Top 10 Dates Brands in India 2024

With incredible healing properties, dates are not only a rich and appealing dry fruit but also the most popular dry fruit globally. With over 30 different types, dates are grown hugely across different parts of the globe. Some dry, some soft or semi-dry, there are endless options. Among so many types and varieties, it is difficult to choose one out of all the best dates brands in India and get home the one that not only will be loved by you but should also be loaded with all the goodness and healthy nutrients.

Dates are plentiful in nutrients and minerals. They are low in cholesterol and contain low fat. Dates are wealthy in iron, potassium, sodium, and fluorine. They help improve the stomach related framework as they contain dissolvable and insoluble filaments and different sorts of amino acids. They give moment vitality and are a characteristic and scrumptious nibble for kids and grown-ups the same. From improving teeth health to improving the health of bones, from improving the energy levels to reducing the risks of anaemia, the health benefits offered by dates are countless.

To help you settle for the best quality dates in India, we have taken into consideration the ingredients, brand value, the entire packing cycle and the reviews from the buyers to come up with the best suggestions so that you do not go wrong. Choose any of one of the brands from the list and start your journey to healthy living.

Best Dates Brands to Eat in India

1. Markstor

Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi - Finest Fresh Ajwa Dates (Khajoor/Khajur) of Madina, Saudi Arabia - 500 grams
681 Reviews
Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi - Finest Fresh Ajwa Dates (Khajoor/Khajur) of Madina, Saudi Arabia - 500 grams
  • ORIGINAL AJWA DATES: 500 grams of Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi - the Finest Ajwa Dates of Saudi Arabia. The Original Kala Khajoor: the most sought-after variety of dates.
  • DATES OF PARADISE': Ajwa dates have a special place in history, known for their unique benefits. Our Ajwa Al-Saudi dates are scrupulously sorted, cleaned, and packaged, honoring their esteemed status as described in age-old manuscripts. Each date passes through rigorous quality checks for size, color, and grade, assuring you receive authentic Ajwa dates.
  • COMES IN A HAND-MADE GIFT BAG: Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi dates are presented in an attractive hand-made bag which makes it suitable for gifting purposes.
  • COMPLIMENTARY SAMPLE: Every Ajwa Al-Saudi box holds a Markstor delight. Find our bonus Sampler mini-box inside.
  • PACKED WITH LOVE & CARE: Comes in 100% food-grade, recyclable box that helps the contents stay fresh. Each box is packed with utmost care to ensure hygiene and quality.

The dates from Markstor are carefully hand-picked and bona fide Ajwa dates from Madina Al-Munawwara, Saudi Arabia. These dates are the epicureans’ enjoyment and are the most searched after an assortment of dates. With high consideration regarding quality, Markstor dates go through numerous checks of size, shading, and grade to guarantee that you get 100% unique dates. Furthermore, these dates being organic, their regular heartiness makes them the ideal open-air tidbit to fuel your day. Ideal for prep or recuperation appreciates them previously, during, or after an exercise.

The first “Desserts” of nature, these dates from Markstor are one of the top superfoods which have various medical advantages. Markstor is one of the best dates brands in India and even globally when it comes to Ajwa dates.

2. Medjool

Medjool Premium Dates, 500g
375 Reviews
Medjool Premium Dates, 500g
  • Imported
  • item_form:dried

Medjool dates have increased tremendous gratefulness and notoriety for its excellent dates. Since its beginning, numerous individuals have thought about Medjool’s best dates in India as their inclination. This current brand’s dates are known for giving different nutrients and minerals, sugar, vitality, and fiber. The best part is, since Medjool dates are among the best dates brands in India, they can be handily found in stock on any online website.

Furthermore, you’ll be glad to realize that these dates remain great at room temperature for around 12 to 15 days. Post which, you can store them in the fridge. For getting the best and most flawless taste, have it while it’s new since the dampness content is high before all else. Thus, look no further and put in these dates in your diet.

3. Happilo

Happilo Premium International Omani Dates 250g, Khajoor/Khajur, Healthy & Nutritious Snack, Rich in Vitamins & Minerals, Natural Sweetener
9,603 Reviews
Happilo Premium International Omani Dates 250g, Khajoor/Khajur, Healthy & Nutritious Snack, Rich in Vitamins & Minerals, Natural Sweetener
  • Sourced from Oman, Happilo’s Omani Dates are deliciously nutrient dense and are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Quality Guaranteed as it has been packed under a strict level of hygiene, retaining its taste and goodness.
  • Dates are well known instant energy boosters. Dates contain several nutrients that give various health benefits from helping reduce cholesterol to healthy bones.
  • Dates have all the goodness that one needs, be it their sweet rich taste or their health benefits. Rich in dietary fibre it not only supports the digestive system but also helps improve the immune system.
  • 100% Naturally Dried and free from any Preservatives and Additives, it is a healthy substitute for sugar in any dessert, smoothies or sweet treats.
  • Have that sweet craving after meals, munch on these delicious Dates. A ready to go snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Add a few to your salad, oats, smoothies, cookies or muffins. A great sweet snacking option for kids and adults.

