Top 10 Green Tea Brands in India 2024

Green tea has overwhelmed the world. Be that as it may, with dreadfully numerous organizations propelling their green teas, you may be lost figuring which one to purchase. For us all in India, the day begins with a cup of our preferred blend, in most instances be it a cup of tea or a sip of hot coffee. Aside from that, it has additionally been a normal contribution to invite visitors to end even as a night custom. Nonetheless, times are changing, and the presentation of the wellness temporary fad has driven numerous individuals to float off from the ordinary form of milk tea. To make life simple, we have accumulated the 10 best green tea brands in India. Everyone has its own set of USPs. Look down to discover what they all offer!

With an assortment of flavors accessible in the market, it has gotten amazingly simple for individuals to get their preferred kind and start on to their excursion of weight reduction, right away.

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Some proven Green Tea Benefits

Controls Excessive Fat

Green tea contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate)which helps in shedding exorbitant fat quicker than all else. Besides, it assists with boosting invulnerability and improve the stomach related framework. You will never need to confront any liver infirmity your entire life in the event that you begin devouring it today onwards. Also, bid farewell to your lethargic days and be prepared to beat your successive weakness aches.

Enhances Brain Functionality

It builds the odds of improving cerebrum capacities. Green tea contains caffeine that amounts to give your cerebrum the kick it needs. Because of this, it improves neurons and upgrades the wellbeing of the cerebrum. In like manner, it contains amino acids that help in expanding the human cerebrum work.

Checks the Health of the Skin

In case you’re tired of the considerable number of strategies to expand the sparkle of your skin, at that point I should state, green tea is a ground-breaking substance to get your ideal shine back. As it incorporates flavonols and catechins which includes only a measure of your sparkling requirement for your skin. In addition, on the off chance that you need to begin looking more youthful, you should change to green tea from your standard one.

Checks Dental Health

Green tea is the best answer for better dental wellbeing. It diminishes the microbes which build step by step because of undesirable things like shoddy nourishment, chocolates, and some more.

Checks your Heart and Blood Sugar Level

Because of its extravagance in cancer prevention agents, green tea keeps the heart from many significant infirmities. It evacuates the odds of coronary failure which is a significant reason for cardiovascular infirmities. Besides, it controls the awful cholesterol which is straightforwardly identified with heart illnesses.

Furthermore, it assists with controlling diabetes since it incorporates polyphenols which cut the danger of high glucose level by 60%. As per Australian investigations, on the off chance that people take 4-5 cups of green tea in a day, at that point it would demonstrate all the more impressive for diabetes individuals. Also, Green Tea tastes great with jaggery powder as an add-on that turns out to be the ideal substitute for sugar.

Removes Dark Circles

It’s very simple to expel dark circles with the guide of green tea. The caffeine in green tea declines the widening under the eyes. As indicated by ongoing reviews, people should take two or three cups in a day to destroy this issue.

Reduces Hairfall

Green tea has DTH which causes a diminishing of hairfall and makes hair gentler and more grounded. It additionally helps in forestalling other basic hair issues like dandruff, harshness, and so on. Devour upto 2 cups of green tea day by day to battle hairfall related issues.

We can ascertain that green tea is the ideal substance for an increasingly forthcoming life. Truth be told, it will upgrade mental sharpness just as improve the stomach related framework. It makes an individual more intelligent and causes them to get more endurance. Green tea is stuffed with packs of advantages that can help you over the long haul of life.

As of not long ago famous in Japan and China Green tea is gradually discovering favor in the lives of such individuals. Known for its oxidative nature Green tea’s advantages incorporate weight reduction, diminishing awful cholesterol, battling sicknesses like throat disease, improved memory, and help in stopping smoking.

Best Green Tea Brands in India

1. Lipton Green Tea

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The second you open the packet, you’ll notice that Lipton Honey Lemon Green tea has a mitigating smell. This item is a pack of 100 tea sacks. A warm cup of this tea is unwinding, delightful, and hydrating. You can make zero-calorie tea prepares to utilize these tea-packs.

