Top 10 Mobile brands in India 2024

India is a nation of around 1.3 billion individuals with a great deal of variety. This makes it a colossal market potential for any organization on the planet. The smartphone is one such market. India is perhaps the biggest customer of smartphones and the absolute biggest smartphone manufacturers on the planet make an honest effort to get a piece of the overall industry in India. Loads of components become an integral factor with regards to the best mobile brands in India.

Indians love a decent smartphone pressed with highlights however at a lower value range. This is the reason different Chineses manufacturers have discovered a major potential here. In light of that. Mobile phone organizations around the globe know about this huge potential the Indian market holds. This is the reason, today, buyers have a wide scope of decisions with regards to smartphone alternatives.

This makes buying a smartphone even more troublesome in light of the fact that you have a few premium manufacturers carrying models incorporated with the most recent innovation to the market.

Best Mobile Brands in India

1. OnePlus

In India, one-fourth of the exceptional smartphone market is overpowered by OnePlus. It is one among the best mobile brands in India with a remarkable area yet simultaneously, numerous people have trusted and recognized this brand since it gives all the first class features at not such prevalent expense.

OnePlus has a bit of the general business of over 4% of complete phone bargains in India. One Plus has taken the wireless market by fury, because of its remarkable displaying system, wherein its phones should be purchased in case you sort out some way to score a greeting either from the brand itself or from one of its present buyers.

What helps this with checking stay on top is the high handiness that it offers at sensible expenses. It has, in the veritable sense, made excellent quality development moderate for a layman.

Our top picks from OnePlus:

2. Xiaomi

Concerning the value parcel, by then the top mobile phone in India is Xiaomi. It is the most economical phone which consolidates all the brilliant segments which a lavishness flexible brand like the iPhone gives. Till date, Xiaomi controls over 31% of all the phone bits of the pie in India. Xiaomi rules online arrangement with a bit of the general business of clobbering 57% alone.

One more brand which ensures an uncommonly useful extent of mobile phones, at a worth that is truly sensible. With the Redmi 3S Prime, being the most current segment on its portfolio, the brand will make an engraving in the Indian Market for the advancing year. Seriously relying upon blast bargains, the promoting of this compact brand seems to click for its as of late found customer base.

One can’t examine the best wireless brand in India without discussing Xiaomi. Another China-based association, Xiaomi, entered the mobile phone market in India when clients required reasonable decisions for quality and mid-range mobiles.

Our top picks from Xiaomi:

3. Samsung

Samsung is one of the most rumored brands. The brand has the top income and benefit in India. It is undoubtedly one of the best mobile brands in India. In India, the mobile phones of this brand dispatch in the market with both last costs, including higher and lower value range. You can pick the ideal smartphone as indicated by your spending plan. Samsung dispatches mobile phones, PCs, cameras, TVs, smartwatches, and a lot more electronic items.

Samsung is a South Korean-based global aggregate which has its base camp in Seoul. The organization is old as it began in 1938 however it simply moved to hardware during the 1960s.

Samsung would make high progress in the mobile phone and semiconductor industry in the coming years and it collected enormous force during the 90s and mid 2000s. Samsung has been a confided brand in India.

Despite the fact that it was anything but an enormous achievement they had the option to bring foldable smartphones into the market. Samsung has one of the biggest pieces of the pie with regards to the Indian mobile phone market. As of late, Samsung’s M arrangement has been a triumph due to its alluring camera highlights.

Our top picks from Samsung:

4. Apple

It is a global organization that makes the most inventive smartphones. Apple has extended its innovation items to the Indian market. Apple is the most elegant brand and acquires the most snappy phones India.

In spite of the fact that the iPhone is fundamentally a phone for the rich it actually has a huge piece of the pie in India. Numerous Indians have begun utilizing the iPhone due to the quality. The camera equipment and iOS are as yet one among the best mobile brands in India and with the most-cutting edge innovations on the planet.

The quality is great. Prior, Apple used to be a pioneer in the smartphone market with huge numbers of the smartphone highlights having started in the organization. As of late, the organization has not had the option to bring a lot of development yet at the same time because of brand reliability and quality the organization actually holds an extensive offer in the smartphone market.

Our top picks from Apple:

5. Vivo

Another BBK Electronics-possessed organization, Vivo, is a standout amongst other mobile brands in India. The organization is the essential supporter of the Indian Premier League, which goes to show its gigantic notoriety with Indian purchasers. Vivo is among the 5 main best mobile brands in India. It brings the best quality smartphones with mind boggling highlights and determinations. The brand is known to have the 10 smash-hit mobile phones under 18000 in India.

Vivo had a comparable run as Oppo all things considered. The two brands hit the Indian market around a similar time and zeroed in their advertisement crusades on the camera highlights of their phones. Vivo was one of the primary supporters of the Indian Premier League and will keep on supporting the alliance till 2022.

It’s continuous arrangement like the V arrangement and the X arrangement made progress as well. Vivo’s Nex was one of the principal phones to earn tremendous consideration around the world. This was a result of the appealing screen to body proportion with a no-score show. Likewise, it was the absolute first phone to bring the spring up selfie camera to the market.

