August 20, 2020

10 Best Mixer Grinders in India (2021): Grind your way to tasty dishes

The most essential appliance in any Indian household kitchen is a Mixer Grinder. With the variations of food habits and our love for different cuisines along with the different parts of the country, there is no replacement for a great Mixer Grinder. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a daunting task to pick one among the best mixer grinders in India. A mixer grinder is not only able to perform multiple tasks like mixing, blending, and grinding, it also saves our valuable time and eases out a good portion of our physical work.

A mixer grinder generally comes with 3 distinct sized jars. The bigger jar is useful for grinding batter, the medium-sized jar is used to blend and make a smooth paste, whereas the small jar comes into play when you have to make your favorite chutney. Meanwhile, you can also prepare smoothies, shakes, masalas, almost anything and everything combining the three jars. In this article, we will discuss the important factors to consider while buying the best one and the 10 best mixer grinders in India to make it easy for you to decide and settle for the correct one for you and worthy of your hard-earned money.

How to choose the best Mixer Grinder in India?

While buying one from the top 10 best mixer grinders in India, you should never overlook the key factors. The below list will help you understand the elements you should keep in mind while deciding on any mixer grinder.


Most of the mixer grinders in India have a power range between 500 Watt to 750 Watt. Basic masala grinding, blending, preparing smoothies and shakes do not consume more than 500 Watt. But, if you are into using the mixer grinder very frequently and use it for hard batter grinding, hard vegetables, or grinding in more quantities and faster in a single go, then you will have to consider buying a 750 Watt mixer grinder.

Motor Speed

It is commonly measured by the abbreviation ‘RPM’ which stands for Rotations per minute. This function determines how many times the mixer blade will rotate in a minute. The more the RPM is the more powerful the appliance will be. It is to indicate that less time is taken to process the ingredients more efficiently. The standard motor speed of 15000 RPM does the job right in India. Higher speed motors have their disadvantages. Too much speed can heat up the appliance and prolonged usage can result in a breakdown. It also makes the appliance noisy.


It is highly essential to check the quality before buying as this appliance is used daily and you would prefer to use it for a long period of time. Make sure the outer body is made of high-quality ABS plastic durable enough to absorb shocks. The jars and blades should be made of 304-grade high quality and rust-free stainless steel. The jar lids should be of break-proof plastic or airtight rubber gripped.


As the mixer grinder is an electric appliance and is connected to an electrical power socket and also comes in contact with water, it is of great importance we keep ourselves safe while handling it. Frequent checking of the power cables, connections, and earthing is of foremost importance.

  1. Safety Lock

Make sure a safety lock is present in the jars while purchasing a mixer grinder. This locks the jar properly and blocks any damages while the mixer grinder is in operation. It further does not allow the spill of mixes all around the kitchen walls, counter, and tabletop.

  1. Overload Protection

Mixer grinders, these days, come with overload protection installed. This is an important feature we sometimes tend to overload the jars and run the mixer for long periods. In such a scenario, the overloading may cause internal damage and has the potential to burn the motor. This is when this feature comes into action by acting as a circuit breaker to block the motor from damage.

  1. Vacuum Base

It is a must to have vacuum footer cups at the bottom of the mixer grinder for it to rest over the platform uniformly. It is essential to avoid chances of slipping in case of improper loading, during the mixer is in operation or in case of any external push.


Make sure to check the warranty offered by the product, before you buy one. The warranty varies depending on different manufacturers, models, year of make, and a few other factors. It is important as the manufacturer takes care of the repair cost or replacement if needed during this period. Mostly for similar Indian products, the warranty period ranges between 2 to 5 years. A few extra years are dedicated to the motor only, which covers no other parts.

These days there is an option to extend the warranty for certain years by paying an additional cost.

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Top 10 Mixer Grinders in India

We have compared various products, their features, specifications, customer reviews, and picked the best ones for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. With thoughtful details into each individual product, this detailed guide will let you decide which is the best mixer grinder in India for you. Here is the list of the top 10 best mixer grinders in India for 2021, for mixing, grinding, and blending all your ingredients.

