10 Best Mosquito Coils & Repellant Incense Sticks 2024

Mosquito repellant coils are a productive technique to kill mosquitoes for an average family. More than 40% of the total populace is in danger of illnesses identified with mosquitoes. The best mosquito coils and mosquito repellant incense sticks are suggested by the World Health Organization as a security measure for insurances from mosquitoes. Individuals all throughout the planet utilizing mosquito coils are the common people. That is the explanation that there is quick development in the market of mosquito coils as of late.

The worldwide market esteem gauges at roughly 4.1 billion dollars in 2024. The insights predicate that these numbers stretch out to 6 million dollars by 2027. In this methodology, we bring to you the best mosquito coils in India that not just are productive to shield your environmental factors from mosquitoes yet in addition motivations less or no harm to your wellbeing. Numerous organizations in the market offer phony items to clients for the sake of bringing down mosquito loop costs.

However, they are utilizing modest synthetics that cause medical problems indeed. The misguided judgment they spread is that the brands take additional cash for their name. Yet, actually, they are boosting their benefit by utilizing modest synthetics. The mosquito coil organizations referenced here have the best spending mosquito coils in India. These are proficient and furthermore cause no medical problems.

Top 10 Mosquito Coils and Repellant Incense Sticks in India

1. Mortein Power Booster Coil

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Mortein is a grounded name in outstanding amongst other best mosquito coils brands in India. It gives curls that contain bug sprays to execute or repulses mosquitoes alongside synthetics that diminish the impact of a mosquito chomp. This item has the capacity of consuming for more than 24 hours with components like DEET that empowers the moment killing of mosquitoes over a bigger inclusion zone. These mosquito coils give an interesting component of the hexagonal plan that contains synthetics at each corner in a powder structure that delivers a force sponsor all through the correct that is viable against mosquitoes that contaminate intestinal sickness, dengue, and chikungunya. It utilizes some measures of DEET for the decrease of infection and virus impact.

The DEET focus is additionally high when contrasted with different coils for better assurance and longer span. The synthetics are adjusted, so there is no mischief. What’s more, it additionally needs appropriate ventilation is required. This item likewise contains 0.15% of d-Allethrin. These are compounds in bug sprays that effectively execute mosquitoes, lessens the impact of illnesses brought about by them, and furthermore fill in as a cure to repulse mosquitoes from people and different creatures. This specific item utilizes different synthetics likewise that mostly focus on the dengue infection. On the off chance that you are looking for a spending range outside arrangement, this is a quality item offered by Mortein.

2. Good Knight Green Shakti Low Smoke Coil

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Individuals disdain malaria, dengue, and disturbing mosquito chomps, particularly with regards to their kids. That is the place where Good Knight steps in, with straightforward, creative, instinctive methods of warding mosquitoes off. They are the most noteworthy selling mosquito repellent brand in India, producing the best mosquito coils. Good Knight is likewise continually searching for approaches to turn out to be better at what they call ‘ensuring cheerful minutes’. The Low smoke coils from Good Knight diminishes disturbing smoke are a portion of the advancement developments that were brought into the world of this methodology.

Good Knight is as much a metropolitan brand, as a rustic arrangement. Good Knight green shakti coils guarantee your group as long as 12 hours of insurance from mosquitoes. The coil has 25% additional actives when contrasted with any common Prallethrin 0.04% curls which mean better adequacy and quicker repellency. Channel innovation in these coil guarantees considerably less smoke and better viability. The Dynamic Filter Technology guarantees that the curl consumes for all intents and purposes without smoke.

3. Maxo A-Grade Mosquito Coil

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This is the green shaded mosquito curl for valuable purposes at home it wards the mosquito off and shields you from mosquito nibbles and mosquito-conceived sicknesses. It begins working in a split second and arrives at niches and corners. Effective against malaria, dengue, and chikungunya conveying by mosquitoes, the Maxo mosquito coil contains a unique force that permits battling with mosquitoes in huge open spaces.

