Display: OLED | 4K X-reality pro | picture processor X1 ultimate | pixel contrast booster : maximising OLED contrast in every colour | 4K HDR | Triluminos display | Motionflow XR | Dolby vision

The processor is the way to picture quality is top of the line TVs. Sony’s all-new ‘X1 Ultimate processor’ is at the core of this TV and collaborates with the brand’s exclusive Pixel Contrast Booster that lifts hues at high brilliance levels, profound blacks, and a wide survey edge. It’s not simply extraordinary visuals; the A9F’s restrictive Acoustic Surface Audio+, 3.2 channel multi-dimensional sound makes a vivid amusement experience.

The extra community actuator is like focus speakers installed behind an acoustically straightforward screen found in the films. There’s a one of a kind Netflix Calibrated Mode that permits you to encounter Netflix content with the ideal video and sound settings, the manner in which the makers proposed. The A9F Bravia is fueled by Android TV 8.0 and permits you to control your other brilliant gadgets by means of the TV. You needn’t bother with your far off to trade channels or applications because of the implicit Google Assistant.

2. LG 55-inch C9 OLED TV (OLED55C9PTA)

Rising above LED innovation, each pixel in the LG OLED TV empowers you to jump into a light of unrivaled shading. Every OLED self-lighting pixel turns on and off all alone so as to display the most extravagant subtleties in dreamlike picture quality. OLED Black, shocking differentiation makes the shading increasingly extreme and adds profundity to the picture. The second-gen α7 Intelligent Processor redesigned with Deep Learning AI calculation upgrades its processor speed and realistic for the amazing detailed symbolism and custom sound to be drenched in glorious reality.

This TV comes power pressed with worked in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (no outside gadgets required). Just because, you can associate your Apple gadgets flawlessly through Apple Airplay2 with your LG OLED TV. Finally, with Dolby Vision and Atmos, make a performance center like condition at home.

3. LG 55-inch B9 OLED TV (OLED55B9PTA)

No products found.

With a 4K Ultra HD Resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and 60 Hz Refresh Rate, this is promoted to be outstanding amongst other OLED TVs in India for 2021. Coupled with network alternatives as 4 HDMI ports to interface with set-top boxes, Blue Ray players, and USB ports to associate hard drives and other USB gadgets, LG’s top-notch line of OLED TVs, arguably the best OLED TVs in India, are turning eyebrows short-term.

It has a sound yield of 40 Watts alongside AI sound and Dolby vision – Atmos. The Smart TV highlights remember worked for Wi-Fi, ThinQ with Built-in Google Assistant, and Alexa. It additionally houses α9 Gen-2 Intelligent Processor, Apple airplay2, AI acoustic tuning, and Mobile association overlay.

The showcase of the OLED Panel accompanies an AI picture, and 4K film HDR alongside 1-Year LG India Comprehensive Warranty and extra 1-year Warranty is pertinent on board/module.

4. Sony Bravia 55-inch A8 OLED TV (KD-55A8G)

No products found.

Find unimaginable differentiation on an OLED 4K HDR TV with 8 million self-emitting pixels. Pictures are incredibly genuine with the most profound blacks giving detailed shadow articulation and dynamic shading. Imaginative Acoustic Surface innovation conveys drawing in sound straightforwardly from the screen.

With an Ultra HD 4K Resolution coupled with 50 Hz of Refresh Rates, this Sony force to be reckoned with has 4 HDMI ports to associate with Blu Ray players, gaming consoles, and 3 USB ports to interface hard drives and other USB gadgets.

The Smart TV highlights of this mammoth are interminable as Built-in WiFi, Android TV, Voice Search, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Store, Chromecast, Notify Bravia, Netflix, Content Bar, Youtube, Hotstar, and much more.

It houses a sound yield of 40 Watts alongside Acoustic Surface Audio innovation, and a 4K X-Reality PRO and HDR Processor X1 Extreme with TRILUMINOS Display, additional hues, and add brightness. The Motionflow XR and Dolby Vision make this OLED TV stand apart from the rest.

5. LG 55-inch B8 OLED TV (OLED55B8PTA)

No products found.

LG has at long last stumbled on an approach to make its OLED TV innovation considerably less expensive by utilizing a less ground-breaking video processor. The B8 OLED extends utilizes a purported Alpha 7 chip comparative in force and degree to the processors utilized in LG’s 2017 models as opposed to the chic new Alpha 9 processor utilized in LG’s other 2018 OLED arrangement. This does, unavoidably, have slight execution repercussions, here and there, yet it doesn’t stop the LG OLED55B8 from signifying a genuine deal.

The OLED55B8’s associations show up positive by its weighty cost. There are as yet four 4K and HDR-fit HDMIs, three sight and sound playback USBs, and the standard system (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) alternatives. This is in accordance with the availability you jump on LG’s most costly OLED TVs, as well.

The Best Models beyond 55-inch –

6. Panasonic 65-inch OLED TV (TH-65FZ1000D)

No products found.

Appreciate splendid visuals that are simple on the eye as the Panasonic 165 cm (65 inches) Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV TH-65FZ1000D with its implicit innovation genuinely rethinks your TV seeing experience. The Hexa Chroma Drive Technology guarantees that photos look precisely how their makers planned.

This OLED TV, a strong contender for the best OLED TVs in India, works on a self lighting-up framework that independently directs more than 8 million pixels. Besides, the 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports take into consideration smooth HD seeing through different sources too.

With a Quad-Core Pro and Signal Processor as HCX Processor, it houses AC 220 – 240 V/50/60 Hz power limits. It likewise accompanies keen highlights as Picture Mode, 4K Upscaling, ISF Mode, Swipe and Share, Hexa Chroma Drive PRO, Smart Calibration, Mirroring, Hotel Mode, Analog Tuner, Ambient Sensor.