1. Bajaj Rex 500 Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Bajaj is a well renowned and trusted brand among the Indians. It is manufacturing quality kitchen and home appliances since 1983. Among their vast array of products, Bajaj Rex is a prominent choice. It is sturdy and comes with a high-quality ABS plastic body that is corrosion-proof. The jars, motor, and the blades are made of high-grade rustproof stainless steel. It has a strong motor of RPM 20000 which helps in easy grinding of all the ingredients. It has 3-speed settings that need to be controlled with a knob. It helps effortless grinding in 3 different levels: low, medium, and high.

It comes with 3 jars: a 1.25-liter wet grinding jar, 0.88 liters multipurpose jar, and a 0.3-liter chutney jar. The jars have high-quality, spill-proof plastic lids to keep the ingredients in place when in action. The handles are well contoured for a proper grip. A rubber anti-skid vacuum bottom keeps the device in place and avoids juggling while in use. It has overload protection to prevent damage during jar overloading and voltage fluctuations. It looks elegant when placed on the kitchen counter and has a LED indicator. With a 1-year warranty and being budget-friendly, it becomes a great choice among the best mixer grinders in India.

The few limitations, that aren’t necessarily to be considered with high importance, are that it gradually gets heated up when used for a longer period, it is somewhat noisy if compared to the other 500 Watt mixer grinders, and over continuous usage, the blades tend to lose its sharpness. During the initial days, the motor generates an unpleasant smell.

2. Philips 750 Watt HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars (Black)
16,114 Reviews

Philips being a loved international brand, they never compromise when it comes to quality. They are producing excellent kitchen and home appliances of premium quality across the globe since 1891. The 7756/00 is an exceptional product which can handle all the tough and hard ingredients thrown at it, making it one of the best mixer grinders in India. It is great for long usage hours and smooth grinding of any batter and hard elements. The specially designed blades can easily cut through whole grams and pepper to make them fine and into a coarse powder in the blink of an eye. It is made of high quality and long-lasting ABS plastic body. The unique triangular design, without much grooves, makes it convenient to clean. It comes with great quality stainless steel jars with special rubber gaskets fixed in the lids for secured locking.

The blades are specially designed for faster functioning and made of premium quality stainless steel. It has automatic overloading protection to halt the motor if it senses something not going right. This mixer grinder has an advanced air ventilation system which assures fast cooling when it starts to overheat. This also protects the powerful turbo motor for a much longer period. This has a specially made plastic coupler to ensure the perfect fixture between the machine and the jars. This coupler is sturdy and allows the grinding process to be easy, continuous, and smooth for 25 minutes at a stretch without any issues. This product is backed by 2  years manufacturer warranty and 5 years warranty on the motor.

This product comes with 3 jars: the wet jar of 1.5 liters, a 1-liter multipurpose jar, and the chutney jar of 0.3 liters. It has 3-speed settings and a pulse setting that needs to be controlled with a knob. It helps effortless grinding in 3 different levels: low, medium, and high. Comes with vacuum anti-skid rubber legs to keep it safe over the counter and avoid shaking when in use.

The disadvantages of this mixer grinder are limited to only a few minor issues. The noise level is generally a bit more as compared to models of similar specifications. The rubber gasket lid is absent for the dry jar. As the motor is coated, varnish smell comes out of it during the usage in the first few days.

3. Preethi Zodiac 750 Watt MG 218 Mixer Grinder with 5 Jars

Preethi, being an Indian brand, has gathered loads of loyal customers for the past 10 years, or so. Their mixer grinders are excellent and revolutionary for any Indian kitchen. The MG 218 is not only a basic mixer grinder, it will not be wrong to term this a complete food processor. It includes 5 jars comprising of 3 in 1 Insta fresh fruit juicer jar. The 3 in 1 insta juicer uses a centrifugal juicing process for instant juice. It can extract coconut milk, tamarind essence as well as blend them into smooth juices. With the 2.1-liter master chef jar, you can unbelievably chop vegetables in 4 different sizes, knead chapatti dough under a minute, mince meat, and much more.

It can also be used as a citrus presser, for slicing and grating hard ingredients. This has a 3-speed control knob to shuffle the speed between low, medium, and high as per your requirements. It saves your electricity bill by operating at a power of 750 Watt and at a voltage of 220 to 240 Volts. It has a fast cooling technology which helps in cooling at no time even if continuously used for a much longer period. With its powerful Vega 5 motor, it is one of the best mixer grinders in India available online.

