Top 10 Office Chair Brands in India 2024

The present-day IT transformation involves 60% of the world’s population needs to work on a PC or laptop. And that needs a decent office chair that can uphold you for the duration of the day. Finding the chair from one of the best office chair brands can be befuddling as there are countless alternatives out there. Regular chairs are not intended to help certain body regions like the back, neck, hips, and legs and bring about irritation, torment, and hurts.

A decent office chair ensures that your body is in legitimate stance and backing to the spine and head. In this way, you can work for longer hours serenely without influencing your wellbeing. Is it accurate to say that you are investing the greater part of your energy sitting before a PC and at that point, it’s an ideal opportunity to discover an office chair that gives both solace and backing to your body? In such cases, even the best plastic chair or the best study chair won’t work.

To sit comfortably for longer hours serenely without compromising your wellbeing, a chair from any of the best office chair brands is a must. A decent texture ought not to hold heat even following a few hours of sitting. The material should be breathable so you won’t feel sweat-soaked even in the wake of sitting for longer hours. Be that as it may, it might stretch and sage over the long haul because of mileage.

Along with truly agreeable and delicate texture, the greater part of the workplace chairs shape as per the regular bends of the body. Nonetheless, some of them accompany flexible lumbar help which lets the seat form according to the lumbar bend. This factor is more significant for individuals managing lower back agony. However, not all office chairs are made equivalent. We have recorded some of the best office chair brands for your comfort.

Best Office Chair Brands in India

1. Green Soul

The ergonomic plan of these multipurpose chairs makes sure you get the correct stance and permits you to sit on it as long you need without getting any back torment. Furthermore, the seat is furnished with a high backrest with a separable cushioned headrest alongside a lumbar pad. These sorts of seats can offer you backing to the neck and spine.

It includes an incorporated metal casing and a Class 4 pressure-driven cylinder. Among the best ergonomic chair, few Green Soul chairs come with a flexible and removable headrest pillow. This psyche getting configuration offers you the greatest comfort. The office chairs are outfitted with a removable and movable lumbar support pillow so it can offer you the most extreme solace to your back.

This lumbar pad is chiefly utilized while you need to sit on the seat for working for quite a while and give the workplace an interesting look. These office chairs are planned in a particular manner so a large portion of the heavyweight users can be fitted in them without any problem. Few accompany a neck cushion that gives you legitimate neck uphold. Therefore, there stays no degree for any neck torment.

By offering enough knee and thigh uphold, the brand’s remarkable plan assists with lessening thigh or leg torment. Few even contains 3 Dimensions customizable armrests that can offer amazing help to the arms. All in all, Green Soul is undeniably one of the best office chair brands you can wish for. Additionally, they also offer the best gaming chairs.

Our top picks from Green Soul:

2. Innowin

Innowin is an Indian brand offering the best executive chair for office use. They have a production line with cutting edge innovation where office chairs are created. The chairs are ergonomically molded which offers plentiful help and solace to the shoulders and back. Solid armrests and a delicate padded seat will give sufficient solace for extended periods.

Twist handle, pneumatic stature change will give a few positions which can be changed according to your agreeableness. The rear of the seat is comprised of a breathable twofold lattice. Both the seat and back are bent in such a manner in order to give the most extreme solace. The leatherette upholstery and contemporary plan make it a gorgeous ergonomic seat for your everyday office use.

Heavy obligation materials are utilized for the edge so it can hold up to 120 kgs of weight. Free-moving castor wheels make it simple to move the chair. With a top-notch framework, Innowin not only offers the best ergonomic chair setups but is also among the best office chair brands available in India. It assists with keeping your spinal line just as body straight which prompts a back torment free office experience.

With a flexible armrest, the chairs have a hardcore single front position lock synchro system. The chairs accompany breathable lattice that doesn’t sweat. The office chairs come with a 360-degree swivel. The base of the chairs has a metal base which will give a decent body uphold with no issue.

