Top 10 Jaggery Brands in India 2024

In spite of the fact that Jaggery which ordinarily known as ‘Gur’ is produced using grungy sugar, it is the best answer for all the contamination issues that the country’s capital is experiencing nowadays. Crude sugarcane is bubbled until it hardens and afterward the best jaggery (Gur) is acquired out of the set sugarcane juice. Nonetheless, sugarcane isn’t the main thing from which natural jaggery (Gur) can be gotten. Jaggery (Gur) can likewise be produced using the sap of coconut and date palm. So, we will showcase a rundown of the best jaggery brands in India for 2021.

Best Jaggery acquired from sugarcane is utilized broadly and has various medical advantages over white sugar. It is viewed as the best assurance against declining air quality and rising contamination. Alongside being the best sound substitute for sugar, sugarcane jaggery is likewise used to scrub the body, help in processing, and give a proper measure of mineral to the body. Natural sugarcane jaggery (Gur) is additionally utilized in various propitious events and furthermore in various Indian desserts.

Benefits and Uses Of Jaggery (Gur):

  • Natural Sugarcane Jaggery is utilized as a flavoring operator, it is frequently used to give a covering to the internal dividers of earthen stoves.
  • Standard Uses: Sugarcane jaggery is utilized in various strict events. Jaggery and gram are offered to satisfy the pony before the man of the hour rides the pony on the event of a Hindu wedding.
  • Sugarcane Jaggery, the Building Material: In numerous spots to date where concrete isn’t accessible promptly, sugarcane jaggery is utilized as a coupling material in development. At the point when blended in with lime, sand, and earth it is utilized to consolidate blocks.
  • Sugarcane Jaggery in Toothpaste: Sugarcane jaggery blended in with the residue of tobacco is utilized as toothpaste in numerous provincial towns.
  • Sugarcane Jaggery for Cattle: Jaggery is blended to the steers feed to add taste to the food. The taste improvement permits the cows to allow more food and increase more vitality.
  • Sugarcane Jaggery as Fish Bait: Jaggery blended in with an assortment of fixings like insect eggs, cardamom powder; poppy seeds, and so on are utilized to pull in fish and structures a magnificent fish trap blend.

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Best Jaggery Brands in India

1.  24 Mantra Organic

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The team works legitimately with more than 45,000 ranchers in 15 States on 2,25,000 sections of land. Exceptional homestead to kitchen discernibility to guarantee natural trustworthiness, virtue, and steady quality. Help little and minor ranchers to make manageable occupations. Appreciate food sticking to global guidelines. A brand that is plentiful in cancer prevention agents, iron, and minerals, and furthermore helps in boosting opposition against different diseases.

2. Miltop Natural

Miltop Natural Jaggery Powder, 500g (A Healthy Replacement of Sugar)
487 Reviews
Miltop Natural Jaggery Powder, 500g (A Healthy Replacement of Sugar)
  • A Healthy Replacement of Sugar
  • Packed at ISO 22000 facility hygienically
  • Super food Choose dry fruits choose Miltop

A brand that takes safety measures very seriously, comes packed at ISO 22000 certified facility. This candidate amongst the best jaggery brands in India is a rich source of Iron, Calcium & Phosphorus. It is made from Selected Variety of Sugarcane in utmost hygienic condition and is Halal certified. This version of desi Gur helps in boosting the digestive system, taken with food. Good food good health.

3. Patanjali

Patanjali Madhuram Jaggery Powder, 1kg
235 Reviews
Patanjali Madhuram Jaggery Powder, 1kg
  • Colour - Brown
  • Extracted from natural sugar that is produced from the juice of sugarcane
  • Country of Origin: India

Madhram is removed from the common sugar that is created from the juice of sugarcane. Madhuram contains all properties, minerals, and nutrients that the juice of sugarcane contains. Madhuram isn’t delivered with sulfur or other compound fixings like white sugar. So this is liberated from the damage of synthetic compounds. One can utilize Madhram where white sugar is utilized in milk, lassie, kheer, sharbat, and regular desserts, and other eatable things. Calcium reinforces teeth and bones. Magnesium helps in the metabolic capacity of the body.