This comes with great quality ABS plastic body, high-grade stainless steel jars, and blades, a safety LED indicator that turns ‘red’ from blue to indicate overloading or incorrect usage. The safety lock at the jar lids is present to prevent spilling. Overload protection is present at the bottom of the product. For added safety, the Preethi Zodiac also has a circuit breaker, an insulated power cord, and a separate earth wire. It has a vacuum anti-skid three-legged base to prevent vibrations and displacement even when the device is performing heavy grinding. It is backed with a 2 years manufacturer warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor. You also get a post-purchase demo at an additional cost of Rs. 250.

With great performance comes a few downsides. It generates louder than usual noise. You need to change the blades manually to perform different functions. While changing the blades you need to be extra careful as the blades are very sharp and you might injure yourself. Also, the pricing is a bit on the higher side. Keeping in mind the features and functionality, quality and durability, the glossy finish and stylish tripod design, and also the limitations, this is a great one-time purchase that can serve all your kitchen needs for years and is worth investing.

4. Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars & 1 Juicer Jar

Loved and trusted by the citizens of the country, Prestige is an Indian brand producing kitchen appliances since 1928. The Iris is a decent mixer grinder for a family of 3 to 4 members. It comes with a high-quality ABS plastic body, 3 superior and rustproof stainless-steel jars. The wet grinding jar has a capacity of 1.5 liters, the multipurpose jar is of 1 liter and a 0.3 liters chutney jar is also included in the pack. An additional juice jar of 1 liter comes with this set. The juice jar is made of safe, durable, and easy to wash polycarbonate. The jar handles are well contoured for easy grip.

The powerful motor helps in smooth grinding and blending. At 750 Watt and 230 Volts, hard ingredients can be easily ground without any damages. This mixer grinder comes with an RPM of 20000 for faster grinding and blending. The stainless steel blades are sturdy and thoughtfully designed for fine grinding. It comes with a 3 speed (low, medium, and high) knob to control the speed level for the desired function. It has an advanced jar safety lock: the device won’t start if not locked properly!

It has overload protection that automatically cuts off the power supply if the jars are overloaded to save the device from internal damage and any damage to the motor. It has vacuum rubber legs at the bottom to avoid unnecessary vibrations and juggling when in use. Overall, this mixer grinder has a decent appearance and is easy to clean. It is backed with 2 years manufacturer warranty both on the product and the motor.

The drawbacks are negligible and can be overlooked if the features are to be considered. It makes, a mild yet, a considerable bit of noise than usual, and initially, for some days of its operation, the coated motor might give out an unpleasant smell. All in all, Prestige Iris is a good value for money as per the features that it comes along with. This is arguably a fitting contender to the best mixer grinders in India under 3000 INR.

Pro Tip: If you are using this mixer grinder for a prolonged period, it is highly recommended to avoid running the device continuously for more than 5 minutes. It is also advisable to allow a cool-out period of 2 minutes in between two consecutive operations.

5. Sujata 900 Watt Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Sujata is a local Indian company manufacturing only mixer grinders from the past 38 years. Though a local brand, their mixer grinders are no less than the popular global or Indian brands. Dynamic DX is one to consider when you plan to buy a mixer grinder for your kitchen. It is equipped with a powerful 900 Watt motor with double-ball bearings for high performance. The motor is the main unit of a mixer grinder, can run continuously for 90 minutes without any hassle. It allows a maximum RPM of 22000. This device comes with a 3-speed setting that is controlled with a knob. An additional whipping button helps you in whipping cream and making lassis with ease.

The mixer grinder comes with high quality, shockproof ABS plastic body. It boasts of high strength, rustproof, super sharp stainless steel blades. The pack includes a dome-shaped 1.5-liter wet jar for grinding batter into a smooth and fine consistency, a 1-liter dry grinding jar, and a 0.4-liter chutney jar. It is easy on the pocket as electricity bills can be pretty low for this device as it uses 230 to 240 Volts and 50 to 60 Hz. The power cord is long enough, so it is not a mandate to place it very close to the power socket. It comes with gripped handles for holding the jars. Safety lock secures the jars well. Vacuumed anti-slid legs made out of rubber, present at the bottom, keep the device in place and avoids vibrations while in use. It is easy to clean and even with little to no maintenance, it can function smoothly for years without any complaints.

