10 Best Mosquito Nets in India 2023: Cut out the Buzz

The period of mosquitos has come. Mosquitos make our daily routine experiencing damnation by moving around our ears. They are additionally liable for such countless basic sicknesses. It is in every case better to stay away from mosquitos however much as could be expected and what’s better than having the best mosquito net that can go over your bed or windows. Since the rainy season is prepared to make its quality felt all over India, individuals are really happy that they will get some relief from this searing summer heat and moist air. During the monsoon season, it rains quite intensely and for a truly prolonged stretch of time also.

Yet, attributable to the ill-advised waste offices and those potholes that we consistently see on the streets, the condition may turn out to be surprisingly more dreadful after the downpours. Because of this water logging issue, the streets and different territories become the favorite places for mosquitoes and different bugs, which may lead to a lot of sicknesses. Along these lines, to prepare you for the impending carnival of mosquitoes, we have arranged the list of the best mosquito net available in India, which will help you avoid dangerous illnesses.

Besides, every one of these mosquito nets will assist you with getting legitimate rest around evening time with no unsettling influence taking everything into account. In this post, we have found and reviewed some of the best mosquito nets for beds and windows available in India that will save you from those parasitic beasts.

Top 10 Mosquito Nets for Beds and Windows

1. Classic Foldable Mosquito Net

Classic Mosquito Net for Double Bed | King Size Foldable Machardani | Polyester 30GSM Strong Net | PVC Coated Corrosion Resistant Steel Wire - Blue
  • Contains: One Classic Mosquito Net for Double Bed – King Size 200cm x 200cm x 145cm ( i.e. 6.5 Ft X 6.5Ft X 4.7ft) Suitable For 2 Adults 1 Child , with Star patch Storage Bag, for adults and babies
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Strong, 50 denier, 30GSM, tightly woven, see-through polyester machhardani
  • CORROSION RESISTANT & WASHABLE: Self-supporting, high strength, PVC Coated seel spring frame. Easy to install, fold down and wash
  • HIGH DURABILITY: Long-lasting superior quality zippers and double-stitched lining which stays like new even post washing
  • ALSO AVAILABLE IN TWO MORE SIZES : Queen Size Double Bed (Size of macchardani : 6.5Ft X 5.5Ft X 4.5ft) And Single Bed (Size of macchardani : 6.56ft X 3.9ft X 4.2ft)

Classic is quite possibly the most suggested brand of mosquito net in the Indian market. It accompanies a large group of serious highlights that gives it an edge over the others. The best part about this mosquito net is that it is not difficult to introduce and springs up immediately. It is additionally simple to overlay. The issue-free use, great quality material, and brand sway is the thing that made this in our rundown. It accompanies a capacity pack, which is for nothing out of pocket.

Additionally, remembered for the mosquito net are two enormous zipper entryways, for simple passage and exit. The mosquito net is comprised of polyester material. Its cross-section size configuration offers an ideal air course. Additionally, the openings in the net are truly minuscule, which assists with keeping all sizes of bugs. In general, it has an exceptionally solid yet delicate net. Classic nets arrive in a liberal size. This along the lines can prove to be the best mosquito net for double bed.

We would energetically suggest this, significantly in light of the fact that its self-foldable, requires less an ideal opportunity to wrap up your bed. Likewise, on the grounds that the item is lightweight, and thus can be completed in any event, even when you are traveling. The PVC-covered bar offers great mechanical strength and durability along the terelyne material makes it launderable.

2. Story@Home Foldable Mosquito Net

Story@home Foldable Mosquito Net, Aesthetic Net with Soft Mesh & 2 Side Zipper Openings, Fancy Mosquito Net for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Queen-XL Size, Blue
4,979 Reviews
Story@home Foldable Mosquito Net, Aesthetic Net with Soft Mesh & 2 Side Zipper Openings, Fancy Mosquito Net for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Queen-XL Size, Blue
  • ✔️ Stylish Mosquito Nets - Slumber inside this practically designed mosquito net for bed. It’s tailored to shield you from mosquitoes, flies & other insects while adding flair to your bedroom
  • ✔️ High-Density, Breathable Weave - This mosquito net for bed features a tight mesh weaving at 300 holes per square inch. This ensures a secure shield against pesky mosquito while allowing easy air movement at the same time
  • ✔️ Flexible & Self-Supporting - Our net is supported by a folding and bendable PVC coated steel wire. This foldable mosquito net pops right up when opened. It also comes with a flexible yet sturdy frame that won’t require additional ties and props
  • ✔️ Convenient Access - This anti mosquito net has double-sided zipper-enclosed openings on 2 sides for easier entry and exit. It also comes with an elastic belt fitting on every corner to keep the sleeping net in place all the time
  • ✔️ Suitable for Outdoor Use - You can use this folding mosquito net inside your camping tent with its compact, lightweight, and easy-assembling design. It’s a very portable mosquito net that folds into a flat circle. It comes with a convenient bag for storage

