Top 10 Nail Polish Brands in India 2024

The Indian market has numerous best nail paint brands, which are awesome in quality and very reasonable as well. Furthermore, there is no need for the reach as far as texture or shadings. With regards to nail polish, there are a lot of shadings, surfaces, definitions, brands, and extra improvements that you can purchase to redo your nail trim. Nonetheless, there is one thing that we as a whole need from our nail paint, and that is life span.

No one appreciates bidding farewell to a lovely manicure. Nobody likes strolling around with chipped nail paints. Re-applying nail paint on top of a chipped base isn’t enjoyable. Fortunately, you don’t need to manage these issues with the nail shines we have recorded here. Nail paints have filled in as a lady’s closest companion for quite a while now as nothing can coordinate to the polish and refinement of a very much prepped woman.

Today we will take you through the best nail polish brands to purchase in India so you can paint a lovely picture with those newly manicured nails. These are the 10 most dependable nail paint brands you can purchase in India to make your nails shine bright.

Best Nail Polish Brands in India

1. Colorbar

Colorbar U.S.A. is an entirely reasonable brand for nail paints. It has an immense shading range and incorporates various completions. You can discover numerous shadings from delicate shades to neon conceals in Colorbar. We suggest this brand due to its accessibility, shading reach, quality, and the amount at the cost it gives. These nail paints are absolute necessities in your reserve.

In the event that quality and a top of the line brand is the thing that you’re searching for in your nail tone, Colorbar is for you. There is an exquisite scope of shadings that the brand has from sparkle to completing shades to the absolute peppiest tones. Colorbar U.S.A. is a pioneer delight brand from the USA. Its make-up and makeup items comprise the best details, making this among the best nail polish brands in India.

With a rich and delicate surface, Colorbar nail paints are chip-safe and non-yellowing. Planned with a 7 free equation; without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, camphor, paraben, and xylene, these are dermatologically tried. These come in a super-premium glass bottle, these nail paints offer a great finish and feel.

Our top picks from Colorbar:

2. Faces Canada

Faces is a decent brand with regards to nail paints. Their nail paints come in two sizes and it has numerous things for nail artists like nail stickers, fake nails, and nail art. We suggest this brand in light of the quality, tones, price, and moderateness. With regards to the best nail polish brands, Faces is a name you can count on.

Its nail paints are a hot top pick with its superior evaluation colors which dry down rapidly and come in different tints to spread out your wings of imagination. Perhaps the best property of this brand is hypoallergenic. In the event that you need to purchase the best dependable Faces nail polish, go for the Faces Ultimate Pro Gel Luster nail polish.

It is one of the celebrated gel nail paint from Faces that you will cherish. Formulated from France, these nail paints are free from Toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde. These nail paints are tested and completely safe for your nails. Being chip-safe, these give a smooth, rich, and velvet soft feel.

Our top picks from Faces Canada:

3. Revlon

Revlon can be named as one of the absolute best durable nail polish brands in India which can offer you an ideal incentive for cash spent. Its chip-safe nail enamel rank high regarding richness and will undoubtedly please you with its high pigmentation remainder. Revlon is an excellent brand that you can trust for nail shines. Their nail paints dry extremely quickly and they are moderate as well. We suggest this brand in view of its quality, value, shading range, gets done with, drying time, and accessibility.

They’ve been around for quite a while and have truly worked effectively in staying aware of the changing patterns and shadings. Sparkle, rich and dull shades, brilliant and lively shades, mattes, Revlon has them all. Colorstay and Top Speed are two of their best lines of nail tone. Revlon has additionally got Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy and Sun Candy lines with nail colors that come long and meager jugs with super-flimsy brushes implied solely for nail art.

The establishment of Revlon happened in the year 1932 by Charles and Revson siblings. Since its establishment, the organization developed as the main brand that overwhelmed the excellence business. These nail paints are injected with optical brighteners for a super smooth, super reflexive look and luxurious look with the most extreme shading measurement.