The only downside is that Sujata is not a popular brand. Few feedbacks also suggest that over time with continuous usage the jar blades become a little blunt and loses the sharpness. The jars tend to spill ingredients if it is overloaded. However, Sujata is not only used in the household kitchen but also in shops and restaurants for its powerful motor and excellent performance. Known for producing high-quality mixer grinders, Sujata has achieved popularity among Indians only for its performance, durability, and quality.

6. Butterfly 750 Watt Smart Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

Butterfly is a well known Indian brand for kitchen appliances and is in operation since 1986. They have loyal customers not only from India but the neighboring countries as well. The Smart mixer grinder from their range is a great performing device with good features and an on-point operation. The rustproof stainless steel jars are strong and easy to clean. The stainless steel blades are razor-sharp, strong, and perform the task accurately in no time. Hard ingredients can be ground and blended smoothly. It comes with 3 stainless steel jars: a 1-liter wet grinding jar, a 0.75-liter multipurpose jar, and a 0.4-liter chutney jar and one additional high-grade polycarbonate juicer jar. The jars have good quality transparent plastic lids with a safety lock to keep the ingredients inside, spill-proof.

This comes with a 3-speed setting knob to adjust the speed as desired and a momentary whipping feature to ensure smooth blending and whipping. With a high-quality ABS plastic body, the jars have slip-free, grooved plastic handles for better grip. The juicer jar uses its centrifugal juicing arrangement to extract more juice, thereby, avoiding wastage. It has overload protection to immediately react to power-cuts, and overloading of jars to prevent internal device damage. The vacuum button legs sit firmly on the counter to prevent the mixer grinder from vibrations and accidental-slips when in use.

It can reach a maximum speed of 18500 RPM and operates with a power of 750 Watt and 240 Volts to make it a powerful mixer grinder. With great looks and design, it is a preferred choice amongst many Indian kitchens. It is backed by 2 years warranty on both the product and the motor. It also has a stylish LED light around the speed control knob to indicate power ON status.

However, the jar lids are a bit tight so you might need to carefully lock it to avoid spillage. Also, it can get a bit noisy while running at higher speeds. You may also come across an unpleasant smell during the initial usage as the coated motor starts burning. Overall, it is a good mixer grinder to consider. With its durability, performance, features, quality, design, cost-effectiveness, and safety features it will not be wrong to say it can be placed under one of the best mixer grinders in India.

7. Havells 750 Watt Maxx Grind Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Havells is an extremely reputed Indian brand manufacturing home, kitchen and electrical appliances and equipment since 1958. It is currently operational in 50+ countries. The Maxx Grind Mixer Grinder from Havells is one such offering from the brand that is fairly priced with a good built and an attractive design to complement your kitchen needs. It comes with superior quality, shock-resistant ABS plastic body. The jars and blades are made of high-grade rustproof stainless steel. The jars have ergonomic and grooved handles to make it easy to grip. The jars have plastic see-through lids with a safety lock to fix the lids, preventing the ingredients from coming out.

This mixer grinder has 3 jars: a 1.5 liters blending and batter jar, a 1-liter grinding jar, and a 0.5-liter chutney jar. It has a 3-speed setting arrangement controlled by a circular knob. The speed can be shuffled between low to medium and high depending on the requirement. Operating at a power of 750 Watt, 230 Volts, and 50 Hz it has a copper-winded powerful motor for superior performance and durability. The flat base with anti-skid rubber legs at the bottom makes the mixer grinder stay in place without vibrations, while operational.

However, this device lacks the overload protection that automatically stops if the jars are overloaded to prevent this from internal damage and few other advanced safety features. Even the lids and the rubber gaskets around the lids have faced questions for its durability. Having said that, the positive features, functionality, and performance are in sync with the moderate pricing structure, making it a good buy.

8. Bosch 1000 Watt TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder (Black)
5,789 Reviews

Bosch is a popular, trustworthy name globally when it comes to home appliances. Operation since 1886, Bosch made their way recently to the customers of India, providing a better experience to their customers by stating their mixer grinder segment. The TrueMixx is having one of the most powerful mixer grinders not only from the range of Bosch but ranks among the few best available in India.

