10 Best Indoor Plants in India 2022: Step into Greenery!

Greenery in home decor – must have been a common thing that you must be hearing a lot these days. And, why not? It is something that’s good for your health, eyes, and even mind! Indoor plants add a sense of ethnicity to your wooden or modern themed interiors. They fit in perfectly at nooks and corners of your homes – on your side tables, beside your sofas, etc., etc. But which ones should you be considering as the best indoor plants in India for your home? Let’s find out!

Top 10 Indoor Plants in India

Plants and greenery are soothing to every individual’s eyes. Incorporating them in our dwelling spaces enhances the feeling even further. Positivity, clam & serene atmosphere – the benefits are endless. But which indoor plants should you be planning to buy for your home? Which are the plants that survive best indoors? Which are the ones that require minimal maintenance and care? Let’s find out about the 10 best indoor plants in India for homes that are going to add a new dimension to your lives!

1. Lucky Bamboo

Abana Homes 3 Layers Lucky Bamboo Plant Indoor in Glass Pot (3 Layer Bamboo)
1,304 Reviews
Abana Homes 3 Layers Lucky Bamboo Plant Indoor in Glass Pot (3 Layer Bamboo)
  • GOOD LUCK PLANT - Three layers of Lucky Bamboo is said to be one of the most favorite number combinations to have in your home. It brings three kinds of luck to you: Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh) and Wealth (Lu).
  • POSITIVE ENERGY - Bamboo Plant is supposed to bring positive energy into your surroundings wherever you place it home or office.
  • AIR PURIFYING PLANT - This Bamboo Plant with Pot is a natural air purifier. Good for your home and office or a great gift for your loved ones.
  • CARING INSTRUCTIONS - Change the water in the pot twice every week. Use Distilled or RO water. Keep it completely indoors and away from direct sunlight.
  • MATERIAL - 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant With Glass Pot

Any plant having a name that says ‘Lucky’, is surely going to captivate us. You can discover it almost everywhere in India be it at home or at corporate places since it is accepted to get joy and flourishing its wake. Lucky Bamboo is also considered to be one of the most popular gift items among the Indian audience. According to Feng Shui, three layers of the Lucky Bamboo plant is supposed to be one of the most loved number-blends to have in your home. It carries three sorts of karma to you: Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh), and Wealth (Lu).

This 3 layered lucky bamboo comes along with a glass pot so you can simply place it anywhere you wish to without any worries. The plant generally develops upto 2 to 3 feet in stature and comes energetically suggested by Feng Shui experts too. They should bring positive vitality into your environmental factors any place you place it home or office. Being a natural air purifier, luck bamboo is easy to maintain and care for and comes out as one of the best indoor plants in India.

They require a very limited degree of care. One of the basic things you would need to hold up under at the top of the priority list is that lucky bamboo plants need to be put inside clean water that has no hints of chlorine or fluoride. As it can’t develop under direct daylight, place it by a window for the plant to get circuitous daylight. Water ought to be changed once in a week at regular intervals.

2. Golden Money Plant

Ugaoo Golden Money Plant with Self Watering Flower Pot, Pot Height 4' and Plant Height 6', Pack of 1
2,835 Reviews
Ugaoo Golden Money Plant with Self Watering Flower Pot, Pot Height 4" and Plant Height 6", Pack of 1
  • Money plant is an excellent indoor plant due to its ability ot survive in low light . It is an Air Purifier plant as it efficiently removes indoor pollutants. It is also an easy to care for plant suitable in living room, balcony, bedroom or in hanging baskets..
  • This plant with its beautiful golden heart shaped leaves is believed to bring good luck & prosperity to your home according to Feng Shui.
  • Watering requirement for the plant is generally twice a week. But it is ideal to water it whenever the top layer of the soil feels dry.
  • Plant height without the pot is - 6 to 9 inch. And the plant spread is ranging between - 8 to 11 inch. And the Pot height is 4 inch.
  • Live Plant with Pot. Pot is self- watering where excess water gets stored in the reservoir below, the roots then absorbs water via capillary action and the plants get water as and when required, allowing you to water less frequently. Making it perfect plant for office desk.

Money plants are most regularly alluded to as Devil’s ivy or pothos plant is anything but difficult to tend and can adjust to various conditions. They can develop in low light this is an ideal plant for a home. They have excellent heart-formed leaves with beautiful leaves in shades of yellow and green. They develop rapidly and will wrap flawlessly in hanging containers or climb pleasantly on greenery posts. The plant is appealingly verdant, requires little consideration, and productively eliminates indoor contaminations like formaldehyde and benzene.

