September 5, 2020

10 Best Electric Kettles in India (2021): Hot Water, Sorted!

Electric Kettle is one of the crucial appliances that is a must in any kitchen. Considering your daily routine, an electric kettle can be your best friend. From boiling water to brewing tea and coffee, from preparing noodles to boiling eggs and milk, from making soup to preparing oats, this is one of the most versatile appliances that one can have. And, all these can be real quick as an electric kettle takes less time than any conventional gas or induction stoves. The growing demand for electric kettle has led many companies and brands to start manufacturing them to be in the race for the best Electric Kettle in India.

Owing to its multi-tasking qualities, the electric kettle beats any other appliances considering current needs. Being portable, you can carry it along with you anywhere you go. Also, this is the ultimate appliance for any bachelor, hosteler, or anyone living alone away from their city. From preparing green tea to your favorite cup of coffee – an electric kettle is a wonderful resort for all and sundry.

To help you choose the best kettle in India currently available and that suits your requirements, we have gone through in detail looking at the build quality, features, specifications, user reviews, and durability to provide you a list of the best electric kettles to choose from. This is surely going to ease your task of going through multiple products and getting yourself confused.

Factors to look for in the Best Electric Kettle in India

How can you come close to your purchase decision for the best electric Kettle in India? There are quite a few factors that you should be considering even before checking out our list of the top 10 options. Let’s get into that!


The water boiling capacity of any electric kettle is important to consider while buying one. It largely depends on the number of people you want to use it for. Anything between a capacity of 1 to 1.5 liters is good for hostelers, bachelors, or a couple. For a family of 3 to 4 people, a capacity of 2 liters or more will work well. Most of the electric kettles available in India have a capacity ranging between 1 liter to 2 liters.

Boiling Time

The less the boiling the electric kettles take, the better and efficient it is. However, the time taken depends mainly on one factor. That is power consumption: the higher the power output wattage, the quicker it takes to get things boiled. Again with the same watt, the one with higher capacity will take longer to boil water.

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Top 10 Electric Kettles in India

Should you be resting with age-old brands that have been pioneers in the field of kitchen appliances, or should you choose amongst new-comers offering better value for money? Read along with our extensive reviews of the top 10 best electric kettles in India to choose the best one for your house and kitchen.

1. Philips Electric Kettle

This electric kettle from Philips can be your go-to solution for most of your kitchen needs. Made of polished food-grade stainless steel, this electric kettle with a power output of 1800 Watt, boils water in almost 2 to 3 minutes. It comes with 3 major protection features: steam sensor, dry boiling, and overheating protection. With a capacity of 1.2 liters, it is great for almost everyone. The hinged lid can be easily opened wide for better poring and convenient cleaning. It has a 360-degree cordless pirouette base for easier handling of the power cord and winding up the cord.

The heating element is concealed to give the jar inside a smooth finish. The product is backed by 2 years of manufacturer warranty. There are a few major drawbacks. The power cord is small in length being less than 1 meter. Also, the lid needs to be opened manually and has to button to open it. Having said that, this is the best electric kettle in India in 2021. This is simply because of the wattage that gives rapid boiling, the capacity being sufficient, the build is of great quality and durability, and the brand value of course.

2. Orpat Electric Kettle

This electric kettle, tipped to be the best Electric Kettle in India, with 1 liter of capacity from Orpat is made of high-grade brushed stainless steel. The heating element made of stainless steel and aluminum die-cast is concealed that absorbs shock and offers high longevity. It comes with overheating and dry boiling protection and an auto shut off feature that automatically turns off the kettle once its done saving power. This kettle has a wide opening to easily make noodles and boil eggs. The 850 Watt power out is quick enough to boil water in just a few minutes. Because of its compact and uniform size, it fits almost in every bag making it easier to carry.

The kettle has a 360-degree swivel base for easy handling. The handle is stylish and cool to touch which comes with a single touch lid locking button. There is also an indicator light alerting you during the boiling process. With a convenient spout for easy pouring, this kettle is easy to clean with no power connections attached to the jug. The product comes with a warranty of 1 year against damages. The major drawback of this product is that the power cord is small and the readings are inside the jug which is difficult to read.