Our top picks from Revlon:

4. O.P.I

You look for the most dependable and the best nail polish brands in India, closes with O.P.I which can deliver a salon finish to your nails with its quick dry down. The nail paint coasts easily over your nails and don’t break off. There aren’t an excessive number of premium quality nail paint brands that really convey something which warrants the exorbitant cost tag, however, this one does.

The best highlights about O.P.I nail colors that settle on it a favored decision is an incredibly beautiful shading assortment. Their tones are so lovely, helps you to remember a wonderful spring season. Likewise, the quality is essentially amazing and the nail paints skim on the nails like a fantasy.

Established in 1981, O.P.I has changed the nail business with unrivaled quality nail tone and care items. With 70+ tones that overflow greatness, inventiveness, and fun, O.P.I is resolved to change the manner in which you tone and care for your nails, each shade in turn. This is an extraordinary nail paint brand in India that you may discover costly. These costly nail paints are expensive on purpose. The finish is much more impervious to chipping than your standard shines. In addition, it comes in multiple shades.

Our top picks from O.P.I:

5. Lakme

This is one of the best nail polish brands in India offering an assortment of conceals going from creams to metallics and most suggested by India’s top excellence beauticians. Its delectably brilliant shades having a spending sticker price can keep you covered with various reaches like True Wear Color Crush, Absolute Royal Reach, Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist, and so on. It is probably the most established brand for nail paints.

Lakme’s quick and spectacular reach is one of the most smoking-selling nail paints presently in India. These nail shines are truly mainstream and normal across salons in light of the fact that Lakmé is a commonly a recognized name. Notwithstanding, they do in fact last a fair measure of time and satisfy their standing as top choices.

The go-to mark for the greater part of the make-up in India, Lakme has an extraordinary assortment of nail cleans also. Quick and Fabulous by Lakme is the line of nail paints that we totally love for how they’re protected, moderate, and brilliantly hued. Color Crush with its dazzling scope of hued nail art collection and rich finishes are amazing, and True Wear, for its naked and plain tones, are two different lines from Lakme that are extraordinary.

Our top picks from Lakme:

6. Maybelline

This prestigious nail polish brand has the absolute best-finished nail colors which can ensure a stunning completion to your nails. Mixed with color dry innovation, it turns out to be incredibly simple to apply these shades which additionally have a magnificent fortitude. This gel nail paint professes to last an astounding seven days, and there is a base coat accessible in this reach which professes to additional increment its life span.

Besides, the shade range is truly stylish, so you will look over a modern scope of nudes and reds notwithstanding pared-down blues, blacks, and whites. Maybelline is one more worldwide brand that is all over India for practically the entirety of our make-up needs. With their breathtaking assortment of nail tones in the lines ‘Colorshow’ and ‘Express Finish’, they’ve in a real sense assumed control over the nail paint scene in India.

Well inside a value scope, Maybelline nail tones are very moderate as well. In case you’re searching for a nail shading that waits for quite a while without becoming dim, ‘Super stay-7’ from Maybelline is the thing that you should go for. Among the best nail polish brands, Maybelline is a sure-shot name.

Maybelline Superstay 7 Days City Nudes Nail Polish, Number 888, Brick Tan
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Maybelline Superstay 7 Days City Nudes Nail Polish, Number 888, Brick Tan
  • Superstay 7 Days City Nudes Nail Polish
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  • Colour: Brick Tan

7. Oriflame

It is one of the best nail polish brands of smooth as butter shades and super-quick dry down. With a moderate-cost plan, you can undoubtedly get your hands on a flexible assortment range in even the most interesting tints and surfaces you didn’t know could exist. Dependable high inclusion nail paint in the most modern shades is what Oriflame brings.

