10 Best Idli Makers in India 2023: Breakfasts Sorted

You start your day with breakfast which is the most significant and fulfilling meal of the entire day. Idlis can make one of the best breakfasts in India as it is both healthy and tasty. It is the most prominent breakfast in every household in the Southern parts of India. But these days it is not only limited to South India but is a popular dish which is made every other day in almost every corner of the country. Preparing idlis at home might seem to be a challenging task for many. But along with the ingredients, if you have the best idli maker at home, making idli is nothing less than a smooth cakewalk.

Idlis are those light, fluffy and wholesome balls that keep you going all day. So, an idli maker is always a good investment.  Instead of ordering, every time you have idli cravings and wasting an unnecessary chunk of money, it is the best deal to bring home your own idli maker and prepare idlis anytime you want. Idli makers are budget-friendly and make sumptuous idlis in no time from the comfort of your kitchen. But there are a few things that you have to consider before buying the best idli maker for yourself.

To make your decision easy and to clear out your confusion, in this article we have extensively listed down everything you might need to make a choice. From the different types of idli makers to the factors to remember while buying one, this guide on the best Idli Makers available in India is going to be a life-saver for you. After going through the specifications, features, durability, pricing structure, and real-time user feedback, we have curated the list to make sure you don’t go wrong.

The Types of Idli Maker Available

Idlis can now be prepared at home with the help of these magical appliances, categorized as Idli Makers, and are widely available online. The various types available can make your head go for a spin without having a clear idea as to which one specializes in what function.

Don’t worry! We have got you covered! Read along these descriptions to acquire a clear picture on to which type of Idli Maker you should consider buying.

Microwave Idli Maker

Microwave idli makers are generally made of ceramic or plastic that can solely be used in a microwave. They seem to be simple for many but this type is not much recommended by us as it turns out to be not very user-friendly and more difficult to manage compared to the other idli makers.

Induction Idli Maker

This type of idli maker can only be used with an induction stoves. It is easy to use, portable, and can be carried along wherever you go. But the only drawback is that it can not be operated if there is any electricity issue and is suitable for people having an induction.

Induction-cum Gas Idli Maker

These are very adaptable and user-friendly and can be used with both induction cooktops and gas stoves. Such idli makers make a god buy as their performance is good, efficient, and effortless.

Conventional Idli Maker

This is the best idli maker you will want to buy. They are mainly the multipurpose, durable, and long-lasting ones. They resemble a pyramid shape and is made of high-quality aluminum to make soft and fluffy idlis al time. However, they are of high maintenance and need good care to function efficiently.

How to make those perfect Idlis from the Best Idli Maker?

Idli makers are easy, user-friendly, and can satisfy your idli cravings anytime.

You need to add a sufficient amount of water in the idli maker for the idlis to steam to perfection. It is a must to apply a coat of sunflower oil on the idli plates, followed by pouring the batter on the plates uniformly. The batter needs to be prepared beforehand using your mixer grinder or you can use a hand blender too. Close the lid properly to avoid spillage. Further place the idli maker on a medium to high flame. Give it some time and you are ready with a soft, delicious breakfast.

Pro Tip: If you are making idlis in an idli maker without a whistle, it is advisable to place a damp muslin cloth on the idli plate while making it to achieve that softness and fluffiness.

Things you should consider while buying the Best Idli Cooker

From the size of your family to the durability of the Idli Maker, from its working methodology to its warranty validity – there are a couple of things for you to be mindful before you settle on one to claim that you have brought home the best Idli Maker in India available in 2021. Hold on! Go through these steps before taking that all-important call.

Multi-purpose Idli Maker

This is the most efficient type of idli maker owing to its multi-tasking properties. A multi-purpose idli maker can make fluffy idlis effortlessly. And when the idli making plates are removed, the pan can be used for generic cooking and can be used normally for day to day cooking. It is helpful while preparing multiple dishes at the same time by saving time.

Number of Idli Plates

This selection will mainly depend on the number of family members and how many idlis you want to make at a time. The size of the idli maker varies according to the number of plates it has. The general idli makers come with 2 to 6 plates where each plate has the provision of making 4 to 6 idlis. It is important you calculate accordingly before buying one.

Durability and Material

The material used to make an idli maker is one crucial factor that you should never overlook. The build material decides how durable, strong, and long-lasting the idli maker is. Stainless steel, aluminum, and non-stick are the most common materials used to make idli maker. These materials do not alter the taste of the food and also gives the desired consistency and texture.