3. Morphy Richards Travel Electric Kettle

This electric kettle from Morphy Richards is of 0.5 liter capacity and is specially designed to fit in any bag while traveling. The electric kettle is made of stainless steel that is tough and using it regularly also does not affect the quality.  The cool to touch body and lid allow you to touch the kettle even while operating. The high-end thermostat is a crucial safety feature. The auto shut off feature enables to cut off the power when it reaches the maximum boiling temperature and also there is nothing inside saving power and making the heating element live longer.

The 1000 Watt motor makes sure this kettle uses only the required amount of power and making the boiling process quicker. The heating element is concealed to give the inner jug a smooth surface to make it easy for you to clean. The product has a warranty of 2 years against damages. There are a few disadvantages, however. The auto shut feature can create issues at times. The kettle makes light noise. Having said that, the brand value, excellent post-purchase service, and the convenience for a traveler that this kettle offers, it is sure to be a front-runner for being the best electric kettle in India.

4. Prestige Electric Kettle

This electric kettle from Prestige is made of stainless steel and 1500 Watt motor, that makes boiling efficient and fast. The 1.5 capacity is sufficient for a small family. The auto shut off feature turns off the kettle when the temperature inside exceeds the desired level saving power and the kettle from damage. It comes with a power illuminated indicator that lets you see if the kettle is on or turned off. Also, the water level indicator suggests the amount of water present inside and if you need more. The heating element is concealed to make cleaning easier for you.

The single touch lid locking makes the lid sealed properly to avoid water escaping and boiling process efficient. The 360-degree swivel base gives you the flexibility to use the power cord in any direction. The cord winder lets you adjust the length of the cord as required depending on the distance of the power socket. The spot helps in easy pouring and comes with a removable and washable filter to strain the water. The product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. The notable disadvantage is the auto shut off feature can create trouble at times. Otherwise, the features, specifications, reputation of the brand, and the pricing make this kettle the best electric kettle in India below 1000 INR.

5. Pigeon by Stovekraft Electric Kettle

The electric kettle from Pigeon is made of high grade and food-grade stainless steel which is not only great for cooking but can also be used to store food. The auto shut off helps you multitask with ease as the kettle automatically turns the power off once done. The glass lid not only allows you to peep in but also comes with auto lid lock that locks in the stream from escaping out saving power. The lig is completely removable which promotes cooking easier and comfortable. Also, the wide mouth and the concealed heating element make the jar to clean and wash conveniently.

The heat resistant handle lets you handle with easy and hold even during operation. The 360-degree swivel base makes the product ergonomic and easy to move and plug in any direction. The light indicator makes monitoring easy. With a powerful motor of 1500 Watt, the boiling process is rapid saving energy. With a large capacity of 1.7 liters, you can boil around 8 cups of water in 5 minutes. Another highlight is that the power cord is long enough to make movement easier. The product is backed by 1 year of warranty against any damage. With no major drawback and a great pricing structure, this kettle is a well-deserved one to feature as a strong contender to be the best electric kettle in India.

6. Kitchoff Automatic Electric Kettle

With a capacity of 1.5 liters and a powerful motor of 1500 Watt, this electric kettle from Kitchoff boils water faster in 5 minutes for a small family. The illuminated power indicator lets you monitor if the kettle is turned on or off. The auto shut off feature automatically turns off the appliance when the temperature inside reaches the desired level by not only saving power but protecting the kettle from damage adding to its longevity. The elegant handle made of ABS plastic is not only heat resistant and anti-slip but also come with single touch lid locking by letting the steam not to escape and better cooking.

The 360-degree swivel base makes the kettle easy to handle and move in any direction. The concealed heating element makes cleaning super easy. The kettle is made of food-grade stainless steel and is 100% rustproof and free of BPA. The build quality and heating issues have been mentioned as a drawback by a few real-time users. Otherwise, the stylish and well-designed kettle loaded with features within a good range surely deserves a mention as the best electric kettle in India from a relatively new brand.

7. Butterfly Electric Kettle

This electric kettle from Butterfly serves as a multi cooker. With an elegant and durable stainless steel body, this kettle with a capacity of 1.2 liters can boil water for all the members of a small family. The concealed heating element makes the kettle easy to clean by spinning your hands inside and also prevents it from corrosion. The handle is perfectly designed for a strong grip and easy access to the lid button. The kettle has an illuminated power indicator to monitor the status of the kettle. The sturdy glass lid gives you to see what’s cooking inside without opening it.