Story@Home is a rich piece of net to possess. It has flexible groups on every one of the four corners that give this mosquito net a durable construction. You will likewise track down some additional fabric that can be pulled underneath the bedding, which makes it useful for inside, yet in addition an ideal decision for breezy outside like porch and nurseries. It is lightweight, which implies you won’t need to require any additional exertion in conveying it and can be handily collapsed as well.

The plan is in vogue and open. It is intended to meet the changing requirements of clients. Story@Home mosquito nets come at a reasonable rate. This mosquito net is made of premium quality nylon material, so you can without much of a stretch wash and dry it. The ideal size can fit any big bed. Likewise, in light of the fact that it has no corners, rather flexible lashes, you can utilize this net for all bed sizes, making this the best mosquito net for bed.

Notwithstanding the 4 lashes, the mosquito net likewise has an additional versatile band that assists with holding it once collapsed. By and large, we suggested Story@Home significantly in light of the fact that it will give you a consistent bed. Additionally, the look is very smooth, giving your bed an amazing royal sort of set-up.

3. Lifekrafts Mosquito Screen Curtain

LifeKrafts Polyester Magnetic Mosquito Net for Door | Mosquito Curtain for All Door Types & Sizes | Auto-Closing Insect Screen to Keep Mosquito Out (Black, 200 x 100 Cms)
  • SIGNIFICANCE: Blocks the Mosquitoes and Allow Fresh air and Cool breeze through the doors. Get your door screens soon and avoid the chances of Mosquito borne diseases dengue, malaria and other mosquito related viruses. Let your child do not get disturbed
  • Made with high quality polyester 60 GSM. Velcro is fully sewn into the mesh . The Self-adhesive hook tape comes with strong glue. - all the necessary hardware are included
  • CONVIENENCE: A mesh you would love for it does. It has magnets sewn into the mesh which help in closing automatically and opening with a gentle touch. Pets and Toddlers can enter easily as well

LifeKrafts is the organization that brings you items which is in your security and health space. The results of the organization are included with high practical by giving viable arrangement which is not difficult to keep up and use. This cross-section net is planned with attractive affixing where you have 28 magnets that ensure you can open and close expediently.

You can utilize this for your windows or any entryways where there are more odds of mosquitoes entering. Utilizing these lattice curtains maintains a strategic distance from mosquito-related infections and illnesses like dengue, malaria, and so on. These nets are made out of polyester materials. You get sturdy and huge magnets that guarantee you to quickly open and close naturally. To stay away from bugs from going into the home, as you separate the magnets they consequently return together and close the entryway.

The screen blind is tacky to the window and doesn’t tumble off effectively as it has a full edge snare and circle. This lattice net with an attractive screen permits the natural air inside the room by staying away from the mosquitoes to go into the house. This lattice entryway closes delicately each time no more entryway shutting viciously, making this the best mosquito net for windows and doors.

4. Healthy Sleeping Foldable Mosquito Net

Healthy Sleeping Foldable Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net (Light Pink)
5,231 Reviews
Healthy Sleeping Foldable Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net (Light Pink)
  • Material:Polyester, Color:Light Pink, Washable
  • Item Dimension: 182.88 cm x 182.88 cm x 124.96 cm
  • Package Contents:1 Double Bed Mosquito Net ; Fine mesh provides excellent protection
  • Storage bag included at free of cost, provided with large zipper gates on two sides for easy and convenient entry and exit
  • Can easily accommodate double bed, king size, super king size and queen size bed

The primary thing that you will see in the Healthy mosquito net is its lovely floral plan. It will mix well with any room inside. This mosquito net can be effortlessly pressed and can be considered the best mosquito net for double bed. Likewise, it is an open net, so you can even fold it, not at all like the mosquito nets that accompany base fabric. With a fine lattice that offers superb insurance from mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, and other flying bugs, it accompanies two huge zipper doors on the two sides, permitting you to effectively slide all through the net.