This additionally shields you and your loved ones from all potential afflictions that mosquitoes can bring. It helps keep your family refreshed, sound and furthermore makes you eight hours’ worth of continuous assurance against mosquitoes. Made utilizing dried glue of pyrethrum powder, the coil is generally held at the focal point of the twisting suspending it noticeable all around. Undeniably Maxo is a popular name when it comes to the best mosquito coils.

4. Liela Incense Mosquito Coil

LIELA - Garden Incense Coil set of 2 Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil 6 inch, garden incense coil for mosquito repellent 6 inch round set of 2 with metal stand
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LIELA - Garden Incense Coil set of 2 Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil 6 inch, garden incense coil for mosquito repellent 6 inch round set of 2 with metal stand
  • Incense coil citronella and lemongrass is the Best Mosquito repellent it is coming with beautiful metal stand to hang on
  • Mosquito repellent incense coil is made of Pure and premium fragrance citronella and lemongrass that is refreshing lime fragrance in incense coil and rejoicing citronella will gives grassy garden fresh fragrance with no insect or mosquito
  • Burn in the garden or balcony and feel the insect free ambiance, the burning time for each coil is more than 8 hours
  • mosquito repellent incense coil citronella and lemongrass can be used multiple times on a beautiful metal stand
  • Proudly and completely Made in India, Vocal for Local. Pure Fragrance, ncense Coil set of 2, Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil 6 inch, garden incense coil for mosquito repellent 6 inch round set of 2 with metal stand

This incense mosquito coil made of citronella and lemongrass is among the best mosquito repellent and is accompanying by a lovely metal remain to hold tight. This is made of pure and premium scented citronella and lemongrass with a reviving lime aroma in every incense curl and celebrating citronella that will give a fresh garden scent with no bug or mosquito. Consume in the nursery or gallery and feel the bug-free atmosphere, over 8 hours.

This made in India mosquito coil comes with an unadulterated fragrance with a metal substitute. The pure aroma of Citronella and Lemongrass has been customarily utilized as mosquito and creepy crawly repellent. These can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can even hang them instead of using the metal stand.

5. PIC Mosquito Repelling Coils

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PIC coils are a top notch item that assists with warding mosquitoes off. The dynamic fixing present in the PIC coils is d-cis or trans allethrin which is a bug spray known to be exceptionally successful at murdering mosquitoes and other little flying bugs. The loop works by making an insect spray smoke boundary that wards the mosquitoes off. Allethrin is a man-made copy of pyrethrum for example a characteristic insect poison separated from chrysanthemum flowers and works by disturbing the working of the mosquito’s focal sensory system.

These mosquito coils can be utilized even outside in less windy zones like decks and patios and can wreck to 5 to 7 hours. For best outcomes, it is recommended by the maker to put one coil each 10 feet. The dynamic fixing present in these are likewise poisonous to amphibian creatures, thusly, it ought not be arranged off in water. Additionally, it isn’t poisonous to birds. In spite of the fact that there are levels of insect poison in these mosquito repellent curls, there is certifiably not a high danger of harmfulness.

6. Omved Repel Ayurvedic Mosquito Coil

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Omved ayurvedic mosquito repellent coil can successfully fend mosquitoes and bugs off while enjoying the perfect rapture of fragrant healing, with the unmistakable mix of sweet-smelling home grown concentrates and slick fundamental oils of Tulsi, Eucalyptus, Citronella, and Lemongrass. This low-smoke, non-toxic, and chemical-free ayurvedic mosquito repellent coil don’t execute mosquitoes and bugs, simply repulse them adequately with the exuberant scent of its particular mix of flawless and sweet-smelling natural fixings, the protected option in contrast to destructive mosquito curls.

Since it doesn’t contain any synthetic compounds the smoke doesn’t emanate harmful smoke when contrasted with substance-based mosquito coils. This ‘All-Natural’ ayurvedic mosquito coil utilizes a novel mix of Ayurvedic spices to repulse creepy crawlies and bugs. It doesn’t contain any synthetic substances and not even artificial fragrances or diethyltoluamide, making this one of the best mosquito coils.

