Top 10 Hing Brands in India 2024

Asafoetida like all other spices is regularly utilized in Indian cooking where it’s dried, ground into a flavor, and alluded as hing. Notwithstanding seasoning food, hing has additionally been utilized for quite a long time far and wide for its apparent medical advantages. But hing can live up to all the advantages if only you get home any of the best hing brands in India that are available readily and even online. As a flavor, asafoetida is known for its solid, sharp scent, which is because of its high convergence of sulfur mixes. When cooked, its flavor and smell become substantially more satisfactory.

Best Hing Brands in India

1. Catch

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Catch Spices is India’s superior spice brand known for its unique quality and innovative procedure. Catch masalas are ground using the outstanding front line low-temperature granulating (LTG) development, which prevents the dispersal of temperamental and delicate oils from spices. Catch Spices thus hold the main smell and sound sort of believable flavors. The absolute mix incorporates a collection of salt and pepper sprinklers and a different extent of a whole, ground, and blended spices.

Compound hing is a conventional Indian masala utilized over a few cooking styles to include a sharp fragrance and a soothing taste to any food. Hing is otherwise called Asafoetida, it is a fundamental spice in each Indian kitchen. Hing is usually utilized in India as medicine for stomach gas and acidity. Hing is an ideal substitute for onion and garlic. The hing from Catch is of excellent quality making Catch one of the pure and best hing in India.

2. Everest

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Everest Spices is an Indian producer, distributor, and exporter of ground spices and punch blends under the brand name Everest. It is India’s most prominent spice brand orchestrated in Mumbai. In excess of 20 million family units use Everest seasons dependably. The brand is given by 400,000 outlets in excess of 1000 towns across India. Everest is an imperative exporter to the US, the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, and different nations.

A golden-hued gum separated from the root or stem of an enduring plant, hing assumes numerous functions in numerous societies. Hing has a critical commitment to societies around the globe. Today it is all the more ordinarily accessible in intensified structures. Everest hing is ideal for a more extravagant and more grounded flavor in vegetable dishes. You might also consider looking at another variety.

3. Patanjali

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Patanjali Ayurved Limited produces quality herbomineral arrangements. To screen quality, the Divya Yog Mandir Trust and Patanjali Yog Peeth develop jeopardized spices on its farmland. A high weight on quality, a few quality circles, and unique quality circles and uncommon task groups dealing with Total Quality Management (TQM) ventures make quality a lifestyle in Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

Patanjali bandhani hing is delicious and sound. This hing is produced using all regular and homegrown fixings. Hing is utilized in various dishes for flavor. Patanjali bandhani hing has a one of a kind flavor, taste, and restorative qualities. Patanjali Ayurveda makes these from premium evaluation herbals and seasoned sedated fixings. To appreciate the astonishing taste and treasure of your wellbeing, Patanjali is considered one of the best quality hing brands in India.

4. Natureland Organics

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Natureland Organic Foods was built up for making a practical and capable framework between Indian farmers and buyers over the world searching for incredible characteristic produce. Moreover, to execute this brand put the foundation of the consolidated procedure from farmland to the customer’s plates, by making the cycle as compelling, direct, and sensible as could be normal considering the present situation.

Natureland Organics comes with a strong product line offering dry fruits, oats, grains, green tea, juices, jaggery, pickles, pasta and so much more to choose from all being completely organic and healthy.

The hing from Natureland Organics is an antiepileptic and diuretic operator that diminishes gas, stomach related issues, forestalls obstruction, and is a magnificent diuretic. Natureland presents to you the best nature of unadulterated characteristic hing powder which is a blend of hing in fluid-structure – 40%, wheat flour – 30%, edible gum – 15%, and urad dal flour – 15% since hing can’t be expended in its crude structure or state.

5. MDH

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Mahashian Di Hatti Limited is an Indian producer, distributor, and exporter of ground spices and masala mixes under the brand name MDH. It invests noteworthy energy in a couple of remarkable standard blends of spices suitable for different plans. The association was set up in 1919 by Mahashay Chuni Lal as a little shop in Sialkot. It has since been created in predominance all over India and passes its things to a couple of countries. It is connected with Mahashay Chuni Lal Charitable Trust. The MDH brand name is entirely remarkable all through India.