Happilo has ventured to the far corners of the planet to get the best gourmet dry fruits, dried organic products, nuts, berries, and dates. Being 100% natural, authentic, and true, they are extraordinarily created for your taste and wellbeing. Happilo brings to you the taste and wellbeing together in a single pack in the best of pressing, guaranteed by all majors like FSSAI, ISO. These dates are high in potassium and forestall sicknesses like loose bowels. The noteworthy measures of minerals make it super nourishment for reinforcing bones.

The nutrients present in dates make it an ideal lift to sensory system wellbeing and usefulness. Heart’s closest companions, these dates improve cardio wellbeing, being a high hotspot for proteins that help in remaining fit and even solid muscles. Happilo is a quality brand you can settle for.

4. Lagom

Lagom Safawi Dates 1 kg | Saudi Arabia Dates | All Natural | No Preservatives | No Added Sugar | Gluten Free | Vegan | Plant Based | Non GMO | Dates Dry Fruits | Khajur | Khajoor | Khejur
1,812 Reviews
Lagom Safawi Dates 1 kg | Saudi Arabia Dates | All Natural | No Preservatives | No Added Sugar | Gluten Free | Vegan | Plant Based | Non GMO | Dates Dry Fruits | Khajur | Khajoor | Khejur
  • Net Quantity: 1 Kg
  • Country of Origin: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Soft, sweet and full of flavor.
  • Hand-picked and carefully selected quality.
  • Zip Lock Pouch with airtight seal to ensure the product is protected and fresh.

Safawi dates are a delicate, semi-dried date assortment; naturally distinguished by their specific profound dark shading, their length, and medium-size. They share likenesses with Ajwa dates, for example, taste. They are anyway more elongated fit as a fiddle when contrasted with the Ajwa date. The Safawi assortment of the date palm is portrayed by its efficiency and this makes the dates effectively accessible and simple to get whenever of the year rather than the remainder of different assortments. Albeit effectively accessible, it stays outstanding amongst other date assortments and one of those with the most appeal because of the medical advantages.

Lagom is one of the best dates brands in India when we talk of Safawi dates. Accordingly, Lagom dates are cleanly pressed in office fulfilling FSSAI Food Safety Guidelines. They come sealed in a zip lock pouch to guarantee the item is secured and new. Being the rural produce from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they are specially hand-picked and are delicate, sweet, and brimming with flavor.

5. Rostaa

Rostaa Gourmet Dates, Omani, 680g (Gluten Free, Non-GMO & Vegan)
3,503 Reviews
Rostaa Gourmet Dates, Omani, 680g (Gluten Free, Non-GMO & Vegan)
  • Rich Source Of Potassium
  • Good Source Of Dietary Fiber
  • Contains Zero Cholesterol
  • Number Of Items: 1

Dates are an extraordinary wellspring of fiber, dietary potassium, and characteristic sugar. Dates are an adaptable dry food that helps your vitality level effectively and keeps you solid and fit. Being one of the top brands for the best quality dates in India, Rostaa dates are reaped in the best condition and are sourced from Oman.

Numerous delectable pastries can be made utilizing dates like pudding, oat cookies, milkshakes, and much more. Make your plates of mixed greens delectable and solid by adding a few dates to it. You can include a few bits of dates in your sandwich or use it for decorating your standard pasta.

6. Flyberry

Flyberry Gourmet Jumbo Large Medjoul/Medjool Dates (Khajoor/Khajur) 1kg | 100% Natural | Rich in Calcium, Iron and Potassium | Instant Energy
  • GO BIG OR GO HOME: These dates are the largest dates you’ll ever come across – that’ll turn your snacking experience into a grand adventure.
  • NATURALLY SATISFYING YOUR SWEET TOOTH: 100% natural, has no preservatives, and no added sugar - because you deserve nothing but the best.
  • NUTRITIOUS BURSTS OF ENERGY: Packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, these delightful treats promote digestive health, offer a steady energy boost, and contribute to overall well-being.
  • VERSATILE SNACK: Incorporate our Medjoul Dates into your cereals, yogurt bowls, smoothies, cakes, cookies, and ice creams, or savor their deliciousness as a standalone snack.
  • TASTE LIKE HEAVEN: Brace yourself for a taste sensation that's like a wild honey hug, a caramel carnival, and a cinnamon swirl party – all in one delightful bite.

Flyberry’s dates are the best to eat, particularly in light of the fact that they are normally sweet, fat-free, and have no cholesterol – with greatest moisture and delicateness. These dates are sure to dissolve in your mouth the second you devour them. They are dim in conceal and extremely wealthy in dietary fiber – which settles on it an ideal decision to nibble on, particularly for the individuals who need to enjoy solid choices.

These dates are literally royal and contain no preservatives. It is prompted that the individuals who need to store these dates for a long span should store it in a dry and cool spot. With just a bite the goodness of caramel burst will instantly give you the taste you were looking for.

