Top 10 Headphone Brands in India 2023

Music absolutely is outstanding amongst other stress busters, all things considered. It has been deductively demonstrated that a decent portion of music soothes you from a lot of pressure. Furthermore, for the best music experience, it is very imperative to possess a decent pair of headphones from the best headphone brands in India.

The adoration for music is totally everlasting and stays unaffected with age. The current way of life that we are living prompts a great deal of pressure and hypertension, yet music surely can go about as a guide to loosening up treatment. The absolute most prominent headphones from the best headphone brands in India available permit you to tune in to your No 1 tunes without upsetting others.

Also, with everything going essentially virtual and computerized with the progressing pandemic – organizations, homerooms, diversion, and even social connections – having a marked and great quality pair of headphones is by all accounts a good venture. Maybe quite possibly the main viewpoints to consider while buying a couple of headphones is the brand.

Best Headphone Brands in India

A decent pair of headphones is not exactly the closest companion. Regardless of whether you are on the drive, enjoying, or particularly on the off chance that you are music proficient – there is no rejecting that we are largely searching for an ideal pair of headphones to go with us with our everyday schedules.

In the event that you are somebody who might tie to the headphones for most of the day or who might like to convey a light and versatile pair of headphones during the drive, we have curated a rundown of the best headphones brands in India to help you settle on the correct decision.

1. Sennheiser

This brand is one of the best headphone brands in India and even globally. Sennheiser Company was set up in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser at Hannover, Germany. From less expensive headphones for ordinary purchasers to pricier jars for some studio experts, this brand made their items accessible for the regular populace to appreciate.

Big artists, specialists, and celebrity DJs gladly utilize the Sennheiser, and keeping in mind that this brand is a long way from being named overhyped or misrepresented on the grounds that VIPs are spotted utilizing it, it’s acceptable to specify that it has kept a commonly recognized name due to its steady top-notch quality, sturdiness, incredible plans, outrageous solace, and above all their sensible and serious costs.

Our top picks from Sennheiser:

2. JBL

Set up in 1946, JBL stands to be a standout amongst other best headphone brands in India. A sub gathering of the Harman International Industries, JBL is known everywhere in the world for its sound quality which is positive in a way that is better than the remainder of the brands on the lookout.

The organization creates very good quality sound items including earphones, headphones, and other affordable speakers. With positive sound quality, headphones from JBL accompany the elite, extraordinary recurrence reaction, and bass that is incredible and profound. JBL has you covered with its selective scope of remote headphones.

Different classifications incorporate versatile, commotion dropping headphones, JBL sports headphones, on-ear amplifier earphones, etc. They offer items at all costs, – from low, spending plan arranged items to more costly items. Likewise mainstream from the brand is Bluetooth speakers, which are truth be told JBL’s strength.

Our top picks from JBL:

3. Philips

Philips was set up in 1891 by Frederik and Gerard Philips, a dad and child pair. The brand is a Dutch organization with a status for having produced noteworthy and creative gadgets longer than a century. Ordinarily, people don’t immediately consider Philips when discussing headphones, principally on the grounds that it is more spoken to in lighting and home appliances.

With all-out resources of over $32.65 billion, they’ve put resources into the sound business very well and make very great deals as well. Furthermore, doubtlessly, they offer the least expensive pair of headphones in this rundown. By creating headphones at an economical cost with excellent sound and assemble quality, they are very remarkable at what they convey.

The brand likes to keep things straightforward, focusing more on capacity rather than style. Philips offers a strong line-up of headphones focused on both non-audiophiles and audiophiles.

Our top picks from Philips:

4. Sony

To state that Sony is a headphone organization is downplay it by far. Sony, a Japanese worldwide aggregate partnership, has its hands in numerous pots of shopper and expert gadgets, gaming monitors, and electronics. Sony truly made a forward leap in 1979 when they delivered the world’s first convenient music player, the Walkman.

The Walkman in itself began an insurgency among the world’s music audience members and raised individual sound items to another level through and through. Sony’s scope of headphones incorporates a lot of highlights from clamor scratch-off, additional bass, Bluetooth or remote, and sports.

There is something for everybody from a school going bass head to business travel and even a studio proficient. Lately, Sony dispatched ‘Venture Resound’ to pass on the significance of the ‘virtue of sound’ and how incredible music through extraordinary headphones can genuinely contact your heart.

Our top picks from Sony:

5. Boat

Boat is a lifestyle brand that strikes in chic buyer gadgets items like premium tough links, travel chargers, bluetooth speakers, earphones, and headphones. Boat items mix into anybody’s day to day way of life nearly to the point of being a design extra brand and an ideal fit for the user’s environmental factors.

Boat Lifestyle is a Delhi-based Company associated with bringing in sound components. With the boat’s unmistakable sound, be prepared to plug into Nirvana with outrageous commotion retraction, next level Hi-Res sound frameworks, high bass, and top quality sounds. Headphones from Boat really exist to characterize the all-inclusive love for music.

Their scope of items is fairly reasonable for individual and regular use. Boat offers remote headphones controlled by savvy Bluetooth innovation and a dependable battery life of as long as 8 hours all at once.

