Top 10 Best Geyser Brands in India 2024

As of now-a-days water heaters have gotten one of the must-have machines in our home, especially during cold seasons. Since, ordinary procedures like warming water over gas stoves or induction cooktops are hazardous and time consuming. Finding the best geyser for your home can be an irksome task, especially when there are innumerable models open watching out. You will find different sorts and brands of geysers keeping watch, yet if you are looking for one of the best geyser brands in India, a worthy structure quality, is of utmost importance.

The quality, execution, strength, energy efficiency and post purchase support are the prime factors that governs your choice for the right geyser. Relax up every day by a bubbling water shower at your home this winter by picking any of the listed water heaters from one of the top geyser brands in India that is easily available online. The products are mentioned considering specifications, user review, pricing structure and performance.

Best Geyser Brands in India

1. AO Smith

AO Smith is a brand that has created the absolute best water heater brand in India. They are worldwide perceived for their instant and capacity water heaters. Their acknowledgment originates from their inventive Blue Diamond innovation, which enables the geyser to work in high weight, lessen erosion and even withstand hard water. AO Smith is an American brand with its base camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. The geysers are strong, effective just as spending agreeable. The alluring water heaters accompanies 15 to 25 liter limit and burns-through 2000-watt power, making it ideal for medium size families. The geysers come with a basic 4-star to 5-star energy rating.

The geysers have an exceptional blue precious stone innovation that lines the tank, making it consumption safe and solid. The tank likewise includes an anode pole with a tempered steel center that offers insurance against destructive components and further expands the life of the geysers. Similarly as with every advanced water heater, it likewise has a warm removed element, which implies that the force flexibly is cut off once the water temperature surpasses a specific level, in this way improving energy effectiveness. AO Smith is on our rundown of the best geyser brands in India.

Our top picks from AO Smith:

2. Racold

Racold is exceptionally productive, solid and utilized by a large number of people in India. Originating from a remarkable brand, Racold professes to be a brilliant water heater brand in India. With eye-appealing plan, the 25 liter smooth water heater is profoundly energy proficient. Racold claims that the water heaters set aside to 40% of energy while giving you the ideal heated water of your ideal temperature.

It accompanies a super polymer covering that sidesteps limescale stores in the inward tank. This defensive covering innovation accordingly helps in forestalling erosion and giving elite. The unique titanium covered warming component likewise secures the radiator and builds its life expectancy. Smartguard highlight of the radiator holds the water pressure in line while supporting high weight. Racold uncovers that the keen blend of both hot and cold water by a unique diverter guarantees less regular restart and a more drawn out time of high temp water.The tank is additionally fixed with polyurethane froth for better protection.

Our top picks from Racold:

3. Havells

It is one of the biggest electrical gear industry in India and has its base camp in Noida. Havells was established in 1958 by Qimat Rai Gupta and Rajesh Saxena Bandar. Considered one of the best geyser brands in India, the wide ranged capacity water heaters from Havells are worked with the most recent innovation and are intended to serve you for quite a long time. The geysers accompanies high-thickness PUF protection and exceptional spin stream innovation that forestalls direct contact among cold and boiling water, in this way keeping the water hot and advancing energy utilization, to diminish the power bills.

The inner tank is worked with additional thick top notch moved steel and has nickel based warming component which secures against hard water harm and broadens life expectancy. The geysers have a tank with the Feroglas innovation, where the internal segment of the tank has a glass lining shielding it from erosion. Close by the unique tank, there’s a hard core anode which adjusts the pH levels of water. In addition, the water tubes use Whirl Flow Technology. It forestalls any immediate contact among cold and high temp water. There’s even a flexi pipe included which is solid and enduring, as it’s made of tempered steel.

Our top picks from Havells:

4. Crompton

Crompton is an Indian brand with its base camp in Mumbai established in 1878. A popular water heater brand in India, Crompton is loved by many Indians. The Crompton geysers does everything admirably, from warming and right to convenience. The heating component of these water heaters are more impressive than standard ones. Worked with great materials, the copper warming component lets the geyser heat up the water quicker than at any other time. In this way, you get power reserve funds, solace and strength, yet additionally most extreme execution. Besides, the enormous stockpiling is very effective too, as the tank can hold the water up with no danger of erosion.

With polymer covering and poly bond innovation on the tank, they have great erosion opposition. There’s additionally oxidation obstruction, even in high temperature and weight. There won’t be any rust becoming outside either, as the metal body has a powder covering that fills in as a skin. Obviously, the force they have accompanies no penance to energy utilization. It diminishes the sum it takes up through its backup cut off element. As the cherry on the cake, you additionally have different highlights zeroed in on user wellbeing.

Our top picks from Crompton:

5. Bajaj

Bajaj was established in 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj in Mumbai. Being one of the best geyser brands in India, Bajaj is an ideal decision for any Indian family. Bajaj water heaters come in different capacities. The producers have given most extreme significance to security angle while planning the water heater. The geysers accompanies fire retardant link and has a security framework to forestall dry warming, overheating and overabundance pressure.

So as to improve the strength, the producers have taken consideration to consolidate highlights that forestall erosion. The inward tank is glass line covered. This basically implies, there is a layer of intertwined glass on the tank that forestalls rusting. Likewise, the warming component is made of Incoloy, which is nickel-iron-chromium based composite. The favorable position is that they stay stable during stretched out introduction to high-temperature water. The geysers likewise have a PUF covering that keeps the warmth caught inside, subsequently keeping water warm for more.

