September 12, 2020

10 Best Ganesh Murtis Online: Bring home Bappa this Diwali

While Ganesha is viewed as the God of satisfaction, euphoria, and flourishing, what we regularly miss is the significance of putting it in the correct spot at home. The Ganpati murti is considered as the defender and that is the explanation we generally love him before beginning something new in our life. The vast majority of us for the most part keep Ganesha icons at home without knowing precisely where and how to put it. To eliminate all hindrances from your life and draw in riches and great wellbeing, one ought to adhere to certain straightforward Vastu rules. We will bring to you 10 of the best Ganesh Murtis that you can find online.

Lord Ganesh has a place with a group of heavenly figures. He is the child of Lord Shiva, the Hindu lord of annihilation, and goddess Parvati, the Hindu goddess of richness and love. Lord Ganesh has a sibling in master Kartik, the Hindu divine force of war and triumph, and two sisters in goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of riches and goddess Saraswati.

But you must be in a fix with loads of Ganesh Murtis available online these days. We’ll guide you in choosing the best from the lot. Read along!

Things to look for in the Best Ganesh Murti

Huge head (prepare to stun the world), right hand (favors), trunk (high productivity and flexibility), little eyes (concentrate), huge stomach (serene digest of both the great and evil stuff from everyday life), modak (awards of sadhna), one tusk (hold great expendable terrible), little mouth (talk less), enormous ears (listen more).

Top 10 Ganesh Murtis from online marketplaces

1. Aica Lord Ganesh Murti

This Ganpati Murti best suits as car dashboard idols, Ganesh Murtis for home, Ganpati symbols for gifting, and a ton of other purposes. Be it the event of a commemoration, wedding, birthday presents, or some other event, this choice can be an ideal decision for gifting among the best Ganesh Murtis for office work area, and house warming presents.

With dimensions of 9.6*9.4*8.4 centimeters, a weight measurement of 259 grams, and striking yellow shade, this Ganesh Murti will surely raise your eyebrows and instigate you to buy one for yourself.

2. Gold Art India Silver Ganesh Murti

An ideal decision among the best Ganesh Murtis in India, this Idol is ideal for vehicle dashboards. It doesn’t get blackish until and except if taken care of inadequately with respect to cleaning and tidying. It is little and has an exquisite look and best for a vehicle, home, and office embellishment.

3. Collectible India Metal Lord Ganesh Murti

Produced using quality brass and handmade in India, gorgeous handwork, and ideal show-stopper of Indian handicrafts. Arrives in size of – Height 5.5 Inches x Width 2.5 Inches x Depth 2.4 Inches, Weight – 340 Grams, the Material utilized is Aluminum Golden Finish.

This specific Idol is believed to bring success and joy in your home and office. Diwali Puja Gifts, Spiritual Lucky Gift, Fengshui Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Easter Gift, Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift – the Ganesh Murti can serve all purposes.

4. Episode Silver Pebble Ganesh Murti

Ganesha likewise spelled Ganesh, and furthermore known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is generally the most-loved god in the Hindu pantheon. This Idol has a collectible and exquisite plan that gives addition to your home decor or can be used for the decoration of restaurants, hotels, offices.

On the occasion of Diwali, Christmas, anniversary, birthdays. the sterling silver is one among the best Ganesh Murtis to gift, which is secured with an enamel finish, no clean or cleaning materials are important. Shiny precious stone base introduced in a top-notch blessing set.

5. StatueStudio Inlay Work Ganesh Murti

This colorful icon has a Size of 4″*2″*4.5″, is worked of Brass, and weighs around 0.9 kilos. This Ganesha symbol is generally venerated as the remover of snags, the supporter of expressions and sciences, and the deva of mind and intelligence. As the lord of beginnings, he is respected toward the beginning of customs and services. Ruler Ganesh Ji is additionally summoned as a supporter of letters and picking up during composing meetings.

