Top 10 Football Brands in India 2023

The lovely game, as it is called has a few units and accomplices to improve your playing experience. There are very good quality boots, shin cushions, pullovers, and different things, anyway, these aren’t really fundamental. The excellence of the game is that all you need is a football and you can have a good time. This effortlessness has been the essential motivation behind why the game has spread up until now and wide and acquired such a lot of fame. The best football brands of today are really not so not the same as the ones utilized longer than a century prior where the incredible players of popular and legendary clubs played.

They have a similar internal bladder and an external material. It is in the make and material utilized for these two pieces of the ball that the mechanical headways have been made throughout the long term. With the appearance of the Indian Super League, the interest in footballs among youth has most likely gone up. Footballs have been around for quite a long time. The 21st Century has seen some lovely cool footballs coming in different tones and outfitted with various innovations which makes picking the correct one a serious assignment.

This article is worth giving a read to know the best football brands that can offer you some quality product.

Best Football Brands in India

1. Adidas

Adidas has taken full responsibility for and the selling of quality footballs, that come in multi colors and practically in each foot size. In India, Adidas is known to be one of the main organizations, with regards to games, sports, or acrobatic. This organization is perhaps the most normalized and notable organization in India and furthermore to a degree of going to have its branch, the whole way across the world.

The balls are machine-sewed for the delicate feel. They are additionally water-safe balls that can be utilized during rainfall too. They are of legitimate size 5 and entirely agreeable to play on grass ground. Made of TPU material they are considerably more sturdy. The balls have passed every one of the tough quality norms set by quality standards and are reasonable for use on proficient matches. With pocket-friendly options, Adidas is one of the best football brands in India.

Our top picks from Adidas:

2. Nivia

Nivia is a sole driving, Indian brand that fabricates and flows sports supplies. The class of football, tennis gear and other sports equipment are dealt with, by this organization in places like Jalandhar, Punjab, India. This organization additionally warmly greeted not many public-level games that occurred all through the previous few years, in India. These hand-tailored balls are solid and can keep going long whenever utilized appropriately. The balls make you kick better and gives you the grasp to control the ball, making this brand among the best football brands.

The external side of the balls is comprised of elastic which makes them water-safe. A generally utilized football gear brand in India must be Nivia. The brand has been a hit among youth for longer than 10 years and has given no indications of halting down. The balls come furnished with a latex bladder which is very dependable, a sealed area valve that forestalls spillage alongside high scraped spot obstruction that permits amazing shots.

Our top picks from Nivia:

3. Nike

Nike footballs are one of the main organizations in the zone of football, in India. Nike is an exclusive expectation yet best moderate organization in India. Nike makes and sells footballs, however, it additionally manages sportswear, sport shoes, and clothing. The Nike footballs are planned and fabricated considering the velocity of play. These balls accompany a very glossy PU external completion that assists the ball with the floating top of the grass or AG surface at speed. The butyl elastic guarantees that it bobs high and ventures well also.

The footballs from Nike are straightforward yet tasteful in their plan which is the reason it’s won the hearts of football darlings everywhere in the world. The balls come furnished with an elastic bladder that praises amazing strikes, a 32 board plan, and not to falsifier, the machine sewed body which is incredibly tough. They come furnished with tight crease-resistance which keeps the ball from retaining water. Put it all on the line on the off chance that you need a ball that stands apart from the rest.

Our top picks from Nike:

4. Cosco

The organization Cosco is better known for its footballs. This organization holds an imposing business model in the Indian market, for these Cosco Mundial footballs, which, by proficient players, are viewed as probably among the best football brands in India. Cosco even fabricates and conveys tennis balls, cricket balls just as wellness hardware, athletic gear, and furthermore gym equipment. The Cosco Premier football is for the most part utilized on the hard surface and assists you with keeping up your game with no issue.

Typically this football brand is utilized by beginners and it is entirely solid. The balls are comprised of manufactured elastic. Coming inside, the bladder of the ball is made of latex, it permits the air to pass gradually as opposed to blasting on the spot. The organization has made a splendid showing with the Cosco Mundial which is old school in plan and looks like the balls utilized in the twentieth century. Perhaps the best element of these simple on-the-pocket footballs is its Butyl bladder that keeps air from avoiding, dispensing with the need of ordinary tops off. Pull out all the stops in the event that you need a reliable, trustworthy ball.

Our top picks from Cosco:

5. Puma

This German brand has assumed control over the circle of sports, practically everywhere in the World. This MNC plans and fabricates sports just as easygoing footwear. Since 1986, this brand has assumed control over the entire easygoing and athletic apparel market in India just as across a lot of nations and states around the globe. As indicated by a study in 2017, it was seen that Puma the brand, has around 13,000 workers worldwide and disseminates its items in more than 120 nations, everywhere in the world.

The sturdy footballs are great for solidified surfaces or on mud surfaces. Made for the preparation utilize as it were, they are made by the machine for the delicate to feel. The external surface of the footballs is comprised of Thermoplastic PolyUrethane(TPU). TPU is an exceptionally hard and substantial material. The footballs concoct a long life. The support of the balls is comprised of polyester for giving it a delicate touch or feel.

Our top picks from Puma:

6. Vector X

Vector X is one of the setup sports brands that give jazzy and creative athletic equipment to the greater part of the hopeful game players just as others. As one of the best football brands, they have delivered a great many stupendous stuff which has been utilized by various famous game characters. The external layer has a delicate pad cover which is delicate on your feet. The balls allow you to prepare uncovered feet and limit sway for better execution. The pad encourages you to play in indoor arenas also easily. The fastens in the footballs are hand sewn with outright flawlessness and scrupulousness. Each join is totally sewn inwards and isn’t uncovered which makes it scraped spot safe and tough.