4. Organic Tattva

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One that is Organically grown without pesticides and fertilizers. The team at organic tattva is fully aware of the medicinal and culinary importance that jaggery holds in the Indian cuisine. They use some of the most-supreme forms of nutritious sugarcanes to gain their best jaggery powder and ensure it is brought to you free of all chemicals and enriched with vitamins and minerals.

The brand crucial to assist individuals with living a more beneficial, healthy life by furnishing them with an assortment of 100 percent affirmed, valid natural nourishments. They esteem trustworthiness, respectability, and nonstop personal development. They are focused on an economical domain, zero-added substance nourishments, and complete consumer loyalty.

The brand Organic Tattva, a veteran amongst the best jaggery in India, depends on the standards of wellbeing, biology, decency, and care. At Organic Tattva, the group works with authorize natural ranchers who don’t utilize manures, pesticides, and hereditarily altered seeds so their purchasers can appreciate the advantages of nature and relish nutritious, sound, unadulterated, and synthetic-free food, a significant factor adding to generally speaking prosperity.

5. Relish Pure and Natural

RELISH Pure and Natural Chemical Free Jaggery Powder 1KG
1,299 Reviews
RELISH Pure and Natural Chemical Free Jaggery Powder 1KG
  • Jaggery Powder
  • It is Natural Chemical-Free
  • Quantity is 1 Kg
  • material features:vegetarian

Being in the business for about three decades, they have a wide system of ranchers over the locales of Erode, Palani, and Pollachi. with an end goal to beat the current pattern of the purported “Natural” items and to give the individuals a genuine jaggery powder that has a charming smell.

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6. Organic India

Organic India - Jaggery Powder 500g (Pack of 2)
3,539 Reviews
Organic India - Jaggery Powder 500g (Pack of 2)
  • It is rich in minerals such as magnesium, zinc and iron, which have many health giving properties.
  • A good blood purifier, helps alleviate digestive issues, helps with the detoxification of the liver and boosts energy levels.
  • Enhances the taste of tea, coffee and other beverages.

The natural Jaggery Powder from Organic India is a Healthy Sugar Substitute Organic India that brings to you the best quality Jaggery Powder containing no concoction added substance and produced using a natural confirmed sugar stick. This brilliant earthy colored delicacy is profoundly nutritious, scrumptious, and a more advantageous option in contrast to prepared sugar and counterfeit sugars. It normally contains iron, nutrients, and minerals and improves the flavor of tea, espresso, and different drinks.

A contestant to the best organic jaggery powder brands in India, is plentiful in minerals, for example, magnesium, zinc, and iron, which have a lot of wellbeings giving properties. Being a decent blood purifier reduces stomach related problems, assists with the detoxification of the liver, and lifts vitality levels, it likewise upgrades the flavor of tea, espresso, and different refreshments.

7. Nutriplato

Nutriplato-Enriching Lives Jaggery Powder, 700 gm
1,158 Reviews
Nutriplato-Enriching Lives Jaggery Powder, 700 gm
  • Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Loaded With Minerals
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Alternative to Sugar
  • Preservative Free

Nutriplato jaggery powder is prepared without the utilization of any synthetics with hundreds of years old demonstrated assembling procedures. It is set up under the direction of the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research and prepared from unadulterated sugarcane juice. It is plentiful in cancer prevention agents, stacked with minerals, and a characteristic wellspring of supplements.