7. Dry Fruit Hub

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At the point when we talk about the best dates brands in India for Kimia dates, we can’t pass up referencing Dry Fruit Hub Soft dates. On the off chance that you need to devour dates that are delicate as well as rich with critical measures of minerals, at that point go for this adaptation since it makes a super nourishment for fortifying bones. To include, the nutrients present in these dates make it an ideal lift to sensory system usefulness and in general wellbeing.

The uplifting news is, being an extraordinary wellspring of cell reinforcements, these dates help in forestalling the improvement of numerous constant sicknesses. Accessible in a pack of 400 grams, the expense of these best dates brands in India change in the scope of an affordable range. Dry Fruit Hub’s dates are 100% normally dried and furthermore liberated from any additives or added substances. Thus, have confidence and devour them routinely. We wager, these dates will help in keeping your muscles solid and remaining fit in general.

8. Amazon Brand – Solimo

Amazon Brand - Solimo Fresh Dates 500g | Khajur Dry Fruit | Natural Sweetener | No Preservatives or Additives
3,695 Reviews
Amazon Brand - Solimo Fresh Dates 500g | Khajur Dry Fruit | Natural Sweetener | No Preservatives or Additives
  • Attractive packaging; ideal for festivals and as a gifting item;Free from preservatives and additives
  • Store in a dry, airtight container after opening and preferably refrigerate;Hygienically packed to meet food safety standards
  • Useful for preparing a variety of healthfoods and cuisines;Caution: May contain occasional traces of other nuts and dried fruits
  • Healthy alternative to processed foods and snacks;Premium quality dates, naturally packed with nutrients; ingredients:dry dates
  • Material Features: Vegetarian; Material Features: Vegetarian

Solimo dates are thickly pressed with healthy supplements, making this an exceptional quality item and a very much wanted food for those focusing on a solid way of life. They are 100% normally dried and liberated from additives and added substances. A sound nibble for lunch boxes or at home, these give a genuinely necessary option in contrast to handled food things. Furthermore, it tends to be utilized for setting up an assortment of wellbeing nourishments just as cooking styles.

Solimo Dates are cleanly pressed in a setup that fulfills food, sanitation and security guidelines, making it perfect for utilization. This appealingly bundled item makes it an ideal gifting thing for celebrations and uncommon events. When opened, ideally refrigerate or store in a cool, dry sealed shut compartment away from daylight.

9. Eat Anytime

Eat Anytime Mindful Fresh Kalmi Safawi Dates to Eat | Kalmi Dates For Breakfast & Diet | Antioxident | Rich Fiber, Vitamins & Minerals | Gluten Free | Vegan & Healthy Snacks - 400gm
913 Reviews
Eat Anytime Mindful Fresh Kalmi Safawi Dates to Eat | Kalmi Dates For Breakfast & Diet | Antioxident | Rich Fiber, Vitamins & Minerals | Gluten Free | Vegan & Healthy Snacks - 400gm
  • Kalmi Dates are high in fiber, Minerals, Vitamins, which may be beneficial for preventing constipation and controlling blood sugar control (Diabities)
  • Kalmi Dates are definitely worth adding to your diet & Fitness as they are both nutritious and delicious and are very good for heart
  • Kalmi Dates are also high in antioxidants, which may contribute to many of their health benefits
  • Kalmi Dates can be a great pre work out meal
  • "Total Weight: 400 gm , Shelf Life: 270 Days Package Contents: 400g of Healthy Kalmi Dates"

EAT Anytime, dispatch fundamental superfoods as these are considered to support our resistance which is the need of great importance. Since ages, dried organic products have been considered as a significant aspect of the eating regimen because of their tremendous medical advantages. Khajur or Kalmi dates are sourced legitimately from Saudi Arabia and are wealthy in fiber, sugar, magnesium and potassium. Their prepared taste makes certain to fulfill your desires while furnishing you with various medical advantages.

Coming as an amazement, these dates are not devoured as sweet treats just yet additionally adjusted into an assortment of exquisite dishes like tajines, muesli, and spread toasts.

10. Lion

At the point when we discuss the best Arabic dates, it is highly unlikely we can miss on the Lion Arabian dates. The medical advantages of this range are uncountable, remembering its wealth for quality nutrients. In addition, the nature of these dates go past its high common oil content, sulfur, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and copper, which are largely very profitable to wellbeing.

Moreover, what makes these dates much more dependable, safe, and enduring is its bundling, which is normally vacuum-tight, which at that point assists with holding its unique newness for a more drawn out term. In this way, you should consider ordering a pack of these Lion dates.


Dates grow in a huge variety across the world in many different countries. Since the range is vast, it’s incredibly difficult to distinguish between the best dates brands in India. States like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat, and Rajasthan are the major date producing lands in India, but despite this, the country majorly relies on the import of date fruits.

Today, date continues to be an important ingredient in the Indian as well as Middle Eastern cuisine. Plus, what’s even more fascinating is the fact that there are over 30 kinds of dates around the world, and they pretty much fall under three categories – dry, soft, and semi-dry, and the difference can be spotted as per the glucose, fructose, and sucrose content.


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