Drinking this tea is useful for heart wellbeing, and having it consistently can give you hydrated and gleaming skin as well. You should simply plunge one tea pack in a glass (around 200 ml) of hot drinking water!

Ideal resolute for Vegetarians, easy-to-use product, and being reasonably priced, Lipton is touted to be one among the top green tea brands in India.

2. Organic India

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Organic India brings you extraordinary compared to other remedial tea mixes with Tulsi Green Tea, lemon, and ginger. Tulsi is known as the Queen of Herbs, and it contains a bounty of phytonutrients and cell reinforcements. These mixes bolster your invulnerable and cardiovascular frameworks.

The cell reinforcements in Tulsi and green tea leaves shield your body from unsafe free radicals. To put it plainly, Organic India’s tulsi green tea is the best and least difficult detox drink you can request! Their tea packs make it a wreck and complain about free exercise.

With an invigorating flavor, that can be taken even post-lunch or dinner, it eases out on digestion and can be consumed both hot or iced.

3. Girnar

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Green tea, Desi Kahwa from Girnar, is a one of a kind tea blend in with spices and flavors. It contains green tea leaves, dark pepper, ginger, tulsi, asafoetida, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, rock salt, and citrus extract. This stacked recipe works best for an enlarged stomach and occasional hack and cold.

You have to put the Girnar Green Tea, Desi Kahwa sack in an unfilled cup. Include around 100-120ml of boiling water (90°C). Let the tea imbue for 2-3 minutes. Dispose of the teabag. Serve it with nectar/sugar or unsweetened.

It comes in different pack sizes and has a spicy & strong aroma, rooting it to be one of the leading green tea brands in India.

4. OnlyLeaf

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OnlyLeaf offers just the 100% entire leaf green teas, the most elevated evaluation of teas, without dust or fanning. It is mixed with 100% common elements for the best tea experience.

Chamomile is a spice that has been expended for a few wellbeing conditions. Normally wealthy in cell reinforcements, Chamomile green tea diminishes worry with its calming properties. It is best for a decent night’s rest and furthermore helps to process. The container incorporates 25 tea-sacks of 2 grams each, alongside 2 free outlandish examples, has a time span of usability of 2 years.

Flower, sweet flavor like an apple; hearty and woody. These green teas come in without staple, food-grade, fine work pyramid teabags to let the leaves open up and mix better. Spot a tea-pack in a cup, pour high temp water before bubbling at 80-85 Degree Celsius, steep for 2-3 minutes. Steep second cup for 4-5 minutes. Appreciate plain or add nectar to make it taste better.

5. 24 Mantra Organic

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Green tea from 24 Mantra has organic tulsi extracts that help you combat stress. This tea claims to control migraines. 24 Mantra Tulsi green tea bags contain 40% green tea, 20% Rama Tulsi, 20% Krishna Tulsi, and 20% Vana Tulsi organic extracts.

This rejuvenating tulsi green tea builds immunity. It also relieves stress and enhances respiratory health.

It works on migraine and respiratory health, it contains certified organic ingredients and comes with an authentic and balanced taste, making this option as one of the popular Green Tea brands in India.

6. Kimino

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This natural premium-grade Matcha is delivered in Mie Prefecture of Japan. With a smooth regular flavor and lively green shading. This Matcha is profoundly intense and is the highest caliber of Matcha green tea that you can purchase at such sensible valuing. Vitality, memory, and center enhancer – With the intensity of the Amino Acid L-Theanine, this Japanese matcha green tea brand will allow all of you day vitality, mental clearness, and center for as long as 6 hours, without nerves or crash.

Drinking Japanese Matcha green tea before working out will expand your digestion and would give you an idea by and large lift. In contrast to different enhancements, the Japanese Matcha green tea is an all-characteristic item without any added substances or additives.

