Top 10 Cooking Oil Brands in India 2023

Cooking oils are a fundamental aspect of anything that we plan in the kitchen. We have to add the right cooking oil to a specific food, since it helps in improving the taste and the fragrance of the food. Numerous consumable oils contribute indispensable nutrients and minerals to our bodies. Great quality edible oils help to get our body far from various afflictions identified with heart, skin, and some likewise help in adjusting the cholesterol levels in our body. Starting from sunflower oil to sesame oil, we intend to inform you about the best cooking oil brands in India that are available online and widely popular.

Past that, with Indian cooking, Indian food has its own notoriety on the planet. Because of the way that these cooking styles are loaded up with heaps of spices and seared in the oil, the individuals from the entire world love these dishes. And the entirety of pride is a result of the best cooking oils in the market.

Best Cooking Oil Brands in India

1. Fortune

Fortune is an easily recognized name in India. They accept that a solid way of life begins in the kitchen. Their scope of cooking oils not just obliges a large group of preparing necessities, however, makes food very solid as every one of their items experiences a few immaculateness tests. Fortune brand produces sound, moderate, and made with high supplements palatable cooking oil, which can be the most ideal alternative for your cooking. Other than that, they produce practically a wide range of palatable oils.

Begun in 2000 by the Adani Wilmar Group, Fortune has not only remained the principal producer of cooking oil but also one of the best cooking oil brands in India since 2002. Adani bunch is running these brands through a joint endeavor and by making an association with Wilmar worldwide.

Our top picks from Fortune:

2. Saffola

Saffola is additionally one of the most utilized Indian cooking oil brands. An auxiliary of Marico Limited, Saffola is ruling the Asian and South African market and stands second in the rundown of driving cooking oils in India. Saffola oils have numerous advantages like the Nutrilock innovation that protects the decency of oil, the sorb innovation that forestalls extreme retention of the oil by food, and the presence of cancer prevention agents.

Their well-known items are Saffola Gold for heart care, Saffola Active for weight management, Saffola Total for cholesterol control, and Saffola Tasty for an active body. Today, Saffola has picked up its client base due to these separated items as it were. Saffola is one of the most well known and one of the best cooking oil brands in India.

Our top picks from Saffola:

3. Sundrop

Sundrop is an incredible eatable cooking oil brand that was built up in the year 1989. An auxiliary of Agro Tech Foods Limited, Sundrop offers an extraordinary scope of their for their shifted clients like the Superlite Advanced, Nutrilite, Nutrifit, Lite, and Superlite Oil. The brand is named after the sunflower as the sunflower is the image of immaculateness and goodness. Since the foundation, the brand has been creating solid oils for heart patients. Besides, they produce various sorts of eatable oils as per the shopper’s wellbeing related need.

In contrast to other eatable oils, those patients are experiencing different infections like diabetes, heart ailments they can without much of a stretch expend the oil since it produces various types of natural eatable oils as well. Their items mean to draw out the best taste while making the food light and simple to process. The oils have a few fundamental nutrients and supplements.

Our top picks from Sundrop:

4. Dhara

Dhara is a top-notch palatable cooking oil brand in India effectively taking an interest in the market for very nearly fifty years. Dhara is the consumable oil brand that is promoted by the mother dairy and considered one of the best cooking oil brands in India. They give widely fine eatable oils to the Indian consumer. Presently, with the inescapable accessibility of an assortment of consumable oils, they got extraordinary compared to other driving palatable oil brands in India. You can discover their essence in very nearly 200000 outlets in India. The brand is most popular for its virtue and focal point of the item.

Dhara has hit home for the shoppers on account of its restrictive taste and medical advantages. Its assortment of cooking oils incorporates rice bran, mustard, Groundnut, and much more. Dhara is appropriate to the center pay bunch as it is nearly modest. On the off chance that you contrast Dhara and other refined oil brands, at that point, you can find that Dhara is moderately less expensive than the rest.

Our top picks from Dhara:

5. Emami

Emami is a prime brand in the Indian market for the years and they began their eatable oil selling venture from the most recent decade with the slogan of ‘Emami Healthy and Tasty’. They give a scope of items that are more delicious and more beneficial in serious to their image’s eatable oil. Consequently, by delivering the best items to the clients, they became one of the highest splendid brands in the Indian market. Its palatable oils are promoted as generally excellent for wellbeing and a few customers discover their consumable oils to be more delicious than other cooking oil brands.

