10 Best Moisturizers for Winter 2024: Shield your Skin

The dry, miserable and nippy winters are going to set in, and keeping in mind that you have prepared up your sweaters and blankets and got your jackets and thermals adjusted, you ought to likewise assemble data about the best body lotions, face creams and the best moisturizer for winter for your skin. The cold and dry air in the colder time of the year rips off the common gleam and moisture from your skin and subsequently, it is extremely basic that you hydrate and sustain your face and skin well with the privilege moisturizer that suits your skin type.

A decent moisturizer not just renews the lost gracefulness of your skin, yet in addition guarantees that your face holds its smooth and shining surface even in an unpleasant atmosphere. Regardless of what sort of skin you have, whether it’s dry, mix, or slick, your skin should be hydrated. Without the best possible consideration, which incorporates hydrating and saturating your skin, your face loses gloss, becomes dull, and falls prey to the contamination and synthetics it is exposed to consistently. With various fixings and development, each moisturizer is extraordinary and targets various necessities and issues of the body.

To end the predicament and to make the determination simple, as per your skin type, we have shortlisted some best moisturizers. To assist you with picking the privilege moisturizer for your skin, we have arranged the 10 best moisturizers for winter specifically. It is, in this manner, significant that you pick the correct one.

Top 10 Moisturizer for Winter available in India

Winter is progressing gradually and in the coming days, it will show its quality. Yet, in the colder time of year, the most vainglorious part is the skin, face, hands, or leg as it is straightforwardly coming into contact with the external climate. Because of this, it brings down the PH level of the skin in which the skin gets dull and dry. Thinking about your skin is one of the main systems one ought to follow. While many have an ordinary skin type that is totally adjusted, others manage dry, slick, touchy, and blend skin types.

Thusly, it is fundamental to utilize a saturating moisturizer that can have any kind of effect by tending to every one of your issues. Remembering this, we have accumulated the best in class 10 of the best moisturizer for winter available in India to assist you with accomplishing a brilliant and gleaming skin.

1. Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturizing Cream

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Directly from its commencement in 1993, Lotus Herbals is known to offer a wide scope of incredible restorative and excellent skin and hair products. This moisturizer arrives in a delicate and cushioned surface that makes it truly helpful and simple to apply. You simply need a little measure of this gel-cream for your skin as it offers an enduring effect on the skin. Likewise, it effectively gets consumed by the skin and hence doesn’t make your skin oily or sleek in any capacity.

Discussing its advantages on the skin, its customary use can upgrade the nature of your skin in the most ideal way. You can likewise anticipate that your skin should get more benefits with the ordinary utilization of this item. Furthermore, indeed, not to fail to remember, this cream from Lotus is all viable to make your skin delicate, graceful, and smooth. It contains alpha-hydroxy natural products without any corrosive components and hence contains sterile, cell reinforcement, and astringent properties for profiting the skin. As it is reasonable; it tends to be purchased by anybody with no problems.

This item is appropriate for all skin types and can be utilized without stressing over any serious results or hypersensitive responses on the skin. It just advantages your skin with its clinically tried recipe to cause you to feel delightful and beguiling in your own skin. The advantages of this moisturizer make it the best moisturizer for winter that can be used by all.

2. Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Visibly Flawless Moisturizing Cream

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This face moisturizer from Biotique is ideal to keep your skin hydrated and new for long spans of time. This bio morning nectar moisturizer is a mix of unadulterated honey and other regular concentrates that sustain your skin from profound inside while keeping it shining. Trusted by many, this is a standout amongst other face moisturizers in India that keeps your skin hydrated by renewing its lost moisture. This ayurvedic formula gives an obvious contrast to your skin leaving it fresher and more advantageous.

Moreover, this Biotique cream is advanced with SPF 30 that shields your skin from destructive UV beams of the sun, making it ideal for regular use. This non-greasy moisturizer is devoid of synthetic components and harmful additives that make your skin smooth and flexible. The moisturizer is dermatologist tested and tried and improves the brilliance and hydration of the skin.

3. Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer

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Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer is improved with the decency of green tea alongside other common fixings like jojoba oil, kokum butter, rose concentrates, vitamin E, grape seed oil. In general, this moisturizer is an incredible item to hydrate and saturate a wide range of skin alongside recuperating all conceivable skin-related issues. Another significant fascination is that it is liberated from a wide range of counterfeit synthetic substances and additives. Thus, it kills the dangers of making any harms or sensitivities to the skin. While glycerine keeps the skin clear, green tea enemies of oxidants act against the skin break out shaping cycle.

This moisturizer from Plum is the best cream for skin inflammation inclined skin. It has a non-sparkly completion and individuals with slick skin can likewise utilize it as a night cream. It is without silicone, non-comedogenic, and with the integrity of cancer prevention agents gives a wonderful after-feel and a more clear appearance. Plum is that one brand in the market whose items are known for their great presentation and normal structure which is liberated from all the synthetics. This is the best moisturizer for winter to manage skin inflammation and pimples to improve the wellbeing, quality, and surface of your skin.

4. Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer

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Mamaearth’s oil-free moisturizer is ideal for individuals who face regular skin inflammation breakouts. It accompanies an enduring hydration recipe that helps in holding the characteristic dampness in your skin. This moisturizer adjusts the pH level of your skin while lessening breakouts. Made with characteristic concentrates of apple juice vinegar, Cetearyl octanoate, betaine, and unsaturated fats, this is amazing to make your skin hydrated and immaculate. Mamaearth has made sure about a recognized spot in the market inside no time; all gratitude to its quality items and ensured results. With the ordinary utilization of this cream, you can observer some obvious aftereffects of improved flexibility and soundness of your skin.

This moisturizer limits the impacts of skin inflammation. Alongside this, it can likewise be trusted to treat pimples and other skin related issues in the most ideal way. Discussing the different advantages of this cream, it controls and wipes off your skin oil to include a characteristic shine on the face. It additionally shuts the skin pores which lessen the danger of making skin inflammation or pimples the most extreme. This moisturizer is non-oily and sleek and thus, doesn’t cause your skin to seem dull. As this is liberated from all the additional additives and synthetics, it doesn’t cause any serious results or skin hypersensitivities.

5. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

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Cetaphil moisturizing cream is a mainstream decision and the best moisturizer for winter who have delicate skin. It gives 24-hour extreme hydration and durable help from dry and bothersome skin. This is a serious ultra-hydrating moisturizer that is made to altogether hydrate your skin while offering delicate skincare. This item can be trusted to offer total skincare to a wide range of skin. Indeed, this benefits your skin with its decency as well as ensures it against conceivable skin issues. Cetaphil is one of the astonishing brands presumed and confided in the name for conveying excellent performing items at a reasonable value range.

With its normal application on the skin, you can hope to get sparkling, solid, and delicate skin inside in no time. It additionally helps in improving the surface of the skin which guarantees to make your skin look lovely and beguiling consistently. You can without much of a stretch apply this lotion on the entirety of your body parts as it isn’t simply restricted to profit your face. To guarantee that your skin is hydrated consistently, this is made with 5 regular and unadulterated fixings. These fixings incorporate: glycerin, macadamia nut oil, water, citrus extract, and shea butter. It is a non-scent moisturizer which is additionally liberated from all the fake additives and synthetics.

6. Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer

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The peach milk moisturizer from Lakme has been one of the most well-known lotion moisturizers in India. It has the decency of peach and milk, and an SPF estimation of 24, and is useful for all skin types. Give 12 hours of serious moisturization to your skin with this moisturizer from Lakme. The healthy mix of peaches and milk sustains your skin from the inside, without making it sleek and oily. Additionally, this Lakme moisturizer is imbued with SPF 24 that shields you from hurtful UV beams while keeping your skin hydrated.

Extraordinary compared to other similar moisturizers in India, this product is reasonable to be utilized during winters to give exceptional moisturization and hydration for soft, smooth, and supple skin.

7. Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer

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This one from Neutrogena saturates the dry zones and controls the sparkle in sleek patches. It’s ideal for mixed skin and is both dermatologically tried and non-comedogenic. The way that is additionally liquor-free and aroma free makes it decent items for those with delicate skin, or ones that don’t care for weighty items. This moisturizer is one amazing item that assists with keeping your skin delicate, smooth, solid, and sparkling. You can believe this item to offer you complete consideration for your skin. This guarantees that your skin can without much of a stretch get all the hydration that it requires to be solid.