Our top picks from Bajaj:

6. Venus

Venus is a popular water heater brand in India. Their items are commonly sheltered, high on energy productivity and strong as well. Their models are accessible in sizes going from 6 to 50-liter limit and all have 5-star energy rating. To limit erosion and upgrade security, the geysers uses porcelain and glass-lined tank and warming component. This diminishes heat loss while limiting erosion also. Indeed, this is an innovation utilized by Venus.

While most water heaters utilize a solitary warming component, Venus utilizes two earthenware warming components which are glass-lined. This guarantees longer life and lesser scale store too as weight on the warming component is lesser. To add to ease of use, the geysers have a temperature show as well. Discussing the after-deals administration, they are genuinely fast in many urban communities. In general, with a solid marking, genuinely great execution and solidness, Venus is a decision that merits considering.

Our top picks from Venus:

7. V-Guard

V-Guard is a specialist in making one of a kind home appliances. In like manner, their geysers effectively contends of the situation of one of the best geyser brands in India. The geysers doesn’t look massive, and, truth be told, it makes the space look cleaned. Notwithstanding that, its still extraordinary compared to other 15 liter or 25 liter water heaters out there. What’s more, it can give a valiant effort for the user for quite a while. That is on the grounds that the external body is made of top notch mellow steel, alongside an enemy of destructive powder covering.

It can remain wonderful regardless of whether the restroom climate is extremely sticky. Plus, the inward tank is made of thick-check steel utilizing single-lined welding innovation. There’s even an unrivaled glass-lined covering protecting it from consumption and opposite results of hard water. It’s likewise exceptionally protected, as it utilizes an incredible four-layered wellbeing framework. The thermostat gives you exact command over the temperature.

There’s additionally a warm removed which forestalls overheating by removing the force gracefully. In this way, you can leave it to work, and it will stop itself when it gets to the temperature you set. The multifunctional valve offers excellent constrain control to shield your water heater from dangers. Finally, there’s one all the more additional component that assists ward with offing erosion, which is the Magnesium anode. Indeed, even the front board isn’t forgotten about, it has an advanced completion to it, and the marker lights are anything but difficult to find.

Our top picks from V-Guard:

8. Usha

Usha have a huge presence in the water heater industry. They produce excellent geysers known for its wellbeing and utility and is a deserving mention in our list of the best geyser brands in India. The inward tank of the water heaters are comprised of excellent steel, and a sapphire powder covering. These materials, alongside the concentrated magnesium anode bar, seems to give powerful assurance from consumption. The anode bar likewise keeps scales off. With the single weld line on the internal tank, there’s a lot more modest danger of water spillage than that of standard water warmers.

There are likewise other security highlights, which shield the radiator from dry warming and abundance temperatures. Additionally, the water heaters likewise comes uphold for upto 8 bars of weight. Subsequently, the user can securely utilize this water warmer with no surprising episodes. Likewise, they exploits the ground-breaking Whirl Flow innovation close by copper constructed warming component. With them, the geysers warm water up rapidly and does so quietly without making any commotion. Loss of heat remains low too, through utilizing an unrivaled PUF protection innovation.

Our top picks from Usha:

9. American Micronic

American Micronic is as yet not a famous brand, but rather they make some first in class water heaters. The geysers are productive and keen water heaters including most recent innovation that offers supreme incentive for cash. They have a standing energy loss of simply 0.41 units, which gives them a 5-star energy rating. These geysers are a very decent decision in the event that you live in a spot that has hard water issue as they are furnished with highlights that offer security against erosion and harm.

The inward tank is fixed with titanium lacquer glass and 234 mm magnesium anode, which offers strong security against consumption and scaling. You can physically change the temperature in the reach 35-75 degree centigrade relying upon your prerequisite. What’s more, as the framework is very much made preparations for dry warming and overpressure, you don’t have to stress over breakdowns. They are a notable mention in our list of the best geyser brands in India.

Our top picks from American Micronic:

10. Kenstar

Kenstar is an auxiliary of Videocon which was established in 1979 by Venugopal Dhoot at Mumbai. This brand has made a situation in the market in light of the tough and quality items. Kenstar water heaters come in a wide range of storage capacity to warm a lot of water at one go. This implies that it can proficiently warm water for the whole family for an invigorating shower, warm water to clean dishes and garments and do different other family tasks. The best thing about these geysers are that they accompanies the energy proficiency evaluations and is a five star appraised item.

They help in sparing half of power and come with a rich rust free body. They are furnished with a pre-set warmth cut-off or a pre-set warm cut-out, which keeps them from overheating. On the off chance that they cross a specific temperature, the force will be cut off consequently, subsequently keeping any danger from occurring. This makes certain to appreciate an all-inclusive life attributable to its tough tempered steel tank that is rust proof. They are likewise secured with a protected plastic covering consequently holding the warmth and keeping the water warm for quite a while.

Our top picks from Kenstar:


Geysers serve as an essential heating element in every Indian household. People have developed a habit of these appliances, more than its functionality. We hope that this list of the best geyser brands in India have been insightful for you to make a strong judgement of your purchase decision. Be mindful of the models that we have listed and get the best out of these brands out here in 2024.

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