6. UniqueArt Handcrafted Lord Ganesh Murti

This Gorgeous Handwork and an ideal masterpiece from Indian Handicrafts is ideal for Car Dashboard Decor, Gift and Home Decor. Utilize dry cotton fabric to eliminate earth as it is totally made of artistic. Weighing around 95 grams, the measurements for this symbol are 8 x 4 x 6 cm.

7. Festive Creations Metal Lord Ganesha Murti

The idol has a unique presentation of Lord Ganesh with a Pagdi in the golden attire. It comes with a height 5.5 Inches x width 2.5 Inches x depth 2.4 inches and weighs around 340 grams. The material used to achieve this fantastic look at the idol is Aluminium.

8. Choicepick Pure Parad Ganesh Murti

As indicated by strict writings Lord Ganesha is known to Bring thriving and joy throughout everyday life and eliminates all snags. Appropriately, this silver icon from ChoicePick one of the best Ganesh Murtis that you can find online. An icon choice to put in your Puja territory, this Ganpati Murti weighs around 32 grams.

9. eCraftIndia Lord Ganesha Murti

Embrace your Car Dashboard, office work area, Home Temple, kids’ work area, and PC table with the divine magnificence of Lord Ganesha. Blessed with a youngster like guiltlessness, naughtiness in eyes, and joyful demeanor, Lord Ganesha is unforgettable to his lovers and is unquestionably wonderful to view.

Dazzlingly planned and complicatedly made, it makes for an ideal gifting alternative for Relatives, Friends, and Colleagues. eCraftIndia Ganesha Idols are high quality by our gifted craftsmen giving it an eye-getting look. Every symbol mirrors the masterful characteristics and time one has taken to shape the grateful stylistic layout.

10. Saudeep India Handcrafted Ganesh Murti

This Handcrafted Resine Ganesha Idol is viewed as the divine force of all great beginnings. He is related to progress and defeating obstacles. It brings flourishing, achievement, and monetary profits to the house. If you are out searching for the ideal Ganesh symbol that is exquisite yet mirrors your strict conviction, at that point this is the ideal pick. Gift this charming style to your family and companions as a badge of affection and tranquility on Diwali.

Vastu Tips on Ganesh Murtis

Vastu specialists propose that the west, north, and upper east bearings are impeccable to put the Ganesha. Attempt to make the symbol face the north heading since this is the place ruler Shiva lives and it is viewed as exceptionally promising. Additionally, ensure that the rear of the Ganpati murti or the photograph is confronting the primary passage/exit of the home. Avoid south for setting the icon, since it isn’t truly appropriate.

For venerating inside the dividers of your home, an icon of Ganesha in sitting position, otherwise called the lalitasana, is viewed as ideal. Vastu specialists state that the sitting Ganesha speaks to a totally relaxed attitude and empowers a serene domain at home. The leaning back Ganesha represents extravagance, solace, and riches. On the off chance that you want those throughout everyday life, at that point you ought to get a Ganpati in the leaning back posture.

Individuals looking for satisfaction, harmony, and thriving in life ought to consider putting a symbol of a white Ganesha at home. Staying photographs of white Ganesha would be similarly useful. Essentially, the individuals who want self-development ought to bring home a vermilion hued Ganesha. This is viewed as promising as indicated by Vastu.

As indicated by Vastu, in a perfect world, the storage compartment of the sitting Ganesha ought to be inclined towards his left. This represents joy and achievement. Along these lines, when you’re out there searching for that pretty symbol to return home, ensure that you focus on the storage compartment.

A symbol whose trunk is inclined towards its privilege is difficult to please since it speaks to the intensity of the sun and one needs to follow ceremonies strictly while loving it.


There are a couple of spots at home that you ought to keep away from totally while setting the Ganesha symbol. Some of them are the room, carport, pantry, underneath flights of stairs and obviously restrooms. Vastu specialists state that the carport is considered as an empty spot and in this manner unpropitious for putting a symbol. Correspondingly, the energies under flights of stairs and pantries are not positive to keep your Ganesha. Choose from any of the best Ganesh Murtis that we have indexed above and bring home Bappa to add prosperity and happiness this Diwali season.

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