With expert gel technology for even inclusion and chip and blur safe tone, give your nails the sugar impact. The wide brush for precise application is another highlight the brand offers. The finished nail paint in energetic tones treats conceals too exquisite to even think about overlooking.

Once dried to a semi-matte gel the nails boasts of solidified sugar impacts and unpretentious sparkle. The Colourbox collection has great time shades and arrives in a charming little jug that is not difficult to fly into your handbag. With fab new tones and such extraordinary worth, presently Colourbox is a hit.

Our top picks from Oriflame:

No products found.

8. Elle 18

Elle 18 nail paints are estimated at an extremely pocket-friendly price and are of acceptable quality. We suggest this brand due to its accessibility, moderateness, and great quality. In case you’re one of those individuals who’d prefer to change your nail shading each other day, Elle 18 nail pops are that awesome and perfect pick for you.

They come in tiny and adorable containers in an entire distinctive scope of tones and best of all, every one of these jugs costs a simple Rs 50. Try not to expect these nail tones to keep going for more than up to 14 days, notwithstanding. Consider as, among the best nail polish brands for crazy and exceptional style, Elle 18 is a sure shot mention in our rundown.

Offering some of the most popular makeup products, Elle 18 is claimed by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) and is filling quickly in the Indian market. Today it has countless customers in the shaded beautifying agent’s fragment. This brand has more mindfulness and an immense client base in contrast with different brands.

Our top picks from Elle 18:

9. DeBelle

This premium brand has some exceptionally enduring nail paints. While accessibility and shade range, you can have confidence that one layer of whatever you do purchase will go far. It is planned particularly to hold a shiny completion for quite a long time to come. This nail paint is curated with a characteristic concentrate of kelp that advances nail development.

It hence assists with forestalling the yellowing of nails. The nail paints are a 5 free recipe and are additionally cruelty-free. The gel-based equation of the nail paint gives a shiny and consistent completion once applied. It likewise permits the enamel to dry rapidly without the need for UV light. The high pigmentation of the nail paints gives an elegant appeal to your outfit. The tone of each nail paint is unmistakable in its own specific manner.

The charming shades match consummately with all shades of outfits. It has a rich shading looks splendid and striking. This nail polish can undoubtedly add a dash of tastefulness to your gathering. It gives a suffering sparkle and the level wide brush gives full inclusion, which allows you to get an expert nail treatment take a gander at the solace of your home.

Our top picks from DeBella:

10. Miniso

The dependable Pittura nail polish from Miniso will last as long as 20 days with a legitimate application, your nail expressions will consistently keep the splendid shine, with no chips or smudge. In vogue conceals in a hurry and for each temperament, Miniso nail polish improves the world a spot. These dependable and chip-safe, Miniso nail paints coat your nails flawlessly giving them an energetic and exquisite look.

There are a ton of shading numbers to browse to address your issues in various events. The dazzling sparkle and rich, durable tone, that will not blur in one at-home recipe. Likewise, the wide-point brush makes smooth, bubble-free coats. The long-wear nail finish and super intense topcoat convey splendid sparkle and rich, staggering tints that last all in 3 rapid advances.

The rich nail paint tones permit you to adjust to any occasion, like easygoing affairs, nightclub, party, wedding, and on a regular workday. The highlight is that these are made with no harmful synthetic compounds to accelerate the drying interaction. Miniso is one of the best nail polish brands in India where you do not have to compromise on quality even at a sensible price.

Our top picks from Miniso:


Who doesn’t cherish shading up their nails for certain brilliant and stunning tones and plans again and again? However, with regards to looking for our nail paints, we’re frequently befuddled by every one of the brands that are accessible on the lookout. Which ones last the longest, which ones are the most secure, and which nail paint brands come in the coolest tones. This best nail polish brands list offers the absolute most durable and delightful numbers which can fill in as a fundamental bundle of your day-by-day grooming custom. In this way, give them a shot today as you can barely turn out badly with these best nail polish brands. Let us know which is your number one pick among them.


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