Type of Idli Maker

Out of all the four types of idli makers discussed above, you can pick any that you think is right for you. However, we personally suggest going for the induction cum gas idli maker considering its compatibility.  It gives you the flexibility to use it both with an induction cooktop and a gas stove.  They are user-friendly and can be conveniently used in either medium as required.

The Working Principle

Any idli maker works on either of the 2 principles. One with a whistle that blows when the idlis the completely cooked similar to a pressure cooker. Another without the whistle where you do not get any such automatic alert on being complete. In this case, you have to keep on checking yourself according to your own timer and stop once cooked. These idli makers come with tiny holes in the idli plates for a better steam flow to ignite the process. It is always advisable to go for the one with a whistle, especially in the case of beginners as it will automatically alert you.

Multi-utility Plate

Few idli makers come with an extra plate for cooking or steaming vegetables at the same time while preparing idlis. It is never a bad option to choose one such idli maker to save your time and cook multiple things if you are short on time.


The best idli maker should be backed by a generous manufacturer warranty. It is not usual practice to change your idli maker in no time. As this is a one-time investment, it is important to look for the warranty it offers. It will cover any manufacturer defects, damage, repair even replacement if needed. An idli maker comes with an average warranty of 6 months to 2 years.

Maintenance and User Safety

Taking proper care of your idli maker is not at all a tedious task. Idli makers are low maintenance and easy to clean. All you need to do is was the idli maker properly with water after every use and add a sufficient amount of water in the idli maker to steam the idlis.

It is important to follow certain things to ensure the safety and protection of the idli maker. As idli makers work with steam, precautions are mandatory. The lid should have a small outlet for the excess steam to pass out which might otherwise accumulate inside the idli maker. The lids are generally made of the same material as the idli maker but its always better to have high-quality glass lids to keep an eye on the cooking process. It is better to go for a heavy lid in case of an idli maker with a whistle to avoid damages to the lid. Make sure the knobs on the lid and on top of the stand are steady and in place. The idli stand should be thick and strong to hold the plates properly. It should be strong enough as it is the main support and forms the base.

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Advantages of Idli Maker

One can go on and on while listing the many benefits that an Idli Maker brings to the table. Beneath are some of the most essential ones that can make you buy one for yourself right with the word-go!

Easy to Use

Idli makers are super easy to use. They do not have any special operational requirements. Even a beginner can make the best idlis with ease and without any clamor.

Correct Streaming

You can never go wrong with an idli maker.  Idli maker gives you the perfectly steamed, soft, and fluffy idli that is just completely cooked. There can never be any overcooking or undercooking stress.

Multi-purpose Usage

Idli makers can come to use in many situations. You can not only prepare idlis but make dhoklas or cooker cakes. Also, you can use them to cook regular food by removing the idli plates. Further, by adding an extra plate you get to steam vegetables all at the same time.

What more can you ask from an Idli Maker?

Top 10 Idli Makers in India for 2021

You might encounter a few new-comers that haven’t been heard of producing other home & kitchen appliances, along with some established names. But which one should you go for? What should be the factors in your mind that isolate the best Idli Maker from the rest? Let us make that simpler for you!

1. Pigeon Stainless Steel 6-Plates Idly Maker

Pigeon - Stainless Steel 6 - Plates Idli Maker, Silver
7,704 Reviews
Pigeon - Stainless Steel 6 - Plates Idli Maker, Silver
  • Strong and sturdy, Material: Stainless Steel
  • Thicker gauge for high durability
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Rust proof and hygenic
  • Type: Induction & Standard. Diameter/Length: 8.8 Inch

Pigeon is one of the reputed brands in India when it comes to kitchen appliances and needs. Known for quality and durable products, their best idli maker occupies the first space in our list. The idli maker from Pigeon is made of high-quality stainless steel with a thicker gauge to make it robust and extra sturdy. It is rustproof and so is easy to wash and clean with water. The best part of this idli maker is that it can be used both with a gas stove and induction cooktop.

This idli maker comes with a high-grade whistle for better pressure control and to avoid any damage to the lid. This product claims to be resistant to corrosion making it durable and long-lasting. The idli maker comes with 6 plates each having 4 cavities and a strainer. The product is backed by a 6-months manufacturer warranty. The only downside that might bother you is the handle is not too sturdy.

Pro Tip: Instead of 6 plates, if you make use of 5 plates the water level for steaming will be perfect by not making the idli get too moist. This will give you soft, fluffy, and blissful idlis.