Our top picks from Boat:

6. Bose

Bose was set up by an Indian sound designer, Amar Gopal Bose, and is known far and wide for its fantastic items. From top-level sound frameworks to speakers, and to commotion dropping headphones, the brand is named to be a pioneer of an assortment of top-notch sound items in the sound business.

The brand appreciates wide prominence in India however has a low piece of the overall industry because of its excessive estimating. In this manner, it got the title ‘Apple of India for headphones’. Indeed, that is sensible thinking that the organization fabricates the best sound quality earphones on earth with first-rate sound insight for users.

Having a total asset of over a billion dollars, this brand is one of the best headphone brands in India and even globally. With things that never bargain with sound quality, they make probably the best close to home and studio headphones. Bose is worth each penny of what you spend in case you’re the kind of individual who loves to tune in to music with first-class quality.

Our top picks from Bose:

7. Beats

Beats is one of the conspicuous headphone brands across the world and furthermore known as having the most costly pair of headphones among numerous other top-level headphone brands. This a-list earphone brand was set up in 2006 by Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Dre at California, under the Beats Electronics pennant.

Later on, the brand was later procured by Apple Inc. in 2014 at an expected cost of $3 billion. Subsequently, they are one of the main remote headphone marks that have a yearly income of nearly $2 billion beginning from 2017. It would seem that yesterday was exactly when this brand overwhelmed the world as it’s being embraced by music superstars, and traversing reactions as a result of its huge sticker prices and one of a kind plan.

Initially banded together with Monster, Beats is currently a free division under Apple Inc. walloping $1.5 billion ported income in 2013. This brand keeps on being the most favored headphone brand of numerous craftsmen, big-name artists, experts, and obviously some ordinary purchasers.

Also, their “b” logo has become a style symbol, and each pair of earphones fabricated by Beats is constantly guaranteed to give top-notch sound quality.

Our top picks from Beats:

8. Skullcandy

This brand is renowned for its fun, hip, and beautiful plans that fulfill pretty much any sort of expert and buyer out there. Skullcandy is a US-based organization and is quite possibly the most noticeable sound brand internationally. They are all the more regularly known for its trial items and an enormous assortment of classes since the organization creates a few sorts of sound contraptions.

All things considered, Skullcandy has a few choices accessible at numerous value classifications. Skullcandy has made associations with sports fans, superstars, specialists, and competitors, which have doubtlessly assisted with expanding their conspicuousness from their base camp in Utah to the remainder of the planet.

Their impact has spread across the world, and their items, from basically first-evaluated ear-buds to full-sized earphones have picked up plenty of praises from a wide range of buyers. Maybe, what permitted them to remain reliable notwithstanding solid rivalry is their capacity to convey items at a truly sensible cost.

All things considered, you can presumably get a couple of extremely polished Skullcandy headphones that won’t frustrate your desires. Skullcandy is celebrated for its items that have astounding plans, and accordingly getting a critical interest among the youth. Skullcandy is one of the best headphone brands in India for youngsters.

Our top picks from Skullcandy:

9. Audio Technica

At the point when the theme is about headphones, Audio Technica is no doubt the principal headphone brand that strikes a chord as they spend significant time in the studio, DJ, and expert headphones. The brand started their excursion as a little organization in Tokyo, Japan in 1962, and they reliably satisfy their current slogan – ‘continually tuning in’ as they truly tuned in to their users and ensures that they convey the requests of those important users.

It never turned into a miss or hit for Audio Technica as they got multitudinous industry grants as they focus on style, toughness, comfort, and the main, a-list sound quality. They flourish making their items accessible in a huge scope of value reach to stay open to various types of clients.

Users generally rave about how each pair of this present brand’s jars can give them an assurance of great sound quality, regardless of the arrangement of the pair has a place with or its plan. If at any time you don’t care for facing the challenge on a couple of headphones from a brand you don’t have the foggiest idea, and you need to get a guarantee that you’ll be getting what you are paying for and potentially significantly more, Audio Technica will unquestionably not let you down.

Our top picks from Audio Technica:

10. AKG

Another headphones brand, AKG looks to outperform the others in the opposition with its elite headphones because of its top of the line innovation and quality. It has adopted an altogether different strategy to the headphone showcases when contrasted with other headphone brands.

It professes to give the best as far as quality without bargaining the slightest bit on execution. When you use AKG headphones there is no returning. This is one of the significant reasons that AKG is the greatest provider on the planet with regards to studios, making it an extraordinary headphone organization for music.

AKG began in 1947 in Vienna, Austria and now it is under Samsung Electronics. AKG has the best open over-ear earphones worked for experts to give characteristic sound and solace. AKG headphones are intended for studio work and audiophile tuning in. The brand has incredible items that are very mainstream among users. The items incorporate Bluetooth and dynamic commotion dropping.

Our top picks from AKG:


The nature of headphones has begun to rise dramatically lately. There are different goliaths out there attempting to create the best and we will take a gander at probably the best earphone producers in 2020 out there. With developing requests among the large parts on the lookout, pick admirably, and shop capably. Till at that point, upbeat shopping!


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