7. LG 65-inch B8 OLED TV (OLED65B8PTA)

LG 165.1 cm (65 inches) OLED65B8PTA 4K OLED Smart TV (Black)
21 Reviews
LG 165.1 cm (65 inches) OLED65B8PTA 4K OLED Smart TV (Black)
  • Resolution : 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Connectivity: 4 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 3 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Sound : 40 Watts Output | Dolby Atmos
  • Smart TV Features : Built in Wi-Fi | α7 Intelligent Processor | AI ThinQ with Google Assistant | Dual - Step Noise Reduction | Active Depth Enhancer
  • Display : OLED Display | True Color Accuracy | 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision | 2018 OLED award

The LG B9 OLED is an exceptional TV with magnificent picture quality that presentations impeccable blacks. It has great wide review edges, great SDR top brilliance, and handles reflections well. This TV has a wide shading range and better than average HDR splendor, yet the forceful ABL can get irksome. Movement looks fresh gratitude to the about prompt reaction time, and the TV has a movement introduction include that can help limit stammer in motion pictures. Gamers will appreciate a responsive gaming experience on account of the extremely low info slack, yet sadly, much the same as all OLED TVs, it has the chance of creating perpetual consume in.

The manufacturing nature of the LG B8 is superb. It doesn’t feel as premium as the C9 or E9, for the most part, because of its plastic stand that permits more wobble and the plastic lodging of the hardware that flexes without any problem. Generally, you shouldn’t have issues with the constructed nature of this TV.

8. Sony 65-inch A9 OLED TV (KD-65A9G)

No products found.

Sony’s first in class 65-inch Master Series OLED shrewd TV appeared at several lab tests against LG’s completely remarkable 55-inch E8PUA. The A9F, as one of the best OLED TVs in India, sparkles with smart structure, phenomenal sound, and obviously that lavish, rich picture inalienable to OLED.

The Sony A9F’s most exceptional and stunning element is, obviously, its massive OLED panel with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. There’s nothing in the LED-illuminated LCD universe that can coordinate the blacks and by and large rich picture of OLED, however, there are the individuals who incline toward the brilliance that can empower a decent LED TV to make high unique range (HDR) material truly pop.

The A9F’s port determination is the thing that you’d anticipate from an advanced TV: four HDMI 2.0 ports, with one looking to the side for fast snare ups. There’s likewise cajole for receiving wires or set-top boxes, just as two USB ports on the back and one as an afterthought. A solitary 3.5mm jack will acknowledge composite/sound system sound by means of a connector link (excluded), and there are likewise IR blaster and RS-232C ports.

Sound yield is through both eARC (more on that in a piece) and optical S/PDIF. There’s a 3.5mm sound system earphone yield also. The clients’ guide doesn’t state whether this can serve as a line-level yield. On the off chance that you attempt that, start with the volume control right down and increment it gradually.

9. LG 77-inch C9 OLED TV (OLED77C9PTA)

LG 195 cms (77 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV OLED77C9PTA (Dark Meteo Titanium)
14 Reviews
LG 195 cms (77 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV OLED77C9PTA (Dark Meteo Titanium)
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Connectivity : 4 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blue Ray players | 3 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Sound : 40 Watts Output | AI sound | Dolby vision - Atmos
  • Smart TV Features : Built in Wi-Fi | AI ThinQ with Built-in Google Assistant and Alexa | α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor | AI acoustic tuning | Home dashboard | Apple airplay2 | Mobile connection overlay
  • Display : OLED Panel Display |AI picture | 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby vision

The LG C9 has a 77-inch OLED board that looks shocking, on account of brilliant shading quality, amazing splendor, and incredibly smooth activity. It’s probably the best shows we’ve seen, in huge part since it’s practically indistinguishable from a year ago’s OLED boards.

LG did set a high, unmatchable standard for OLED quality, to the point that the C9 (and other 2019 OLEDs) don’t really offer critical enhancements to the showcase board over anything we saw a year ago. The board innovation stays unaltered, on the grounds that the innovation has been pushed pretty much to the extent it will go. The 2019 boards get somewhat more brilliant than more seasoned renditions, however else, they offer a similar presentation and quality as observed in past models. That is not an issue, on the grounds that the degree of value is perfect.

10. LG NanoCell 86-inch OLED TV (86SM9400PTA)

No products found.

Bring home this LG TV for vivid sound and video experience. It comes stacked with the Nano Cell innovation, which conveys life-like pictures by improving the image quality just as shading precision. Also, the LG ThinQ AI permits you to upgrade your diversion involvement in the assistance of keen colleagues like Google Assistant. Moreover, the Apple Airplay 2 component permits you to associate and offer substance from all your Apple gadgets.

This LG TV utilizes 1 nm nanoparticles to improve the RGB shading virtue with the goal that you can appreciate more honed pictures. This LG TV accompanies the Nano Cell innovation, which conveys vivid picture quality by improving shading immaculateness. It conveys exact hues from all points with the goal that you can appreciate sensible pictures regardless of whether you are perched on the sides. The Nano Bezel on this TV mixes with your space to give it a complex vibe.


Directly from the monochrome plasma show to the present OLED age, the showcase innovation has developed significantly. It has increased the survey understanding as well as made the screens vitality productive. Truth be told, the up and coming age of quantum dab show tech is compromising LCD’s presence.

So, go ahead and make your purchase decision from the above list of the 10 Best OLED TVs in India, and make your viewing experience at home, no less than a movie theatre!


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