Top 10 Dosa Tawas in India 2024

Though a popular South Indian breakfast choice, today, Dosa is loved by people from all over the country. Dosa is such a food that can be consumed literally any time of the day: be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  But getting that perfectly round and crisp dosa is an art and all your efforts of mixing or blending the batter, and preparing it; goes in vain if you are not really happy with the final outcome. So to achieve the desirable and delicious dosa, it can only be possible to achieve one with the best dosa tawa available in the market.

A dosa tawa is different from a regular tawa. It evenly spreads the heat throughout the tawa to uniformly cook the entire dosa, decently, at a go.  They are thicker than any regular tawa and helps in transmitting lesser heat. With so many options of dosa tawa, it is overwhelming for you to choose one. So, we have analyzed the features, performance, and reviews of the real-time users and shortlisted 10 such options to make your task, easy, in selecting the best dosa tawa that fits your kitchen and budget. You will never regret having any one or more from this list.

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Best Dosa Tawas in India

Some prominent names to plenty of new-comers, you are sure to encounter plenty of Dosa Tawa brands in 2021 across various e-commerce platforms. Based on the product quality and real-time user reviews, we have shortlisted 10 of the best Dosa Tawas available in India for you to rejoice. Keep reading!

1. Prestige Dosa Tawa

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Prestige is a reputed brand that caters to different kitchen needs for the Indian household. This dosa tawa from Prestige is a 5-layered granite non-stick one made of aluminum, using German technology. The top-coat is of high-quality PTFE to provide the granite finish. The spatter coat makes it long-lasting and durable for many years. The intermediate coat offers even heating throughout. The base coat acts as a strong adhesive between the nonstick and substrate and is resistant to abrasion. It is compatible with both induction and gas stoves. The handle is made of special heat resistant material for easy grip.

Backed with 2 years of the manufacturer warranty, this dosa tawa is both dishwashers safe and metal spoon friendly. The only disadvantage being it comes with no spatula. Having a size of 28 cm and being super durable, this dosa tawa can make the best dosa tawa in your kitchen.

2. Pigeon Dosa Tawa

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Pigeon is a brand loved by Indians when they look out for kitchen appliances. This dosa tawa from Pigeon is made of anodized aluminum. With a size of 31 cm, it gives you the perfectly sized dosas. It comes with a 3 layer Stonehenge nonstick, scratch-resistant coating from Greblon. The thick body comes with a spiral design thermocare base for even and rapid heating. It has strong stay-cool handles for easy handling. The tawa base of a thickness of 4mm is tough and highly durable. This tawa is metal spoon friendly and gives you the flexibility to use the spoons you already have at your home.

Also, this tawa from Pigeon is free from any harmful chemicals or PFOA and is extremely safe to prepare any kind of food using this tawa. But there are few disadvantages to it as well. The tawa is only suitable for gas stove usage and is not induction friendly. Having said that, the brand name and the pricing structure is surely great. Even the product as a whole is a decent one and can be the best dosa tawa in a similar pricing structure. Further, it is backed by a warranty of 1 year against wear and tears.

3. Hawkins Dosa Tawa

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Hawkins is probably the oldest brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. We are aware of the quality products produced by Hawkins and needless to say it is the best dosa tawa brand in India. This dosa tawa is made of anodized aluminum with a high quality German nonstick coating to reduce oil usage. This tawa provides the right curvature and with a size of 33 cm provides a large cooking surface.  It comes with strong riveted handles with heat resistant coating for easy grip. With a thickness of 4.88mm and a special base, it distributes heat evenly for cooking.

It also comes with a wooden spatula and is backed by 2 years manufacturer warranty. The only downside being it can be only used with gas stoves and is not recommended for induction stoves. This dosa tawa otherwise is durable, sturdy and can be used for a long time without any issue.

4. Wonderchef Dosa Tawa

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Wonderchef, in recent years, has brought in some innovative and unique kitchen products and is said to be the best dosa tawa in India by top chefs. This dosa tawa is made of virgin aluminum with a 5 layer nonstick coating tested as abrasion-resistant. This tawa in beautiful purple color has a size of 28 cm providing sufficient space for dosas and other dishes. The heat resistant handles are ergonomically contoured for easy grip. It is low maintenance and easy to use. This tawa is compatible with all cooking surfaces, be it a gas stove or induction cooktop, or electric tops.

This tawa from Wonderchef has a strong base and is backed by 2 years warranty against damages. With no major downsides, this is our top pick and the best dosa tawa as per our analysis. It would have been given full points if a spatula and scrubber would have come along with this pack.

5. Sumeet Dosa Tawa

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Sumeet is loved by customers and is flooded with great reviews from real-time users. They are good with small kitchen appliances and utensils in terms of quality and durability. This tawa from Summet is specially designed in a rectangular shape of 33cm x 28 cm to provide optimum comfort and surface for cooking. It is made of aluminum with a 4 layer nonstick coating for longer durability. It has bakelite stay cool riveted handles. The tawa is scratch resistant and is super easy to clean. Also, it consumes 40% less fuel saving your money and time.