Alongside this, its utilization likewise keeps up the regular sparkle and surface of your skin without bringing on any issues with that. This moisturizer additionally accompanies a successful oil-engrossing microsponge that controls and diminishes all the abundance of oil on the T-zone. This moisturizer is light and smooth on its surface and therefore, doesn’t obstruct any of the skin pores. This is the best moisturizer for winter that can be used at any time of the day as it effectively gets consumed by the skin for indicating moment benefits.

8. Pond’s Super Light Gel Moisturizer

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Discussing this moisturizer from the dependable brand, it tends to be said that it is a gel moisturizer that is basically astounding in all perspectives for dealing with the skin. It is additionally a financial plan cordial moisturizer which has gotten very famous among the users in no time. It is a light cream and subsequently, it shows up light on the skin. Likewise, it is non-oily and non-clingy which helps in including a characteristic gleam on your skin. Its rich equation can be trusted to hydrate and saturate the skin profoundly without making it sleek and soft.

It likewise accompanies a speedy retaining equation which guarantees that the users don’t need to stand by to get a brilliant gleam in the wake of applying this. It shows some extraordinary and viable outcomes right away after its utilization. Because of its lovely scent, you can feel invigorated and wonderful throughout the day with no concerns. Its customary use can make your skin delicate, graceful, and solid. It gets where it counts into your skin’s layer and guarantees you to get sound looking skin following not many days of its utilization.

This moisturizer is liberated from all the hurtful synthetic compounds that can hurt your skin. Feel hydrated 24×7 with this moisturizer injected with the integrity of Vitamin E. It additionally secures dampness in your skin for 24 hours, leaving it delicate, new, and sparkling all day long. Aside from that, this is a water-based moisturizer that is ideal to be utilized by skin inflammation inclined skin too.

9. VLCC Honey Moisturizer

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By effectively chipping away at the skin to re-establish its moisture and equilibrium, this honey imbued moisturizer keeps your skin delicate and graceful. Nectar itself is a humectant, which draws moisture from the air around it, so this guarantees that dampness is held in the layer after it is applied. This profound molding moisturizer enhanced with honey and concentrates of Fenugreek hydrates, sustains, and conditions the skin. It effectively adjusts skin’s common dampness balance making it smooth and graceful. The presence of nutrient C in fenugreek seeds helps the skin composition and gives a delightful sparkle while eliminating unnecessary oil and soil from the skin.

The cream is advanced with the basic oils of jojoba, wheat germ, almond and olive to hydrate, feed and revive the skin. Wheat germ oil conveys solid implantation of vitamin A, B, and D with cell reinforcements and unsaturated fats, which lessens skin harm, battle free revolutionaries, uphold sound, even skin tone.  The presence of shea butter helps in adjusting the skin’s normal dampness balance, making it smooth and flexible. It hydrates the skin new and delicate throughout the day.

10. e.l.f Cosmetics Daily Hydration Moisturizer

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Lightweight and profoundly sustaining, this moisturizer secures moisture for smoother, suppler skin. Mixed with jojoba, aloe, shea butter, and cucumber just as cancer prevention agents grape, bilberry, and vitamin E. Aloe vera gives hydration and alleviates the skin. Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter help hydrate the skin for profound sustenance. This moisturizer from e.l.f is liberated from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. The moisturizer itself is very light, with an extraordinary scent, and leaves the skin feeling flexible and smooth to contact and is cherished by numerous as a result of it.

Moisturizers are constantly valued for mixing in super quickly. Indeed, this one takes as much time as is needed, and that is something worth being thankful for. The skin feels full and dewy for hours even if not reapplied. The equation, which is liberated from parabens, does not agitate the skin of those who have inflammation inclined, rosacea-inclined, issue inclined skin. It is extraordinary for all skin types. This one from e.l.f is the best moisturizer for winter for those struggling with oily skin specifically.


Indeed, an appropriate moisturizer can profit your skin by improving its quality, surface, and wellbeing, however just in the event that you are utilizing the correct one. It is surely a fantasy to think that all creams the equivalent. Yet, is it actually not that easy to pick the best moisturizer for winter. All things considered, it very well may be confounding, particularly when we have a lot of choices accessible for various skin types. We hope that this rundown of the best moisturizers for winter has been fruitful for you and will help you in your course.


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