Top 10 Marker Brands in India 2024

The flexible marker isn’t restricted to review school craftsmanship ventures. This moderate pen is utilized by authors and specialists the same. Smooth and offering firm control, the marker is fantastic for everything from attracting to hand lettering. Continue giving a read to learn contemplations for selecting a marker from the best marker brands. The whiteboards are supplanting the conventional writing slates. The chalks comprised of calcium carbonate are getting supplanted by the whiteboard markers. With the expanding request of whiteboards in all aspects of the world, the markers are additionally sought after.

To compose on the whiteboard, we need a unique whiteboard marker. Without the whiteboard markers, it is very difficult to compose and afterward delete whatever was composed on the whiteboard. That is the reason the non-perpetual whiteboard markers are constantly suggested or the ones where you want the ink to stay permanently.

Best Marker Brands in India

There are various sorts of whiteboard markers or markers for other surfaces in India that are appropriate for a wide range of needs. In any case, that burns-through a great deal of time. You can go out and purchase any marker from the shop as opposed to investing energy in the exploration.

However, in that way, all you will do is burn through your time and furthermore the cash. That is the reason you ought to consistently explore prior to purchasing the privilege whiteboard marker. That is the reason we’ve chosen to do likewise for your benefit. In this post, we are posting the best marker brands in India. You should simply look at them and get the one that you like the most.

1. Cello

Cello is one of the most famous writing material brands in India and one of the best marker brands. The Cello markers are the smash-hit among users in India. These dry-delete markers are commonly made for the whiteboard and for different surfaces. Along these lines, composing turns out to be more alright with these markers. The simple to delete ink causes cleaning the surface even simple with the dry-to eradicate duster or even a typical microfiber material. The Cello markers come in multiple distinct shadings. In this way, it’s accessible in the unremarkable dark tone, however numerous tones.

As per the user reviews, these markers keep going longer than the majority of the items accessible on the lookout. Thus, you can utilize it for quite a while without the concerns of ink exhaustion. Regardless of whether the ink drains, you can without much of a stretch top off the cartridge with the Cello ink, which is effectively accessible on the lookout. The tip size of these markers differs from 1-3 cm. Thus, you can compose thick words and furthermore meager words. The brilliant tones make the content sparkle, and you can see the composed content on the surface from a distance.

Our top picks from Cello:

2. Faber Castell

Faber Castell is one of the notable brands in the writing material industry. With these superior markers, you won’t get frustrated. The Faber Castell markers are multipurpose and can compose on the whiteboard, glass, acrylic, porcelain, and other non-permeable surfaces. As the markers utilize liquor based color ink, it is reasonable for a striking composition. Likewise, the thick tips uphold strong composition on the whiteboard and give better readability. Luckily, you can top off the alcohol-based ink from the tip itself.

There are diverse shading alternatives accessible for the users. Despite the fact that the ink is alcohol-based, there is no presence of xylene in the ink. This makes it a non-harmful ink great for use. The ink can dry rapidly because of the presence of alcohol and so you should keep it shut with the cap to forestall the drying of ink.

Our top picks from Faber Castell:

3. Luxor

The markers from Luxor are consistently first-class and is considered one of the best marker brands. With the different shades and finishes to compose with various tones, this is a benevolent item on the lookout. The Luxor markers accompany snappy dry-eradicate ink effectively erasable with the typical duster or material. The ink on the surface gets dry rapidly. To write on any surface, it accompanies shot tips and pointed or chiseled tips. The shot tips are made with a wipe, so they convey intense composition with a ton of ink for better readability.

The ink utilized in this item is unscented, so the individuals who are not extremely attached to the ink scent will think that its ideal for long haul use. The antiroll cap on the top helps to forestall the pen’s moving, which is a pleasant touch. Though these are the non-refillable markers, they last long.

Our top picks from Luxor:

4. Camlin

On the off chance that you are searching for excellent marker pens for any surface, at that point, the Camlin markers should be on your waitlist. The Camlin, one of the main brands in the Indian stationery market, has made these excellent marker pens that are cherished by schools, universities, instructive establishments, and individuals. It’s extraordinary compared to other markers in India, which is high-caliber and furthermore reasonable. The Camlin markers accompany a sharp tip and are extremely useful for fine composition.

Additionally, the splendid ink makes it simpler to read the composed content from a significant distance. In contrast to different brands, the ink doesn’t focus when presented to the brilliant light, making it simpler to read. The markers are accessible in different shading choices. The refillable ink highlight is very useful for long time utilization.

Our top picks from Camlin:

5. Staedtler

On the off chance that you are searching for the absolute premium quality markers, at that point, the Staedter markers are the most appropriate decision. These markers accompany the dry safe ink, which won’t dry out in the event that you don’t utilize the marker for quite a while. It is protected from drying, and you can keep it open without the cap. The ink is high shading thickness and snappy drying dry-eradicate ink. The dry eradicate ink is anything but difficult to clear off any surface and gets dry rapidly to forestall streaks and phantom imprints on the surface.

