Top 10 Masala Brands in India 2023

Spices are a major part of any Indian kitchen. Though spices enhance the color, flavor, and taste of every dish they also have certain healthy vitalities that they add for our benefits. Though different parts of the country have few different spices the common string is spices that connect every Indian kitchen. Every brand has its own specialties to add and the best masala brands in India are actually producing spices for over 50 years now. With very specialized masalas, cooking everything starting from chicken to paneer to pav bhaji is super easy.

Interestingly, spices in itself have a great history and tradition not only across the country but globally. From the lanes of the souks in the Middle East to British colonization, the route of spices is long and deep routed. However, choosing the right spice brand is crucial both for taste and health. To ease out your buying decision, we have gone through the manufacturing process, establishment, popularity, and authenticity to frame our list of the best masala company in India that are available online.

Best Masala Brands in India

1. Everest

Everest is a typical and commonly recognized name in India. For over 45 years, Everest has overwhelmed flavor markets in India, and give a comprehensive scope of spice powders and spice blends. Everest flavors are accessible across India. Established in 1981 by Vadilal Shah, Everest Spices is the biggest brand of flavors and one of the best masala brands in India. Situated in Mumbai, this brand of flavors is utilized by a few a great many families in India, however in different nations also.

With in excess of 40 mixes, Everest has figured out how to overcome the business sectors of the Middle East, the US, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, and East Africa, as an exporter. Everest Spices are accessible all through the nation, with in excess of 4 hundred thousand outlets offering its items. They have likewise won the esteemed FMCG Consumer Reaction Award in under fifty years of entering this market.

Our top picks from Everest Masala List:

2. MDH

MDH is an Indian producer, exporter, and wholesaler of masala blends and ground flavors. This organization represents considerable authority in numerous one of a kind and customary mixes of flavors that are reasonable for various plans. The organization began its tasks by Mahashay Chuni Lal in 1919 as a little shop in Sialkot. It has developed and sent out its items to numerous nations. MDH brand is known in the whole of India.

With their exceptional customary mixes of flavors and top-notch norms, MDH has become enormously throughout the long term and is considered one of the best spice brands in India. Their items are shoppers focused since their principal objective is consumer loyalty.

Our top picks from MDH:

3. Catch

It is the main brand of masalas that is known for its creative methodology and quality. These spices are grounded in the best in class spaces. The spices are set up under the interesting low temperature pounding innovation that forestalls dissipation of sensitive or unstable oils from flavors. Consequently, these masalas can hold their unique flavor and solid smell that is pressed under profoundly sterile conditions. These catch spices are stuffed in metal-lined and food-grade pouches. They are additionally stuffed in advantageous composite jars and boxes of various pack sizes.

Our top picks from Catch Masala List:

4. Cook Me

The Cook Me was built up in 1846 and was established by Krishna Chandra Dutta that changed the nature of spices for Indian families. Coriander, cumin, turmeric, and stew were the primary spices presented by Cook Me.  It has become a well-known brand for spices. It has an intriguing universe of spices with bona fide mixes. It makes your dishes scrumptious, seasoned, and fragrant. Cook Me spices is another driving name in the flavors business and it has been advancing wellbeing just as taste buds of a great many Indian residents, for a few ages now.

Their point was to make cooking easy for the ladies working ceaselessly in kitchens, alongside protecting the taste and remedial characteristics of the flavors. Cook Me is a Kolkata based spice powder producer, and their claim to fame is true Bengali masala powders and glues. They likewise prepare to-utilize spice glues, entire spices, and masala blends. Cook Me makes it to our list of best masala brands in India for quality and authenticity.

Our top picks from Cook Me:

5. MTR

The Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, or MTR is a very mainstream food brand in Karnataka. Their spice blends are incredibly well known in Karnataka and the remainder of South India. While their conventional South Indian spice blends like Sambhar powder and Rassam powder remain top choices across India, their moment Dosa, Idli, and Vada blends are similarly well known. They likewise sell the conventional South Indian chutney resembles ‘Paruppu Pody’, and the dry red stew powder, generally known as ‘Explosive’. MTR prides to protect more flavor in its spices by beating and granulating them.