7. Phool Mosquito Repellent Cone

Phool - Mosquito Repellent | Pack of 2 (80 Organic Dhoop Cones | 2 Fragrances- Citronella & Eucalyptus)+1 Free Ceramic Holder |Handrolled |Sulpher & Charcoal Free | 100% Organic (500 GMS)
1,651 Reviews
Phool - Mosquito Repellent | Pack of 2 (80 Organic Dhoop Cones | 2 Fragrances- Citronella & Eucalyptus)+1 Free Ceramic Holder |Handrolled |Sulpher & Charcoal Free | 100% Organic (500 GMS)
  • INCENSE FOR REPELLING MOSQUITOES: Phool Citronella and Eucalyptus Incense Cones are perfect natural mosquito repellents for your home. Their sharp citrusy notes are overbearing for the mosquitoes, keeping them from entering the surrounded area and helping us stay safe and protected. The package contains a set of 2 incense boxes with each box containing 40 incense cones. Each cone is 3.5cm in length and offers a long burning time of 30 - 35 minutes.
  • CHEMICAL-FREE REPELLENT: Phool Mosquito Repellent incense Cones are dipped in 100% natural essential oils. Unlike the chemical based mosquito repellents available in the market, the organic Phool Incense Cones are safe and healthy for one to inhale.
  • THERAPEUTIC INCENSE: Eucalyptus and Citronella are also commonly used for Aromatherapy and Meditation. With their rich rejuvenating properties they help relieve stress and calm the mind & body.
  • MILD SOOTHING FRAGRANCE: Phool incenses have a mild and soothing fragrance, having a refreshing and rejuvenating effect on your mind and body. These fragrances that are soothing and calming for us, smell pungent to the mosquitoes, naturally driving them away.
  • MADE FROM TEMPLE FLOWERS: Completely charcoal-free incense Cones crafted by upcycling flowers offered in temples. These incense Cones help provide a better livelihood to >80 marginalised women and save >8.4 tonnes of flower waste from being dumped into the Ganges every day.

Phool Citronella and Eucalyptus incense cones are wonderful regular mosquito anti-agents for your home. Their sharp citrusy notes are oppressive for the mosquitoes, holding them back from entering the encompassed region and assisting us with remaining protected constantly. The bundle contains a bunch of 2 incense boxes with each case containing 40 incense cones offering a long consuming season of 30 – 35 minutes. These are plunged in 100% common fundamental oils. Dissimilar to the compound-based mosquito anti-agents accessible on the lookout, the natural Phool cones are protected and sound for one to breathe in.

Eucalyptus and Citronella are likewise normally utilized for Aromatherapy and Meditation. With their rich restoring properties they help ease pressure and quiet the brain and body. These have a gentle and relieving aroma, having an invigorating and restoring impact at the forefront of your thoughts and body. These aromas that are alleviating and quieting, smell impactful to the mosquitoes, normally pushing them away. Completely charcoal-free, these are created by upcycling blossoms offered in temples and are among the best mosquito coils.

8. Aadiva Mosquito Repellant Incense Sticks

Aadiva Shuddhi | Neem Tulsi Kapur Bamboo-Less Incense Sticks 100 gm | Natural Mosquito Out Repellant | 40 Bamboo-Less Sticks
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Aadiva Shuddhi | Neem Tulsi Kapur Bamboo-Less Incense Sticks 100 gm | Natural Mosquito Out Repellant | 40 Bamboo-Less Sticks
  • Primary Material : Natural Wood Powder, Jigat Powder, Sandalwood Powder, Guargum, Neem Powder, Tulsi Powder, Blend of Natural ans fragrance oils., Length : 5 Inch (approx), Burning Time : 30 Minutes (approx),weight:80 gms.

Aadiva neem and tulsi incense sticks are eco-accommodating, non-toxic, and fills positive energy around. The bundle contains 100 bamboo-less incense sticks. Simple to utilize and appropriate for everybody, you can blessing it to your darlings on an exceptional event to cause them to feel unique and cherished.