It comes with a high-quality ABS plastic body. The jars and blades are made of high grade, rustproof stainless steel. Jar lids are plastic made having a lid-lock technology to prevent the ingredients from spilling out when the motor is running. TrueMixx consists of 4 Jars: one 1.5 liters polycarbonate jar for making juices, smoothies, shakes, and coconut milk extraction. Another jar of 1.5 liters for wet grinding and making the batter, a 1-liter dry grinding jar, and a 0.4-liter chutney jar.

The wet grinding jar consists of a patented flow-breaker which helps in better aeration during the process which in turn makes the batter fuller and finer. The dry grinding jar has blunt pounding blades with thick edges that maintains the authentic and traditional flavor and aroma of the grounded spices. The grounded spices turn out fine, coarse, and textured, even for the hard ingredients. The taste, flavor, and smell are similar to the spices grounded in a mortar and pestle. The jars have well-contoured handles for a better grip. A strong rubber suction feet at the base helps the mixer grinder remain in place without any vibrations and displacement when in use.

The jars have internal hidden bush technology to make sure the, mixing, grinding, and blending is contamination free. It comes with overload protection for the device to automatically stop working if the jars are overfilled to avoid burning out of the motor and prevent internal damage. The flexible power cord is long enough which gives you the flexibility to place it a bit far away from the power socket. The design and stylish looks add on to a bonus for this mixer grinder. The glossy finish and the robust grey color adds an extra point in terms of the style quotient.

There have been not many complaints about the product and performance. The only major drawback is the mixer grinder being too noisy. Though it is on the expensive side, in terms of pricing; but, considering all the other factors it is a value for money.

Pro Tip: The body should never be cleaned in running water but should be cleaned using a damp piece of cloth. Also to ensure a longer lifespan the jars should be cleaned immediately after use and kept upside down for drying. Furthermore, while using the large juice jar the fruits must be cut in small pieces for efficient blending and smooth consistency.  It is advisable to run the motor for continuous 5 minutes and allow 2 minutes cooling period between two consecutive cycles. It is also recommended to run this for only 6 cycles in a single span.

9. Panasonic 550 Watt MX-AC 400 Super Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1918. Since then there was no looking back for them as they gradually gained popularity among Indian customers solely with their performance and quality. Panasonic MX-AC 400 is durable, powerful, and attractive. The motor is a powerful and robust one coated with magic seal protection that lubricates the blades for their longer life and better performance. It comes with tough ABS plastic body and hardened high-grade Samurai edged stainless steel blades.

These blades make sure to grind even the hardest of ingredients to a fine-textured paste in minutes. This mixer grinder is proficient to comfortably perform hard tasks like grinding, blending shakes, ice creams, smoothies, and almost everything. It is powerful to extract fruit juices using the centrifugal juicer technology with ease, mince meat, make purees, pastes, and batter with the correct consistency and grind dry spices into a fine powder.

It has 4 jars: a 1.5 liters transparent polycarbonate juicer jar of excellent quality with nano sieve technology that collects unwanted fruit pulp and filters out the juice, a 0.5 liters dry, or multipurpose jar, a 0.3 liters wet grinding jar and a 0.2 liters chutney jar. The jars have high grade see-through plastic lids. They come with strong and contoured handles for a better grip. Another brownie point is given to the fact that the blades can be removed to clean both the blades and jars properly.

One of the major highlights for this mixer grinder is its safety features. This comes with a dual safety mechanism which makes this the safest mixer grinder. One among them is the safety-lid locking. This does not allow the mixer grinder to start unless the lids are closed properly. And the other one is that the machine does not start if the jars are not placed correctly. Another safety feature is that it comes with overload protection acting as a circuit-breaker system if the jars are overloaded to prevent damage. Safety features include a vacuum suction pad at the bottom to keep the mixer grinder safely placed over the counter and avoid movement even during heavy grinding.

Whereas most of the mixer grinders have a knob like a rotary dial for speed control, Panasonic MX-AC 400 comes with a 3-speed setting piano-type push buttons for more convenience. It is comparatively less noisy. It is backed by a generic product warranty and 5 years warranty on the motor.