8.  Truefarm

Truefarm Organic Jaggery Powder | Sourced from Himalayan foothills | Healthy Substitute for Refined Sugar | Jaggery/Gud/Bella/Vellam | Jaggery Powder for Tea | No big lumps | Pack of 1 (500g)
1,404 Reviews
Truefarm Organic Jaggery Powder | Sourced from Himalayan foothills | Healthy Substitute for Refined Sugar | Jaggery/Gud/Bella/Vellam | Jaggery Powder for Tea | No big lumps | Pack of 1 (500g)
  • 100 percent Organic Jaggery: Truefarm Jaggery Powder is made from Organic sugar cane sourced from the Himalayan foothills. With no chemical additive added to the gur jaggery, we haven’t altered the natural essence of authentic gur.
  • Healthier Sugar Substitute: With its natural sweetness, gur powder for tea is a healthier option in comparison to refined sugar. Now you can enjoy your tea cravings without guilt by using Truefarm Gur Powder that also acts as a digestive agent.
  • Low GI Value: Truefarm jaggery powder organic has a considerably low glycemic index when pitted against refined sugar. A low GI value means that intake of this gur would not lead to a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.
  • Nutrient Rich: Besides being a natural sweetener, jaggery powder 1Kg is distinguished by the nutrients it contains. Organic Jaggery Powder retains molasses content, which makes it mineral rich.
  • About Truefarm: Truefarm is a 100% organic and nutrition-based food company that helps provide its consumers the best quality Certified Organic Groceries & Superfoods. We engage with farming communities across the world to cultivate 100% organic crops and bring to your plate food that is delicious, nutritious, and free from harmful chemicals. Truefarm products are compliant with the standards of wellness and sustainability set forth by the Wellversed Sustainable Supply Chain Framework (WSSCF).

Truefarm Jaggery Powder containing no synthetic added substance and produced using natural sugar stick. Natural Jaggery Powder is a characteristic sugar that is additionally a more beneficial option in contrast to refined white sugar. It incorporates its capacity to scrub your body, go about as a stomach related operator, improve your food in a solid way, and give great measures of minerals. It is utilized in chocolates, confections, sorbets, and conventional Indian Sweet dishes. Jaggery holds its molasses content, which gives it a higher mineral substance and makes it nutritious.

9.  Sri Sri Tattva

Sri Sri Tattva Organic Jaggery, 500g (Powdered Form)
708 Reviews
Sri Sri Tattva Organic Jaggery, 500g (Powdered Form)
  • Sri Sri Tattva organic jaggery is loaded with nutrition, as it is rich in fibre and vital nutrients free from chemicals.
  • Necessary ingredient for several Indian sweet dishes and tastes absolutely great.
  • Jaggery helps in digestion, acts as a cleansing agent in your body.
  • Colorful, tasty and a healthy sweetener.

Sri Tattva natural jaggery is stacked with sustenance, as it is wealthy in fiber and essential supplements liberated from synthetic substances. It contains the fundamental elements for a few Indian sweet dishes and tastes completely extraordinary. Jaggery helps in assimilation, goes about as a purging specialist in your body as a beautiful, delicious, and solid sugar.

Sri Tattva Organic Jaggery is sourced from guaranteed natural homesteads. It is cleaned, prepared, and stuffed in the most sterile conditions in food-grade bundling – making it a strong name amongst the best quality jaggery brands in India.

10. Vayam

Vayam Jaggery Powder 2 kg - 100% Natural - Gur Powder/ Country Sugar/ Nattu Sakkarai/ Bellam
710 Reviews
Vayam Jaggery Powder 2 kg - 100% Natural - Gur Powder/ Country Sugar/ Nattu Sakkarai/ Bellam

  • POWDER FORM - easy to use - can be directly added to tea/coffee/juices!

  • Adds a RICH TASTE to all your preparations!

  • Traditional Indian Sweetener rich in Iron, Minerals & Antioxidants! Healthy & Tasty alternative to refined white sugar!

  • 100% NATURAL - contains NO Added Preservatives- NO Synthetic Colors/ Artificial Flavors - NO Harmful Chemicals / Bleaching Agents!

  • NO IMPURITIES - needs no filtering! Hygienically prepared using traditional methods!

A brand that is 100% regular, contains no additional additives no manufactured hues/fake flavors – no hurtful synthetic concoctions/dying specialists. It is anything but difficult to utilize and can be legitimately added to tea/espresso/juices. Without any polluting influences, it needs no sifting. It is cleanly arranged to utilize customary strategies. As a customary Indian Sweetener plentiful in Iron, Minerals, and Antioxidants, it is a Healthy and Tasty option in contrast to refined white sugar. It adds a rich taste to every one of your arrangements.


When asked about the best jaggery the inquiry may sound to be somewhat precarious, yet the appropriate response is clear. Jaggery from natural brands like Pure and Sure is viewed as the best jaggery. In short, that is the tale of jaggery (Gur); it appears to be so basic, yet so secretive! In the event that you likewise know some untold and obscure tales and folktales about natural sugarcane jaggery do impart it to us in the remarks area underneath.

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