The Kolkata based brand serves the preeminent quality FMCG items to the entire of India. In the underlying days of their excursion, the brand’s business target was focused on just the eastern locale of India.

Our top picks from Emami:

6. Nature Fresh

Another one of the best cooking oil brands in India is NatureFresh, which ensures great wellbeing for purchasers in light of its heart-sound just as cholesterol-lessening wealth. Nature Fresh is the brand that is likewise an old brand and presumably a large number of your utilization while preparing your food. Truth be told, this brand keeps the entire body of the individuals fit, fat-free, and dynamic.

Past that, that delivers an assortment of eatable oils with various vegetable fixings. Besides that, they are known for their comprehensive thoughts. Other than that, they produce the eatable which is useful for corpulence.

Our top picks from Nature Fresh:

7. Patanjali

Patanjali is one of the most scornfully rising eatable oil brands in the Indian market. The brand has emerged during the most recent eight years and inside almost no timeframe, the brand got a huge accomplishment in the Indian market. Patanjali brand produces consumable oil without compound substance. The virtue and concoction free base is the fundamental brand estimation of the item.

Patanjali drove by Baba Ramdev has gotten one of the best cooking oil brands in India among the other cooking oil brands. Patanjali is a brand that offers a wide range of buyer products to the client. The brand’s assembling unit is situated in Uttarakhand, in the interim its enlisted office is situated in Delhi. Be that as it may, today, it has differentiated into assembling numerous food and magnificence items moreover.

Our top picks from Patanjali:

8. Oleev

Oleev is one of the best cooking oil brands in India as it has cardizymes, which incorporates oryzanol that brings down unsafe cholesterol and keeps your heart youthful and sound. It assists in supporting regular heart health. A combination of rice grain oil and canola oil ensures the benefits of two oils in one. Every one of all the variations of oil has been streamlined to thrill your sense of taste with a basic guarantee of conveying nourishment that is genuine.

As you begin preparing your preferred food in Oleev, you will start a way of life that is genuinely a-list. Today, while heart care is significant, Oleev makes sure you comprehend that you need something that releases your worry and center around generally speaking wellbeing and sustenance.

Our top picks from Oleev: 

9. Figaro

Figaro Oil brand is one of the best cooking oil brands in India when it comes to olive oil with 100 years of heritage. It marks as it is gentle, non-aggravation that changes all skin sorts and is wealthy in cancer prevention agents. Figaro is a multipurpose oil as it is applied for hair, skin, and cooking. Figaro oil is monounsaturated, which makes the retention simple. Figaro brands can go about as the regular beautifier, which gives additional shine to the skin due to non-compound substance. Oil is the best for cooking on account of monounsaturated unsaturated fats.

Figaro is focused on quality and wellbeing, and consequently, is continually developing to present to you a prevalent olive oil understanding. Each container of Figaro accompanies a confirmation of immaculateness – just the best quality olives are utilized, and extraordinary consideration is taken to guarantee that the oil holds all its dietary advantages.

Out top picks from Figaro:

10. DiSano

With regards to planning solid and delectable dishes regularly, you don’t need to look past DiSano. They have a magnificent scope of healthy and savory food items, for example, olive oil, pasta, oats, health juices. Made in 2013, DiSano is determined to present to you the best of worldwide flavors and cooking decisions. DiSano accepts that wellbeing and taste must go inseparably, and that frames the quintessence of its brand reasoning. Regardless of whether you like traditional or contemporary dishes, their sound cooking backups will help improve the flavor, wealth, and surface.

Even in a short span, Disano has become one of the best cooking oil brands in India for their exceptional blend of taste and health focussed quality of their oils.

Our top picks from Disano:


Indians are turning out to be wellbeing cognizant. This is evident from the manner in which the homemakers perceive the nature of the oil that they need to buy. The majority of us are not prepared to settle down for anything of minor quality when it gets to the soundness of our cherished family and loved ones.

From this perspective, we made or looked at the best oil brands that would give better admittance to sound cooking. Great cooking oil can altogether improve the nature of your food which thus can diminish the danger of cardiovascular sicknesses, decline fat levels, control cholesterol levels, and improve skin.


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