10 Best Lip Balms for Winter 2023: Care for your Lips

Winter season is tied in with taking great consideration of your lips along with your hair and skin. Our lips get harmed by a few outside and inward factors. So using the best lip balm for winter is essential to rehydrate dry lips as during winter they become considerably drier and turn dried or broke at last. A lip balm makes an occlusive layer on the outside of the sensitive skin of lips to seal dampness in it and give assurance from the outer presentation, dry air, low temperature, brutal breeze. It additionally plumps up lips and upgrades their surface while adding an excellent sheen to them.

Lip balm, likewise called lip treatment or lip butter, is a wax-like substance that goes about as a lip cream. It additionally goes about as a base for the lip cosmetics by making a smooth stage for even use of your number one lip tone or lip sparkle. Lip balm is an unquestionable requirement to have in each woman’s bag, particularly during the dry long periods of winter. There is a wide scope of lip balm accessible on the lookout.

Regardless of whether your lips are drained, have turned sore, or simply need a trace of color, this is one excellent thing we generally connect for. Shimmery, durable, colored, lustrous, reasonable, fast dry equation – you request it, and you get it. Here are the 10 best lip care for winter that you should purchase right presently to give your lips the moisture, hydration, and care it merits and needs.

Top 10 Lip Balm for Winter in India

Who doesn’t very much want to have lips as delicate as a baby’s! We can’t envision venturing out without a couple of items in our packs. A decent lip analgesic is one of them. A lip balm is a mystery lip care item that can give you normally delicate sulk without any problem. A lip balm isn’t only a straightforward lip care item any longer! It has developed into an item that additionally adds backtalk to your sulk. Yet, picking the best lip balm for taking the best consideration of your lips is an overwhelming errand.

Thus, we have concocted the rundown of the 10 best lip balm in India that you can keep in your satchel to battle against dry and dried out lips. Continue to pick the top of the line lip balm and say farewell to dryness. We wager you’ll be eager to put them on consistently.

1. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Burt's Bees - Beeswax Lip Balm Tube.15 oz sticks
8,631 Reviews
Burt's Bees - Beeswax Lip Balm Tube.15 oz sticks
  • Burt's Bees
  • Burt's Bees
  • Burt's Bees
  • This Product is Shipped from USA within 7 to 14 days of reciept of order.

This lip balm by Burt’s Bees is made with characteristic fixings that can hydrate and moisturize your lips. This lip balm has a wonderful natural aroma. This regular lip balm saturates lips with fixings like super-emollient lanolin coconut oil and sunflower oil and seals in hydration with beeswax. You can utilize it on your lips for a little peppermint shiver. These lip balms come in reused plastic cylinders bundled in hanging rankle boxes.

The lip balm is free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalate and contains no harmful additives, synthetics, and even petroleum. This lip balm is a top choice and the best lip balm for winter with all-natural ingredients. No other lip balm thinks about your lips as much as this one does. It has an amazingly improving equation containing lanolin, peppermint, and beeswax. All these work incongruities to keep your lips safe and feeling cherished. This lip balm feels better and saturates your lips with a trace of natural shading.

2. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening/Brightening Lip Balm, 12g
26,535 Reviews
Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening/Brightening Lip Balm, 12g
  • Quantity: 12g; Item Form: Cream
  • This de-pigmentation balm visibly lightens lips for a fairer skin tone; Ingredients: Angur (Vitis vinifera), Vach (Acours calamus), Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Badam (Prunus amygdalus), Surajmukhi (Helianthus annus), Kusumbhi (Carthamus tinctorius), Til (Sesamum indicum), Erandi (Ricinus communis), Madam bass Q.S
  • Flavor for Refiner: Fruity. Maximum Shelf Life 36 Months
  • How to use: Smooth on and around bare lips, alone or under lipstick
  • Target Audience: Women

This can be the best lip balm for winter if you have dull and stained lips. It contains skin brighteners that can lessen dim colors and melanin patches all the rage and make them gentler and more brilliant. It has a sheer color, so you can wear only it without layering it with lipstick. This lip balm by Biotique cases to dispose of pigmentation as it is made of common fixings. This will help you in keeping your lips hydrated while lightening pigmentation. It has a lovely fragrance and it is a benevolent financial plan as well. Simply apply a little amount of this lip balm and you are all set.

Biotique lip balm is known for helping and night out lip tones. The 100% natural de-pigmentation emollient highlights reliable ayurvedic equations injected with the concentrates of spices and organic products like grapes, vach, mulethi, almonds, sunflower, kusumbhi, sesame, and erandi. Being plentiful in fundamental nutrients and vitamins, it rejuvenates the lips and makes them look sound with extreme moisture and sustenance. Additionally, it is a dermatologically-tried lip balm with no hurtful synthetics or additives.