The automatic cut off feature turns off the kettle when the temperature inside rises above the desired level protecting the kettle from damage and it then goes into keep warm mode than keep the water hot for a longer period. The 360-degree swivel base allows the kettle to b moved in any direction and the detachable jug makes it easy to handle. Also, 6 eggs can be boiled simultaneously in this multi cooker. This kettle comes with a temperature control knob to adjust the temperature according to your need. The wider and even mouth helps to prepare things with easy.

The product comes with 1 year of the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the cord is a little shorter and the kettle needs to be placed close to the power socket. Also, instead of the 600 Watt power output, had it been more it would have been of great help to promote much faster cooking. Having said that, this budget-friendly kettle with great features and not many drawbacks can be said to be the best electric kettle in India under 1500 INR.

8. Russel Hobbs Automatic Electric Kettle

This electric kettle from Russel Hobbs with an optimum water capacity of 1.5 liters makes tea, coffee, and soup for the entire family. The auto cut off feature lets you focus on other daily chores by turning the kettle off when it’s done. The concealed heating element prevents corrosion or accumulation of limescale inside the jug making it easy to clean. The highlighter is the dry boil protection that does not allow the kettle to start without water and if it is empty. The illuminated power indicator informs you if the kettle is on or off.

Also, the kettle is made of cool-touch handles for easy grip. The 360-degree swivel base makes it super easy to use in any direction. The kettle is made of food-grade stainless steel for durability. It also comes with a spout for easy pouring and a stainless steel filter sieve for water straining. The power cord is of 1 meter for smooth handling and added safety. It also has a single touch lid locking to lock the lid by avoiding the escape of steam. With a power output of 1500 Watt boiling are faster saving time and electricity bills.

With multiple advanced features, great pricing structure, and no major drawbacks, this kettle from Russel Hobbs is a great one to bring home.

9. Inalsa Electric Kettle

This kettle from Inalsa is made off 100% stainless steel and designed in a way that the water does not come in contact with the plastic parts. The power output of 1500 Watts boils water in 3 minutes. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, easily make coffee or tea for the entire family and friends in any gathering. The concealed heating element prevents calcination to make it long-lasting and makes cleaning easy. The easy-open hinged lid and broad mouth promotes easy filling and pouring. The cord winder at the base keeps it clean and dust-free when not in use.

The spout makes it easy to pour and the inbuilt washable filter sieve keeps the impurities away. The illuminated power indicator informs you about the status of the kettle. The 360-degree rotatory base, the kettle is handy and gives the freedom to move it in any direction. It is also detachable from its power base. For safety, it comes with the auto shut off, dry boiling protection, and overheating protection features. The kettle is covered by a warranty of 1 year against damages. There are however few drawbacks. The plastic finish is not great. The lid needs to be opened manually and has no switches.

Also, this kettle misses out on the auto lid-locking feature. And the post-purchase service is not great.

10. Bajaj Majesty Electric Kettle

This kettle from Bajaj is a decent one to bring home. Made of high quality, heat resistant ABS plastic body with a decorative rim this kettle is durable, sturdy, and user-friendly. The heating element like other similar kettles is concealed to avoid the accumulation of scales making it long-lasting and easy to clean. The water level indicator alerts you on the correct level of water inside or if you need to reduce some for proper functioning. With a capacity of 1 liter, this kettle makes tea for the entire family to serve.

The kettle is cordless with a detachable power base foe each handling and portability. The 360-degree rotating power base makes it furthermore easy to move the kettle in any desired direction without any hindrance. With a powerful motor of 1100 Watts, the kettle boils much faster thus saving your time and power. It also comes with a handle well gripped for more convenience and an illuminating power indicator for you to check if its off or on. A warranty of 2 years is covered by the product against damages.

However, this kettle has a few downsides. The power cord is a bit small and you might have to place this close to any power socket. There are no advanced safety features like the auto shut off and dry boiling protection. There is a miss on the auto lid-locking feature. Also, the power button is too delicate and becomes lose over-usage after some months.


Heating water is one of the most common agendas in every Indian kitchen – something that is required for every stupid and smart reason. Adding hot water to your favorite curries and soups, lets the dish to reserve its temperature, thereby preparing that at a much faster pace. The advantages are endless when you talk of an electric kettle, being handy in an Indian household.

We hope that this rundown of the best Electric Kettles in India was helpful for you and is sure to make your purchase decision a lot simpler and insightful!

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