MTR was set up as a café by Yagnanarayana Maiya and his siblings. Prepared to-eat nourishments, masalas, the scope of solidified items, pickles, prepared to-cook sauces, chips, snacks, frozen yogurts, and so on are its items. They follow the bona fide cycle of making masalas at an accessible cost.

Our top picks from MTR:

Sale MTR Chutney Powder 200g
Sale MTR Rava Dosa Mix 500g

6. Nilon’s

This organization was established by Shri Suresh B. Sanghavi in 1962. It has become the biggest maker of pickles, simmered vermicelli, and tooty-fruity. It is overseen by a dynamic and expert group. It is the quickest developing organization of spices in India and is well-deserving to be placed in our list of the best masala brands in India. In fifty years this organization has gone from its unassuming starting to one of the main names in the Indian masala market.

With its assembling plants in Assam and Maharashtra, Nilon’s has not just figured out how to pick up prominence in the Indian market, yet is around the world sent out to a few nations including Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Japan, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

Our top picks from Nilon’s:

No products found.

7. Mother’s Recipe

Mother’s Recipe is one of the greatest spice brands in India, with a presence in 40 different nations over the world. Claimed by Desai Brothers Ltd, Mother’s Recipe produces ethnic pickles, chutneys, masalas, sauces, papads, appalams, Ready to cook foods, instant mixes, mango pulps, and so on. Their items are accessible and famous everywhere on over the nation and can be found even in Police Canteens, Defense Canteens, and so forth.

Shri Haribhai V Desai set up Mother’s Recipe in 1901. The Desai Brothers Limited began with tobacco and bidis has now become a main name in the food business. Not just it is a main name in the Indian ground spice market, however has developed as an exporter to UK, Canada, the US, Australia, and the Middle East. Their mixes permit you to make outlandish dishes through their prepared to include spice blends.

Our top picks from Mother’s Recipe:

8. Eastern

Eastern Condiments Pvt Ltd is known as a lead organization of Eastern Group. They produce and sell masala powders, masala blends, breakfast staples, and so on. The organization guarantees the nature of their items. It was established in 1983 by Mr. M. E. Meeran. This brand was considered as the first organization in quite a while, who picked up the ISO 22000 confirmation. Based out of Bengaluru, Eastern is one of the best masala brands in India. It prides itself on assembling flavors that are ‘morally sourced’ to give a customary taste.

It produces exclusive masala blends like garam masala and chicken masala with some legitimate South Indian top picks like green pepper chicken masala, sambhar powder, and so on. Eastern likewise delivers extraordinary compared to other spice blends for food at an affordable rate.

Our top picks from Eastern:

9. Tata Sampann

Tata Sampann retains that characteristic goodness that is the best approach for a sound, healthy lifestyle. That is the reason all that rises up out of the Tata Sampann table, especially the spices is consistently unadulterated and bona fide. Their masalas are healthy and have their fundamental oils unblemished – bestowing undiluted fragrance and flavor into your food. Tata Sampann trusts in acquiring snapshots of pleasure for every meal pressed with exceptional nourishing advantages.

Be it dal, pav bhaji, meat, or any curry, Tata Sampann is sure to add the flavor and richness you can ask for. It is a decent brand that has a wide array of masalas specially made for the Indian kitchen.

Our top picks from Tata Sampann:

10. Pure & Sure

When it comes to organic products, Pure and Sure is one of the best masala brands in India. Phalada Pure and Sure scope of 100% guaranteed natural food items are a result of 20 years of involvement with natural horticulture. Sourced legitimately from ranchers and prepared under tough quality measures, their 140+ items give you a genuine natural encounter on your plate. Phalada Agro is devoted to maintainable cultivating strategies keeping the amicability among humans and the common world.

Our top picks from Pure & Sure:


Masalas and spices have been part and parcel of an Indian kitchen for decades, and centuries. We hope that this roundup of the best masala brands in India will be helpful for you and ease your buying decision multifolds. Get those tasty dishes made at home from today. Happy Cooking!


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