3. Maybelline New York Baby Lips Color Lip Balm

Lipstick meets balm – that is the way we would portray this product. This colored lip balm gives quite an extraordinary shading to your lips that you don’t require a lipstick to layer on. It gives serious hydration to your lips, holding its place for a good 4 to 5 hours. Maybelline New York is known for popular beauty products with deductively progressed formulae. Their lip balm is one such cutting edge item consolidating lipstick with a treatment to give completely hued lips that are as delicate as a baby’s. This lip analgesic assists with fixing dry and dried lips while leaving an inconspicuous color.

It likewise accompanies SPF 16 to shield your lips from the sun and give you delicate, graceful, saturated lips immediately. Indeed, it comes in different shades that you can look over and it is reasonable as well. Get it from here. Figured with coconut oil and vitamin E, the colored lip balm gives serious moisturization and sustenance to the lips for extended periods of time and also shields them from the UV beams of the sun.

The restrictive lip-reestablish recipe not just gives obviously restored lips in only a month yet in addition adds a clear fly of shading and tries to please.  It comes in three super-soaked shades with an exquisite fruity flavor.

Our top picks from Maybelline New York Baby Lips Color Lip Balm:

4. Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm

This lip balm accompanies genuine advantages. It is stacked with almond oil, honey, vitamin E, and fruit extracts that take extraordinary consideration of your lips. It leaves a sheer ruddy clue all the rage upon application. With complete natural fixings, this lip balm is free from synthetic ingredients, and paraben. Vaadi Herbals lip balm is outstanding amongst other characteristic lip emollients you can actually discover in India. In fact, they are considered the best lip balm for winter that hydrates and moisturizes your lip instantly.

There is a lively scope of five variations including Blueberry, Orange, Strawberry, Lychee, and Mint, which treat the lips with eruptions of characteristic flavors. The bio-fix recipe is enhanced with organic product or spice removal, which hydrates the lips profoundly and improves their surface generally. It additionally includes a dynamic UV square to avoid the impending impacts of the sun. It is a 100% natural item with no substance, which additionally adds a bit of shading to the lips upon application.

Our top picks from Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm:

5. The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter

The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter, 10ml - Transparent
266 Reviews
The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter, 10ml - Transparent
  • Lip butter
  • Nourishes lips
  • Leaves lips soft and smooth
  • Nutty scent
  • Community Trade shea from Tamale, Ghana

Applying this lip balm wants to plunge your lips into a container loaded with squashed shea butter. It gives your lips a sheer ruddy clue, and the astonishing shea butter scent continues waiting for long. It keeps your lips flawlessly delicate and hydrated. The Body Shop lip butter isn’t just incredible for dry and dried lips yet additionally an astonishing choice for sensitive lips. It is a superior quality item that comes imbued with amazingly hydrating and feeding characteristic fixings, for example, vitamin E, olive oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, and shea butter.

They keep your sensitive lips from drying out while keeping them delicate, smooth, and flexible throughout the day. The delicious analgesic additionally includes SPF for giving sufficient sun security with the goal that your lips don’t get dim after some time. This drab lip butter by Body Shop is plentiful in shea butter and cell reinforcements which assist in keeping the skin from harm by keeping up moisture balance. It has a lovely aroma and the capacity to fix broken and dried lips. This can be the best lip balm for winter for sensitive skin on our rundown.

6. Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm

Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Narangi Glaze|With Softening Butters|Lip Moisturiser For Men And Women|4 g
203 Reviews
Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Narangi Glaze|With Softening Butters|Lip Moisturiser For Men And Women|4 g
  • Due to its extraordinary moisturizing and hydrating properties it seals in moisture and soothes dry lips leaving them soft and glossy

Get rid of the indications of disregard and dryness with this rich lip balm. Your lips will value your decision as this analgesic is intended to relax dried lips. It is exceptionally saturating and seals dampness all the rage and accordingly furnishing them with enduring hydration. The fragrance of this lip balm is essentially hypnotizing. It arrives in an adorable bundling that is an all-out gem. This lip analgesic will give you delicate, moist lips and the best thing about this demulcent is that it skims easily without leaving a thick layer all the rage. The lip balm is handcrafted and can be considered the best lip balm for women in India to smooth out chapped lips.

Forest Essentials lip balm is intended to renew and relax dried lips like a dream. Figured with Ayurvedic fixings like kokum butter, natural beeswax, and cocoa seed butter, this remarkably saturating analgesic seals dampness in dry lips to keep them very much hydrated for the duration of the day. It sustains skin cells profoundly as well as lessens barely recognizable differences by advancing cell recovery. The natural cold-squeezed oils of the analgesic likewise help in calming, recuperating, and restoring lips, accordingly leaving them delicate, smooth, and reflexive. It is a carefully assembled lip care item produced using economically acquired fixings.