Being a natural air purifying plant, it is likewise simple to think about plant reasonable in lounge, gallery, room, or in hanging bushels. This plant with its lovely brilliant heart molded leaves is accepted to bring good karma and thriving to your home as indicated by Feng Shui. To sum up, the money plant is sure to deserve a second place in our list of the best indoor plants in India that are available online. This plant comes along with a self-watering pot of 4 inches where overabundance water gets put away in the repository underneath.

Spot the plant away from drafts of wind since it can prompt leaf misfortune. Since it flourishes in dampness, you could consider setting it in a brilliant, hot restroom. Try to keep away from direct daylight, since the leaves can get singed. Rather go for low light. Since root decay sets ineffectively, guarantee that you pick a sandy, peat greenery based soil that likewise takes into consideration great seepage of water. Whichever sort of condition you live in, you don’t have to water this plant more than once per week.

3. Snake Plant

Ugaoo Sansevieria Golden Hahnii Snake Plant with Self Watering Pot
1,012 Reviews
Ugaoo Sansevieria Golden Hahnii Snake Plant with Self Watering Pot
  • Air Purifier Plant
  • This plant is low on maintenance and is often seen in corridors and corners of the living room
  • Watering Schedule - once a week
  • Plant height - 6 to 12 inch; Natural Plant with 4 inches to 5 inches Diameter Pot
  • A little bit of color shade may vary as these are live plants

Snake plant makes for an ideal indoor plant for a few reasons. Its fancy worth adds a scramble of excellence to your home. Snake plant requires insignificant consideration and to top everything, has prevalent air filtration characteristics. It eliminates four out of five toxins and is considered as a part of one of only a handful, not many plants that likewise eliminate carbon dioxide around evening time. As it were, it keeps on cleaning the air in your home, even as you get up to speed with excellence rest around evening time!

It highlights exquisite, erect, firm, blade-like leaves with a sharp tip and develops in groups with green variegation and yellow edges. Plant it in extravagant indoor pots, as a fringe plant in porches, or as a stone nursery plant for most extreme impact. The snake plants as also referred to as ‘Mother-in-Law’s tongue’ come with a self-watering pot of around 4 to 5 inches in diameter.

Snake plants are anything but difficult to keep up. It flourishes both under splendid and low daylight. It very well can endure dry, helpless soil conditions. Take care not to overwater as their foundations are inclined to spoiling. Maintain watering it just a single time in a while. It can be the best indoor plants in India if for you to try if you are new to gardening or just starting out.

4. Spider Plant

Rolling Nature Air Purifying Spider Plant in White Dew Bucket Ceramic Pot
  • Material: Natural Live Plant & Ceramic Pot, Qty: 1 (Plant with Pot). Pot Color: White, Pot Diameter: 3.5 inches (9 cm), Height: 4 inches (10 cm). Plant with Pot Height: 7 - 10 Inches
  • Light: Undemanding. Spider plants prefer bright light, and tend toward scorching in direct sunlight. However, they will grow in conditions ranging from semi-shady to partial direct sun. A few hours sun in the morning or evening time is good. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves.
  • Water: Keep the potting mix moist in summer, allowing the surface to dry out before watering again. Water 50-60 ml water, preferable once a week. Do not over water. During winter, water moderately.
  • Important: Upon delivery please remove any packaging from the plant. Water thoroughly, as the plant may have been in transit for several days. Mist the plant and keep it in bright day light, avoid any direct sunlight. Bring indoors and place the plant as suggested. Please note that each plant is unique there may be a slight variation in the product.
  • Best Air purifying Plant Approved by NASA. Removes Formaldehyde, Carbon monoxide and other Toxic chemicals from Indoor Air

If you are looking for an indoor plant that is outstandingly simple to think about and a plant whose leaves can add a scramble of difference to your home, then look no further other than a spider plant. Spider plants have leaves that resemble pieces of sod with dashes of various hues either in the middle or at the edges. Truth be told, if this is your first brush with houseplants, this plant would be the ideal decision for you to begin off on this excursion.

Spider plants are not only considered the best indoor plants in India climatically but also the best air purifying plant as approved by NASA that eliminates formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and other toxic chemicals from indoors. The plant comes with a high-quality white-colored ceramic pot that can be placed anywhere you wish to.