The material utilized for this mosquito net is polyester, which makes it launderable. Polyester is additionally fit for holding heat, keeping you energetically pulled inside the net, and assisting you with appreciating a comfortable rest. The net is fabricated utilizing spring steel innovation, which makes it strong, and furthermore helps in giving the most extreme ventilation to its client.

These are accessible in different sizes, and a few plans and patterns. It is a lightweight item that can be effortlessly collected and done. The Heathy net additionally requires the least extra room. It returns with a capacity that is liberated from cost. The net should be hand-washed which forestalls blurring or contracting. The high carbon steel wires utilized with cover by PVC tube guarantee super strength.

5. Royale Foldable Mosquito Net

ROYALE HI DESIGN Double Bed Foldable Mosquito Net with Saviours, (King Size, White)
  • Stylish design mosquito net: - ROYALE HI DESIGN mosquito net is a stylish and uniquely designed hassle-free mosquito net that not only protects you from insect bites but also gives your bedroom and beds a stylish and luxurious look. The thin transparent cover gives a royal look to your bed as well as the bedroom.
  • Foldable and self-supporting: - They are easily foldable and thus easy to wash and easy to use too. You can get a free storage bag to keep the mosquito net after folding. There is no requirement of the nail as it is completely self-supporting and can withstand any king or queen size bed.
  • Breathable environment: - Besides protecting from mosquito and other insect bites, it also provides a refreshed and soothing environment inside the bed as it is transparent and very thin that allows air in and out. The use of ROYALE mosquito net will give your bed a luxurious touch and a restful night too.
  • Fits perfectly: - ROYALE Mosquito net can fit any type of bed such as king size, double king size, and queen size as it is of the size of the Double bed. It is of the size 200x200x145cms that can very easily accommodate to any type of double beds.
  • Easy to use: - It is a foldable and self-supporting mosquito net that makes it easy to fold and easy to wash. Moreover, it can pop up in an instant with self-supporting features over the bed. It also provides a convenient and easy entry with the zipper gate attached to it.

The clean, splendid, and sparkling appearance will give your room a vibe of majesty. The organization has been in the business for over 10 years now and works with a mission to shield the world from hazardous illnesses like malaria, dengue, H1N1 and that’s just the beginning. The net accompanies an enormous zipper, that permits you to effectively enter and leave the net, without changing its position.

This implies you can rest calmly in the evening, realizing that not a solitary mosquito would have gotten an opportunity to enter the net. This mosquito net is explicitly intended for Indian climate conditions. The net has enormous pores that permit a superior wind current, however with a solid cross-section, which guarantees a bug-free resting zone.

The material of the net is polyester which will be simple for you to douse, spotless, and dry, dissimilar to the conventional mosquito nets that were made of fabric and took a great deal of time and energy to clean. Generally a delightful-looking material, that can likewise be hauled around without any problem. Royale mosquito net has taken a spot in our rundown of the best mosquito net for bed on purpose.

6. Shahji Creation Fiber Mosquito Net for Framed Windows

Shahji Creation Fiber Mosquito Net For Steel Framed Windows Insect Fly Bug Mesh Screen- Valcro Model
2,880 Reviews
Shahji Creation Fiber Mosquito Net For Steel Framed Windows Insect Fly Bug Mesh Screen- Valcro Model
  • Excellent Fabric And Hdpe Net
  • Happy Walking Lightweight And Easy To Carry
  • Size-150 Cm X 150 Cm
  • Color- White
  • Valcro- Strick Your Window Fame, One Side Stricker And Other Side Hook

The mosquito net by Shahji Creation accompanies the great texture and HDPE net which is light in weight and can be conveyed without any problem. You get this cross-section unstitched, this is reasonable for wooden casing windows and you will be given non-gluey velcro tape. These nets can be cleaned without any problem.

With great fiber and velcro tape quality, these are the most confided in the brand among in excess of a hundred similar producers. These nets are sturdy and are comprised of a top-notch 120 GSM PVC covering fiberglass net. They are solid, strong, adaptable, and launderable and you can introduce them without any problem. These nets keep going long in long run and support is additionally simple and looks great with a great wind stream.