Our top picks from Innowin:

3. Amazon Brand – Solimo

In the event that you spend a significant portion of your day in your office work area and are stressed over your slouching back, at that point putting resources into an Amazon rudiments full-back leader seat could be a savvy choice. Intended to ease throbbing backs and backing work area laborers, the full-back seat looks smooth, proficient, and extra agreeable.

Upholstered in PU leather and PVC covering, the ergonomic chairs are intended to hold the greatest weight limit of 250 pounds. The pneumatic control handle beneath the seat assists with changing the height and tilt the seat to and fro. The tasteful dark covering gives the seat an exquisite and evergreen look that fits well in practically any climate.

The 360⁰ turn and rich smooth-moving wheels make developments and performing various tasks simple. The L-formed full back seat from Amazon accompanies a 1-year guarantee. The abundantly cushioned backrest and seat are upholstered alongside armrests which are joined to a somewhat standard edge. The casing explains with a weight-bearing bar which associates with a base that stretches out to 5 double wheel casters.

The base of the chair gives a connection to a seat stature control switch and a control handle for changing the seat’s tilt strain. The nylon caster takes into account smooth-moving portability starting with one territory then onto the next. At a moderate pricing structure, Solimo can prove to be among the best executive chair brands.

Our top picks from Amazon Brand – Solimo:

4. Misuraa

Misuraa not only offers the best executive chairs for the office but also the best computer chair. Additionally, they permit you to change the stature of the seat as indicated by your necessities. Aside from this, they have a customizable headrest. What makes the chair exquisite is its dim white and grey body outline. The ergonomic plan makes the chairs trendy too.

The chairs accompany a bent forming backrest that makes it ideal for keeping your back upheld. Utilizing this seat for a drawn-out time, you can get a lifted spine and an entirely adjusted body. This sort is among the best chair for lower back pain. The chairs are furnished with seven capacities. Alongside getting an ideal seating position, the chairs can offer you the most extreme solace during your working hours.

In addition, they assist with changing the lumbar help stature, the seat profundity; the headrest height and point; the backrest tilt, the tilting pressure, and the armrest height. They come with simple DIY guidelines that permit you to introduce the seat in seven stages. When you introduce this seat, you can change it as you need.

They are planned particularly so it can keep going long and can support weight up to 140 kgs. Due to being built with great materials, the chairs are truly strong. One of the best office chair brands, Misuraa chairs are furnished with a nylon network seat and back, delicate nylon cushion, diecast aluminum base, and substantial caster wheels. The seats have a breathable cross-section accessible on its back.

Our top picks from Misuraa:

5. Savya

The Savya office chairs are quite possibly the most agreeable office chairs in India in light of their impeccable plan, the particularly molded headrest, and the breathable lattice texture. The best element of these ergonomically planned office chairs are the flexible upholstered head uphold. The flexible nature makes it simple to tilt your head in reverse or forward without inclining advance or lean back. The breathable premium line network backrest empowers free air course, in this way decreasing perspiring on your back and lower body territories.

The spring-activated front and back movable lumbar help give the ideal solace to your lower back. The chairs come furnished with a rich, tough, and agreeable armrest that permits you to rest your drained elbows after extended periods of constant composing on the laptop. The inclining switch change makes it workable for you to rest your back by leaning back it at an agreeable point. The chrome-covered steel base looks amazing while at the same time giving the truly necessary strength to the chairs.

The 50mm super solid nylon caster can pivot every which way to make the chairs extraordinary compared to others with regards to portability. The breathable neck cushion keeps your neck loose and agreeable. The breathable texture upgrades the cooling limit of the seat and keeps your neck zone from sweat. The 360-degree turn is one of the heavenly highlights of these chairs.

Among the few best office chair brands, Savya offers some great quality and the best ergonomic chair for office purposes. The five-point wheelbase loans the necessary dependability as you turn 360 degrees. The customizable height adjustment factor makes it agreeable for you to put your feet on the ground. Along these lines, your knees and thighs get the help they need to lessen the general weight on your body as you sit for awkwardly extended periods.