MDH is one of the best hing brands in India and is used as a significant fixing used to give a true taste to your food. MDH compounded hing powder is an absolute must-have in the kitchen. It grants a solid smell to your food and ensures you can appreciate a generous meal. A culinary zest that grants an interesting taste. Additionally, it has medical advantages that help assimilation.

6. Pushp

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Pushp brand spices are brought to you by ‘The Munimji Group of Companies’ situated in the business capital of Central India – Indore. Pushp appreciates the notoriety of genuineness, virtue, and cleanliness in the entirety of its organizations. ‘Agmark’ is the confirmation of value for food items in India. Pushp s appreciates the certainty and trust of Agmark. Every one of its items is Agmark affirmed.

This hing from Pushp is of premium quality with no artificial colors or added preservatives. Healthy and 100% natural, the hing is not only good for your health but also adds a delectable taste to enhance the food.

7. SriSri Tattva

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SriSri Tattva has been set up by submitted individuals with very nearly forty years of experience. With a 360-degree approach and by and large creating establishment and retail presence, the brand has a sweeping method to manage prosperity and wellbeing. SriSri Tattva goes with the target of hoisting prosperity and wellbeing to every family. The brand presents a strong guarantee to social commitment and readily supports the art of living foundation’s nation and social government help adventures.

All through the long haul, the selflessness earned is a result of our thought with respect to bringing across ensured, convincing, high gauge, and careful things. With a wide range of products starting from rice to cooking oil to pulses, this brand offers unadulterated hing that is of superior quality. SriSri Tattva is one of the best quality asafoetida brands in India when we talk about 100% organic products that are chemical-free.

8. Huns by PA Foods

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Built-up in 1970, PA Foods has become well known in the rundown of top providers in India. The provider organization is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and is one of the main vendors of recorded items. PA Foods is recorded in Trade India’s rundown of confirmed merchants offering a preeminent quality of and so forth.

Huns hing Rajwadi hing powder is a solid quality hing that is utilized to upgrade your food. Huns Rajwadi hing powder is utilized in a wide range of cooking styles and cuisines from all over the country. Huns Rajwadi hing is additionally utilized in other food things like tidbits, pickles, and so forth. This hing gives the quintessence and fragrance to your preferred dishes.

9. Ramdev

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India has consistently pulled on the planet with her intriguing masalas. Truth be told, the association returns numerous hundreds of years. Ramdev has protected the Indian qualities in the entirety of its items since the time it began as a little unit in 1965, in Ahmedabad, India. Yet, there was a coupling power, a dedication that helped Ramdev stay faithful to its obligation of immaculateness and newness in its items for every one of these years.

Ramdev’s tremendous faith in the way of thinking of ‘arriving at a client’s heart through quality’ has empowered it to spread the rich Indian legacy to a great many homes everywhere on over the globe. The hing from Ramdev comes with no pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, or harmful additives. Being one of the best hing brands in India, Ramdev hing is undoubtedly healthy and sparks the chord of taste in any food.

10. OrgaQ Organicky

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At the core of OrgaQ is the pledge to be a living exemplification of affection and cognizance in real life. They work with a huge number of little family ranchers in India to develop countless sections of land of manageable natural farmland. With a product line offering honey, seeds, dry fruits, coffee, nuts and so much more, OrgaQ upholds wellbeing and true wellness and is made with adoring consideration. Every item is one connection in a chain of connectedness between Mother Nature, the ranchers, and consumers.

The hing from OrgaQ is chemical-free and 100% organic. Without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, the hing offers solid aroma and conventional taste. It is super healthy and yet makes delicious food.


A little touch of hing, as we know, adds taste and smell to regular cooking. For a very long time, this little squeeze has held Indian food in influence. Obviously, asafoetida, for example, hing, holds an unchallenged spot in Indian kitchens, containers, cooking houses, cafés, and inexpensive food outlets as it is additionally an amazing additive. With plentiful brands swarming the Indian market today, we tried to shortlist a few of the best hing brands you should consider while buying.


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