Our top picks from Vivo:

6. Oppo

One more Chinese mobile manufacturer, Oppo, dispatched its tasks in 2004, as a piece of BBK Electronics. Today, it is one of the significant parts in the Indian smartphone market. Oppo offers you some trendy mobile phones with 6GB RAMs, the best camera quality and has the most recent innovation that is famous among youth. It is known as the “camera phone.” They are selfie master smartphones. Discussing the set of experiences, OPPO dispatched the main mobile phone, the Smile Phone, in 2008, which was the beginning of the excursion of the brand that started with astounding highlights and innovations.

It has just been a couple of years since Indians have begun hearing the name of this smartphone brand. The fundamental selling purpose of this phone was that it is a camera phone which implies the principal focal point of this phone is on the camera. They run a fruitful promotion crusade that had the option to catch the consideration of millions of smartphone clients in the nation which made its business very effective in India. They additionally support the Indian Cricket Team and have their logo on the units.

As of now, Oppo is positioned as N0. 5 in the overall positioning of smartphone brands and one among the best mobile brands in India. The most recent arrival of Oppo is the K and F arrangement with K3 being the most recent expansion.

Our top picks from Oppo:

7. Nokia

Nokia is a Finnish global company and is a notable old brand in India. It is an inventive pioneer in 5G availability, organization, and phones. With Nokia, you can find a superior mobile encounter. You can get a 5G innovation information association for your business. A Finnish media communications organization, Nokia was once viewed as the best mobile phone manufacturer on the planet. At its top during the 2000s, Nokia’s overall fame was with the end goal that its income represented around 4% of Finland’s GDP.

Nokia was one of the most believed mobile phone brands in India. During the 2000s, the brand made immense progress in the Indian market with its fundamental phones and furthermore its smartphones.

Our top picks from Nokia:

8. Huawei

Notwithstanding being in information for various reasons, Huawei keeps on garnishing a few standouts in the smartphone-world. Huawei was additionally the second-positioned smartphone organization on the planet in the new past. With regards to Indian clients, Huawei has figured out how to spread its wings effectively inside the nation.

Other than being stylishly a couple of steps higher than different brands, Huawei likewise offers its client venture systems administration and cloud-controlled advanced administrations. Furthermore, with the dispatch of the 5G innovation by Huawei, it has figured out how to make a positive buzz in general. The highlights and cost are generally positive, making it a standout amongst other mobile brands.

Situated in Shenzhen, China, Huawei is another organization that is giving extreme rivalry to any remaining smartphone organizations. Albeit confined from selling their gadgets in the United States, Huawei’s worldwide deals numbers stay solid, with a fortification in this nation also, making them a standout amongst the best mobile brands in India.

Our top picks from Huawei:

9. Asus

AsusTek is a Taiwan-based global gadgets organization that fabricates PC and phone equipment, settled in Taiwan. The brand, set up in 1989, is the world’s No. 1 motherboard and is the best gaming brand just as included among top-three customer journal merchants.

A Taiwanese manufacturer, Asus has made its space in the Indian market in the course of the most recent couple of years at a fairly consistent movement. Known for its immaculate phones fueled by Intel and Qualcomm SoCs, all with the Android stage, the organization charms crowds dependent on its serious estimating and snazzy plan, not to fail to remember the degree of trust that its supporters have in the brand.

Our top picks from Asus:

10. Motorola

Motorola Mobility is a client hardware and broadcast communications organization that is possessed by Chinese innovation firm Lenovo. It is a Chinese global brand with splendid innovation. The organization makes smartphones and other mobile gadgets that run the Android working framework created by Google. It brings the most sensible value mobile phones on the lookout and is simpler to access by everybody.

Motorola Mobility, a division of Motorola Inc, that managed in the assembling of smartphones was purchased by Lenovo in 2014. The two brands (Lenovo and Motorola) have made progress in the Indian market when it came to smartphones. Motorola’s E and G arrangement made a great deal of progress as a huge number of phones were sold. Lenovo’s K arrangement was additionally an accomplishment in the Indian market.

Our Top Picks from Motorola:


Wireless charging is extraordinary compared to other millennial highlights that you will discover just in top of the line smartphones, assisting you with deciding one among the best mobile brands in India.

The initial step is to choose the amount you are prepared to spend on your buy. Contingent upon your spending you can take a gander at the decisions accessible on the lookout. Whenever you have set up a spending plan for your buy, your inquiry starts. You can begin taking a gander at the accessible choices of various brands. Begin narrowing the decisions somewhere near doing item examinations. Waitlist 3 to 4 items that fit into your spending plan.

To improve thought of smartphone execution, it is smarter to watch item surveys and unpacking recordings on the web. It can give you a reasonable thought regarding the presentation of various smartphones. Whenever you have shortlisted the best phone according to your inclination the time has come to choose whether you need to get it on the web or disconnected. So prior to wanting to purchase a smartphone for you, do check the brand and the cost.


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