Spider plant is amazingly simple to think about. You can develop this plant anyplace aside from under direct daylight. Actually, it even develops under fake lighting. Any great preparing blend of soil should fill the need. A decent thumb of rule is to water this plant consistently just with lukewarm water all through the late spring months and to guarantee the dirt is equitably soggy. In winters, you could permit the dirt to dry out before the following watering.

5. Aloe Vera Plant

ROOKHRAJ PAUDHSHALA Aloe Vera Live Plant, Herbal Aloe Vera Plant, Aloe, Aloevera Plant,
  • One Healthy Live Aloe Vera Herbal Plant
  • Aloe Vera Herbal Plant is potted with Nursery Black Pot in 4*4 inch size
  • Easy to grow in pots or soil of the garden
  • Grow in sandy soil mixed with rich organic content
  • Avoid over watering

Aloe Vera is a stemless moist plant with thick and beefy leaves with serrated edges. While it develops wild in a few tropical atmospheres, it also grows indoor effectively as a pruned plant. It is moderately impervious to most pests and bugs. This again implies you don’t need to invest your energy smacking ceaselessly those nuisances from leaves and have a prepared cure within reach for those cuts, wounds, and skin diseases. Aloe Vera is likewise called the ‘Wonder plant’. It’s eminent worldwide for having therapeutic properties that revive, relieve, and mend the human body in multiple ways.

This aloe vera plant comes well planted in a medium-sized plastic pot. It requires a moderate degree of care to guarantee it doesn’t wither up with an excessive amount of watering or wear out under a lot of daylight. Aloe requires very much depleted sandy fertilized soil to develop well. It’s smarter to utilize earthenware pots to develop aloe since they are permeable.

You have to endure as a primary concern that since aloe is a succulent plant-like desert flora, it does best under dry conditions. Aloe vera plants can’t endure standing water. Guarantee that the pot is totally dry before you re-water. For all the good reasons and being easy growing aloe vera is a great fit that places itself well in our list of best indoor plants in India.

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6. Areca Palm

Ugaoo Areca Palm Air Purifier Natural Live Plant
3,173 Reviews
Ugaoo Areca Palm Air Purifier Natural Live Plant
  • Air Purifier, Low Maintenance and easy to grow plant
  • These are one of the most attractive, durable and tolerant houseplants.
  • Watering Schedule - Twice a week.
  • Plant height - 10 to 15 inch
  • Natural Live Plant with 5 Inch Pot.

Areca Palm otherwise called the oxygen giving plant is broadly used to light up the insides. It highlights fluffy, curving fronds and is one of the most effortless palm trees to develop inside. With its long, elegant quill molded fronds, the green excellence will add a tropical vibe to your stylistic layout and glitz up screened yards and chamber. Areca palm can develop anyplace between 3 feet-8 feet in height.

Areca Palm wins pass on as a decision for an indoor plant, since it has different stems rising up out of the base, angled green leaves looking like a butterfly and therefore called ‘butterfly palm’, capacities as a humidifier, and to add more, bears groups of yellow blossoms in summer to light up your home. The plant comes potted in a self-watering pot of 5 inches. Being a great air purifier, low on maintenance, attractive, durable, and tolerant, Areca palms find its way to being one of the best indoor plants in India.

You would need to follow a couple of basic hints to think about the plant. Ensure you neither submerge nor over water it and that there are no eruptions of dry air. Since palms prosper in low-light conditions, try to put the plant under a window or in partial shade. You would need to go for a rich, acidic soil that channels well. Ensure that the plant doesn’t sit water as root decay sets in without any problem. Additionally, guarantee that the water is free from chemicals else the leaves will create spot like spots.

7. Croton Plant

GREEN PARADISE ® Croton Petra.
42 Reviews
GREEN PARADISE ® Croton Petra.
  • evergreen
  • colorful leaves
  • easy growing
  • croton

If you ever feel your home looks dull and pale and you wish to refurbish with a dash of freshness, it’s then when you should let a croton with its brilliant yellow, orange, red, and even dark foliage tidy it up for you. You could generally develop the plant in a bright pot to add to the appeal. The croton is one evergreen, easy growing plant with vibrant colored leaves. The plant comes with a plastic pot that’s black in color.

Be mindful so as not to overwater the plants in addition to having a humidifier convenient would help. Place it under an east or west-bound window where there’s splendid light to let those leaves build up those rich, profound shades. Since the plant requires rich soil that channels well to flourish, ensure it’s all around took care of with natural manure and peat greenery. Water just when the dirt feels dry. Overall, a croton can actually enhance the aesthetic value of your space.