The footballs are planned with a decent cross-weave backing empowering a smooth float, exact flight, and exact bounce back. Its ideal design encourages you to shoot it in the correct position. The footballs are made of excellent material both within and outside. The external bit is made of elastic with high rigidity and versatility. The inside and the bladder are made of latex. The footballs are printed with unique and engaging examples that are obviously noticeable both in splendid and low-light conditions. It is made for fiery preparation with no trade-off.

Our top picks from Vector X:

7. Mitre

Mitre actuates preparing football. For a very long time, Mitre has been enhancing at the core of the game, creating sports gear that puts the player’s necessities first, whatever the level. Mitre is a dormant beast of the game. The ball providers for the FA Cup and EFL, their image maybe doesn’t get the regard it merits, yet they come up with awesome footballs for preparing with. With some twofold hexagon boards and a powerful plan, this football feels extraordinary in preparing.

In case you’re wanting to improve explicit pieces of your game, the bolts ready will give you the possibility to check your twisting or where you’re hitting the ball. The ball comes flattened and is accessible in size 5, reasonable for grass and astroturf surfaces. One of the best football brands, Mitre is designed to hold its shape and size for consistency many more than one game. Built-up with elastic bladder guarantees high air maintenance and the delicate froth lining guarantees wonderful first touch and padded effect.

Mitre Impel Soccer Ball, White/Blue/Black, Size 3
141 Reviews
Mitre Impel Soccer Ball, White/Blue/Black, Size 3
  • Your essential training ball that won't let you down - suitable for intense sessions whatever the weather
  • Soft foam lining ensures superb first touch and cushioned impact
  • Engineered to hold its shape and size for consistency game after game
  • Reinforced rubber bladder ensures high air retention
  • Training ball Comes deflated and is available in size 5, 4 and 3; suitable for a grass and astroturf surfaces; ensure you purchase your mitre pump to inflate your ball

8. Amazon Brand – Solimo

Solimo brings to you this machine-sewed football to help your children play a great sporting event. It is made of solid PVC and accompanies a polyester and cotton lining for improved strength. It contains a solid elastic bladder inside to help keep up the ideal pressing factor for a decent game. The elastic bladder likewise forestalls the deficiency of pressing factor, keeping the ball expanded for more. The football size is 5, which is the fitting measurement according to the International Football Association Board.

Appreciate a pleasant round of football with this product from Solimo. The elastic bladder additionally forestalls loss of strain to keep the ball swelled for more. Each Solimo item is painstakingly worked to convey excellent quality. Directly from the materials utilized, to nitty-gritty quality checks, to smart upgrades, quality is at the center of all for Solimo. Among the best football brands in India, Solimo causes to minimize expenses and make items that convey more an incentive at the cost you pay.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Hand Stitched PU Football, Size 5 White
84 Reviews
Amazon Brand - Solimo Hand Stitched PU Football, Size 5 White
  • Solimo hand-stitched football made of strong PU
  • Comes with polyester and cotton lining for improved durability
  • Strong rubber bladder inside the football to help maintain the optimum pressure for a good bounce
  • Rubber bladder also prevents loss of pressure to keep the ball inflated for longer
  • Football size 5: As per the International Football Association Board

9. Synplay

You’ll be getting a soccer ball with prevalent roundness, strength, and shape maintenance. The butyl bladder will give exuberance and genuine play of the foot and is utilized on the whole first-in-class game balls to guarantee ideal execution. The polyester layering forestalls water retention during wet conditions. The 32 hand-sewn boards with a three-utilize cross-board overlay cover guarantee ball will play valid in air and on the ground the cover gives uncommon delicate touch execution.

The Synplay balls are gladly made in India for unpleasant and extraordinary playing conditions medium skip and medium speed. Few models are produced using polyvinyl chloride material and are covered with a PVC surface sheet. One of the best football brands, they offer a long life expectancy and predominant quality. Synplay footballs guarantee magnificent control and ideal reaction.

Our top picks from Synplay:

10. Tucson

The Tucson footballs offer stylish plans that are sturdy and pocket-friendly. The butyl bladder is for superior air retention and rebound. The hand-sewn footballs offer shape stability, control, and water resistance. With size 5 and 32 panels, these PU rubberized not only offer quality but the tasteful HD graphics make these balls look stunning. The Tucson footballs are made to play on wet, muddy, and grass surface. As a standout amongst other best football brands, they have conveyed a large number of tremendous stuff. The outside layer has a fragile cushion cover that is sensitive on your feet.

The footballs are arranged with a fair cross-weave backing engaging a smooth surface, precise flight, and careful skip back. Its optimal plan urges you to shoot it in the right position. The footballs are made of incredible material both inside and outside. The outer piece is made of flexible with high unbending nature and flexibility. The footballs are printed with special and drawing in models that are clearly perceptible both in breathtaking and low-light conditions. It is made for red hot readiness with no compromise.

Our top picks from Tucson:


With the game of football foraying into fresher statures in India, it is simply a question of time that we also will be taking part in global competitions. Likewise, media is presently covering the game undeniably as before consequently, there is certainly hope. With such countless choices of footballs accessible in the market it can get hard to pick the correct football for you. For your reference with have covered these best football brands accessible in the country to help you with your purchase decision. You can straightforwardly get any one of them and play.

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