Not many downsides can be found in this product. Sometimes people might find it difficult to operate the safety features properly especially the lid locking mechanism. But online tutorials and videos are readily available. Also, a post-purchase demo can be requested with a minimum additional cost. The other problem being that the ingredients and food particles tend to stick between the rubber gasket and the lid. Even the capacity of the jars is a bit condensed as compared to the other models. Having said that, the features it offers, the functionality it has, the sleek and attractive design, the convenient usage, the powerful motor definitely does all the job right. Needless to say, Panasonic MX-AC 400 is worth every penny and can be counted as one among the best mixer grinders in India.

10. Morphy Richards 500 Watt Superb Mixer Grinder with 3 Jar

Morphy Richards is a reputed global brand running since 1936. Over the years they have made their mark with exceptional kitchen and electronic appliances. The Superb mixer grinder is a robust performer and its sleek design is sure to save some extra space in your kitchen. It comes with a toughened ABS plastic body that absorbs shock. It comprises of 3 high-grade stainless steel jars: one 1 liter liquidizing jar, a 0.8 liters multipurpose jar and a 0.3 liters chutney jar. The jar lids are of high-quality plastic with a safety vacuum lock mechanism to avoid spillage of ingredients when running. The jars have gripped ABS plastic handle for easy usage.

It consumes a power of 500 Watt that suffices all the tasks moderately with ease. The jar blades are made of high-grade, hardened, sharp stainless steel for effortless and smooth blending and grinding in minutes. In addition to all these, the two bigger jars have special flow breakers for faster results. It is controlled by a  3-speed setting rotary knob to set your desired speed between low to medium and high to get the job done right. The pack comes with an additional spatula to roughly mix the ingredients before you turn on the motor for a smoother blend. It also has vacuum anti-skid rubber legs to avoid vibrations when it’s running.

However, it generates some extra noise compared to the other models that we mentioned above. You also experience occasional odor for the first few days as the coated motor starts burning. Also, it lacks a few advanced safety features. Being cost-effective and moderately pulling off the daily tasks, Morphy Richards Superb Mixer Grinder is a popular choice among many Indians making it one of the best mixer grinders in India among this price range.

Another Notable Mention

Apart from these 10 favorite options that we have analyzed in detail, the latest entry amongst the best mixer grinders in India under 2000 INR has to be the AmazonBasics 500 Watt Machine.

The AmazonBasics Mixer Grinder comes with a high-quality ABS shockproof plastic body. The pack contains 3 high-grade SS 202 stainless steel jars. One jar of 1.25 liters is for wet grinding, another multipurpose jar of 1 liter, and a 0.4 liters chutney jar. The jar capacity is great in this price range. The jar blades are made of high-grade SS 304 super sharp, food-grade stainless steel blades for fine mixing, grinding, and blending in no time even at higher temperatures. It has a powerful and robust 500 Watt copper motor that provides durability and has a quiet operation. The jar lids are made of high-quality plastic secured with leak-proof, food-grade rubber gasket safety lock that remains intact even after years of usage and provides resistance to continuous exposure to water, oil, and moisture.

It is equipped with overload motor protection to save the motor from damage by acting as a circuit- breaker when the jars are overfilled. It has rubberized anti-skid suction legs at the button to provide extra support to the mixer grinder from displacement and vibration while running. It is convenient, easy to operate, and is detachable to allow easy washing of the parts. It is backed with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Overall, it is a product worth mentioning, so it finds a special place in our listing of the top 10 best mixer grinders in India.


It may seem a hard choice to make to even settle on a single option amongst the above-mentioned list of the best mixer grinders in India, but if you make up your mind regarding the functionality, that you will be using it for, your budget-cap, and brand-loyalty (if you have any) – the decision should not be a daunting task.

Do not stress over your decision of finding the perfect mixer grinder for your kitchen. We have done the hard part for you, going through tons of reviews, analyzing feedback from real-time users, and examining product functionality. So, stop looking around for your ideal resort here and there, simply ensure yourself of the functionality of your mixie, and choose from the top 10 models that we have enlisted. Happy mixing! Happy Grinding!

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