Natural wood powder, jigat powder, sandalwood powder, guargum, blend of natural and aroma oils are the key ingredients of these incense sticks. The one-of-a-kind aroma of neem and tulsi with the reviving note of Geranium transports you to a shelter of amicability and rapture. The mix of unadulterated fragrant oils and characteristic wood makes this pack of Aadiva mosquito repellant incense stick among the best mosquito coils.

9. Veeana Knock Out Mosquito Repellent Incense Stick

Veeana Knock Out Mosquito Repellent Incense Stick 1 Dzn (12 x10=120 Sticks)
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Veeana Knock Out Mosquito Repellent Incense Stick 1 Dzn (12 x10=120 Sticks)
  • Quantity: 10 Sticks Per packet, Total 120 Sticks
  • Burning time: 45 Minutes will give effect for 5-6 Hours
  • Total Length of Stick is 12 Inches
  • A very effective mosquito repellent
  • You are getting 12 packs of mosquito repellent incense sticks

Take Out is a mosquito repellent home grown Incense stick that is produced using Citronella and Lemon. These are 100% Natural incense sticks and don’t have any results. Customary utilization of this incense stick gives a sans mosquito climate. The Key highlights that incorporate amount are 10 Sticks Per parcel, consuming season of 45 Minutes, the complete length of the stick is 12 Inches, a successful mosquito repellent. Keep far from youngsters. Not for interior/human utilization. Try not to keep it inside. Get consuming incense far from combustible materials. Never leave consuming incense unattended.

10. The Aroma Factory Mosquito Out Citronella Garden Incense Sticks

The Aroma Factory Mosquito Repellent Citronella Agarbatti for Pooja,Luxury Incense Sticks,100% Herbal Fragrance Agarbathi (Bottle Pack of 1x100g)
494 Reviews
The Aroma Factory Mosquito Repellent Citronella Agarbatti for Pooja,Luxury Incense Sticks,100% Herbal Fragrance Agarbathi (Bottle Pack of 1x100g)
  • The Aroma Factory Mosquito Repellent Citronella Agarbatti for Pooja,Luxury Incense Sticks,100% Herbal Fragrance Agarbathi (Bottle Pack of 1x100g)
  • 100% Herbal Sticks. Made with 0% Charcoal, freshens the air and neutralises unwanted odour.
  • Low Smoke & Long Sticks - 9 inches, made with Aromatic Essential Oils for Soothing Fragrance
  • Convenient Bottle Packs - Refill & Reuse
  • Ideal for creating a calming atmosphere at home, office, perfect for Pooja, Hawan, Puja, Therapy, Meditation, Gifting & Yoga.

Experience the Soothing Scent of Exclusive Incense Sticks Agarbatti by The Aroma Factory. It’s a Quality item from a reputed brand like Panjon Limited. Aromas uncommonly curated to Rejuvenate your Senses and Calm your Soul. Made with Natural Essential Oils and 0 percent Charcoal Content, enjoy the Soothing Aroma of Incense Sticks by The Aroma Factory. Attempt all scents of Agarbatti and Dhoop Batti by The Aroma Factory: Chandan, Loban, Gugal, Mogra, Rose, Lavender, White Sage, Sandalwood, Attar Jannat Ul Firdaus, Citronella, Patchouli, Chocolate, Green Apple, Strawberry, Pineapple, Jasmine.

All Aroma Factory Products are Natural and are Charcoal, Free to make your current circumstance alleviating and quiet, No Charcoal Content, Pure Herbal Sticks. These are 9 Inch Sticks for Longer BurnTime and Premium Reusable Bottle Pack.


In this article, we referenced a rundown of the best mosquito coils in India so you don’t wind up purchasing a bad quality item that lone purposes serious medical problems as opposed to executing and repulsing mosquitoes. There are many fake items in the market that contain second rate unapproved synthetic compounds that influencing your wellbeing and climate and at times cause extreme harm. We hope this post have helped you with your purchase decision and to guide you the right way.


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