7. Nivea Lip Balm

This lip balm causes your lips to look supple and to feel saturated simultaneously. It contains shining shades and is fabricated with the remarkable Hydra IQ innovation that gives enduring hydration to your lips. Nivea is one of the most believed excellent brands in India and their lip balm won’t baffle you. This item can give you delicate, hydrated lips. It comes in different shades and tones that you can look over. It floats easily and leaves an unobtrusive color on the lips for a good time interval. It is incredibly benevolent as well.

The lip balm is a dermatologically affirmed item that gives delicate, alluring lips for quite a long time with delightful shimmer and sparkle. The all-characteristic item has organic product separates, which furnish the lips with dependable moisturization without feeling waxy. It makes your lips totally gentle with a magnificent fragrance, a delicate trace of shading, and a fantastic gleam. The lip medicine can be found in five distinct shades.

Our top picks from Nivea Lip Balm:

8. Lotus Herbals Lip Balm

You will adore Lotus Herbals’ lip balm as it does some amazing things for dried-out, broken lips. This lip emollient can ensure your lips in outrageous climate conditions by keeping the dampness unblemished. It calms and recuperates dry lips and it accompanies a lovely fruity aroma. Lotus Herbals is one of India’s driving normal skincare and makeup organizations, known for their wide scope of ayurvedic and natural items. Their lip balm will cause your lips to seem solid and stout while adding zappy colors and a wonderful sheen to them.

The 100% natural item contains the concentrates of kokum butter and shea butter for enduring moisture, which keeps the lips delicate, smooth, and padded for 8 hours. It additionally accompanies SPF 20 for keeping the lips from getting dull because of extreme sun presentation. The lip balm is accessible in energetic shades with succulent flavors. The lip balm is absolutely alright for use as shown by the dermatologists. Kokum and shea butter serves to fix the dry and split lips and shields them from drying in light of cool in the winter season.

Our top picks from Lotus Herbals Lip Balm:

9. Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care

Give your lips a lavish treat with this lip balm from Himalaya. Its select moisture maintenance equation is wealthy in cocoa butter and castor oil, which hydrates and mollifies dried out lips as well as alleviates them viably. It additionally holds a lot of vitamin E and cancer prevention agents for shielding your lips from sun harm. Thus, you get seriously saturated, graceful, and solid lips normally. The medicine is liberated from parabens, silicone, mineral oil, oil jam, and additives while 100% characteristic tones utilized in it make the lips reflexive.

This luxurious lip analgesic saturates your lips to keep them delicate and graceful. The dampness maintenance equation with skin soothes makes your lips normally gleaming while the cancer prevention agents and characteristic actives care for your lips by shielding them from natural harm. Key fixings cocoa butter gives exceptional hydration, successfully saturates dried lips and makes lips delicate, graceful, and solid. Castor oil has to relieve emollient properties that make lips delicate and flexible. Apply rich cocoa spread lip care equitably and generously all the rage, as frequently varying.

10. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer For Dry Lip With SPF 15, White, 4 g, 0.15 Ounce (Neu-9578)
5,982 Reviews
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer For Dry Lip With SPF 15, White, 4 g, 0.15 Ounce (Neu-9578)
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF15 softens, smoothes and protects dry, chapped lips with no waxy feel
  • This moisture-enriched formula soothes and conditions your lips, keeping them healthy looking and soft in all weather
  • This lip balm, suitable for women and men, contains a PABA-free SPF 15 sunblock for added protection from the sun
  • Leaves lips soft, smooth and moisturised
  • Apply on your lips as needed, can be worn alone or with lipstick

In the event that you need an aroma-free, dull lip enhancement at that point looks no farther than Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula lip moisturizer which accompanies the SPF 15 equation that offers security from UVA and UVB beams of the sun. This lip balm doesn’t feel waxy and it skims easily. Notwithstanding, the main con this lip analgesic has is that it should be re-applied often which may be a task. The lip balm is mellow, smoothes, and ensures dry, dried out lips with no sticky feel. This moisture improved equation alleviates and conditions your lips, keeping them sound glancing and delicate in all climates especially during winters.

This lip balm is pocket friendly and can be used by both ladies and men. The lip balm is free from parabens and is dermatologist tested. The lip balm is defined without shading, scent, or any added substances. The Neutrogena lip balm gives your lip simply an unpretentious trace of sheer and improves its surface inside in days. This lightweight one can be the best winter lip balm if you are looking for a natural tone without any aroma.


Lip Balms can vary in opinions for the best care that one can provide to his/ her lips amidst the chilly winter season to save them from wearing and drying out. We hope that this list of the 10 best lip balms for winter are going to fulfil your needs and provide the best type of care that you were craving for. Put an end to that rigorous research of yours and start providing the best care for your body. Happy shopping!


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