Top 10 Mayonnaise Brands in India 2024

Regardless of whether you’re eating a sandwich, burger, or some pasta, having great mayonnaise with it can take your food game to the following level. Mayonnaise is one of those fixings that appears to be anything but difficult to purchase when it is quite elusive acceptable mayo. In case you’re tired of squandering your cash on dull-spreads, at that point this article is for you! We will talk about how you can pick the best mayonnaise brands in India for yourself, and furthermore give you a rundown of the best 10 best choices available online.

We know, your mouth begins watering when you hear Mayonnaise. This delicious lip-smacking plunge supplements each nibble impeccably whether it is french fries or a burger or sandwich or seared chicken. Mayonnaise or mayo is a dressing comprised of oil, egg, lemon juice, and now and then different seasonings.

Mayonnaise for the most part comes in two unique sorts. The customary non-veg mayo that is made with egg yolk and the cutting edge egg less veg mayo that is for the most part arranged with soybean oil. A portion of the brands likewise includes a few flavors, for example, mint, tomato, herbs, and numerous different changes in this delectable plunge.

You can attempt various brands as each brand has a particular flavor and you can likewise feel free to look at the changed flavors accessible in the brand. You will locate an ideal plunge, sandwich dressing, or even a plate of mixed greens dressing as Mayonnaise can improve the kind of anything that you love. But let us give you some insights to make your buying decision a lot simpler.

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Best Mayonnaise Brands in India

1. Veeba

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A mayonnaise brand in the market that is without canola oil and soybean oil, so those who’re attempting to remain solid, needn’t totally abandon mayonnaise. This mayo is made with olive oil, and it doesn’t contain eggs, so it’s alright for veggie lovers as well. It tastes particularly great with plates of mixed greens, so in the event that you’re somebody who frequently has servings of mixed greens, at that point you’d love this!

In spite of the fact that it’s somewhat costly as you just get 300 g in one container, which may run out rapidly in the event that you use mayo consistently, or if there are all the more an excessive number of individuals utilizing it. Its squeezy bottle makes it simple to use on plates of mixed greens, yet for sandwiches and burgers, it isn’t perfect as you can wind up with something over the top or too little mayo in specific parts.

2. Cremica

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Discussing about the best Mayonnaise Brand in India, the mention of Cremica is inevitable and this is accessible in containers just as in simple travel bundles. Cremica likewise has numerous flavors and varieties in Mayonnaise which you can attempt. This incorporates Burger Mayo, Eggless Mayo, Egg Mayo, and Lite Mayo for the eating routine cognizant individuals. You can arrange this one from internet business locales and get the item conveyed to your home.

The consistency of this mayo is entirely thick, however, and keeping in mind that that is something to be thankful for typically, it tends to be a remarkable issue to get this out as it arrives in a squeezy pack with a little spout. Moreover, while most veggie lovers will be happy with the flavor, those who’re utilized to the first mayo with eggs, probably won’t think that it deserves the hype that it gets.

3. Hellmann’s

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On the off chance that you are not attached to eggless Mayonnaise and in the event that you are searching for a Mayonnaise that is made in a conventional manner then we have something here for you. The Mayonnaise from Hellmann’s is made of eggs and not simply a few fats. This gives a superior surface and taste to Mayonnaise and simultaneously, it guarantees that the Mayonnaise is pressed with the integrity of the genuine fixings. The eggs used to make the Mayonnaise are unfenced eggs and consequently, it adds to the get-up-and-go of the item. On the drawback, the item is somewhat costly a direct result of all the integrity that is stuffed into the container.

On the off chance that you’ve tasted mayonnaise in the US or the UK and needed to purchase mayo that preferences simply like that, at that point this is the one for you! It is made by one of the most famous US mayo marks and has as of late become accessible in India.

4. Del Monte

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Del Monte is another mainstream brand accessible in India through retailers just as through web-based businesses. You can discover various variations of Mayonnaise from Del Monte and this incorporates Eggless May, Cheesy Garlic Mayo, Mint Mayo, Egg Mayo, and Tandoori Mayo. All the items are very stunning however in the event that you need a recommendation from us, at that point, you should attempt Cheesy Garlic Mayo of Del Monte and this is unquestionably the best contribution from the brand.

The best mayonnaise brand in India for most of the clients, Del Monte Mayo is neither too sweet nor excessively acrid, making it perhaps the most delicious backup for your food. We suggest it for those who’re searching for a mayo that is appropriate for vegans and doesn’t settle on the thick, rich surface that is suggestive of the first mayonnaise.