This tawa is not only tough and strong but is also dishwasher save. But the only major drawback is that it can only go well with a gas stove and cannot be used with an induction cooktop or any other cooking options. This is a decent tawa to bring home and enjoy not only dosa but many other lip-smacking snacks.

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6. Amazon Brand: Solimo Dosa Tawa

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The in-house brand of Amazon is increasing its product range with every passing day. This is undoubtedly the best dosa tawa online for any in-house brand. This tawa is made of 100% virgin Aluminum from Hindalco and is coated with a 2 layer food grade nonstick coating. It reduces oil usage for healthy cooking. The tawa can be used with both gas stoves and induction cooktops. With a base thickness of around 3mm, this tawa is strong for daily use. Sleek and shining, you can enjoy dosa, pancakes, tikis, and even rotis. It comes with a comfortable and smooth gripping handle of a 13 cm long riveted handle made of bakelite.

This tawa is not only easy to clean but goes well with dishwashers also. The disadvantages being the tawa is not metal spoon friendly and it does not speak of any warranty against damages. But considering the super affordable price range, this tawa definitely deserves a shot.

7. Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa

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This dosa tawa from Rock Tawa is specially designed in a well-rounded shape for perfect and round dosas. It is made of pre-seasoned cast iron and is made to last longer. It is easy to clean and maintain. It can be used with gas stoves or electric tops and even induction cooktops making it versatile. It is of 30cm to provide enough surface to cook with narrow edges to flip and pick the dosas with ease. The cast iron helps in heating up the pan faster taking less time in cooking and saving up on fuels and also increases the iron content in the food.

Another bonus is the cast iron absorbs oil giving you healthy food. There are certain disadvantages though. The product is not back by any warranty from the manufacturer and is it heavier compared to other tawas. But again the other features and the pocket-friendly factor for this tawa make it the best dosa tawa that comes in round shape made and among cast-iron tawas.

8. Nirlon Dosa Tawa Set

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Nirlon is an old and reputed brand when it comes to kitchen collection. You get to see Nirlon in almost every household. This is the best saver combo that includes a normal tawa and a dosa tawa. These tawas from Nirlon are made of thick, high-grade, and durable aluminum that heats up quickly and uniformly. It comes with a long-lasting 3 layer nonstick Whitford coating. They have cool touch bakelite riveted handle that does not become loose over time.  It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. These tawas are compatible with both gas stoves and induction cooktops.  Also, it is metal spoon friendly giving you the flexibility to use the meta spoons you have.

The 2.6 mm thick aluminum spiral grooved bottom ensures the toughness of these tawas and prevents overcooking. They are 100% PFOA free making them completely safe to use. Also, the coating being scratch resistant, they are super easy to maintain. The highlighting factor being the tawa is specially designed to distribute heat evenly and uniformly for getting the perfect dosa. It is also backed by 1 year manufacturer warranty. The only drawback is sometimes the coating may come off with continuous usage after a year or two. Otherwise, this tawa is a decent one to have. Rather, in this price, the set of 2 tawas is a steal deal to grab right away.

9. Anjali Dosa Tawa

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Though not a very popular brand but surely the tawa is good enough to make it on our list. It has great customer review and the features are good to pick this one. This tawa from Anjali is as easy to hold like you hold a pan. The flat round tawa is made of high-quality aluminum with PTFE nonstick coating. The riveted handles are stay-cool bakelite handles for easy grip. The tawa evenly distributes heat and quickens up the cooking process. It is super easy to clean and hardly needs any maintenance. Also, it is lightweight providing users with more ease and comfort.

The major drawback is it is only suitable with gas stoves and can not be used with induction cooktops. And the product does not speak of any warranty. Having said that the tawa is budget-friendly and works well for getting the job done. Among the range of flat tawas, this tawa is the best dosa tawa.

10. Urbanhouse Dosa Tawa

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The dosa tawa from Urbanhouse is a 30 cm round tawa made of pre-seasoned cast iron with two stay cool safety handles that make cooking comfortable. The tawa has no synthetic or chemical coating. Cast iron rapidly absorbs heat equally on all sides and saves cooking time as well as fuel. This tawa is easy to clean and wash. The tawa being made of cast iron naturally adds some vital iron content in your food. With ease make crispy dosas and tempting pancakes and much more. The tawa works well with every cooking option, be it electric tops or gas stoves or induction cooktops.

Also, it comes with 1 year warranty against damages. The only drawback is that cast iron tawas are slightly heavier as compared to nonstick aluminum tawas. But being fairly priced and a quality tawa you can not go wrong with this tawa.


Dosas are delightful to anyone at any random hour. It is plentiful and tasty, and also light for the stomach and heart – all at the same time. So, what better can you get if have the option to get one of the best Dosa Tawas available in India right at your kitchen? No more heading out for street vendors, or shelling out ₹300 or ₹400 for one single Dosa!

Got a Dosa Craving? Head on to your kitchen, take out your loving Tawa that you just ordered, and prepare a delicate one for yourself and your loved ones. Happy cooking!

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