You can utilize these nets in your galleries as pigeon nets, principal entrance entryway, and kitchen entryway and for windows and furthermore gives great ventilation and clearness. This net comes with great quality sewing with loads added to the lower part of the net to keep it flawless. Undeniably this is among the best mosquito net for windows.

7. Galoppia Foldable Mosquito Net

Galoppia Foldable Mosquito Net for Double Bed Strong 30GSM, High Durability, Foldable, Corrosion Resistant, Lightweight(King Size (6ft to 6.9ft) x (6ft to 6.9ft), Pink)
  • ✔️ Galoppia mosquito net comes in the size of 200cm (6.5ft) X 120cm (4ft) X 140 cm which fits all the types of mosquito net double bed including foldable mosquito net for king size bed. mosquito net in pink There is extra fabric on the side of the net which can be tucked inside the bed after opening the net.
  • ✔️Galoppia nets are made taking extra care in such a way that the polyester mesh are a bit larger mosquito net large in size which will allow proper flow of air inside the net at that same time small enough for mosquito net baby, flies and other insect to come inside the net.
  • ✔️Galoppia mosquito net bed double have two zippers on the side which make entry and exit convenient for the occupants. foldable mosquito net for single person The rods come with extra strength which makes the net pop-up when open and prevents it from collapsing .
  • ✔️Galoppia nets are sturdy yet light in weight and easily foldable which make it easy for customers to pack it in the bag which is provided along with the product and carry it along during travelling. Galoppia nets are easily washable. foldable mosquito net for queen size bed They must be folded and soaked in lukewarm water with detergent and then soaked in clean water for washing. mosquito net bed double After washing they must be kept open in sun for drying.
  • ✔️Galoppia intends for provide peaceful sleep at night and prevent people from harmful diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc at the same avoid the harmful effects for repellent sprays and coils.

As for the adjustment in client patterns and climatic conditions that win in India, this mosquito net is planned. It is comprised of polyester material and has huge pores for a better air course. You won’t ever get a vibe that you are lying with a security divider around. It never disappoints you in gathering the mosquito net each night.

This Galoppia foldable mosquito net in India is accessible in various sizes for both single and twofold beds. It gives a plain lattice plan in a white tone with weaving to make it look stunning. It has a self-support plan and furthermore simple to create and store in a reduced pack when not being used.

This kind of mosquito net is based on spring steel innovation for problem-free utilization. On the off chance that you are searching for a modest however solid and the best mosquito net for bed, at that point don’t spare a moment to buy it.

8. Healthgenie Foldable Mosquito Net

Healthgenie Foldable Mosquito Net for Single Bed with Repair Kit Patches - White
  • Package Contents : 1 Single Bed Mosquito net (White) , Instruction Manual , Repair Kit Set ( Patches)
  • This mosquito net is made of polyster fabric which ensures super quality and restricts flies and mosquitoes from entering the net
  • This mosquito net is stylish yet spacious which is specifically designed keeping in the changing needs of the consumer it comprises of 1 zipper gate which makes you easy to get in and out
  • Light weighted net makes it convenient for users to take it along while travelling it's easy to fold provision makes it all the more hassle free
  • t is easy to put on and equally easy to remove easy to wash, it offers a clean environment top sleep in size: 200x120x145 cm

Healthgenie mosquito net looks very much like its other rivals yet is lighter. Made of the best cross-section, this mosquito net is similarly equipped for keeping flies, mosquitos, and different kinds of bugs under control. The net is upscale yet extensive, making it ideal for a twofold bed. It has a two-way section and leaves that can be opened and fixed with zippers. Clients who have been utilizing the Healthgenie mosquito net have affirmed the nature of the zipper. Something else that we saw while checking on the thing is that it is decently estimated. Indeed, this Healthgenie item is 15% lesser estimated than its rivals.

In spite of the fact that huge in size, however, it is exceptionally simple to overlap, which makes it an ideal travel accomplice. Particularly in those wilderness-type resorts where there are fewer arrangements accessible. The Healthgeinie Mosquito Net will keep you safe and permit you to appreciate the climate without getting chomped. The material utilized is polyester. Subsequently, you won’t need to require any additional exertion in cleaning the net. Its profoundly thick hazy cross-section, only little openings not permitting mosquitoes yet guaranteeing great ventilation.