5.  Wingreens

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Wingreens isn’t just a well-known brand for Mayonnaise however it is known for a wide range of plunges. You have bean stew sauce, cheddar plunges, hummus, roasted sauce, and numerous different things accessible from Wingreens which are most likely worth difficult. The brand is known for exploring different avenues regarding flavor and a portion of the top-selling Mayonnaise flavors from the brand incorporate Wasabi Mayonnaise, Farm Mint Mayonnaise, Italian Herb Mayonnaise, Barbeque Mayonnaise, and Farm Sirach Mayonnaise. These are the absolute best flavors separated from the Garlic and Classic Flavors. The value-goes are very moderate and they are accessible in various bundling also.

In spite of the fact that, in the event that you like to utilize loads of mayo, and need to take out bigger sums, it tends to be a serious problem. It is likewise not the best choice for the individuals who like to disperse mayo equally as it’s somewhat difficult to do that with this.

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6. American Garden

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A brand that needn’t bother with any presentation is American Garden. The items are made of top-notch fixings as well as truly reasonable. Discussing the Mayonnaise from American Garden, you should realize that the Mayonnaise is made of genuine eggs and simultaneously, excellent gauges are guaranteed. There Mayonnaise from American Garden is liberated from MSG. It is ideal to attempt the customary great flavor from American Garden be that as it may, in the event that you are diet cognizant, at that point you can even attempt the light form of Mayonnaise from American Garden.

The individuals who appreciate a marginally tangier mayonnaise with their burgers and sandwiches will truly like this item. It is made with eggs, so it’s just for non-vegans, yet it vinegar as one of its top fixings, which helps give it a tart flavor. It arrives in a huge container too, which makes it simple to utilize a blade to spread the mayo uniformly.

7. Dr. Oetker

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FunFoods is one of the first brands which was made accessible in Quite a while and it has been in the nation for longer than 10 years. The organization entered the market with a wide scope of items and they were a moment hit. There is no doubt about quality as it is one of the most trusted and perceived brands for fixings. Aside from customary veg Mayonnaise, Tandoori Mayonnaise is another top-selling item from the brand which is adored by individuals everything being equal.

The same number of individuals are veggie lover, FunFoods by Dr. Oetker has thought of eggless veg mayo. It is made with refined soybean oil and liberated from cholesterol and trans-fat. Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Veg Mayonnaise Original gets a position in our list of best mayonnaise brand in India.

8. Remia

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This mayo is ideal for those who’re searching for the great mayo flavor and surface, to go with their sandwiches and servings of mixed greens. It arrives in a container, which makes it simple to spread equitably; it contains egg, so it is constrained to non-veggie lovers; and it has a somewhat harsh fragrance, which makes it ideal for the individuals who appreciate tangier mayonnaise.

The container is really little, however, so in the event that you’re somebody who devours mayonnaise normally, at that point this won’t just run out rapidly, yet it’ll likewise be very costly. Furthermore, it’s not the best decision for the individuals who need a solid alternative, since it doesn’t make reference to what kind of vegetable oil is utilized in this mayo.

9. Urban Platter

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Urban Platter Vegan Premium Mayo is India’s first 100% veggie lover and non-dairy item. It is totally liberated from any counterfeit flavors and a phenomenal spread for burgers or a plunge for fries. This veg mayo is trans-fat and palm sans oil. It is made with sunflower oil and the item doesn’t contain any fake flavors. It comes in 300g glass bottles and the most extreme time span of usability of this mayonnaise is a year.

10. Kewpie

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Those searching for mayonnaise with somewhat of a kick, to go with Indian dishes, for example, pakoras, kebabs, and rolls, will cherish this item! In contrast to the ordinary mayonnaise by this brand, the dark form doesn’t contain eggs, which makes it alright for veggie lovers. It arrives in a little container, which makes it simple to take out as much mayo as you need.

In the event that you’re not very excited about purchasing an item with MSG however, at that point you ought to keep away from this mayo. Furthermore, this can be a serious expensive buy as you just get 239 g in a container, which implies it most likely won’t keep going long, particularly on the off chance that you are intending to utilize it as a plunge normally.


For a significant number of us, mayonnaise has become a fundamental topping to have in our coolers, regardless of whether it be for our midnight longings or quick snacks, yet knowing the distinction between various items has been very hard. Be that as it may, with our assistance, we trust you had the option to realize what makes every mayonnaise exceptional. We have talked about how you can pick the best mayonnaise for your necessities, and furthermore given you a rundown of the 10 best mayo brands in India that you can discover online in India. We trust this will help you in your excursion to locate the best mayonnaise in India that will make your everything of your preferred nourishments taste better!


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