Our top picks from Savya:

6. Featherlite

Such top-notch chairs are not really accessible in such a modest value range. Almost certainly the nature of these is simply first-rate by a wide margin. They have got all the highlights and solace that you require in a decent office seat to have. These chairs don’t do the equity with your upper back and lower back and hence are among the best chair for lower back pain.

Likewise, on the off chance that you sit on typical seats for quite a long time every day, at that point you may need to confront some back torment issue and lower tailbone torment issues and Featherlite chairs are one of the main motivation behind choosing them. The pad and the backrest are planned so that you will get the most extreme solace. The assembled nature of the chairs is simply amazing.

The pad utilized in this office seat is truly delicate and feel excessively great while sitting. Likewise, the chairs accompany a multi-point slant locking instrument where you can shift the backrest and you can bolt the position dependent on your comfort. The best executive chair for the office, Featherlite offers a backrest made of lattice which will help you not to get sweat-soaked back as there is sufficient way for air course.

With adjustable armrest where you can adjust the armrest height dependent on your inclination. Similarly, you can change the point of its headrest dependent on your solace. The great castor wheels with nylon structures have been utilized for better solidness. Likewise, these chairs can without much of a stretch hold a most extreme load of up to 150 Kgs.

Our top picks from Featherlite:

7. Wipro

With the workplace inside planning improving to top-notch levels, you should have office chairs to coordinate with the vibe. The future-prepared plan of these best ergonomic chair plans from Wipro makes it outstanding amongst other planned office chairs in India. The agreeable office chairs find some kind of harmony among execution and class.

The alluring seat, combined with the ergonomic plan empowers users to convey their best exhibitions in the office and even in the WFH climate from their home. The stylish appearance of these chairs add a bit of allure to your office and upgrades the general mood to an alternate level inside and out. The chairs are sufficiently enormous to oblige individuals weighing up to 100 Kgs easily. The padded seat is adjusted accurately to keep weighty individuals from sinking into the pads.

The ergonomically designed synchro-slant instrument is a brilliant one as you can shift in reverse in any event, when your feet contact the ground. Unlike even the best plastic chairs, the movable seat height permits both tall and diminutive individuals from utilizing this ergonomically planned office chair. The movable armrests are put at an ideal point to convey the most ideal help to your lower arms and shoulders simultaneously.

The padded lumbar helps shields your lower back from strain. The wire network upholstery at the back permits free air course, in this manner keeping up the internal heat level and forestalls superfluous perspiring. Subsequently, it offers the most elevated levels of solace. The five-pronged base with top-notch nylon casters makes them perhaps the most agreeable seats to utilize. They offer an elevated level of dependability and portability. The 360-degree turn makes it the best one to use in the workplace.

The movable backrest accompanies a solitary point locking component at the upstanding position. The customizable handle for backrest pressure change is not difficult to work as you can turn it clockwise and counter-clockwise without hardly lifting a finger. The waterfall edge seat configuration facilitates the tension on the thighs and knees, though the ergonomic backrest lessens the weight on the spine and the lower back. With endless highlighting factors and endless scope, Wipro is currently among one of the best office chair brands in India.

Our top picks from Wipro:

8. BeAAtho

The best part of this brand is that the chairs are entirely adjusted to permit you to put your feet easily on the ground. Simultaneously, it keeps your elbows straight, whereby it gets helpful to compose on your PC. Certainly, these chairs are also among the best computer chair you can have. The molded backrest guarantees that you don’t need to lean forward while utilizing your workstations. The enormous armrests give the ideal solace while likewise permitting you to move the seat easily forward or back without agonizing over tumbling off from it.

The excellent metal chrome stand offers the most significant level of steadiness and durability. The rock-solid caster wheels offer great versatility every which way. The 360-degree turn permits you to spin serenely. Subsequently, you don’t need to get up from the seat when contacting writing material and different records kept despite your good faith. The vertical movement pressure driven framework permits you to change the seat stature so your heels contact the ground and not your toes.

The seat is ideal for both tall and diminutive individuals as it offers great steadiness in any event when you sit down in the raised position. The shifting component is wonderful without making you lose your equilibrium when shifting back or forward. You can push the switch in, to bolt the seat and keep up the backrest at 90 degrees. Hauling it out empowers you to shift the backrest to an agreeable 105 degrees. The hardcore stretchable rexine texture gives your seat a magnificent look.