2. Prestige Classic 4 Plate Idli Cooker

Prestige Classic Idli Cooker 4 Plate
420 Reviews
Prestige Classic Idli Cooker 4 Plate
  • Make upto 16 Idlis - 4 plates
  • 304 grade Stainless Steel Plates and Handles
  • Steam Vent , Durable.
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Prestige is one of the oldest brands when it comes to small kitchen appliances. Prestige is till-date considered the best idli maker brand. This idli maker from Prestige is made of 304-grade stainless steel. With a glossy and shiny body and stand, the looks are on point along with quality. It is compatible to use both with gas stove and induction cooktop. It comes with a steam vent with a whistle for more convenience.

This idli maker is resistant to rust and corrosion which makes it low maintenance and easy to clean. The idli maker comes with 4 plates, each plate with 4 cavities – so a total of 16 idlis can be made together at the same time. It is covered with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Without any major downsides, this idli maker is a good buy.

3. IBELL Stainless Steel 4 Plates Idli Cooker

IBELL Stainless Steel Idly Cooker, Induction and Gas Stove Compatible Idli Maker (Silver; 16 Idlies) 4-Plates
1,379 Reviews
IBELL Stainless Steel Idly Cooker, Induction and Gas Stove Compatible Idli Maker (Silver; 16 Idlies) 4-Plates
  • High Quality Stainless Steel.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel.
  • Strong and sturdy, Thicker gauge for high durability.
  • Easy to wash and clean, Rust proof and hygienic
  • Induction & Gas Compatible

IBELL is known to manufacture high-quality idli makers. This IBELL idli maker is made durable and tenacious using high-grade stainless steel. Thicker gauge is used for that extra durability. It goes equally well with both induction cooktop and gas stope. The high-grade whistle is made for efficient pressure control by preventing the lid from getting damaged. It comes with handles that remain cool for easy handling. The idli maker being rustproof is easy to clean with minimal to no maintenance.

This IBELL idli maker is energy efficient thus having those extra bucks. It comes with 4 plates and each plate accommodating 4 idlis. The product is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty. It is not only budget-friendly but also has an elegant look.

4. Pristine Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Kadai

Pristine Induction Compatible Stainless Steel Sandwich Base Multi Purpose Kadai with Stainless Steel Lid & 5 Plates, 27 cm / 4.750Ltrs, 1PC (2 Idli Plates, 3 Dhokla, Patra Plates), Silver
432 Reviews
Pristine Induction Compatible Stainless Steel Sandwich Base Multi Purpose Kadai with Stainless Steel Lid & 5 Plates, 27 cm / 4.750Ltrs, 1PC (2 Idli Plates, 3 Dhokla, Patra Plates), Silver
  • Made of heavy gauge stainless steel and long lasting cooling handles attached to nails. Color: Silver
  • Package Contents: 1 Kadai (27cm) & 2 Idli Plates + 2 Dhokla + 1 Patra Plate with Stainless Steel Lid
  • Multipurpose Cook and Serve Set. Cooks Idli, Dhokla, Patra and various other dishes. It is a multi purpose cooking set. Easy to clean and hygenic stainless steel, Tri ply induction bottom
  • Professionally manufactured using and heavy gauge stainless steel a perfect gifting solution. Extra deep robustly constructed cooking pots. Stainless steel lid for durability, convince and better heat retention
  • Energy efficient tri ply induction compatible sandwich base for faster cooking. Requires less cooking oil. Hygienic and faster cooking. Sandwich base used with power saving and induction

Pristine has gained a lot of loyal customers in the last few years with its reliable range of kitchen appliances. This is not just a basic idli maker but a multi-purpose cook and serve set. It is made of professionally manufactured high-grade stainless steel with heavy gauge jo support the multi-purpose functions for a longer period. The lids are also of high-grade stainless steel. It is only compatible for induction cooktop and should be refrained from using with gas stove. It has riveted stay-cool handles for easy cooking.

This idli maker comes without a whistle so keep an eye while preparing. The pack contains 1 kadhai, 2 dhokla plates, 1 Patra plate, and 2 idli plates where each plate has 7 cavities. It is budget-friendly and can be considered the best idli maker in the multi-purpose range. However, the negatives include a few mentions. The idli plates are thinner if compared to other similar products and there is no warranty provided by the manufacturer.

5. Ideal Nonstick Idly Maker

Though not a very popular brand but the features are competitive with good user reviews. This chubby-shaped stylish idli maker is made of 99.7% pure aluminum of 2mm width. The aluminum body keeps the cooker in great condition even after regular use for a long tenure. This can be used with both gas stoves and induction cooktop. It comes with a cool-touch riveted handle and knob for easy cooking. The equally shaped design helps to distribute steam uniformly throughout the cooker. It comes with a high-grade whistle for even and balanced pressure control.