Lattes, smoothies, shakes, and preparing blend – We enthusiastically suggest utilizing Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder to any heating formula, for example, Lattes, Smoothies, Shakes, or Cookies. The smooth and normal kind of this Organic Japanese Matcha includes an unheard-of level of sustenance to any formula. With your acquisition of this Japanese Matcha, you will get a free Recipe Ebook which will have 50+ astonishing plans for you to give it a shot.

This chosen evaluation of Japanese Matcha Green Tea has significant levels of a natural amino corrosive called L-theanine. This amino corrosive battles pressure and uneasiness and gives you that quiet loosening up feeling that you have to concentrate on. We energetically suggest matcha green tea for anybody managing tension or stress.

7. Typhoo

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A famous brand from the UK, Typhoo was procured by the Group of Apeejay-Surendra in the year of 2005. Liberated from counterfeit flavors, additives, and sugar this brand gives an abundance of experience of taste and prosperity together. Accessible in selective flavors like Jasmine, Moroccan Mint, and Lemongrass an everyday morning portion of this tea furnishes its clients with all the medical advantages.

Furnished with a high scent Typhoo Green tea needs just 2 or 3 hints in heated water to furnish you with an extraordinary taste and experience. Owing to its awesome taste, Typhoo Green tea is often considered to be a beverage elective for the wellness cognizant, and subsequently, it gets extraordinary compared to other green tea for weight reduction. Be that as it may, marginally on the costly side, this tea doesn’t discover favor with the thrifty customers.

8. Tetley

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A well known green tea brand Tetley comes in a wide range of mixes of tastes like Cinnamon and Honey, Citrus and Spice and Ginger, Mint, and Lemon. Aside from that their Aloe Vera variation washes the poisons from your body and subsequently is the best green tea for skin magnificence. Then again, Cinnamon and nectar have a gritty flavor and would give you a moment to help subsequent to having a tiring day.

Low on the cost factor, the greater part of the variations are accessible in tea pack frames and can be acquired effectively from any retail location. Be that as it may, the advancement of this brand isn’t a lot, and subsequently, numerous individuals don’t choose this item because of the absence of data on the equivalent.

9. Tata Tea

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With Real tulsi leaves joining green tea, this tea brand improves insusceptibility, has a quieting impact, and furthermore has betters absorption. With Tata tea tulsi green, it carries out with you the generally known advantages of tulsi in a reviving cup of tea. It additionally accompanies no additives and included flavors, keeping the common fragrance and taste unblemished.

10. Twinings

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Another UK brand Twinings has been in the tea business since the year 1706. Like its different kinds, Twinings green tea has its flavors separated from characteristic natural products. Drinking green tea nowadays is more to do with maintaining a strategic distance from a substantial refreshment like milk tea or espresso. Twining makes reference to the healthful supporters of every one of its tea on the rear of its pack.

Aside from the decaffeinated unadulterated green tea variant you additionally have intriguing flavors like lemon, jasmine, Cranberry, Pomegranate, mint, and ginger. Particularly the mint flavor, because of its invigorating and light taste has been known to be really powerful on vexed bellies.

By and large, it very well may be said that drinking a Twining green tea is a greater amount of an encounter worth savoring and subsequently the entirety of its flavors discover great accord with clients – making this to be one among the High Quality green tea brands in India.


Recollect the general guideline for making green tea: littler the tea leaves, shorter the preparing time. Likewise, putting away the tea sacks in the correct manner has a major effect on the taste. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Try not to open the sacks to air. The tea may go stale or cause it to lose its flavor.
  • Daylight can corrupt the tea leaves, both the shading and flavor. Store the sacks or free leaves in a cool, dry, and dim spot/bottles.
  • The tea leaves promptly retain dampness, which can make the tea taste harsh when you blend it. Keeping the compartment dry is critical.

Store your tea supplies in a sealed shut compartment, away from light and dampness. This guarantees you have a steady flexibly of new and sound green tea. So, choose the one that you feel fits best among the above-mentioned famous green tea brands in India and rejoice your health with natural benefits.


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