8. Peace Lily

Ugaoo Peace Lily Plant with Self Watering Pot - Spathiphyllum Plant
1,596 Reviews
Ugaoo Peace Lily Plant with Self Watering Pot - Spathiphyllum Plant
  • It has dark glossy green, oblong, lanceolate leaves which bears long-lasting pure white, large, unusual looking flowers (spathes). With ability to grow in low light , this flowering beauty is one of the easiest indoor plant suitable in living room, balcony, or bedroom.

  • Live Plant with Pot. Pot is self- watering where excess water gets stored in the reservoir below, the roots then absorbs water via capillary action and the plants get water as and when required, allowing you to water less frequently. Making it perfect plant for office desk.

  • Peace lily is an Air Purifier plant as it efficiently removes indoor pollutants. It is also an easy to care for houseplant.

  • Plant height without the pot is - 6 to 11 inch. And the plant spread is ranging between - 7 to 11 inch. And the Pot height is 4 inch.

  • Watering requirement for the plant is generally twice a week. But it is ideal to water it whenever the top layer of the soil feels dry.

Peace lily is an indoor plant that has gotten generally lined up with the goals to carry on with a daily existence loaded up with harmony and satisfaction. Bring it home today and let the rich glossy dim green leaves mitigate your spirit and the gigantic, fragrant blossoms quiet you down toward the finish of another upsetting day. In addition, let the plant assist you with beating those sensitivities while it purifies the air at your home of contaminants, for example, benzene, formaldehyde, and indoor pollutants.

Peace lily is definitely one of the best indoor plants in India owing to a few factors. The reflexive green, oval, lanceolate leaves which bears durable unadulterated white, enormous, bizarre-looking blossoms is one attractive sight. With the capacity to develop in low light, this blossoming magnificence is one of the most straightforward indoor plants reasonable in the lounge room, overhang, or to adorn any other space.

9. Fern Morpankhi

Fern is the plant that was around on earth before you and your progenitors were even conceived! This moderate developing smaller shrubbery is fantastically simple to develop. The foliage highlights thick green, fan-like appealing shape and looks remarkable on the fences, pots, or fringes. With a lush green shelter of leaves, they furnish your home with a decorative worth. What’s more? They additionally eliminate harmful toxins from the air and hefty metals particularly arsenic, from the dirt. The fern comes with a self-watering plastic pot.

You would need to develop them in plastic pots rather than dirt ones as they hold dampness better. Get the plant far from vents and fans to keep it from drying out. Include very much released greenery around the base of the plant to hold dampness in the earth and prune them sometimes too. As it prospers in low light conditions, place the plant under a north or east-bound window. The soil needs to be soggy and very much depleted. Pick a dirt blend in with a high natural substance like a decent peat greenery blend.

Water routinely, however, watch for the notice signs: a lot of watering leaves the fronds yellow; excessively little and the fronds wind up withering. These plants are a great add on to your living room as they also act as humidifiers to help restore moisture in the air. To increase the green quotient this is one of the best indoor plants in India that can add to your home appeal.

10. Ficus Bonsai

Our showstopper in the list of the best indoor plants in India has to be the ficus bonsai. The ficus is a popular breed of tropical and evergreen trees. There are over 600 species of ficus available across the planet. Most ficus are fast growers and hence prove to be excellent for novice gardeners. Ficus is a variety of fig or the commonly called banyan tree. The ficus plants have fat trunks with substantially exposed roots, which give the tree an extremely tropical look. Their stocky structure makes it an extremely appealing addition to your collection of Bonsais at home.

The beautifully grafted bonsai embodies strength with branches displaying clusters of oval and compact foliage. Like Bonsais, the ficus also loves to enjoy its own share of sunlight to keep its roots strong and firm. Keep your grafted ficus moderately watered as they are prone to rotting of roots with the presence of a good amount of water.

It is ideal to keep these plants in shallow trays with small pebbles put within. The water evaporation that comes naturally to these indoor plants create a natural habitat for these bonsais. These plants are excellent to store in such places that are with low or less draft. Keep them in warm weather and see them thrive better.


These were our picks as the top 10 best indoor plants in India that you should be considering to bring home. From occasional watering to minimal exposure to sunlight, these plants are going to maintain a healthy life even without extensive care. Ideal for enthusiasts, willing to start out with green plants to beautify your space, any of these best indoor plants for home in India is sure to evolve your lifestyle. Try them out!

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