The top-notch earthy hued upholstery makes it an alluring chair. In the event that looks were the lone measures for choosing a chair, then undeniably BeAAtho is one of the best office chair brands and would win the opposition. On the off chance that there is an office chair very much intended to comfort your spine, it has to be from BeAAtho. The bent pads synchronize with your spine’s shape consummately to offer the most significant levels of solace.

Our top picks from BeAAtho:

9. CellBell

These ergonomically planned chairs offer the ideal help vital for your back and shoulders when you trudge it away on your office work area for quite a long time. These chairs for the office accompany brilliant highlights that add to the comfort level. The authentic part of the high back chairs is that they give ideal solace to the neck muscles in view of its ergonomic plan. The thick cushioned backrest gives the ideal bend to your back to rest appropriately, consequently lessening the anxiety on your lower back.

The chairs are the ideal one for individuals, all things considered, little and enormous. The Class 4 gas lift permits you to lift the seat serenely without making any commotion. The pneumatic lift is likewise one of the smoothest to work. The opposition component is not difficult to utilize and dominate. One flick of the thumb is sufficient to permit you to lean back at a 105-degree point to get with your truly necessary rest. Another flick causes the seat to recapture its unique situation in a moment.

The exquisitely planned armrests are put ergonomically to give the ideal solace to your elbows. The elastic cushioning adds to the padding exertion and makes it simple for you to hold the seat when you move around from one finish of the table to the next. The 5-star wheelbase made of solid material can without much of a stretch withstand loads up to 110 kgs. This office seat accompanies five perfectly planned wheels that can turn every which way, along these lines upgrading the versatility factor to another degree.

Among the best gaming chair setups, the Rocking Pressure Adjustor changes the adaptability of shaking back in your seat. The stature movable seat is an advantageous course of action that helps in performing multiple tasks. The lock feature permits you to bolt the lean back at any point between 90 degrees and 110 degrees. The chairs are ideal for the normal Indian office goers who are between 5 to 6 feet in height. As it can easily withstand 110 kgs, it fills in as the ideal office seat accessible in India.

Our top picks from CellBell:

10. Timber Cheese

The ordinary utilize ergonomically planned co-polymer chairs from Timber Cheese that accompany a breathable dark shaped lattice back and a solid plastic armrest. The top-notch plastic umbrella shape base adds additional help to the lightweight office seat and the pneumatic 5-inch seat height change makes the seat extra agreeable for the users.

To offer the entire day backing and solace, the seat accompanies a 2 inch thick cushioned seat that can hold a most extreme limit of 100 kgs. Evaluated monetarily, Timber Cheese chairs are simple on your pocket on the off chance that you are hoping to get back a seat that bolsters your back and neck as you put yourself through the extended periods of exhausting work. The chair with its perfect, present-day look satisfies your requirement for a decent office chair that is not difficult to introduce.

They additionally accompany a year guarantee from the producers, making sure about your buy and offering a significant incentive for cash. The backrest is ergonomically molded to offer enough help and solace to the back and shoulders. This allows you to sit in the seat for longer timeframes with no agony issues. The armrests are additionally planned with a bend which allows you to put the arms with comfort.

The seat is adequately wide to give sufficient space to sit, in any event, for individuals even with robust body shapes. The back region is covered with a breathable cross-section texture which gives enough airflow to take out any perspiration or warmth. The armrests and backrests are comprised of uncompromising plastic material. Not only they are one of the best office chair brands in India but also, Timber Cheese offers some of the best study chairs for students.

Our top picks from Timber Cheese:


Your office chair can have the effect between a profitable and an awkwardly retrogressive workday. While most chairs are simply a spot to sit on, a few among them are deliberately intended to protect you as agreeable and as conceivable by receiving logical standards of security. An office chair is one of the significant office gear. We hope that this guide has been successful enough to give the most thorough research concerning your purchase decision of an ergonomic office chair.


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