This is the more slick and extensive net that guarantees your sound and profound rest. Healthgenie’s mosquito net accompanies wonderful weaving on its two sides. At the point when the weaving focuses on faint night lights, the net looks alluring as well. It has 2 zipper entryways for you to get in and out without any problem. Its lightweight plan makes it simple to convey when you are heading out to any place. Everything, the nature of the texture, strings, nature of the zips, stockpiling sacks, and so forth is nearly better than other mosquito nets, making this the best mosquito net for double bed.

9. Mesh Grey Planet Mosquito Net for Windows

NETFLY MOSQUITO NET Window net with Fiber Glass Already Stitched Mosquito Net (4 X 4 Feet, Mp1, Grey)
  • Colors Available: BLACK, GREY, IVORY, WHITE, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW (Customised sizes are Available)
  • Material:Fiberglass,Customised sizes also Available as per your window Requirement we will provide
  • In the Pack:1 Mosquito without Stitched,1 Adhesive Hook Sticker,1 Normal Loop,1 Cutter

With this fiberglass mosquito net, you can easily fix this lattice to windows, balconies, ventilators to stay away from mosquitoes, insects, lizards, bugs, and flies. It permits appropriate ventilation and air along with the small pores it has. This is washable, foldable, and durable for quite a long time.

Mosquito network becomes significant with regards to stay away from illnesses brought about by mosquitoes. These lattices keep out mosquitoes and can be introduced to windows and entryways. As it is a lattice, it likewise permits appropriate ventilation and air to go through it. They are launderable and are additionally heat safe.

The lattice should be sewed by the size of the windows. The item accompanies a Velcro sticker also. For the sturdy nature, air circulation, and top-notch quality along with the purpose this net serves, this can be claimed to be the best mosquito net for windows.

10. Athenacreations Foldable Mosquito Net

ATHENACREATIONS Mosquito net | Mosquito net for bed | mosquito net for bed king size | machardani net double bed cotton | mosquito net for double bed | machardani | net for bed | machhardani | mosquito net...
  • Athenacreations Mosquito net is of great value for money. It does not require harmful mosquito repellents. These are suitable in mosquito net for bed king size and also for mosquito net for bed queen size. These acta as a great baby mosquito net. You do not need net for windows as these are perfect mosquito net for baby protection. These mosquito net are available in mosquito net for single bed and machardani for double bed.
  • Athenacreations Mosquito net Size of this mosquito net for bed is 200cm X 120cm X 130 cm can Easily accommodate bed for single bed.
  • Easily Washable (steel wires are corrosion resistant), Self-Supporting, No Requirement to nail the wall. It is constructed of a fine see through mesh fabric. It is designed to fit over an area or item such as a sleeping bad & bed to provide protection from insects and mosquito.
  • Pops up in an Instant and Automatically, Can be folded in less than 30 Seconds.The mesh is woven tightly enough to stop insects from entering but loosely enough to not interfere with ventilation.
  • Storage Bag Included & comes with patches to cover the future accidental holes in the mosquito net, Provided with large Zipper gates on two Sides with inner and outer runner for easy and convenient Entry and Exit.

This one is comprised of premium and vigorous texture material. Obviously, it has 2 zipper doors for simple development, 1 side section for a single bed net. Like other best mosquito nets for beds, it comes simply to spring up since it is likewise a self-supporting one. Cross-section size is ideally intended for most extreme air dissemination.

It simply has small openings to get the mosquitoes far from you. Its PVC-covered bars are consumption safe, and coincidentally, the net is launderable. Accessible in various tones and handcrafts, no extra mosquito anti-agents are needed as it gives the most extreme insurance. You can even utilize it on the nursery floor or porch.

Keep your friends and family protected and infection-free with this mosquito net from Athenacreations. Made of terylene material, with a solid texture network and flesh-safe PVC poles with ideal air dissemination, this is a great decision.


A mosquito net is a fundamental need in our country. In spite of the fact that this is a shocking reality, we would now be able to discover comfort in the way that our nation has delivered numerous excellent mosquito nets which give substantially more than simply a cover like conventional mosquito nets. Regardless of whether it be serious sicknesses like malaria and dengue, or essentially upsetting mosquito chomps and humming, utilizing a decent mosquito net is the best method of keeping the mosquitoes under control. It is additionally the least demanding way.

We can obviously kill off mosquitoes for great by utilizing mosquito bats or mosquito coils, however, that takes some time and exertion. Just a mosquito net gives you 100% assurance. What’s more, presently you know the best ones available.


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