The idli maker is rustproof and corrosion resistant making it low maintenance and easy to clean. It comes with 6 plates and each plate having 4 cavities with a scope of preparing 24 idlis at a time. The plates have equispaced holes for the steam to work its magic. However, the lid might cause trouble with gradual usage and the product has no manufacturer warranty. Having said that, in the range of nonstick idli makers, this one from Ideal is the best idli maker in India.

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6. Butterfly 6 Plate Idli Cooker Set

Butterfly Stainless Steel Curve Idli Cooker, Idly Maker Set with 4 Plates, 16 idlies, Silver
1,620 Reviews
Butterfly Stainless Steel Curve Idli Cooker, Idly Maker Set with 4 Plates, 16 idlies, Silver
  • High grade premium stainless Steel
  • Mirror Finish.Steam Adjusting Knob : Yes
  • 16 Idlis each cooking
  • Whistle for cooking indication
  • Curve style to represent traditional cookware shape

Butterfly is adorning the Indian kitchens with their thoughtful and quality kitchen appliances from the past 5 years. This idli maker from Butterfly is made of heavy gauge high-quality food-grade stainless steel. This being resistant to rust is easy to clean and wash. This elegant and stylish looking idli maker in mirror polish is compatible with both induction cooktop and gas stove. A high-grade whistle releasing steam is present to control increasing pressure and keep the cooker last longer.

The cooker has stable cool touch bakelite handles and knobs for easy grip. The cooker comes with 6 stainless steel plates each plate having 4 cavities. Enjoy soft and fluffy idlis with this cooker from Butterfly. The major drawback of this product is that it comes with no warranty against damage.

7. Luxuria Idly Pot & Steamer

LUXURIA IDLY Pot & Steamer (21 IDLY) Free:1 Mini IDLY Plate, Stainless Steel
942 Reviews
LUXURIA IDLY Pot & Steamer (21 IDLY) Free:1 Mini IDLY Plate, Stainless Steel
  • New Shape and Classic Design for Less Space Occupancy

  • Pure Stainless Pot & Plates ,No Rust Warranty

  • Suitable for LPG.

  • Mutiple Usuage as Cooker i.e. Idly Pot,Steamer,Dhokla Cooker etc..,

  • Non-Melting and heat Resistant Handles& knobs use.

This multi-purpose cooker from Luxuria is flooded with great reviews and feedback from real-time users. The cooker is compact and space-saving and hence easy to keep in your kitchen. The cooker is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is low maintenance and easy to clean. The cooker is suitable for both gas stoves only. It is advisable not to use it with an induction cooktop. It is without any whistle so you need to maintain your own timer. It comes with non-melting and heat resistant handles and knobs for easy preparation.

Apart from making idlis, the cooker can be used for regular cooking, steaming vegetables, making dhoklas, cooker cakes. The pack contains a cooker, 1 dhokla plate, 3 idli plates each having 7 cavities for medium-sized idlis. Along with this, you get 1 mini idli plate absolutely FREE.  Compared to all the features, this cooker is pocket friendly. As per our recommendation, this is the best idli cooker for Induction stove. The only drawback is that the manufacturer gives no warranty for the product.

8. Amazon Brand – Solimo Multi Kadai with 5 Plates

Amazon Brand - Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Multi Kadhai with 5 plates(idli, Dhokla and pathra), Silver
3,105 Reviews
Amazon Brand - Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Multi Kadhai with 5 plates(idli, Dhokla and pathra), Silver
  • Safe cooking utensils made from 100% food grade stainless steel
  • Contains 6 units: 1 Kadhai, 2 Idli plates (4 cavities each), 2 Dhokla/Momo plates, 1 Pathra plate
  • One complete solution for the steaming assorted delicacies in your kitchen
  • Strong and sturdy for daily use with premium quality heavy gauge induction bottom and vessels made from heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Compatible with gas stove as well as induction cooking

Another multi-purpose idli maker from the in-house brand of Amazon. This cooker is made of 100% safe, food-grade heavy gauge stainless steel. It is compatible with both induction cooktops and gas stoves. The stainless lids have steadily placed cool-touch bakelite handles and knobs for smooth handling. The induction bottom is of premium quality heavy gauge that makes it strong and durable for regular use. Keep your self-timer during preparation as this comes with no whistle.