The ink is a low scent, so you will be satisfied not to get the foul smell while utilizing this marker. The best thing about this item is the bolted slug tip. The bullet tip is secured set up, which will forestall incidental pushing of the tip inside the marker. The slug top, this marker comes in various tip styles and distinctive shading alternatives. One of the best marker brands, Staedtler offers metallic markers as well.

Our top picks from Staedtler:

6. Sharpie

Sharpie represents unquestionably something that stands for quality markers. Made to compose on, stand apart on, and remain on basically any surface, it’s Sharpie marker conceived for extraordinary, rowdy, gutsy, ludicrous self-articulation that never at any point blurs from greatness. Sharpie is the bold original, certified, and social symbol of permanent markers. It’s the original permanent marker conceived for unique, wild, gutsy, absurd self-articulation that consistently leaves an intense imprint and never at any point blurs from greatness.

Sharpie markers are that strong. A continuous rush of excitement. Charge your message with Sharpie Neon markers, make it stand apart with Sharpie metallic markers, and climate any estimate with Sharpie extreme markers that are tough to get rid of. At the point when an extreme surface requires a significantly harder marker, Sharpie Pro marker is there for you.

Our top picks from Sharpie:

7. Doms

Doms markers seem to have aggregated a faction following. A fundamental arrangement progression incited a goliath bounce in comfort and style. Doms markers are up ’til now a celebrated choice. It diminishes exhaustion and misery in the ownership of people who extensively use one for creating. Additionally, the refillable markers focus on deep and prominent strokes.

Doms markers got the consideration of by far most in the later extensive stretches of the thousand years and it continues being made to date with solid quality and line cloudiness. Doms markers should be utilized to get perfect compositions on any surface. The Japanese tip provides an additional smooth and delicate composition. Available in multiple shadings, Doms is one of the best marker brands.

Our top picks from Doms:

8. AmazonBasics

These lively, high-shade markers are all you require to make brilliant masterpieces, make notes that stick out, or basically add some fun spirit to any piece of paper. At the point when you’re searching for somewhat imaginative motivation, these markers exhibit shades that are an incredible go-to. Every marker includes a tough fine point, which conveys striking, correctly itemized marks. From letters and to regular doodles, the pen-style indelible marker creates sharp, neat lines.

The markers offer solid quality and steady shade, with a non-fraying tip in medium width. Extraordinary for both better specifying and fills, their water-based ink dries rapidly, adequately limiting smears. Each marker includes a solid plastic body and coordinating cap, with a clasp for accommodation. Utilize the markers to make enduring blemishes on practically any surface, from photographs, plastic, and cellophane to wood, stone, metal, or glass.

Our top picks from AmazonBasics:

9. Arteza

In the event that you are eager to load up the multicolor markers for your office, school, or self, at that point the Arteza markers are the best. The Arteza markers arrive in a bunch of different shades. The pack would last in excess of a couple of months for the vast majority of the individuals. The maker has utilized excellent dry eradicate ink in these markers. The ink is erasable, scent-free, and furthermore non-harmful. The ink utilized in these markers follows the entirety of the sanitation guidelines, making it non-harmful for the kids who are utilizing it. Be it the whiteboard duster or a typical fabric, the fast dry ink is erasable easily.

Additionally, the ink is very brilliant, making it simple to read from significant distances. The etch style nib is ideal for anybody. You can make the thick lines or hold it at a point to make meager lines. The excellent tip strokes make your content look fine and leaves no smears on a superficial level. Additionally, these markers are very valuable for composing on the whiteboard, plastic, and even glass. To put it plainly, it’s one of the best marker brands for individuals who need to purchase different marker pens for comfort and art.

Our top picks from Arteza:

10. Expo

The Expo marker is that excellent quality marker accessible in different shading alternatives. The markers from Expo has an interesting plan, which makes it look appealing. These markers utilize excellent, low smell ink, which is brilliant and effectively distinguishable from a significant distance. The excellent ink doesn’t mirror the shading, so seeing it from significant distances is effectively conceivable. The best thing about the markers is unscented, non-poisonous ink. The ink has a low smell, and it gets dry rapidly. With the chisel or pointed tip, the writing is bold, and scarcely discernible differences are conceivable.

The tip made with the wipe spreads the ink appropriately on any surface. You can even utilize it on ceramic cups. Another intriguing thing about this item is the adaptability. You can alter the packs of the item with the quantity of markers of each shading you need. At this cost point, it’s a significant reasonable buy for the individuals who need great marker pens. With exceptional reviews from users, Expo is one of the best marker brands that you will simply love.

Our top picks from Expo:


On the off chance that you don’t have any information about the best whiteboard markers in India, it is fundamental to get some data. You need to do the exploration and locate the best item that suits your prerequisites. Utilizing the indelible marker on a whiteboard or any surface is certifiably not something to be thankful for.


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