10 Best IFB Washing Machine in India 2024

Picking the best Washing Machine for your home can be an extremely difficult activity with a lot of research going-in to the process. You have multiple choices accessible in the market. The number of models and brand options that are available can overpower and confuse you. But, we all know that a washing machine is a drawn-out investment for each Indian home.

So, in this article, we not just bring to you the best clothes washer isolated by its loading and washing capabilities, but we focus on a brand that is a favorite amongst Indian buyers for decades now and the major factors, why the washing machines of this brand stand out from the rest in the market.

IFB Industries is a home apparatus and machine parts creator that started its deals in India in 1974. The range of Indian Fine Blanks’ home appliances incorporates semi automatic and fully automatic washing machines that come with variations of top load and front load choices. 10 of the best IFB Washing Machine Models in our rundown of evaluation will accompany data on highlights and their best deals from online re-sellers from across India.

Top loaders and front loaders do your clothing work increasingly agreeable and helpful. These apparatuses decrease the errand by simply permitting the garments to be dropped into the Washing Machine to get them cleaned in a solitary advance. When the IFB Fully Automatic Washing Machine has done with its round of washing the garments, all that remains is to dry-out your garments. The machine turns the wet garments to practically half less dampness leaving the garments to dry very quickly.

So, let us now dig deeper to explore the best models of IFB Washing Machine that are available in 2021.

Top 10 IFB Washing Machine in 2021

1. IFB Washing Machine 7Kg – Fully Automatic Top Load (TL 70SDG)

The Model of TL- SDW 7Kg Aqua Washing machine comes in white color options with fully automatic top load options. It houses a Triadic Pulsator Wash Cycle that has a Maximum Spin Speed of 720 RPMs. The Basket and the Exterior Body are both made of Stainless Steel housing a 118-Litre Water Consuming facility and 240V-370W Power Consumption specification.

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2. IFB Washing Machine 6Kg – Fully Automatic (Eva Aqua SX LDT)

The Eva Aqua SX LDT Model of IFB is a 6kg variant with Silver Body and Door Color option. It is a fully automatic front load variant with 8-preset Tumble Wash modes and equipped Spin Basket features. It has a maximum spin speed of 800 RPM with a 45-Litre Water Consumption ability with Hot Water Wash and Quick Wash facilities. The Power Consumption of this variant ranges from 220V-240V and 0.93KW.

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3. IFB Front Load Washing Machine – 6Kg (Elena Aqua VX)

The Elena Aqua VX Model of IFB 6Kg Washing Machine is an automatic with dryer appliance that has a front loading option. It houses the famous Agitator form of IFB Washing Method along with active soak and spin shower capabilities. It is outfitted with a sickle-moon formed drum that secures your garments during wash and flush. It also has a froth control framework that naturally faculties the age of froth and disintegrates it, prompting improved wash quality.

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4. IFB Semi Automatic Washing Machine – 7.2Kg (AW7201RB)

The AW7201RB IFB Model has a 7.2Kg Capacity with a silver body color option and a top load feature. Having 800 RPMs of Maximum Spin Speed, it comes equipped with detergent dispensers, 3-Preset Wash methods, and the Agitator mode of IFB Washing. With delicate, normal and quick wash options you would not need to worry about washing your favorite clothes of varying materials when you opt for this IFB Washing Machine.

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5. IFB Top Load Washing Machine –  Fully Automatic (Aqua TL-SCH)

The Aqua TL-SCH 8.5Kg IFB Washing Machine comes in a body of Silver color option that has a maximum of 720 RPMs and 8 Wash Programs. It comes with a warranty in the form of 4 years on product, and 4 years on motor, while helping its customers with its 4D Washing System. It houses an Auto imbalance system and a Program memory backup for complementing its top load wash functions.

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6. IFB Fully Automatic Washing Machine (Elite Aqua SXR)

The IFB Elite Aqua SXR Model comes with 7Kg capacity and a red color variant, for a change, that has front loading options along with 1200 RPMs of spin speed. The Water Consumption Levels is of 52 Litres and the Power Levels range in 240 Volts – 2250 Watts. It has a 4 years warranty along with Laundry add options, 3D wash system, air bubble wash system, aqua energie, and audio-visual indication. The stand-out features of this Washing Machine are its Barrier-free program console, crescent moon drum, program time, and progress indication.

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7. IFB 6Kg Washing Machine – Fully Automatic (Elena Aqua)

This is a Fully-automatic top load washing machine from IFB that has affordable and great wash qualities, along with ease of use and a 6kg Wash capacity. It houses 1000 RPMs of Maximum Spin Speed and a 4-year Warranty. It houses an inbuilt anti-crease, Ball valve technology, and program status indication along with Rapid Wash, Smart program selection, and a smart selector switch with an LED indication. It is also equipped with an auto imbalance sensing and control crescent moon drum along with a Barrier-free Program Console.

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8. IFB Washing Machine 6.5 Kg – with In-built Heater (Senorita Aqua SX)

This model from IFB Industries is a Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine that has brilliant wash quality coupled with a very less running cost. With a maximum spin speed of 1000 RPMs and 15 Wash Programs, this appliance is an ideal choice for a family of 3 with the power of washing any sort of Fabric in it. With efficient wash programs such as Aqua Energie and 3D Wash System, it ensures that you have a thorough cleaning performance every time.

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9. IFB Washing Machine 8Kg – Smart Touch with in-built Heater (Senator SX)

The Senator Smart Touch SX Model from IFB is a fully-automatic front-loading washing machine with 8 kg capacity and 100 wash programs. It houses Water Supply levels in the range of 0.3 Bar to 10 Bar along with a 4-year product warranty. Unbalanced clothes are automatically detected and redistributed to maintain a consistent and stable wash that prevents wastage and enhances the quality of washing.

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10. IFB Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine – (Elite WX)

This Fully-automatic machine from IFB that has front-loading options gets a 7.5 kg capacity along with 14 wash programs. The Door opening angle is 145° and the Door Open Diameter is 320mm. The water is energized within the device, thanks to the Aqua Energie feature, and the filter treatment dissolves detergent in a better manner to give your clothes a softer and better wash.

The smooth crescent moon form of build-quality grooves on the drum surface that creates a gentle water cushion and prevents unnecessary damage to fabrics. Furthermore, with a 1200-RPM Spin Speed, the float ball valve lets the water out while keeping the detergent in, this technology prevents wastage and enhances the wash.

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IFB Washing Machine Service Centre

With multiple products of IFB sold across the country, there is a high demand for back-up and after-sales service as and when it is required by the customers. Depending on the precise nature of job work, servicemen from IFB provide both on-site and off-site repair services for their Washing Machines. You can call on the IFB service centre nearest to your location or drop an email for any service need as per your convenience. The team of experts from the IFB Family will get in touch with you in minutes.

Check the nearest IFB Service Centre to your location.

IFB Customer Care

The dedicated team of support workers for after-sales service of IFB is active 24*7 at your disposal to sort any problem that may arise. You can drop an email at or alternatively call on 1860-208-5678 or 1860-425-5678.

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