The pack contains 1 Kadhai, 2 idli plates each plate with 4 cavities, 2 dhokla or momo plates, and 1 patra plate. Vegetables, regular boiling, and cakes can also be made. Get home this complete solution for steaming delicacies in your kitchen. It is easy to wash and clean and fits well under your budget. The only drawback is the product does not speak of any warranty against any damage.

9. Vinod Stainless Steel 6 pcs Multi-Kadai

Vinod Stainless Steel 6 pcs Multi Kadai (Induction Friendly) with Stainless Steel lid, 2 idli Plates, 2 dhokla Plates and 1 patra Plate
360 Reviews
Vinod Stainless Steel 6 pcs Multi Kadai (Induction Friendly) with Stainless Steel lid, 2 idli Plates, 2 dhokla Plates and 1 patra Plate
  • Thick encapsulated base,with aluminium core to ensure even heat distribution
  • Hygienic stainless steel, Induction Bottom
  • Shiny mirror finish which is easy to clean
  • Steam your idlis or dhoklas in this stainless steel multi kadai.
  • You can use the kadai for frying or making vegetables

This product from Vinod not only serves as an idli maker but can also be used as a pot and steamer. The multi-purpose idli maker is made of high grade, hygienic, and food-grade heavy gauge stainless steel for ultimate durability. The bottom is thick and encapsulated with an aluminum core to assure even heat distribution. This cooker with a shiny mirror finish is rustproof and is thus easy to clean. It can be used with both gas stoves and induction cooktops. It comes without any whistle so you must make sure to keep an eye on the cooking process.

The pack comes with 1 Kadhai, 2 idli plates where each plate can accommodate 7 idlis, 2 dhokla plate, and 1 patra plate. Dhoklas, momos, regular cooking, steaming vegetables, cooking cakes can be done effortlessly. The cooker has cool-touch heat resistant knobs and handles for easy grip. However, this cooker does not cover any warranty from the manufacturer.

10. Alisha Stainless Steel Steamers & Idli Maker

Alisha Stainless Steel Steamers and Idli Maker (Silver)
1,879 Reviews
Alisha Stainless Steel Steamers and Idli Maker (Silver)
  • Steams 13 idlis at a time or any other 3 plates at a time - SIZE: SMALL- PERFECT FOR A SMALL FAMILY OF 2-3 members-
  • Dual compatible for induction and lpg stove; Made from high quality stainless steel with smooth mirror finish. -Dynamically structured to a compact design occupying minimum shelf space.
  • Modern design engineering to keep your cooking time minimal.
  • Various dishes such as idlies, idiappam,vatappam,thatte idly; or noodles,khaman dhokla,momos,banana and vegetables can be prepared easily.
  • Contents: Idly Pot (1 no.) and lid(1 no.) Diameter: - 21.9cm , 4 Pits Idly Plate - 20cm (2 nos.), 5 Pits Idly Plate - 21.5cm(1 no.), Dhokla Plate - 21cm (1 no.), Steamer Plate - 21cm (1 no.), Mini Idli Plate - 21cm (1 no.); Total Weight inclucive of Plates - 1.742 kgs.

With multiple top-notch reviews, this cooker is a popular choice among people. The multi-purpose cooker is made of high-quality heavy gauge stainless steel for serving long.  The compact design with a smooth mirror finishes the cooker occupies limited shelf space. It is suitable for both induction cooktops and gas stoves. The cooker is not only energy efficient but also designed keeping in mind minimal cooking time requirements. The cooker is without whistle so be alert while preparation. The cooker has heat resistant handles and knobs for easy handling. It is super easy to clean and wash as it is rustproof.

The pack includes 1 kadhai, 1 dhokla plate, 1 patra plate, and 3 idli plates: 2 of which have 4 cavities and 1 has 5 cavities of medium-sized idlis. Along with this, you get 1 mini idli plate absolutely FREE. Several other dishes like idiyappam, vatappam, khaman can be easily prepared apart from the normal cooking and steaming. Though this cooker is a good buy, however, the product is not backed with any manufacturer warranty.


Idlis make up for a sumptuous breakfast – one that is wholesome, tasty, light for your stomach and fulfills your appetite – all at once. These factors have made this, a commoner in Indian kitchens, from the North to the South. The best Idli makers and cookers that we have covered in this article are sure to provide you an awesome experience and prepare some insta-worthy Idli dishes that will taste brilliant as well.

Bring your favorite one home, today, and be the heart of your family with a smile every morning!

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